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RD Sharma Class 12 Mathematics Chapter-Wise Solutions

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 Maths - Free PDF download

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 12 are present on the website of Vedantu. It is available for both the online mode as well as offline mode in the form of PDFs. Every chapter of RD Sharma is presented in the form of a PDF. Students can easily download these PDF files to read them without accessing the site. Every solution of RD Sharma chapters’ questions is provided by the expert and best faculties of Vedantu in a way that will be easier to understand.

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Class 12 RD Sharma Solutions Maths

The Chapters of Class 12 Maths Syllabus are as Follows:

Chapter 1 - Relations and Functions

It helps students to cover the concepts of relations, domain and codomain. In this chapter, we will get a few theorems and sums which will clear a student’s concepts about the topic. In RD Sharma, you will see Chapter 1 is divided into three chapters (Relations, Functions, and Binary Operations).

Chapter 2 - Inverse of Trigonometric Functions

This chapter is about the inverse trigonometric functions. These inverse applications are useful in some geometry-related sums. It is mainly used for finding angles. The functions are called sine, cosine, tangent, secant and cotangent. This chapter is highly useful in Physics. So learning it properly is important.

Chapter 3 - Matrix

In this chapter, you will learn the concepts and the rules of rows and columns. This is a chapter in which you can score well. If you understand this once properly, then you will never make any mistake while solving any sum of Matrices.

The matrix chapter is divided into two chapters in RD Sharma – Algebra of Matrix and Adjoint and Inverse of Matrix.

Chapter 4 - Determinants

This chapter becomes easy because you have already learned about the matrix. In this chapter, we will use the same rules as the matrix. It’s just a different form of a matrix.

Chapter 5 - Continuity and Differentiability

This chapter covers the concepts after differentiation of function which was introduced in Class 11. This chapter provides the knowledge of Continuity, Differentiability and represents a relationship between the two. Here, we will also be introduced to logarithmic functions.

This chapter of NCERT syllabus is divided into two chapters of RD Sharma – Continuity and Differentiability.

Chapter 6 - Applications of Derivatives

This chapter marks the beginning of calculus. In this chapter, you will learn about the differentiability of functions and derivatives. This chapter is divided into eight chapters in RD Sharma – Differentiation, Higher-Order Derivatives, Derivative as a Rate-Measurer, Differentials, Errors, and Approximations, Mean Value Theorems, Tangents and Normal, Increasing and Decreasing Functions, and Maxima and Minima.

Chapter 7 - Integrals

This is one of the most important chapters of Mathematics of Class 12. It helps you to understand the integration of function and its application of areas. It is the beginning of integral calculus. This chapter is further divided into three chapters in RD Sharma- Indefinite Integrals, Definite Integrals and Areas of Bounded Regions.

Chapter 8 - Applications of Integrals

This chapter helps you to understand calculating areas such as curves, parabolas, lines, and ellipses.

Chapter 9 - Differential Equations

This chapter deals with the concepts of differential equations. It helps in finding out the general and particular solutions as well as order and degree of equations. It even tells the application of equations.

Chapter 10 - Vector Equations

In this chapter, you will understand the vector quantities. It has many properties and plays a very important role in physics as well. This chapter is further divided into six chapters in RD Sharma as- Algebra of Vectors, Scalar or Dot Product, Vector or Cross Product, Scalar Triple Product and Direct Cosines and Direction Ratios.

Chapter 11 - Three Dimensional Geometry

This chapter deals with vectors that are used for finding out the distance between lines or planes. It also helps us to find out the angles between lines and planes.

In RD Sharma, this chapter is divided into Straight Lines into Spaces and The Plane.

Chapter 12 - Linear Programming

This chapter deals with the linear programming sums and their solutions are provided via using a graphical method.

Chapter 13 - Probability

This chapter clears the concept of conditional probability. It has a few theorems and rules to remember while solving sums. It is a very scoring chapter once you grasp it properly. In RD Sharma, this chapter is divided into three chapters as Probability, Mean, and Variance of a Random Variable and Binomial Distribution.

At Vedantu, you will find all the detailed solutions of RD Sharma made by the expert faculties of Vedantu at one place. Vedantu is the perfect study companion for students.

Vedantu - The Perfect Companion for Studying

The pandemic has forced us to take many challenges in our life. This has taken a big toll on our education system. It has abruptly shifted the mode of offline study to online mode. This sudden change in the mode of education has affected many students. However, as life goes on, the study must go on as well. However, for preparing for exams, every student needs a convenient and easy way. For a convenient way of studying, we need a reliable online education platform like Vedantu.

Vedantu is one of the biggest online education platforms nowadays. It is a perfect place to find accurate and trustable content for studying. This makes Vedantu a perfect study partner for students. It’s a place where you will find all the required study materials to clear your concepts. Vedantu allows you to find study materials that are solely made to score high by the best faculties of Vedantu.

Mathematics is a subject that is all about formulas and concepts. However, for some students, it’s a tough subject. Having a book like RD Sharma is important as it is designed in such a way that it clears your concepts in the best possible way. RD Sharma gives you detailed concepts of every chapter with the combination of numerous sums and examples as well as solutions of NCERT for each chapter. The 12th-grade board exam is the most crucial step of school education; it sets the career route of a student’s life. Download the solutions now!

Why do Students Choose Vedantu?

Vedantu offers the RD Sharma Class 12 Mathematics  Chapter-wise Solutions to students, which are completely free of cost. These RD Sharma Class 12 Mathematics chapter-wise Solutions are provided in PDF format, which can be downloaded by the students to study offline. The subject matter experts at Vedantu had prepared these solutions: The RD Sharma Class 12 Mathematics chapter-wise Solutions appropriately. All these solutions are made concerning the latest NCERT syllabus and guidelines. These solutions are made to help and guide students and make them prepared for their examinations. These solutions assist students in their homework and assignments. Students can top the final exams and ace the subject by practising these solutions. 

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 12 Mathematics Chapter-Wise Solutions

1. Is Vedantu a Trustworthy Site for Getting Accurate Solutions?

Yes, it’s the most trustworthy and reliable site when it comes to finding solutions to sums. Vedantu is a team of best and expert faculties that give each and every solution accurately. The faculties have not left any details unchecked to make the perfect solution for students. The solutions are so detailed that they are easily understandable. Every solution is made in such a way that it will attract the examiner of the paper to give the student excellent marks. Each step of the sum is explained correctly. Vedantu provides a solution for every sum of RD Sharma Solutions at one place.

2. The Materials of Vedantu are According to the New Syllabus?

Yes, the materials of Vedantu are according to the new syllabus. Vedantu gives complete attention while preparing the set of materials that are made to clear out the concepts. It is made in such a way that it will help students to score better. The sole purpose of every piece of information is to give you a better understanding of the topic so that you excel in your examinations and do not scare away from the revised syllabus of NCERT. The educator provides you with the best information which is needed for studying.

3. How is the Quality of Vedantu’s Study Material as per the Examination Point of View?

Vedantu’s study material‘s quality is the best you will come through. The expert faculties have put all efforts to make the perfect study material for every kind of student. While studying from Vedantu, average students can become a topper easily. All they have to do is follow the study material thoroughly. Every every aspect of the study material is made in such a way that it will help the student to score very well. Vedantu is the key to the success in any exam.

4. Are RD Sharma Class 12 Mathematics chapter-wise Solutions helpful to score well in Class 12 examinations?

Yes, RD Sharma Class 12 Mathematics  Chapter-wise Solutions can help students to learn more and more of the subject and thus score better grades in the Class 12 examination. This is because when students practice the solutions mentioned, they learn about all the concepts of the subject deeply. So they are well prepared for the examination. They don't need to be in chaos before the early days of the examination. Also, the learning power of the students is enhanced. 

5. Where can I find useful study resources for RD Sharma Class 12 Mathematics chapter-wise Solutions?

You can find RD Sharma Class 12 Mathematics chapter-wise Solutions on the Vedantu app or website. You can find the RD Sharma Class 12 Mathematics chapter-wise Solutions the Vedantu site through the given link on this page.

Vedantu offers these free resources which are created by the subject matter experts at Vedantu. They are masters in their respective fields and that's why the content is accurate and reliable. Students can find revision notes, important questions, question papers, etc, on the site. These study materials are completely free, and there is no cost involved. To access these useful study resources, all students have to sign in, and then they will be able to download what they want in pdf format online or offline. 

6. Do you have to pay anything to study RD Sharma Class 12 Mathematics Chapter-wise Solutions?

No, RD Sharma Class 12 Mathematics Chapter-wise Solutions is completely free of cost. Students can study it only by logging in to the Vedantu site, which is absolutely free, and just preparing for your examination. They don't need to pay anything to access these RD Sharma Class 12 Mathematics Chapter-wise Solutions. These are made for the convenience of the students. They are made not to loot students but to make students prepare for the examination, to make them more adaptive, and make learning fun and enjoyable for them.

7. Is there a time frame a student should keep while studying chapter-wise from RD Sharma Class 12 Mathematics  Chapter-wise Solutions?

Well, for everyone, it takes just some time to go through and understand these solutions. They are just made for the convenience of the students. It also depends upon students' memory power and intelligence. Some students can take less time to go through the revision notes, while others can take more time also. It also depends upon the difficulty of the subjects and the chapter's concepts. Those with deeper concepts can be difficult to go through by the students, while the normal easy-to-understand concepts and chapters revision notes can be easily gone through within a short time.

8. Why should students opt for RD Sharma books?

RD Sharma's book contains a large number of well-graded solved examples. Students can practice these solved examples on their own without looking at the solutions and if they find any difficulty in solving the examples, they may look at the solutions if they are unable to solve them. This would help them develop the confidence to attempt unsolved exercises. This is very important if one wants to score well in the examination. You can get them free of cost through the direct links available on our page or get them online.