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'Wave' launch event, 19 June 2019, New Delhi

About the Event

Vedantu, a pioneer in LIVE online tutoring, having achieved a prolific success with a learner base of 2.2M, is launching the next chapter that will transform the way students learn.

Vamsi Krishna (CEO & Co-Founder) and Pulkit Jain (Co-Founder & Head of Product) showcase a brand new way of studying online - Wave: India’s first and only patented, revolutionary, interactive LIVE online learning platform, at the event.

Introducing WAVE - A revolutionary LIVE learning platform

Introducing WAVE - A revolutionary LIVE learning platform

Vedantu introduced Live online teaching & learning to India in 2014 and has been pioneering in space through multiple innovations. Wave (the revolutionary new LIVE learning platform) is Vedantu’s next big innovation in this space.

This platform has been created after multiple years of deep research and experimentation in the field of Live online teaching & Learning. Wave uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to personalise teaching and learning for each child and is designed to make the Live class extremely engaging and fun.

At the heart of Wave platform are algorithms for which we have been granted an extremely powerful and comprehensive IP Patent in the US for - ‘Measuring the Effectiveness of An Interactive Online Learning System’.

The biggest difference between a recorded video and a LIVE Class is a student's ability to interact and ask doubts!

Making learning fun & Interactive!

Live Quizzing & Student Interactions

Vedantu’s new platform is designed with interaction of student’s in mind. Students learn best when their brains are challenged in a peer learning environment. Vedantu’s new Live platform enable teachers to run Live Quizzes in a gamified manner.

Students love the Live Leaderboard based on their attempt and push themselves to do better. Not just the top students, but our algorithms generate personalized message for each child encouraging her to perform better based on her Quiz attempt.

Our new innovation, Hotspot, is a rage among students and it makes concept teaching also extremely interactive. Using Hotspot feature, Teacher can make any part of teaching screen clickable for students and hence capture their feedback/response during the concept teaching process.

Students learn best when their brains are challenged in a peer learning environment.

LIVE quizzing & Interactions ensures active learning

Realtime Student Feedback to Teachers

Coming from deep teaching experience, Vedantu see value in a continuous student feedback for the teacher to adjust his/her teaching and hence make the class extremely effective. Vedantu’s new LIVE platform ensures that continuous feedback on the understanding is captured from each student.

Teachers receive realtime feedback from the students

LIVE In-class Doubt Solving

The newly built live platform - Wave, enables multiple Teacher Assistants (TAs) to be live in the class to support the primary teacher in answering student doubts, such that they all teach as a team.

Teacher Assistant’s Live Doubt Resolution feature is one of its kind, in our live classes. And not just that, selective doubts are pushed to the primary teacher which are broadcasted to the entire class and discussed.

This makes Vedantu’s live classes extremely powerful in ensuring concept learning with utmost clarity for each student attending the class

LIVE In-class doubt solving ensures an effective concept learning for every student

For the first time in human history, we are able to mathematically measure the effectiveness of each teaching-learning engagement and the level of learning outcome improvement.

Deep Learning Insights - Patented Algorithms (using AI/ML) personalising learning journey for each child

Vedantu’s Wave - the new live platform, is built on the paradigm of capturing deep learning patterns of each individual student.

It captures every single click and interaction of each student in the live class - including facial emotions. It also captures teacher side data including tone/pitch analysis of teacher’s voice, handwriting analysis among multiple parameters. In total, about 70+ parameters in a live class are measured!

All this data is converted into actionable insights through our patented algorithms and custom built AI/ML Models. It measures the engagement level of each student at different points in the class and her learning outcomes.

It also measures the effectiveness of content and teaching - making entire teaching-learning engagement and the content measurable.

Vedantu uses these powerful insights to make personalised learning paths for each student and do personalised academic interventions with the help of in-house Academic Mentors team.

The data is not just used to personalise the experience for students but is also used to train teachers to get better. We also use engagement data to continuously improve our teaching content and research on which flow and pedagogy are more engaging.

This is a unique ability that only Vedantu possess with the help of our Patented Technology.

Vedantu is extremely proud of this work. It should really excites us all, that for the first time in human history, we are able to mathematically measure the effectiveness of each teaching-learning engagement and the level of learning outcome improvement.

Comprehensive and Insightful Reporting for Student / Parent / Teacher

Till now, parents used to be completely unaware about what happens inside the classroom, but with Vedantu’s technology and deep insights, the reports tell parents and students about the learning outcome of a child and how engaged she was in the learning process in every single live class.

On the other side, Vedantu Teachers also get comprehensive report for them to analyze the level of student engagement in the class and their comprehension levels - to fine tune their classes ahead.

Snapshot of a Monthly Report sent regularly to students & parents

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