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JEE Main Physics Question Answers 2025

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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Crack JEE Main 2025 Physics Section with Ease: Access Reliable Physics Question Answers Now

If you are preparing for JEE Main 2025, you are likely aware that Physics is an important subject with significant weightage in the exam. To perform well in this subject, it is crucial to understand the concepts well and solve JEE Main Physics question answers regularly. In this article, we will provide valuable information on where to find important JEE Main Physics question answers, including IIT JEE Main Physics question answers with PDF and JEE Main Physics previous year question answers.


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JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

Important JEE Main Physics Question Answers

Accessing JEE Main Physics question answers with PDF can provide you with a range of benefits, including a better understanding of the exam pattern and the type of questions that may be asked. Additionally, solving JEE Main Physics previous year question answers can help you identify recurring topics and concepts that are frequently tested in the exam. By practicing these question answers, you can gain confidence and develop effective problem-solving skills to help you score well in the Physics section of JEE Main.

You can download JEE Main 2025 Physics Important Questions with Solutions from Vedantu’s website using the links given below:

S. No

JEE Main Physics Question and Answer 


If a Wire of Resistance R Is Stretched to Double - JEE Main Physics


Formula for Number of Images Formed by Two Plane - JEE Main Physics


Derive an Expression for Maximum Speed of a Car - JEE Main Physics


Electric Field Due to Uniformly Charged Sphere - JEE Main Physics


Derive an Expression for Work Done by the Gas in - JEE Main Physics


The Resultant of Vector a and Vector B Is - JEE Main Physics


Sir C. V. Raman Won the Nobel Prize in Which Year? - JEE Main Physics


Object Is Placed at a Distance of 60 Cm from - JEE Main Physics


Safe Limit of Sound Level in Db for Our - JEE Main Physics


Explain the Construction and Working of a - JEE Main Physics


Which Lens Is Used in a Magnifying Glass? a Convex - JEE Main Physics


Which Frequency Range Is Used for Tv? - JEE Main Physics


A Closed Organ Pipe and an Open Organ Pipe Are - JEE Main Physics


The Colour Code of Carbon Resistor Is - JEE Main Physics


Which of the Following Figures Represent The? - JEE Main Physics


The Dimensions of Self-inductance Are - JEE Main Physics


Difference Between Conduction and Convection - JEE Main Physics


Which of the Following Is the Smallest Unit Of? - JEE Main Physics


Define Seconds Pendulum; Hence Calculate the - JEE Main Physics


Write Dimension of Force, Density, Velocity, Work - JEE Main Physics


Differentiate Between Reversible and - JEE Main Physics


At What Temperature Speed of Sound in Air Will - JEE Main Physics


The Component of Vector 2i + 3j - 2k - JEE Main Physics


Flux Through a Cube of Side 'a' If a Point - JEE Main Physics


According to Classical Free Electron Theory, a - JEE Main Physics


If the Rotational Speed of Earth Is Increased - JEE Main Physics


Moment of Inertia of Solid Sphere About Its - JEE Main Physics


Changes Occur If the Monochromatic Light Used - JEE Main Physics


The Unit of Specific Conductance Is - JEE Main Physics


The Average and Rms Value of Voltage for Square - JEE Main Physics


The Dimensional Formula of Coulomb's Constant - JEE Main Physics


What Will Happen When the Velocity of a Body Is Doubled? - JEE Main Physics


If a Charge Is Shifted from a High Potential - JEE Main Physics


Colour of Light Depends Upon - JEE Main Physics


Internet Data Is Broken up as - JEE Main Physics


The Force of Interaction of Two Dipoles If the - JEE Main Physics


Which Type of Lens Has Negative Power? a Convex - JEE Main Physics


If the Magnetizing Field on a Ferromagnetic - JEE Main Physics


If Two Bulbs of 25w and 100w Rated at 200v Are - JEE Main Physics


A If One of Two Identical Slits Producing - JEE Main Physics


If the Unit of Force Is Kn, the Length Is 1 Km - JEE Main Physics


A Ball Is Dropped from a Building of Height 45 M - JEE Main Physics


It Is Easier to Pull a Lawn Roller Than to Push - JEE Main Physics


A Uniformly Charged Solid Sphere of the Radius R - JEE Main Physics


If a Piece of Ice Floating on the Surface of - JEE Main Physics


Phases of the Moon Occur Because - JEE Main Physics


The Material Used for Making the Heating Element - JEE Main Physics


If the Potential Gradient of Two Potentiometer - JEE Main Physics


The Force Between Two Short Electric Dipoles - JEE Main Physics


A Gun Recoils Backward After Firing a Bullet - JEE Main Physics

Benefits of Reading JEE Main Physics Question Answers

Preparing for the JEE Main examination is a full-size project, and reading JEE Main Physics Question Answers can offer you with more than a few advantages with a purpose to beautify your exam readiness and information of physics ideas. Here are the key benefits:

  1. Conceptual Clarity: Reading query answers exposes you to various problem-fixing techniques and causes, supporting you gain a deeper understanding of fundamental physics standards.

  2. Exam Pattern Familiarity: By going through a diverse set of questions, you come to be acquainted with the exceptional query codecs and structures usually located inside the JEE Main exam.

  3. Problem-Solving Techniques: The question answers often encompass step-via-step solutions, allowing you to comprehend effective hassle-solving techniques relevant to comparable questions.

  4. Enhanced Retention: Engaging with question solutions aids in memory retention, as you connect theoretical principles with realistic application.

  5. Time Management: Reading query solutions enables you internalize strategies for efficiently fixing problems, contributing to higher time control for the duration of the exam.

  6. Confidence Boost: As you recognise the reasoning at the back of answers, your self belief in approaching challenging physics questions increases drastically.

  7. Holistic Preparation: JEE Main Physics covers an extensive variety of subjects. Reading question solutions exposes you to various topics, ensuring a well-rounded training.

  8. Individual Pace: You have the flexibility to examine query solutions at your own pace, spending greater time on challenging ideas and moving fast via familiar ones.

  9. Instant Clarification: Encounter doubts at the same time as analyzing? Seek immediately explanation by means of referring to the reasons provided along every solution.

  10. Quick Revision: During revision, revisiting query solutions rapidly reinforces your memory and information, making last-minute prep effective.

  11. Interactive Learning: Reading query answers encourages active engagement with the problem matter, fostering interactive gaining knowledge of in preference to passive reading.

  12. Application of Theory: Witness how theoretical physics principles are carried out in international hassle-solving scenarios, bridging the space between concept and exercise.

  13. Problem Variety: Encounter a variety of questions, from honest to complex, making sure you're nicely prepared for the various trouble levels in the examination.

  14. Analytical Skills: Understanding question solutions sharpens your analytical abilties, which might be critical for deciphering unexpected issues.

  15. Complementary Resource: Question solutions supplement your examination substances, imparting an extra attitude and aiding comprehensive understanding.

Incorporating the dependancy of analyzing JEE Main Physics Question Answers into your observation habit can considerably make a contribution to your success within the examination. Remember, a mixture of practice, know-how, and continuous getting-to-know forms the bedrock of examination instruction.


The essential questions that students need to answer to get ready for the JEE Main Physics exam have been compiled by our experts at Vedantu. Our JEE tutors, who have years of experience preparing students for this test, have answered these crucial questions. Are you curious about the kinds of questions that the JEE Main 2025 test may contain? To get a better understanding, check the JEE Main Physics Important Questions free PDF. You can also enroll in Online LIVE tuition to prepare for JEE Main. successfully

FAQs on JEE Main Physics Question Answers 2025

1. Why is it important to practice JEE Main Physics question answers?

Physics carries significant weightage in the JEE Main exam, and practicing JEE Main Physics question answers can help you develop effective problem-solving skills, identify recurring topics and concepts, and gain confidence in the subject.

2. Where can I find important JEE Main Physics question answers?

You can find important JEE Main Physics question answers on various educational websites and you can download them free from Vedantu’s website.

3. How can JEE Main Physics previous year's question answer help me in my preparation?

By practicing JEE Main Physics previous year question answers, you can get a clear idea about the type of questions that may appear in the exam and identify the areas that require more attention.

4. Are there any tips for solving JEE Main Physics question answers?

Yes, it is important to understand the concepts thoroughly, practice regularly, and manage time effectively while solving JEE Main Physics question answers. Additionally, seeking guidance from experienced mentors and tutors can also be beneficial.

5. In the JEE Main, what is a decent physics score?

A JEE Main score of 250 or higher is considered excellent, and a score in the 85th to 95th percentile on the test is ideal for admission to NITs and IITs.