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RD Sharma Class 9 Solutions

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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RD Sharma Class 9 Maths Solutions - Free PDF Download

RD Sharma has been one of the most referred books for CBSE Class 9th and 10th students. Class 9th students are just one year away from the milestone of Class 10th. Class 9th is when the students are exposed to the basics of the concepts that they are going to explore in Class 10th and above. Up to Class 8th, the exam preparation mainly depends on the NCERT textbook questions and their solutions. As a student reaches Class 9th, there is a need for extra questions from outside the textbook. For maths, most students prefer RD Sharma which is an excellent book to work out different problems.

Vedantu’s RD Sharma Maths Solutions cover all the portions of Class 9th in a concise and comprehensible manner. The complex problems included in RD Sharma are solved clearly using the easiest methods in the solutions. These solutions at Vedantu are drafted by experts in mathematics having years of experience in the field. These solutions are no doubt a must-have for Class 9th students who are looking for an inspiring learning experience. 

Students can download NCERT Solution PDF for all subjects to prepare for their forthcoming exams. They can download Class 9 Maths and Class 9 Science NCERT Solutions to help you to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations. 

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Class 9 Maths Solutions RD Sharma

Vedantu is no doubt the best online educational platform in India right now. Vedantu extends student support in as many ways as possible. All the materials provided through our website are tailor-made to suit the needs of students. Each one of these is very carefully prepared according to the latest syllabus and guidelines of CBSE. Class 9th is two steps ahead of Class 8th in terms of the advancement of the syllabus as well as the type of questions that the student has to attempt. The question paper pattern of Class 9th is closely related to Class 10th board papers and hence is of huge importance to students. The question papers will test the higher-order thinking skills of the students along with the problem-solving ability. 

RD Sharma is a book that equips the students to deal with these advanced level questions. To use this book optimally, Vedantu’s RD Sharma Solutions of Class 9th is a must-have. We have worked out every problem in the book in the most simplified manner with short cut methods for your convenience. 

RD Sharma Solutions Class 9 Maths

Mathematics can be taken as a bit tricky subject and a large portion of the students of Class 9th find it difficult to cope up with the sudden jump to a higher level. Vedantu eases you of that burden by enabling you to enjoy your learning process. Our online live classes help in clear conceptualization and guarantee personal attention that every student deserves. Our offline solutions for RD Sharma Class 9th mathematics can be accessed free from any cost at the click of a few buttons from our website. These solutions are downloadable for each exercise in the book. All these solutions are drafted meticulously by experts. The material covers the whole 25 chapters in RD Sharma:

Chapter 1- Number System (4 exercises)

Chapter 2- Exponents of real numbers (2 exercises)

Chapter 3- Rationalisation (2 exercises)

Chapter 4- Algebraic identities (4 exercises) 

Chapter 5- Factorisation of algebraic expressions (4 exercises)

Chapter 6- Factorisation of algebraic expressions (5 exercises) 

Chapter 7- Introduction to Euclid’ Geometry (1 exercise)

Chapter 8- Lines and angles (4 exercises)

Chapter 9- Triangles and its angles (2 exercises)

Chapter 10- Congruent triangles (6 exercises)

Chapter 11- Coordinate geometry (1 exercise)

Chapter 12- Heron’s Formula (2 exercises)

Chapter 13- Linear equation in two variables (4 exercises)

Chapter 14- Quadrilaterals (4 exercises)

Chapter 15 Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles (3 exercises)

Chapter 16- Circles (4 exercises)

Chapter 17- Constructions (3 exercises)

Chapter 18- Surface area and volume of cuboid and cube (2 exercises)

Chapter 19- Surface area and volume of right circular cylinder (2 exercises)

Chapter 20- Surface area and volume of right circular cone (2 exercises)

Chapter 21- Surface area and volume of a Sphere (2 exercises)

Chapter 22- Tabular representation of statistical data (2 exercises)

Chapter 23- Graphical Representation of statistical data (2 exercises)

Chapter 24- Measures of central tendencies (4 exercises)

Chapter 25- Probability 

All the solutions to the above-mentioned chapters are given according to each exercise in the RD Sharma book for Class 9 CBSE. All the questions in each exercise are clearly solved and are easily comprehensible. Problems with higher-order thinking skills and value-based questions are answered with special emphasis on the answering format that the students can follow in their exams. Vedantu’s RD Sharma Class 9th Solution is an essential part to score high in your examinations.

Vedantu- Your Perfect Study Mate 

There are tons of learning platforms on the web today and it was very confusing to pick the right one. Vedantu is the most preferred study partner across streams and classes in the country. Vedantu provides the best learning experience that no other can offer. Vedantu’s live online classes are undertaken by teachers with years of experience and deep knowledge. The students at Vedantu also have the option to pick their own teacher according to their compatibility and comfort. These online classes will no doubt help in a clear understanding of concepts and thereby build a strong base.

In addition to the online live classes and textbook solutions, Vedantu also provides you with a wide variety of offline materials. These may be in the form of the latest syllabus, sample question papers, question banks, solutions to old question papers, etc. All these offline materials are freely accessible to all the students. Learn with Vedantu and conquer heights!

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 9 Solutions

1. What is the advantage of Vedantu’s RD Sharma Solution for Maths Class 9?

Vedantu is the leading educational platform in India and any material provided by us is of superior quality and is drafted by top educators in the field. To go specifically into the RD Sharma Solutions, Vedantu’s material provides in-depth conceptual clarity and simplified solutions to every problem in the book. All the solutions contain the easiest methods to ensure that students have an easy time solving them. These carefully drafted answers act as a really good reference which the students can use to evaluate their own answers and find their weak areas. Besides that, all the offline material provided by Vedantu is free.

2. Where can I get RD Sharma Textbook Solutions for Class 9th?

Vedantu provides all that a student needs to prepare for Class from 1 to 12th. Vedantu provides RD Sharma Solutions for Class 9 Maths. Each of the materials is crafted carefully so as not to omit anything and to be free from errors. These are prepared by the best educators from all over the country. These materials are prepared following the latest syllabus and guidelines of the CBSE. These solutions would be of great help from the examination point of view as all the answers are drafted to meet the highest standard possible.

3. Write a short note on the factorization of polynomials following concepts taught in Class 9 RD Sharma book?

The lesson factorization of polynomials has some crucial keywords which need to be learned: 

Polynomial: An expression with more than two algebraic terms, that is, the sum (or difference) of numerous terms containing various powers of the same or separate variable (s).

Co-efficient: A coefficient is a number that is either printed alongside or multiplied by a variable. It is the numerical factor of a phrase with variables and constants.

Degree of a Polynomial: In a polynomial expression, it is the variable's highest power.

4. Following concepts of class 9 RD Sharma book, give a brief overview of the chapter - Lines and Angles.

It is important to be well-versed with the common terms used in the chapter - lines and angles.

Lines: It is a one-dimensional figure with no width but plenty of lengths. It is made up of a series of points that extend in opposite directions indefinitely. Two points in a two-dimensional plane are used to find it.

Vertically Opposite Angles: When two lines cross, the opposite angles formed by the intersection are referred to as vertical angles or vertically opposite angles. A set of vertically opposite angles will always be equal.

Linear Pair of Angles: When two lines intersect at a single point, a linear pair of angles is generated. If the angles are close to one another after the two lines intersect, they are called linear angles. Supplementary angles are the sum of angles in a linear pair that is always equal to 180°.

5. How to prepare for Class 9 Mathematics?

It is important to have strong basics of class 9 mathematics to progress further in the subject. Without strong fundamentals, students will not be able to go ahead in the subject. It is important for students to be well-versed with concepts such as factorization, method of common factors, method of grouping terms, polynomial, degree of a polynomial, euclidean axioms, triangle, acute angle triangle etc. Students should also practice sample papers of the subject to consolidate their knowledge in the subject. Students can visit the Vedantu app and website.