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JEE Main Practice Papers for Comprehensive Exam Preparation - 2025

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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Expertly Crafted JEE Main Practice Questions and Solutions (Download FREE PDF)

Vedantu's Practice Paper offers a wide variety of questions that cover all topics in the JEE Main syllabus 2025. We leave no topic untouched, making sure you're super ready for the big exam. By practicing with these papers, you can gain a thorough understanding of each topic and increase your chances of scoring well. Vedantu understands the importance of convenience and flexibility in a student's life. That's why our Practice Paper is available in both online and offline modes. They are designed to closely resemble the actual JEE Main exam. By practicing with these papers, you can familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and question types of each chapter, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.


JEE Main Practice Paper


Text, Images, Videos and PDF


JEE Main

Academic Session:



English Medium

Total Chapters:



Physics, Physics and Maths

Available Material:

Chapter-wise Notes with PDF

Practice Paper play a crucial role in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. One of the best things about Vedantu's Practice Paper is that they are available in PDF format which is FREE to download. This means that you can practice as much as you want and turn it into your Daily Practice Paper. By attempting a wide variety of questions, to see how well you know different topics. This self-assessment allows you to focus on areas that need improvement, ensuring that you make the most of your study time. By practicing regularly, you can improve your problem-solving abilities, time-management skills, and planning your exam strategy. 

Vedantu Daily Practice Paper for JEE Main

For those who prefer offline practice paper, Vedantu offers the option to download Practice Paper in PDF format for FREE. This allows you to practice JEE Main questions at your own pace. The convenience of offline practice ensures that you can study anytime, anywhere, without any limitations. Click on the link provided below and access to FREE PDF of chapter-wise practice papers for each subject.

The practice paper covers all the important topics in the JEE Main syllabus and includes a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true/false questions. To begin, try solving each JEE Main chapter practice paper that you already know well. Once you've got those down, tackle the tougher ones. Every PDF typically consists of 30 practice questions with solutions. Try solving those questions by yourself and make sure to look back at your answers to see what you're good at and what needs more work.

These solutions have a step-by-step approach to solving each question is explained, along with shortcuts to help students understand the concepts better. So Keep going, Remember, you can always ask for help from our Vedantu doubt-solving experts if you're stuck along the way. So, why wait? Download JEE Main Practice Paper PDF for FREE and Start right now!

Different kinds of questions need different methods to solve them. We'll talk about how to approach multiple-choice, numerical, and subjective questions in the end. This will help you understand how to deal with each type of question.

In JEE Main, getting questions wrong can lower your score a lot, especially because of negative markings. We'll also share tips on how to reduce the impact of negative markings at the end of this page. This will make sure you're ready to handle it and still do well in your exams. 

JEE Main Online Practice Test Paper

Vedantu's online Practice Paper not only allows you to practice but also provides a platform to analyze your performance. By attempting these papers online, you can receive instant feedback on your answers, helping you identify areas where you need improvement.

So, let's take a look at how these Online Practice Paper are set up.

The Test Paper includes only 8 number of questions in each Test Paper 1 and 2 to facilitate thorough preparation. The test paper covers all the important topics in the JEE Main syllabus and includes a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true/false questions. Remember these are just limited practice problems.

Time Allotment for JEE Main Practice Paper

Vedantu's Practice Paper provides a total time limit of 15 minutes for completing the papers. This time limit helps you practice how to use your time wisely. They also help you to decide how much time to spend on each part of the paper depending on how hard it is.

How Scoring Works in JEE Main Practice Paper

These test papers have a scoring system where you can score up to 32 marks. We've made 8 questions for you, and each of them carries 4 marks. Understanding the marking scheme is essential for effective preparation. To make it feel like you're really taking the JEE Main exam, we've included a rule- for every wrong answer, there is a negative marking of -1.

Instructions Before Starting JEE Main Online Practice Paper

Before attempting the JEE Main practice paper, it is important to read and adhere to the following instructions.

  • Questions may have negative marks, be careful while attempting a question.

  • Keep an eye on Omer, you need to finish it before time ends if there is a time limit. 

  • Questions can be multiple-choice or single-choice and need to be answered appropriately.

  • Time is calculated once you start the test, if you leave in the middle that time will be considered as well. 

If You Want to Re-attempt the Test, Remember these Important Points:

  • Your score won't affect your position on the ranking list. 

  • You can use it to check how well you understand the material, but it won't change your overall ranking.

Finding Detailed Solutions and Answer Keys for JEE Main Practice Test Paper

After you finish and submit the test paper, you'll find answers and explanations for every question at the end. This will help you to understand the concepts behind the questions and to identify any areas you need to improve. 

Preparation Tips for Success in JEE Main Practice Paper

Preparing for the JEE Main exam can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can excel. Here are some essential tips to help you make the most of Vedantu's Practice Paper.

Multiple-Choice Questions:

  • Read the question carefully and identify the key concepts.

  • Eliminate the wrong answer choices. You can do this by quickly checking each answer choice to see if it is supported by the question stem.

  • If you are unsure between two answer choices, try to rephrase the question in your own words. This can help you to see the question from a different perspective and to identify the correct answer choice.

Subjective Questions:

  • Read the question carefully and identify the key concepts and relevant formulas..

  • Write a clear and concise answer that addresses all parts of the question.

  • Use proper grammar and punctuation.

  • For numerical problems, set up the equations and solve for the unknown variable.

  • Check your answer to make sure that it makes sense and has no errors.

JEE Main Negative Marking: Tips to Avoid and Reduce

  • Avoid wild guesses. If you are unsure about an answer, it is better to leave the question blank than to guess.

  • Start with the easy questions. This will help you to build your confidence and momentum.

  • If you are stuck on a difficult question, move on to the next question. You can always come back to the difficult question later if you have time.

  • Read the instructions carefully for each question. Some questions may have special instructions, such as "show your work" or "round your answer to two decimal places."

  • Don't spend too much time on any one question. If you are running out of time, mark the question for review and come back to it later if you have time.

Don't Skip These Important Materials After Solving JEE Main Practice Paper

Practice Papers are the initial stage of preparing for the JEE Main exam. They help you to get a feel for the exam pattern and question types. So start your JEE Main preparation with Vedantu's Practice Paper, but don't forget to use other resources as well, such as important questions, sample papers, mock tests and previous year question papers (PYQPs). These resources are essential for your success in the exam. Skipping them might affect how well you do on the exam. Let's understand why these resources are so important.

Other Important Links For JEE Main

JEE Main Revision Notes

Quick references, aiding in recalling important formulas and concepts while solving JEE Main Sample Paper, leading to efficient problem-solving.

JEE Main Important Questions

Targeted questions help you focus on high-priority topics, ensuring that your preparation aligns with the most relevant areas of the exam.

JEE Main Sample Papers

These papers are like practice tests to help you get ready for the big exam. They are like trial runs to improve your chances of success.

JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers

Solving these papers can help students understand the exam pattern and solve it with real questions. 

JEE Main Mock Test

JEE Main mock tests to help students practice under exam-like conditions.


We have explored the significance of Practice Papers in JEE Main preparation. Vedantu's Practice Paper provides students with a competitive edge by simulating the actual exam environment and offering comprehensive coverage of the syllabus. By utilizing Vedantu's Practice Paper, students can master the JEE Main exam and achieve their dreams of pursuing engineering. Start your journey towards success in JEE Main today by exploring Vedantu's Practice Papers.

FAQs on JEE Main Practice Papers for Comprehensive Exam Preparation - 2025

1. What are JEE Main Practice Papers?

JEE Main Practice Papers are sets of questions and problems designed to help you practice and prepare for the JEE Main exam. They help you get familiar with the exam format and difficulty level, improve problem-solving skills, and track your progress.

2. Do Vedantu's Practice Papers include solutions and explanations?

Yes, Vedantu's Practice Papers come with detailed solutions and explanations for every question, helping you understand the concepts better.

3. Are the questions in Vedantu's Practice Papers updated according to the latest JEE Main syllabus?

Yes, Vedantu ensures that their Practice Papers are up-to-date and aligned with the latest JEE Main syllabus and exam pattern.

4. Is there a timer while attempting Vedantu's Online Practice Papers?

Yes, Vedantu's Practice Papers often come with a timer of 15 minutes to help you practice time management, just like in the real JEE Main exam. So, track your performance, review your answers, and see your progress over time.

5. Are there any subject-wise Practice Papers available?

Yes, Vedantu offers subject-specific Practice Papers for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, allowing you to focus on your weaker areas.

6. How can Vedantu's Practice Papers help me improve my JEE Main score?

Vedantu's Practice Papers provide an opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses, improve time management, and gain confidence in tackling JEE Main questions.

7. Are there any video explanations available for Vedantu's Practice Papers?

Yes, Vedantu often provides video explanations for select Practice Papers to enhance understanding. Also, we offer doubt-solving sessions and support to clarify any doubts you may have related to Practice Papers.

8. Are there any additional study materials apart from the practice paper provided by Vedantu for JEE Main preparation

Yes, Vedantu offers a range of study materials, including revision notes, sample papers, important questions, mock tests and previous year question papers (PYQPs) to complement your JEE Main preparation.

10. Is the Vedantu Test series free?

The Vedantu test series consisting of JEE Main Practice Test Question Papers is available online for free of cost. You can easily access these mock question papers by visiting the JEE Mains study material section on the official website. Click on download to get a PDF of the latest Mock Tests for JEE Mains designed by a team of expert teachers of Vedantu. By practising these mock tests, you will surely notice a tremendous improvement in your existing preparation for JEE mains examination. 

12. How can I improve my mock test score for JEE Mains?

You can improve your Mock Test score for JEE Mains examination by working on the common mistakes made while solving the questions papers. Merely giving mock tests will be inadequate if you don't work towards improving your mistakes and the weaker sections. The more mock tests you solve, the better will be your JEE Mains mock test score.