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English Poems For Kids : Short, Easy, Funny and Rhyming Poems for Kids

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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Poems for Kids in English: A Collection of Easy Kids Poetry

Kids enjoy poems that have rhyming words and verses right from a very young age. Often we can spot young kids listening enthusiastically to the poems recited to them by their elders. The rhyming words of easy poems for kids happen to catch their attention. Therefore, the easiest way to introduce various aspects of nature like the seasons, planets, moon, sun, rivers, leaves, trees, animals, birds, etc., to young kids is through poems and rhymes.   

Besides introducing various things and new ideas, kids poems in English primarily aim to add new words to the English vocabulary of kids and help them get a basic understanding of the language. Great poets like Roald Dahl, Lewis Caroll, Robert Louis Stevenson, etc. have written some of the classic kids’ poems that are a part of the academic curriculum even today. Reading children’s poems also helps kids to hone their communication skills in English. Let us now understand a few simple genres of kids' poems.

Poems for Kids

Popular Poems for Kids in English

From the nursery rhymes like Little Red Riding Hood to the classic English poems for kids, we have got all your favourite poems right here. The varied collection of kids’ poems will come in handy for study time as well as leisure reading for your children. So encourage your kids to read the rhymes and explore poetry and know the world one whorl at a time. Here, the poems for kids are curated solely to ignite the imagination and creativity among kids.

Easy Poems for Kids on Seasons

The hues of Spring, the snowy winters, the warmth of summer, the orange-red leaves of fall, the cloudy monsoons, and the beautiful transition of one season to another can be described to the young kids with the help of easy rhyming poems for kids. There are several classic and contemporary poems on seasons for kids written by famous poets. Vedantu brings various rhyming poems on seasons for kids along with summaries and analyses so that they can understand and relate to the poems easily. 

Kids Poems on Nature

Perhaps, the beauty of nature can be best captured in poetry. The various components of nature like the small plants, flowers, earth, air, etc., are explained in simple ways in poems for kids. The concept of conserving nature has to be nurtured among kids from a young age, so they can gradually relate to the aspects of nature and their significance. There are several poems on nature on Vedantu to facilitate easy learning for kids.

Kids Poems on Animals and Birds

Most kids are fond of animals and they happen to share a beautiful bond with their pets. The funny poems for kids on animals and birds come in handy for introducing various animals like tigers, rabbits, zebras, giraffes, etc., and birds like parrots, cuckoos, nightingales, etc., to the young kids. Besides, the short poems for kids on animals also play a role in explaining the beautiful relationship between humans and their pets. For example, kids will be able to understand the faithfulness and friendship that pets offer by reading a poem for kids on animals. Thus, knowing the animals and birds becomes easy for kids with these poems.

Resources provided by Vedantu to Learn English Poems for Kids

Kids are always curious about learning new things every day. They love to travel in their world of imagination through these short poems. Reciting a poem with your kid will also help them to understand different meanings of words and broaden their thought process.

Most of the poems that we have provided on Vedantu’s page are based on general topics that we see everyday like nature, family, animals, moon and stars. By providing wide range of poems for the kindergarten students, we aim to help them learn about all the basic things that we see around us everyday.

If you are looking for some new poems to read out to your kindergarten child, then here are some of the English poems that we have provided on our page.

  • Poems on Nature

  • Rhyming Poems for Kids

  • Funny Poems for Kids

  • About Myself Poem

  • Bedtime Poems for Kids

Why to Opt for Vedantu?

The kids mostly during their kindergarten days tend to explore about all the little things that they see or listen. Therefore, it is very important that we introduce them to various resources which can help them to enrich their emotions and thinking ability. 

We, at Vedantu, understands this and therefore, we have provided a range of resources for kid’s learning. These includes short stories, bedtime stories, stories with important moral values and colourful pictures. If you and your kid enjoy some fun story-telling session before going to bed, then, you can easily download all these short stories that are available on our website.

Besides, at Vedantu, you can also find a collection of poems to recite them to your kids. It includes poems on nature, funny poems, rhyming poems and many more. The more your kids are exposed to these resources, the more they will be able to improve their vocabulary skills.


Recently Added Poems for Kids

  • Short Poems for Kids

  • Funny Poems for Kids

  • Bedtime Poems and Songs for Kids

The funny poems for kids available on Vedantu can be a good read for your children. The colourful illustrations provided with the poems make them even more interesting and appealing for kids to read. We should encourage kids to read poems so that they can explore new ideas, and nurture and articulate their thoughts in a lucid way. 

Apart from this, Vedantu also provides a wide variety of resources for the kids starting from short essays, children’s bed time stories with morals, poems, puzzles, NCERT Solutions, Quiz, Important Concepts and many more. 

You can also check the Kids Learning section on our website and make learning a fun experience for your kids.

FAQs on English Poems For Kids : Short, Easy, Funny and Rhyming Poems for Kids

1. Which are the most popular classic poems for kids?

The most popular classic poems for kids are as follows.

  • The Owl and the Pussycat

  • Jabberwocky

  • From a Railway Carriage

  • Macavity, The Mystery Cat

  • Buckingham Palace

  • Little Red Riding Hood

2. Why should we encourage children to read poems?

Reading poems helps kids to develop their vocabulary and English language skills. Many new words are introduced to kids through poems and they recognise how to use the new words while they understand the poem itself. Reading kids’ poems in English aloud promotes clear pronunciation of English words among kids, thus developing their reading skills. 

The more poems kids read and explore, the more their creativity grows. The world of poems unlocks the door to the imagination for kids. Hence, encouraging children to read poems is highly beneficial for the development of their speech patterns, vocabulary, creativity, and reading skills.