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NEET Physics Notes (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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Physics Short Notes for NEET PDFs, Chapter-wise Revision Notes of Physics and Best Books for NEET Physics

Find revision notes of Physics to prepare for NEET 2024. We have put together the chapter-wise list of NEET Physics Notes to help students revise the entire syllabus thoroughly. These notes are organised in an easy to understand format and you can access the Physics short notes for NEET PDFs for free.

The revision notes serve as the best sources of study for the last minute preparation as well. If you are struggling with some doubts or are unable to keep a track of all the topics then go through the NEET Physics Notes by Vedantu. These notes are interfaced with the objective to ease the student’s learning process.

Know more about the NEET physics syllabus and read the best preparation tips given further below to ace your exams.

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Physics Notes for NEET PDF - Chapter Pages

NEET Physics Notes

The  NEET Physics Notes by Vedantu are concise and include all the significant elements of each lesson of Physics. You can use these notes to revise all the theorems, understand the definitions and practise the formulas. If you find the heavy physics derivations hard to understand, then check out the Physics Notes for NEET PDF. Our study material is curated after research and analysis of each subject.With the help of these notes, you will be able to clear your doubts and acquire accurate information. Read along to know how you can include the NEET Physics Notes PDF Free Download in your study schedule.

Physics NEET Syllabus

Make sure to prepare all the chapters and topics that are included in the NEET Physics syllabus to perform brilliantly. The following information is regarding the subject weightage in NEET 2024:

  • The total number of answerable questions in Physics section are 45.

  • Marks weightage of Physics section is 180.

Here is the unit-wise list of Physics syllabus that is prescribed for Class 11 and 12. These units are required to be covered necessarily for NEET Physics preparation.

Class XI Physics Chapters

Class XII Physics Chapters

Physics World and Measurement



Current Electricity

Laws Of Motion

Magnetic effects of current and Magnetism

Work, Energy, and Power

Electromagnetic Waves

Rotational Motion



Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

Properties of Solids and Liquids 

Atoms and Nuclei


Electronic Devices

Kinetic Theory of Gases

Oscillation and Waves

NEET Physics Important Chapters

Benefits of  NEET Physics Notes by Vedantu

Read the benefits of NEET Physics Notes PDF Free Download and include them in your study schedule for better results.

  • They help you know the syllabus entirely. NEET Physics Notes PDF Free Download by Vedantu cover all the topics that are required to learn for scoring excellent marks in NEET. Master your concepts by revising the chapters on a daily basis. The best way to follow this study approach is to keep Physics short notes for NEET at hand and go through all the points daily.

  • They help you prevent exhaustive revisions and practise. Physics Notes for NEET PDF by Vedantu are interfaced with easy to understand and concise details so that students are not exhausted by lengthy explanations. 

  • You can gain confidence in your preparation with the help of these notes as they will help you push your memory. It is considered that revising the already learned information multiple times, increases the ability of retention. This can be accomplished easily with the help of the revision notes 2024 of NEET Physics.

Learning concept is made easier in these notes as broken down information in the form of points is more feasible. Make use of  NEET Physics Notes by practising your own note making for achieving better results.

Best Books for NEET Physics Preparation

Students are advised to master the NCERT Physics textbooks for class 11 and 12 before resorting to other textbooks. Once you have acquired all the conceptual knowledge, you can practise with the help of recommended books listed below:



Concepts of Physics:

H.C Verma

Objective Physics:

D. C Pandey

Fundamentals of Physics:

Halliday, Resnick and Walker

Problems in general Physics:

I. E Irodov

Preparation Tips for NEET Physics 2024

Preparing for NEET Physics 2024 requires a strategic approach to cover all the essential topics effectively. Here are some preparation tips to help you excel in the Physics section:

  1. Conceptual Clarity: Focus on understanding the fundamental concepts and principles of Physics. Build a strong foundation by grasping the underlying theories and laws thoroughly.

  2. Regular Practice: Practice solving a variety of Physics problems regularly. Work on numericals, conceptual questions, and theoretical problems to enhance your problem-solving skills and familiarity with different question formats.

  3. Time Management: Manage your time effectively during practice sessions and exams. Practice solving Physics questions within the allotted time limit to improve your speed and accuracy. Allocate time wisely to different topics based on their weightage in the NEET Physics syllabus.

  4. Solve Previous Year Papers: Solve NEET Physics previous year question papers to get acquainted with the exam pattern, question format, and difficulty level. Analyze your performance, identify weak areas, and focus on improving them.

  5. Utilize Quality Resources: Refer to standard Physics textbooks recommended for NEET preparation. Additionally, utilize quality study materials, reference books, online resources, and video lectures to supplement your learning and gain a deeper understanding of complex topics.

Highlights of NEET UG Exam




National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET)

Conducting Body:

National Testing Agency (NTA)


Offline (pen and paper based)


Physics, Chemistry, Botany (Biology) and Zoology 


3 hours 20 minutes

Total Questions:

200 (180 questions to be answered)

Subject Wise Questions:

50 (45 questions to be answered)

Maximum Marks:


Marks Per Question:


Negative Marking:

Yes (-1) per wrong answer

Courses Offered Through the Exam: 


Students can find the Physics Notes for NEET PDF at Vedantu for their NEET preparation. We provide chapter-wise revision notes of Physics so that students can easily cover the entire syllabus. Our study material for NEET preparation is expert curated to assist NEET aspirants in their study schedule. You can download the NEET previous year question papers, sample papers and important questions of NEET Physics on Vedantu’s website free of cost.

FAQs on NEET Physics Notes (Free PDF Download)

1. How to make revision notes for NEET Physics?

For NEET Physics, go through the chapters of NCERT, understand the derivations and theorems then note them down. Practise the questions related to each topic with the help of NCERT textbooks and reference books. Note down the important questions where you have assembled the derivation and theorems notes. You can take help of the short notes of Physics NEET PDFs available on Vedantu for better understanding.

2. How to download Vedantu’s Physics notes for NEET?

Visit the site of Vedantu, go to the competitive exam section in the study material tab. There you will find all the NEET study materials available to download and practise. Vedantu provides free access to all study materials and assures the content to be accurate and reliable.

3. How much time is enough to revise for NEET Physics?

Students are advised to revise every subject of NEET, that is- Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. A considerate amount of time should be given to each subject. You should devote as  much time as necessary to successfully memorise all the concepts and formulas.

4. Is the Physics section the hardest in NEET?

Each section of the NEET exam is considered to be above the average difficulty level. As for the Physics section, you can expect some questions and numericals to be more challenging than others. These challenges can be tackled with the help of NEET previous year question papers and mock tests.

5. What are the important topics of NEET Physics?

The important topics list of NEET physics is as follows:

  • Semiconductors

  • Laws of Motion

  • Kinematics

  • Work, Energy and Power

  • Heat and Thermodynamics

  • Rotational Motion

  • Modern Physics

  • Current Electricity and Magnetism

  • Electrostatics

  • Oscillation and Waves

  • Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents

  • Optics

6. Is physics notes important for NEET?

Physics notes are indeed important for NEET as they serve as a concise and organised summary of key concepts, formulas, and principles. These notes can aid in quick revision, reinforce understanding, and facilitate effective preparation for the Physics section of the NEET exam.

7. Is it OK to skip physics for NEET?

Skipping Physics for NEET is not advisable as it constitutes a significant portion of the exam syllabus and carries considerable weightage in the final score. Neglecting Physics can potentially weaken your overall performance in the exam and reduce your chances of securing a competitive rank.

8. How to write physics notes for NEET?

To write effective Physics notes for NEET, start by systematically organising the content, the important topics and subtopics. Use bullet points, diagrams, and mnemonic devices to condense information and aid in retention. Focus on understanding the underlying concepts rather than rote memorization, and include examples and practice problems for better comprehension.

9. Is physics really hard for NEET?

Physics can be challenging for some NEET aspirants due to its conceptual nature and the application of mathematical principles. However, with proper understanding, regular practice, and effective study strategies, it is possible to overcome these challenges and excel in Physics for NEET.

10. Which part of physics is the hardest for NEET?

The difficulty level of Physics topics can vary from one individual to another. However, topics such as Mechanics, Electrodynamics, and Modern Physics are often considered challenging by many NEET aspirants due to their complex concepts and mathematical nature. It is crucial to allocate sufficient time and effort to understand and master these topics during your preparation.