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RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 (Latest Edition)

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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RS Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions for Maths - Free PDF Download

If you aim to score good marks in mathematics, then practising RS Aggarwal class 7 Maths solution is of utmost necessity. Scoring high in Math’s requires a good amount of practice of each and every topic on the part of the student. The RS Aggarwal text-book is one of the best materials when it comes to providing a question bank to practice from. In order to cover the Maths syllabus for class 7 completely, the RS Aggarwal is an important tool as it provides a wide range of questions that test the student’s understanding of concepts.


With the aim of helping students understand and solve these problems, we at Vedantu have made CBSE RS Aggarwal mathematics class 7 solutions pdf available, where answers to the RS Aggarwal problems are given in detail. The RS Aggarwal class 7 NCERT Solutions free pdf download copy can be used as a ready reference by students to cross check their answers and also understand how to solve a question.

Subjects like Science, Maths, English, Social Science, Hindi will become easy to study if you have access to NCERT Solution for Class 7 Science , Maths solutions and solutions of other subjects. You can also download NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths to help you to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

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RS Aggarwal Class 7 Maths Textbook Solutions - Chapter-wise Free PDF

Having good speed to solve the problems is as important as knowing various concepts in a topic to score high marks in the exams. Solving questions from RS Aggarwal text-book is a step in that direction.Going through RS Aggarwal solutions for class 7 will help in understanding the topics in depth, and give the confidence to attempt questions in the examination by making their foundation rock solid.


Mathematics solutions for class 7 RS Aggarwal in a free pdf download option can be accessed on our website by any student for free, simply by signing up. These solutions are provided by our team of highly experienced and qualified teachers who are experts in Maths and are alumni’s of some of the best colleges in the country.The solutions are derived in a stepwise manner so that the students can read and understand the logic and concept behind solving the problem.All solutions are in line with the CBSE and NCERT guidelines and can be used in the exams as well. Thorough practice will help students to score higher marks in Maths and increase their overall percentage.


Below Mentioned Chapter Wise Details of Class 7 RS Aggarwal Solutions:

Chapter 1 – Integers 

A whole number which can be positive, negative and zero is termed as an integer. So this chapter covers the exercises, which will help you to understand the concept of integers in detail. And in more specific terms, you can say that an integer is a number which can be written without any fractional component. There are a lot of concepts covered in the higher classes in which the concept of an integer will be required. So go through the exercise carefully and learn the concept of integers in depth.


 Chapter 2 - Fractions

In basic terms, if you take a piece from a whole pizza then the piece that you have taken is a fraction of that whole pizza. So fraction describes the parts of any whole thing. So you are going to learn about fractions. Exercise deals with the various concepts of fractions which also include the numerator and denominator.


Chapter 3 - Decimals

A number which has a decimal point in it is known as a decimal number. for example 1.5, 1.6 and 3.14, etc. And in decimals, the whole concept is of the shifting of decimal points inside a number. In this chapter, you will also learn the positional system of notation. It means you will learn about numbers with respect to a point and how it determines its value.


Chapter-4 Rational Numbers

In simple terms, a rational number is that number which can be written in the form of a fraction. They all are real numbers, and they can be positive or negative. This chapter covers the concept of irrational numbers as well. The most important thing that you have to know before starting this chapter, most of the numbers that we use in our daily life are rational numbers.


Chapter-5 Exponents

Basically, exponents refer to the number of times the number is multiplied by itself. For example, if we write 2 x 2 x 2, so in the terms of exponents, this can be written as 2 raised to the power 3. Exercise in this chapter covers the step-by-step process of understanding the typical exponents. It is widely used in mathematics, allowing you to represent a number or variable that is multiplied by itself for a specific number of times.


Chapter-6 Algebraic Expressions

An expression which is built up with the help of integer constants, variables, and the algebraic operations is termed as an algebraic expression. A variable can take any value. By doing exercises, you will learn how to manage algebraic expressions in mathematics. There are many complex exercises which will help you to understand how to integrate different integer constants, variables and the algebraic operations inside an algebraic expression.


 Chapter-7 Linear Equations in One Variable

Any equation which can be written in the form of an x + band can be solved by basic algebraic operations is known as a linear equation in one variable. In this chapter, you will learn about the standard form of the equation and understand various concepts related to the slope of the equation and much more. Go through the exercises to get the complete comprehensive overview of the linear equation in one variable.


  Chapter-8 Ratio and Proportion

When the first number indicates how many times it contains the second number, this relationship is known as a ratio. The two ratios are equal, the name which is given to these ratios is known as proportion. So in this chapter, you will combine learning about the ratio and proportions. Remember, a proportion always says that the two ratios are equal. And Based on this you will get so many problems inside the exercises.


Chapter-9 Unitary Method

In simple terms, it is a technique which is used to solve a problem by first finding the value of any single unit, and then finding the required value by multiplying the single unit value. Here in this chapter, you will cover the daily day to day life-related problems. The unitary method is used in daily life when we visit the market to buy anything and you have to calculate the total cost. Go through the exercises step by step to learn the unitary method of solving daily life problems.


Chapter-10 Percentage

When we use a number, to represent a fractional part out of 100, then this number is known as a “percentage.” Let us understand this with an example, suppose 20% of the hundred people like watching the cartoon. So, here 20 people out of a hundred like a cartoon. This chapter is a step-by-step process of learning percentage comprehensively. The percentage is also used in daily life. Many surveys describe details to the public with the help of the percentage.


Chapter-11 Profit and Loss

In this chapter, you will learn about the profit and loss concept. You will learn how profit and loss depend upon the selling price and the cost price of any material. Exercises are curated in such a manner so that you can step by step learn the concept of profit and loss. Profit and loss also come under the category of percentage and percentage profit loss is also a type of problem given inside the exercises.


Chapter-12 Simple Interest

It is the quick and easiest method to calculate the charges on a loan. This chapter is all about simple interest. You will learn the various problems that occur during calculating the charges on a loan with simple interest. To go through the exercises, these exercises are rated to give you an inductor view of simple interest and the various problems related to it.


Chapter-13 Lines and Angles

A line is defined as a line of various points which extends infinitely in two directions. The line has one direction which is called length. When we draw two lines in different directions from a common point then the angle is formed between them. So this chapter is a comprehensive overview of lines and angles and exercises are designed in such a way to give you the understanding of lines and angles.


Chapter-14 Properties of Parallel Lines

When the two lines are always at the same distance apart and never meet, lines are termed as parallel lines. The railway track is a perfect example for parallel lines. So in this chapter, you will learn about the concept of parallel lines. Go through the exercises step by step and figure out what are the various properties of parallel lines.


Chapter-15 Properties of Triangles

A figure which has three sides and three angles are termed as a triangle. There are various types of triangles in mathematics. In this chapter, you will learn about the various types of triangles and properties. You will learn more about Triangles in higher classes. So this chapter is a basic concept of properties of triangles.


 Chapter-16 Congruence

When any two Triangles are showing the property of congruence with each other then they will have exactly the same three angles and the same three sides. The equal sides and angles may not be in the same positions but they are always present there. In this chapter, you will learn about the congruence of triangles. Exercises inside the chapter cover the concepts of congruence of triangles.


Chapter-17 Constructions

When we draw our shapes, angles and lines accurately, in geometry this is termed as Construction. In constructions, we use a compass, ruler and a pencil. In this chapter, you will learn how to construct the various types of geometric figures just with the help of the basic geometric tools. So this chapter is an overview of constructions in geometry in mathematics. Go through the exercises step by step and follow all the instructions given there to learn the concepts of Constructions.


Chapter-18 Reflection and Rotational Symmetry

When any two or more parts are found identical after a flip, slide or turn, this is known as the symmetry in those particular types of parts. In this chapter, you will learn about the lines of symmetry in various geometrical figures. So symmetry and line of symmetry are the two of the main concepts which are covered inside the chapter. And the exercises are curated in such a way so that you can easily learn the typical concept of symmetry.


Chapter-19 Three-Dimensional Shapes

Any figure or an object or any shape which has three dimensions - Length, breadth, and height it is known as a three-dimensional shape. So this chapter is a detailed overview of three-dimensional shapes. There are many concepts and trees which are covered inside the chapter to make it easy for you to understand the three-dimensional shapes. You will learn more about the three-dimensional shapes in higher classes.


 Chapter-20 Mensuration

Mensuration is a branch of mathematics which deals with the study of geometric areas, their shapes, volume, and some other related parameters. Sudheer chapter covers the areas related problems, volume-related questions, and some more combined problems. This chapter covers the very basic concepts of Mensuration and there is much more to learn about mensuration in higher classes.


Chapter-21 Collection and Organisation of Data (Mean, Median, and Mode)

In this chapter, you will learn about the mean, median and mode. These all are the concepts to measure the central tendency of the given data. With the help of-of this organisational form of data, it is easy to understand the Representation given. When we calculate the central value of a set of numbers, this is termed as the mean or average. The chapter covers more about mean, median and mode.


Chapter-22 Bar Graph

A chart which is used to represent the comparison between the categories of data with the help of bad is known as a bar graph. The bar can be aligned in vertical or in horizontal, this totally depends upon the requirement of the data. Bar graph makes it easy to understand and compare the various quantities inside the collected data. So this chapter is all about bar graphs and the various concepts related to it.


Chapter-23 Probability

Probability is just like having a chance of occurrence of an event. For instance, you can understand it with an example of flipping a coin, there are the chances of coming heads and Tails equal. So we can say that here the probability is 1/2 and 1/2 for both heads and Tails. Exercises inside this chapter cover how to deal with the problems of probability. Remember, the total probability always equals 1.


The Vedantu Edge:

At Vedantu, we aim to get the best out of every student. To help our students to prepare well, we have a host of free resources on our website. One can download previous year question papers with the solution and start practising. 


You can also get in touch with our team of teachers by enrolling in online tuition classes and get help in understanding various concepts for subjects like Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at affordable fees. 


Our teaching model ensures that each student gets the full attention of the teacher so that the learning can be fast and more comprehensive.


Sample Question Paper

There are a lot of students who are afraid of mathematics. But thanks to RS Aggarwal and its textbooks. These textbooks are designed by the experts of RS Aggarwal in such a way that it helps in scoring good marks by the student.RS Aggarwal provides you with simple and good solutions and in addition, explains step-wise-step solutions to problematic queries and thus making mathematics attention-grabbing for all the significantly weak students. Specialists recommend RS Aggarwal's solutions as a result because it provides easier and quicker answers for each question so none of the topics is left for later and so the student gets longer for revision as RS Aggarwal helps in covering the chapters faster that finally ends up in additional time for revision. They provide solutions for every question in an exceedingly informative manner because the experts need every student to understand the key concepts. Regular practice and learning with a deep interest in RS Aggarwal's solutions will help in the advance of the student's speed and efficiency, and accuracy to ace the examination preparation and helps in achieving higher and better scores. Get the PDF copy, RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 (Latest Edition) from the Vedantu website. All the experts at Vedantu have merely and properly outlined every question from the beginning level in order that no student finds it boring to study and difficult in understanding them. Students won't need help or assistance from a tutor or parents, and the other third party as a result of the solutions are written in such the simplest way that they will perceive them on their own. Vedantu provides free access to the RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 (Latest Edition). You'll be able to visit the official website of the Vedantu and click on the link then ‘Download PDF’.

FAQs on RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 (Latest Edition)

1. What are the benefits of referring to Class 7 RS Aggarwal Maths textbook?

RS Aggarwal is one of the best reference books available in the market for students to have an in-depth understanding of the subject. Concepts are explained in a fairly simple manner so that students can understand them on their own. The textbook also includes ample amounts of questions for practice. RS Aggarwal Class 7 textbook is designed in a manner to provide effective preparation and enough revision during exams. Class 7 students must refer to RS Aggarwal to enhance their subject knowledge. Students can also find RS Aggarwal Class 7 Mathematics Solutions online in case they are having difficulty in solving any question.

2. Which is the best platform that provides 100% accurate RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 7 Maths?

Although there is no dearth of online platforms that offer RS Aggarwal Solutions, students must only look for sites that provide 100% authentic and accurate solutions. At Vedantu, the solutions are prepared by expert teachers who have a vast knowledge of the subject and are also well-experienced. These solutions include chapter-wise solved textbook problems to ensure that students do not face any difficulties while solving the chapters. RS Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions by Vendatu caters to a step-by-step solution so that it is easier for students to grasp the knowledge. Vedantu’s RS Aggarwal Solutions are really helpful during exams.

3. Is RS Aggarwal the right choice for Class 7 exam preparation?

Yes, RS Aggarwal is definitely one of the best books available that help immensely in exam preparations. Class 7 Mathematics includes concepts that are integral in higher classes. The textbook is designed as per the board guidelines and includes a lot of questions. Solving these questions improves grip over the chapters and students also get familiar with different types of questions one can find in a particular subject. RS Aggarwal explains concepts in a simple manner so that any student can understand them without much difficulty. Students can use RS Aggarwal Class 7 textbook without any second thoughts.

4. How to download RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 (Latest Edition)?

RS Aggarwal is one of the best reference textbooks after CBSE NCERT textbooks. It is mandatory to read CBSE NCERT textbooks first stand then jump for the other reference textbooks like RS Aggarwal.RS Aggarwal textbooks are so much in demand just because its way of explaining each chapter enhances the students to score better and higher.RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 (Latest Edition) is a vital supply of knowledge and all the latest information that helps in keeping the student updated with relevant information. RS Aggarwal has one of the most important contributions for students and that is to explain the solutions of the problems in the simplest manner. This simple feature and key points of RS Aggarwal help the student to cover and finish his chapters quickly and easily and which in turn helps them have a better grasp as well as thorough research and understanding of the syllabus of Class 7th. Teachers also suggest RS Aggarwal after seeing the improvement in the performance of the weak and average students. Vedantu provides free access to the RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 (Latest Edition).On visiting Vedantu, click on the link and click on the "Download PDF". You will find all the study material and documents in PDF format. RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 (Latest Edition) makes all the chapters easier for the student just with their simple and clean approach towards explaining concepts.

5. What are the preparation tips required for the  RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 (Latest Edition)?

RS Aggarwal is one of the important contributions in terms of making the students of Class 7th understand the syllabus in detail. The guidance recommendations required for the preparation of the  RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 (Latest Edition) are mentioned below.

  • The student must keep patience while preparing for the exams.

  • Revision is considered an important tool by the experts to prepare for the Class 7th exams properly in order to score higher.

  • All the students want to exercise as much as they can, this allows them to make things efficient and could enhance their speed too.

  • It is important to solve test papers after finishing and covering the chapters from NCERT and RS Aggarwal and it is equally important to score your test papers to get to know your status.

  • The experts of RS Aggarwal have designed these test papers exactly the one the student receives in the examination hall and therefore, it helps in making the student aware of the examination pattern.

  • Having a solid plan and strategy is equally important to plan your chapters properly.

  • The student needs to learn how to practice and solve as many mock papers as possible. These would help in gaining the speed of the student as well as boost their confidence.

  • The most important feature of solving the question papers is that it teaches the student the time management skills which would help him in his coming future.