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NEET Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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Previous Year NEET Question Paper with Solutions PDF (2015-23) Free Download

Mastering the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is crucial for pursuing a successful career in medicine or dentistry in India. In a vast syllabus, intense competition, and constant preparation, one valuable resource often gets overlooked – NEET Previous Year Question Paper Pdf.

Understanding and using these PDFs goes beyond just familiarising yourself with the exam format or question types. It's about getting into the mindset of the examiners, strategically analysing recurring themes and patterns, and confidently assessing your readiness. You can check your progress by practicing NEET-UG Mock Test and NEET UG Sample Paper consistently and scoring yourself. In this article, you will find all NEET Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions PDF format which are curated by subject matter experts at Vedantu. Solving these Question Papers will give you a competitive edge over others and help you score well.

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NEET Previous Year Question Paper PDF with Solutions 

Solve previous year NEET question paper from the links below, complete with solutions, unlocks the exam's blueprint. Analyze question patterns, difficulty levels, and recurring themes across Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Master concepts, boost confidence, and refine your exam strategy, one solved question at a time. Make past victories your stepping stones to future success!

👉 Stay tuned for the latest updates coming your way soon!

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Subjects Wise NEET 2015 - 2023 Question Paper with Solutions and Answer Key

Subjects-wise NEET Question Paper with Solutions resource breaks down the exam's Physics, Chemistry, and Biology sections, offering subject-wise question papers, detailed solutions, and official answer keys. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses, pinpoint tricky concepts and master test-taking strategies. Overcome tricky questions to build confidence and succeed on your journey to medical excellence. Secure your copy now and excel in your medical aspirations!

NEET 2023 Question Paper with Solutions

The NEET 2023 Physics section had practical questions and interesting variations of familiar ideas. In Biology, especially Botany, was easy for many, focusing on NCERT topics. And, Chemistry posed challenges with tricky calculations and unclear concepts.

Click on the link below for FREE download of NEET 2023 question paper with solutions PDF.

S. No

Subjects Wise NEET 2023 Question Paper PDF with Solutions and Answer Key


NEET 2023 Physics Question Paper


NEET 2023 Chemistry Question Paper


NEET 2023 Biology Question Paper

NEET 2023 Botany Question Paper

NEET 2023 Zoology Question Paper

NEET 2022 Question Paper with Solutions 

The NEET 2022 paper offered a mix of interesting and challenging questions. Biology, as usual, held the most weightage, followed by Chemistry and Physics. The botany section was surprisingly straightforward, and Physics threw curveballs with application-based problems and the Chemistry section maintained its balanced mix of factual and analytical questions.

Click on the link below for FREE download of NEET 2022 question paper and solutions.

S. No

Subjects Wise NEET 2022 Question Paper with Solutions and Answer Key


NEET 2022 Physics Question Paper


NEET 2022 Chemistry Question Paper


NEET 2022 Biology Question Paper

NEET 2022 Botany Question Paper

NEET 2022 Zoology Question Paper

NEET 2021 Question Paper with Solutions

NEET 2021 was a mixed bag! The paper had its fair share of surprises, with some finding the Biology section unexpectedly tricky while others breezed through Physics. The Chemistry section seemed balanced, with a mix of easy and challenging questions.

Click on the link below for FREE download of NEET 2021 question paper and solutions.

S. No

NEET 2021 Question Paper with Solutions and Answer Key


NEET 2021 Question Paper with Answers Key for Code-o1

NEET 2020 Question Paper with Solutions

NEET 2020 brought surprises! Physics and Chemistry stuck to NCERT, while Biology threw curveballs. Physics had straightforward questions with minimal math. Organic chemistry was challenging, but overall difficulty was lower. Mechanics led in Physics, Biology balanced Botany and Zoology.

Click on the link below for FREE download of NEET 2020 question paper and solutions.

S. No

NEET 2020 Question Paper with Solutions and Answer Key


NEET 2020 Question Paper with Solution for Code-F1

NEET 2019 Question Paper with Solutions

NEET 2019 had varied difficulty levels. Physics was challenging, testing concepts. Biology was unexpectedly easy, focusing on NCERT. Chemistry had a mix of straightforward and analytical problems. Equal weightage was given to all sections.

Click on the link below for FREE download of NEET 2019 question paper and solutions.

NEET 2018 Question Paper with Solutions

NEET 2018 had varied difficulty levels: Physics was toughest, followed by Chemistry and Biology. Biology emphasized concepts, Physics tested problem-solving, and Chemistry applied concepts. Solving past papers, like 2018's, helps identify areas for improvement in NEET preparation.

Click on the link below for FREE download of NEET 2018 question paper and solutions.

NEET 2017 Question Paper with Solutions

In 2017, NEET drew attention for emphasizing understanding and application rather than memorization. Physics was seen as straightforward, Biology mixed direct and tricky concepts, and Chemistry struck a balance. Analyzing this paper's solutions aids effective NEET preparation.

Click on the link below for FREE download of NEET 2017 question paper and solutions.

NEET 2016 Question Paper with Solutions

In 2016, NEET had two phases, each with unique aspects. Phase I had easier Physics and Chemistry but challenging Biology. Phase II flipped it, making Physics and Chemistry harder, and Biology a bit easier.

Click on the link below for FREE download of NEET 2016 question paper and solutions.

NEET 2015 Question Paper with Solutions

The NEET 2015 exam had a good mix of interesting and challenging questions. Biology, especially Diversity, Organism Structure, and Physiology, was important. Chemistry and Physics, though balanced, had some tricky parts. The overall paper was engaging, testing both knowledge and application skills.

Click on the link below for FREE download of NEET 2015 question paper and solutions.

Question Papers for NEET 2024 

Once the exam is concluded in the month of May NEET 2024 Question Paper PDF will be made available for download. NEET Question Paper PDFs 2024 will be released for all paper codes by NTA. NEET 2024 will be conducted in 13 regional languages and the links for the same will be updated below for your reference after the examination.

Students can download the Previous Year NEET UG Question Paper and kick start your preparations for the NEET UG 2023 exam. The NEET UG exam attracts a lot of medical aspirants who are looking to make a career as a doctor. To perform well you need an in-depth subjective knowledge and the ability to solve the questions objectively. As the paper is objective in nature, it will test your understanding of the topic and logical ability to answer the given question correctly.


Solving previous year’s question papers helps in managing time, speed, and credibility. NEET 2024 is an MCQ – based examination with a total of 180 questions to be solved in 3 hours. It is, therefore, crucial to practise previous papers at regular intervals to get an idea as to how the time can be managed efficiently and the exam to be given more accurately. Alongside, it also helps in developing confidence and setting you in the right frame of mind to sit for the examination. There is less anxiety and stress when you feel significantly prepared for an examination. This also helps you to give your exam in the right frame of mind.

NEET UG 2024: Subject Wise Weightage


No. Of Questions

Weightage Marks













Tips to Crack the NEET UG 2024 using Previous Year Question Papers

Create a timetable that helps you manage your time wisely. Break down the extensive syllabus into smaller, more manageable sections. Tailor your schedule to match your abilities and potential. Set realistic daily goals that you can easily achieve. Make sure to dedicate equal time to each subject. Don't forget to reserve some time for your hobbies and recreational activities. Focus on the NCERT books while preparing for the NEET UG exam.

When planning your daily topics, find a balance between challenging and easier subjects. Pair a difficult Physics topic with a simpler Chemistry one and a moderate Biology topic. Stick to the latest NEET UG syllabus and prioritize topics that are common to both NEET UG and board exams. Allocate the remaining time to crucial entrance test topics that are not covered in the board syllabus.

Key Subject Topics:

  • Biology: Diversity of Living Organisms, Human Physiology, Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Genetics & Evolution, Morphology, Physiology of Plants and Animals.

  • Chemistry: Equilibrium, Coordination Compound, Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, Chemical Bonding, Mole Concept, and General Organic Chemistry.

  • Physics: Current Electricity, Electronic Devices, Thermodynamics, Mechanics, and Optics.

Challenge yourself by practicing 90 questions daily. Make use of NEET UG previous year papers for regular practice. Analyze your mistakes, mark difficult questions for revision, and focus on weak topics. Use NCERT syllabus and NEET UG preparation books, and bookmark important topics and questions for revision.

Incorporate regular mock tests into your study routine to improve time management. Evaluate your performance and identify areas that need improvement. Consider participating in an all India mock test series for a more realistic evaluation. Dedicate extra time to strengthen your weak sections and overcome any difficulties through hard work and focused preparation.

Avoid introducing new topics close to the exam. Instead, focus on revising old topics and ensure a solid understanding of basic concepts before covering the entire syllabus. Download free PDFs of solved previous year papers and NCERT solutions from the official Vedantu site to aid your preparation.

Clear your basic concepts to better grasp the overall syllabus and prepare for NEET PYQPs. Allocate ample time to understand and strengthen your fundamental knowledge. By following these outlined preparation strategies, you can increase your chances of success in NEET UG 2024.

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Benefits of Solving NEET PYQPs

We have listed the benefits of solving NEET PYQPs and their role in passing NEET UG 2024 exam below:

  • Previous year's question papers are the best resource for grasping the NEET UG 2024 exam pattern.

  • They provide insights into the types of questions that may appear in the exam.

  • Analyzing these papers helps determine crucial concepts for NEET UG.

  • Candidates can evaluate their preparation level for topics listed in the NEET UG 2024 syllabus.

  • If weak in a high-weightage topic, students can adjust their study strategy accordingly.

  • NEET UG 2024 requires solving 180 questions in three hours.

  • Practicing with a timer on previous year's papers helps develop the necessary speed.

  • Treating previous year's papers as actual exams aids in adjusting to the exam schedule.

  • Solving question papers and mock tests improves time management, speed, and accuracy.

  • Regular practice boosts confidence as accuracy increases.

  • Aspirants solving previous papers feel more confident on exam day than those relying solely on books.

  • Early stages focus on previous year's papers and basic mock tests.

  • Advancement involves tackling intermediate and advanced difficulty levels for comprehensive preparation.

  • Varying difficulty levels in questions prepare candidates for any scenario on the NEET UG 2024 exam day.

  • Analyzing test results helps aspirants identify weak areas.

  • Reinforcing these areas enhances overall performance on exam day.

How to Include Previous Year Papers in Your NEET UG 2024 Preparation

  • Make time in your study schedule to complete one paper each day.

  • Know the questions that will almost likely appear in the tests. Analysing question papers can help you figure this out.

  • Refer to a book with MCQs compiled over the years, subject- and topic-wise, once a chapter has been learned.  This manner, you will have solved questions from previous years while revising the topic you've just studied.

  • Analysis of previous year papers, important concepts can be understood only after studying the FAQs.

NEET UG 2024 Marking Scheme

To perform well in the exam, students should become familiar with the NEET UG Exam Pattern. The details available here will help learn important info about the NEET UG Exam Pattern 2024.

  • Each correct answer is given four marks.

  • One mark is deducted for each incorrect answer.

  • No marks are provided if problems are left unsolved or unattempted.

  • If more than one option is found to be correct after challenging a key, all additional multiple right options that are marked will receive four marks.

  • If none of the options are accurate, or if a question is ruled to be erroneous or dropped, all applicants who attempted will receive 4 marks, regardless of whether or not the question was attempted.

  • In NEET UG 2024, it is not compulsory to answer all of the questions. Unanswered questions do not result in a negative marking.

  • Multiple answers will be marked as incorrect.

Refer to the Table Below for Simplified Marking Scheme:


No. of Questions


Correct Answer

Incorrect Answer


















In a nutshell, Vedantu's NEET Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions PDF provide valuable resources for aspiring medical students. The previous year NEET question paper offer a comprehensive details of past exams with solutions enhances understanding and aids in effective preparation. Accessing NEET question papers PDF format through Vedantu is a strategic move for candidates seeking to excel. This resource not only familiarizes them with the exam pattern but also serves as a reliable tool to gauge their readiness for the upcoming NEET UG 2024.

FAQs on NEET Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions

1. How many years of previous year papers should I solve for NEET 2024 exam?

While it's beneficial to solve papers from several years, focusing on the last 4-5 years is generally recommended. This ensures you are familiar with the latest exam pattern and question trends for the NEET exam.

2. Is solving previous year’s papers enough to prepare for NEET UG 2024?

The previous year question papers, along with other study material that provide an insight into all the topics comprising the syllabus for the exam, shall state enough for a healthy preparation. Solving previous year’s question papers help you get a significant idea as to the pattern and the type of questions that you may encounter on the day of examination. You can also analyse the difficulty level and the weightage for all the subjects and topics.

3. How many previous year’s question papers should be solved before appearing for the NEET UG 2024 examination?

The number of question papers that you are able to solve before the examination depends majorly on the way you manage your time and what is the time set you have decided for the preparation. You should be able to go through fairly 10 previous year’s question papers, wherein you also pay attention to the pattern of the paper, the important topics asked on the paper and the amount of time you take to get through the questions that you find highly difficult.

4. Why is it important to solve previous year’s question papers while preparing for NEET UG 2024?

Solving previous papers helps largely with inculcating confidence and the right thought process that one may need for giving the exam. It allows the candidate who is to sit for the examination access the pattern of the examination, the type of questions which he/she may encounter, the weightage can be accessed for certain topics and subjects, the time management can also be perfected alongside. The syllabus pertaining to NEET UG 2024 is vast and here is where the previous papers help to devise a narrow and precise study base for the same.

5. Is there a possibility of encountering repeated questions on the NEET UG 2024?

As the syllabus for the examination remains the same for a period of many years, there is a total possibility that you may encounter a few questions similar to the ones which you may have come across while practising previous year’s question papers. A definite number cannot be stated as to how many similar questions you may encounter. But this is one reason why solving the previous papers is important and helpful.

6. Is it guaranteed that questions will be repeated for NEET from previous years?

While the National Testing Agency (NTA) doesn't guarantee repetition, analyzing past papers reveals a pattern. Some questions, especially concepts, might reappear in different forms. However, focusing solely on memorizing previous questions is not advisable.