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JEE Advanced Reservation Criteria 2024

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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JEE Main Reservation Criteria 2024 - SC, ST, OBC, PWD

JEE Advanced Reservation 2024 for General, SC, ST, OBC, PWD will be released with the official brochure of JEE Advanced 2024. The aspiring individuals aiming to enrol in an IIT need to sit for JEE Advanced after they successfully clear their JEE Main 2024. JEE Advanced 2024 is the final leg of qualifying, in which candidates appear for a few rounds of counselling before being finally selected for an IIT.

In this article, we will be discussing the JEE Advanced Reservation Criteria 2024. Let us start by knowing the scenario of JEE Advanced 2024.

JEE Advanced Reservation 2024 - SC, ST, OBC, PWD 

In JEE Advanced 2024, there are more than 2,24,000 applicants going to appear for JEE Advanced.

The Indian Government provides a guideline for the reserved section. Candidates belonging to selected categories can enjoy reservation benefits in JEE Advanced 2024. For that, however, they need to produce relevant documents as proof of their claim.

In the next section, we will present a table which will give you a proper idea regarding the division of categories (in percentage).

JEE Advanced Reservation Criteria 2024 - Division of Categories in Percentage

Below is a table that represents the percentage of reservations of seats along with the categories.


Reservation of Seats



Other Backward Classes (OBC)


Scheduled Tribe (ST)


Scheduled Caste (SC)


The remaining 40.5% of the seats are reserved for the General candidates. Apart from the above table, the Indian Government also keeps another 5% seats in reserve for the PwD category.

Moreover, there are specific essential points that an aspiring candidate from the reserved category should keep in mind while going for the JEE Advanced 2024.

Please note that within each of the categories – OPEN, GEN-EWS, OBC-NCL, SC, and ST category seats, a 5% horizontal reservation is available for PwD candidates.

JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation - Check Category-wise Reservation - SC, ST, OBC, PWD

JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation can be checked from our website. Students preparing for JEE Advanced 2024 examination should know about the JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation. They can check their Category wise Reservation - SC, ST, OBC, and PWD from this website. Students should understand the JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation system really well if they want to get selected for an IIT. They can find all the information about JEE Advanced Reservation in a very systematic manner on this website for free. 

The JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation with the category wise reservation SC, ST, OBC, PWD PDF has been prepared by expert faculty who have had a lot of experience with JEE Advanced Reservation. If you are preparing for JEE Advanced 2024, you should download the JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation to check the category-wise reservation SC, ST, OBC, PWD PDF. 

JEE Advanced Reservation Criteria 2024 - Points to Remember:

For the JEE Advanced Reservation Criteria 2024 these are some essential points students should keep in their mind about the JEE Advanced Reservation:

  • Eligibility criteria for SC/ST candidates are determined by the Government of India.

  • Note that the applicants who fall under the CL (Creamy Layer*) category of OBC will not be treated under the Reservation category.

  • Aspiring candidates of OBC (CL) will only be eligible for General seats.

NOTE: *Creamy layer is a term used by GoI to notify those who are in a better position, educationally and socially, thus, not fitting under the Government-sponsored reservation program.

JEE Advanced Reservation Criteria 2024 - Documents Required?

For JEE Advanced Reservation Criteria 2024, the applicants essentially require the following two official documents for JEE Advanced in 2024. 

  • Those who fall under the PwD category need to show their own disability certificate.

  • The rest need to produce their reservation certificate which has been issued by any competent authority under the Government of India (GOI).

JEE Advanced Reservation Criteria 2024 - Reservation Criteria for PwD

In JEE Advanced Reservation Criteria 2024, Persons with Disability (PwD)- 5% seats (horizontally) are reserved in each of the following categories:




  • SC

  • ST

1. Applicants who are having 40% or more disabilities will be given preference.

2. Priority is given to those who are leprosy cured and fit enough to pursue their dream.

Apart from these, the Government will issue a scribe for the PwD candidates who are unable to write in the examination due to specific physical issues. The scribe is the one who will write it on his or her behalf. However, officials shall check the medical reports of the candidate with a disability to provide him/her with a writer. Hence, it needs to cover some standard medical criteria.

Details of Medical Authority

  1. The minimum handicap percentage is 40%.

  2. A scribe will be offered if a person is permanently disabled.

  3. Medical reports are considered only when those are by any government institution.

JEE Advanced Reservation Criteria 2024 - Reservation for Women

A decision has been taken at the level of the IIT Council to improve the gender balance in the undergraduate programs at the IITs.

  • In 2021, 20% of supernumerary seats will be reserved for female candidates. 

  • The supernumerary seats specifically for female candidates will be created without any reduction in the number of seats that were made available for non-female candidates.

  • These supernumerary seats will only be offered to those female candidates who are declared qualified in JEE Advanced 2024.

  • The detailed procedure for the implementation of this will be set out in the Business Rules of JoSSA 2024.

JEE Advanced Reservation Criteria 2024 - How To Claim JEE Advanced Reservation for 2024?

  1. Applicants who are eligible need to fill up a relevant form providing all essential information regarding their category.

  2. Next, they must show proof of their reservation category in the form of documents like a reservation certificate. These are essential to carry during the time of counselling.

  3. Any candidate failing to show relevant and acceptable proof shall not be considered under the reservation category, and hence, fall under the General category.

JEE Advanced Reservation Criteria 2024 - Reservation for Foreign Nationals

JEE Advanced 2024 also allows foreign nationals under the official reservation policy of the Indian Government. International candidates aspiring to join any of the high-ranking engineering institutes of this country need to fall under the below criteria to be considered:

  • Candidates who are not citizens of India by birth (non-citizens).

  • The DOB (Date of Birth) of those foreign applicants should born on or after October 1, 1999.

  • International candidates must have given his or her class 12 examination or any equivalent exam in his or her respective country in 2019 for the first time in either 2023 or 2024 with the subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as compulsory subjects.

  • There are certain countries where citizens need to join the armed forces primarily for a specific period. It can range from 3 months to 3 years after candidates pass the class 12 examination of their respective country of origin. In such exceptional cases, the GoI officials will not count those years in service if an aspiring foreign applicant can provide proper documents.

  • The GoI keeps an additional 10% of seats reserved for foreign nationals for the JEE Advanced 2024.

Distribution of Top 2,50,000 JEE Main Candidates Based on their Category


Top 2,50,000 JEE Main candidates



















SC - PwD





ST - PwD


JEE Advanced Reservation Criteria 2024 - Documents Required for Verification 

What are the Essential Documents required for All the Candidates? 

  1. Class X Certificate or Birth Certificate for the age proof. 

  2. Class XII certificate or any other equivalent certificate. 

  3. If the name is changed in the Class X certificate, then the official gazette to show that the change of name has occurred. 

What are the Essential Documents required for GEN-EWS category candidates?

  1. GEN-EWS certificate must have been issued on or after April 01, 2024, along with the guidelines of the GOI.

  2. A declaration in respect of the GEN-EWS certificate is uploaded if the candidate fails to collect the required. 

What are the Essential Documents required for OBC-NCL category candidates?

  • OBC-NCL certificate must have been issued on or after April 01, 2024, along with the guidelines of the GOI.

  • A declaration in respect of the OBC-NCL certificate that is uploaded if the candidate fails to collect the same.

What are the Essential Documents required for SC or ST category candidates?

Caste certificate for SC candidates and Tribe certificate for ST candidates, as per the guidelines of GOI.

What are the Essential Documents required for PWD category candidates?

The following are required in this case:

  • Physical Disability Certificate issued by the notified medical authority

  • Dyslexic candidates need to submit FORM-DYSLEXIC 1 and 2 instead of FORM-PwD. The certificate must mention ‘SEVERE’ under the Dyslexia category.

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If you still have doubts regarding the procedures and criteria of JEE Advanced reservation policy 2024, then below is a list of essential and most commonly asked questions related to the reservation process.

Understanding the reservation criteria for JEE Advanced 2024 is crucial for aspirants aiming to secure a spot in an IIT. With more than 2,24,000 applicants expected to appear for JEE Advanced this year, knowing the reservation details is essential. The Indian Government has provided guidelines for reserved categories, allowing eligible candidates to benefit from reservation quotas. It's important for candidates to have the necessary documents to prove their eligibility. In the above sections, we have provided a detailed breakdown of the reservation for various categories. Stay informed to secure your place in JEE Advanced 2024.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Reservation Criteria 2024

1. I am a football player and have represented Kerala U-17. Will I be included under any sports quota for JEE Advanced 2024?

There is no sports quota in JEE Advanced 2024.

2. I am a student in Nepal. Can I apply?

As mentioned earlier, students who belong to other countries have a quota of 10% under the foreign national reservation student who belongs to the devotion criteria, allotted by the GoI. They will not be included under OBC/SC/ST communities as stated by the Indian Government.

3. Is the JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation article available in PDF form?

Yes, the JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation article is available in PDF form. Students can download the JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation | Check Category wise Reservation - SC, ST, OBC, PWD PDF for free from the Vedantu website. Keeping the JEE Advanced 2023 Reservation will be very helpful for students when they need any information about JEE Advanced Reservation.

4. Who prepared the JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation?

The JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation was prepared by the expert faculty of Vedantu who have a lot of knowledge regarding the topic. They have had experience in clearing the doubts of students about JEE Advanced Reservation. All the information provided here about JEE Advanced Reservation is genuine. Students can trust the JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation PDF to provide them with the correct information.

5. How many seats are allotted to the candidates who belong to Defence backgrounds?

In JEE Advanced 2024, only 2 seats will be allotted to every student who belongs to a defence background. However, an aspiring applicant will be listed under the current merit list.

6. How to download the JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation?

It is very easy for students to download the JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation from this website. 

The steps to download the JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation are as follows:

  • Search for JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation, Click on the download PDF button.

  • A pop-up box appears, sign up using your email or mobile.

  • If you are already a registered user, log in using your password.

  • A confirmation message will be sent to your device along with the JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation file with the message.

  • The JEE Advanced 2024 Reservation will be downloaded on your device separately too!

Hopefully, the above-mentioned criteria and procedures have been crystal cleared to you. Make sure to follow every step carefully, and it’s advisable to carry all necessary official documents if you fall under any of the categories mentioned above.

Important Point to Remember:

Make sure that your reservation category’s documents and forms are submitted and signed and should not be delayed at any cost. By any chance, an applicant is unable to provide the documents in time, then he or she will be considered under the General quota.

7. Which caste has the highest reservation in IIT?

JEE Advanced follows reservation categories set by the Indian government. Here's the breakdown:

OBC-NCL (Other Backward Classes - Non Creamy Layer): 27%

SC (Scheduled Castes): 15%

ST (Scheduled Tribes): 7.5%

There's also a separate 5% reservation for Persons with Disabilities (PwD) within each of the above categories (GEN, OBC-NCL, SC, ST).

8. Is there girl reservation in IIT?

No, JEE Advanced doesn't have a separate reservation for girls. However, there might be individual institutes within IITs that might have some schemes to encourage female applicants. It's best to check with the specific IIT you're interested in.

9. How seats are allotted in IIT?

Seats in IITs are allotted based on your JEE Advanced rank, category, and choice filling during counselling. Here's a simplified process:

Based on your JEE Advanced rank, you get a percentile score within your category.

During counselling, you fill preferences for IITs, branches, and specific programs.

Seats are allotted considering your rank, category, and the preferences of all candidates.