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RD Sharma Class 11 Mathematics Solutions

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths - Free PDF Download

RD Sharma (Ravi Dutt Sharma) is a math reference book for students who are in grades 6 through 12. It is one of the best books since it teaches you everything you need to know about each chapter. It is created by following CBSE and NCERT requirements. RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6-12 provided by Vedantu are the best books available on the internet. The solutions are arranged chapter-by-chapter and topic-by-topic. As a result, students may easily look for the preparation of a required topic that interests them. These solutions include detailed explanations, short tricks, improved drawings, and particular key points which by practicing will improve a student's problem solving ability.

RD Sharma's Class 11 book includes numerous solved problems. Each chapter's exercises have been updated with new illustrated examples and difficulty levels. All ideas and terminology have been explored in detail clearly and concisely in each chapter, as well as explained with relevant examples.

The CBSE's most recent syllabus is used in the RD Sharma Class 11 Textbooks. The examples and exercises at the end of each chapter's section/subsection have been grouped in increasing order of difficulty levels. An exercise consisting of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), a summary of rapid revision of ideas and equations has been provided at the end of each chapter.
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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Maths

CBSE 11th grade plays a very significant role. The Higher Secondary education forms the basis for all the competitive exams and RD Sharma guides you with all it's practice questions of different difficulty levels. Vedantu provides you with RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11th Maths with accuracy.

Mathematics has always been the most challenging subject, and it's difficult to score good marks in Maths. The students and parents need to understand that it requires a lot of solving practice of questions to excel them. Vedantu provides you with all the study materials along with the solution PDFs so that you can check your answers. If you are unable to solve a particular problem, you may take help of the R D Sharma Solutions. It is a wholly reliable and accurate source of your Maths problems. An exceptional and upgraded levelled section called HOTS (High Order Thinking Skill) is present in R D Sharma so that the meritorious student can practice for a more challenging level of questions.  

These Are Important Topics For Class 11 Maths

  • Permutations and Combination

  • Binomial theorem

  • Arithmetic Progression

  • Coordinate Geometry

  • Circle

  • Straight lines

  • Parabola

  • Ellipse

  • Hyperbola

  • Limits and Continuity

  • Derivatives

  • Statics

  • Probability

  • Trigonometric Identities

  • Trigonometric Functions

  • Trigonometric Ratios of Compound Angles

  • Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

  • Transformation Formulae

  • Trigonometric Equations

  • Sine and Cosine Formulae and their applications

  • Mathematical Induction

Although Mathematics is a bit tough, it can be made easy with the use of RD Sharma Solutions. Then you will start enjoying the subject. If you make several mistakes while solving questions, then the RD Sharma Solutions will help you to learn from your mistakes, improvise them and do not repeat them ever again. The more questions you will practice on your own, the more you'll be prepared for the Entrance exams, and it will automatically boost up confidence in you. It is the most legitimate source.

Vedantu: The Best Online Study Platform

Vedantu is the best platform available on the internet. It avails students the study material which is mostly needed for the CBSE Board exams, NTSE, JEE Mains and Olympiads. It avails RD Sharma Solutions PDFs for Maths and many other materials. RD Sharma Solutions contains all the solved problems of the RD Sharma book and you can improve your solving capacity with its help.

The Speciality of RD Sharma Solutions by Vedantu is

  • All the solutions in it are topic-wise and exercise-wise.

  • Solutions are explained with easy and short tricks.

  • Solutions available with different solving methods and are easy to understand for all students.

  • They are solved by experienced faculties, so the answers are accurate.

  • The book contains basic as well as the advanced level of questions.

  • RD Sharma Solutions PDF is exam-oriented.

  • Its content is enough to practice well for any single topic.

Solutions for Class 11 Maths by RD Sharma

RD Sharma Class 11 Mathematics Textbook Solutions includes the following new and distinctive features:

  • A detailed theory is presented along with illustrations

  • A method based on algorithms

  • A large number of graded examples and tasks, both solved and unsolved.

  • Concepts and equations are summarized in a brief synopsis

Below you can find each chapter PDF of RD Sharma Class 11 Maths Solutions solved by our qualified teachers. 

The benefits of practicing questions from the RD Sharma textbook and consulting our solution are as follows:

  • RD Sharma presents a variety of question types, each with a different level of difficulty. By practicing these questions, students will gain experience with a variety of question styles that may appear on the exam. This ensures that students perform well in their maths final exam.

  • Students can simply refer to our topic specialists' solutions in case they have any doubts, allowing them to continue learning without interruption.

  • Students can learn a variety of approaches to tackling problems by consulting our answers. This guarantees that their knowledge and examination results will improve.

With all of these advantages, it is easy to conclude that students in class 11 should practise questions from the RD Sharma textbook and consult the solution offered by our specialists if they have any doubts.

For scoring good marks in Maths, only reading theory and learning formulas is not enough. You need to practice more problems. The more you solve questions, the faster your speed will be. The level of competition these days is very high, only attending regular classes is not enough for getting selection in the best college. Additionally, students need to seek help from other ways of practising questions, as per the exam requirements.

RD Sharma Solutions is an organised set of solved questions for Class 6-12 Maths. RD Sharma is meant to be solved by students themselves. However, if you are stuck with some problem while solving, you can take the help of RD Sharma Solutions. After practising with it, students will be able to tackle all the types of questions. Students of Class 11 Maths can download RD Sharma Solutions Class11 Maths PDF from the internet. Students need to go through it before their upcoming final exams. To save your precious time, you can first go through the theory part before going to solve the direct questions is the best way. 

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 11 Mathematics Solutions

1. Is RD Sharma a good book for competitive exams like JEE Mains and NTSE?

RD Sharma can make you qualify the JEE Mains exam, but for scoring well, you need to solve other books too. The priority should be reading and understanding NCERT books. For practising all the topics chapter-wise, you should solve RD Sharma questions, and for their solutions, RD Sharma Solutions of Vedantu is the irreplaceable source. In JEE exam, MCQs are asked, and for a better score, you also need to solve more MCQs from other books too. The advice is to solve more and more variety of questions for all the concepts.

2. Is solving RD Sharma good enough for the best preparation of Class 11th Maths?

Yes, out of all the reference books available in the market, RD Sharma is above all of them. It has many questions on a single concept which ensure complete practice for a particular topic. It means you can completely solve the problems and understand the ideas in the solution with internalising the key concept. For Class 11th Maths, you will rarely find any question out of its content. It helps students to assess their understanding. Students, by going through it, can get the idea of the difficulty level of the upcoming examinations. So have faith and start preparing with Vedantu and download the PDF of RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths.

3. How many chapters are in RD Sharma Class 11 Maths Chapter-wise Solutions - Free PDF Download?

In the RD Sharma Textbook for Class 11, there are 33 chapters. Sets, Relations, Functions, Angle Measurement, Trigonometric Functions, Graphs of Trigonometric Functions, Trigonometric Ratios Of Compound Angles, Transformations Formulae, Trigonometric Ratios Of Multiple And Sub Multiple Angles, Sine And Cosine Formulae And Their Applications, Sine And Cosine Sine And Cosine Formulae And Their Applications Complex Numbers, Quadratic Equations, Linear Inequalities, Permutations, Combinations, Binomial Theorem, Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression, Some Special Series, Trigonometric Equation, Mathematical Induction, Complex Numbers, Quadratic Equations, and Linear Inequalities. You can download all these chapter solutions in pdf format in Vedantu website or Vedantu mobile app.

4. How does RD Sharma Class 11 Maths Chapter-wise Solutions PDF help in scoring good marks?

RD Sharma is a math reference book for students in grades 6 through 12. It is one of the best Maths books since it covers almost every concept you need to know about each chapter which is created by following updated CBSE and NCERT requirements. The greatest book available on the internet is Vedantu's RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6-12. Its solutions are arranged in a chapter-by-chapter and topic-by-topic format. As a result, students may easily look for the preparation of a certain topic that interests them and that they require. Get RD Sharma Class 11 Maths Chapter-wise Solutions - Free PDF Download from Vedantu, this will help you to understand concepts in a clear way. Practicing these step-by-step solutions will help you to score good marks in final exams.

5. How to practice with RD Sharma Class 11 Maths Chapter-wise Solutions - Free PDF Download?

Practicing questions from the RD Sharma book guarantees that students learn about the different types of questions that can be asked in an exam and prepares them for various competitive tests. Students may encounter a difficult question while solving questions from the RD Sharma textbook. Downloading the free pdfs of RD Sharma class 11 Maths solutions present in Vedantu helps you to practice and understand all chapters. These solutions were created by best subject matter experts at Vedantu, and referring to them would provide them with new ways of learning approaches to solve a problem.

6. What all is given in RD Sharma Class 11 Maths Chapter-wise Solutions - Free PDF Download 

The CBSE's updated syllabus is used in the RD Sharma Class 11 Textbooks. The examples and exercises at the end of each chapter's section/subsection have been provided at various difficulty levels. Exercise consisting of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), a summary of rapid revision of ideas and equations has been provided at the end of each chapter.