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NEET Important Questions for 2024

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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NEET Important Questions and Answers PDF 2024: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

NEET or the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is necessary to qualify if you want to get admission to medical undergraduate courses. The NEET has a common syllabus from Classes 11 and 12 under the CBSE curriculum. 

Any student aspiring to become a doctor needs to appear for the NEET examination 2024 as he/she can get admission to the medical college as per the ranks. It is crucial to know about the questions of NEET as most students fail to crack the exam due to a lack of knowledge. To get a grasp of the question paper easily, one should go through the whole syllabus of the exam and note down the chapters covered for each subject in the examination.

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In this article, NEET 2024 Important Questions are presented for the NEET aspirants 2024. The set of Important questions presented in this article is focused on delivering all the important questions and answers to the NEET 2024 aspirants so that they can practise and further perform well in their exams. From the updated NEET syllabus, NEET sample papers to important questions, Vedantu’s online learning platform has all. Students can also download the free PDF of important questions and start solving them.

Subject-wise NEET Important Questions 2024 

To aid aspiring medical students in their journey towards success, we provide Subject-wise NEET Important Questions 2024. The table below highlights the links to the most crucial questions from each subject - Physics, Chemistry, and Biology - enabling students to streamline their revision process and enhance their readiness for the NEET examination. 

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NEET Important Questions with Answers 2024

Here are 5 important questions with answers for NEET 2024 from each subject. You can refer to these questions and for more NEET Important questions, you can download the PDF from the links given above in the table. 

NEET Important Questions Biology 2024

NEET Important Questions Biology covers various topics in Biology that are commonly tested in the NEET exam. Practice answering them to improve your understanding and prepare effectively for the test. Here are five NEET Important Questions with Answers in Biology for NEET, along with their answers:

Question 1: Which organelle is responsible for cellular respiration?

A) Golgi apparatus

B) Endoplasmic reticulum

C) Mitochondria

D) Lysosomes

Answer: C) Mitochondria

Question 2: What is the primary function of stomata in plant leaves?

A) Photosynthesis

B) Transpiration

C) Gas exchange

D) Water absorption

Answer: C) Gas exchange

Question 3: Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of prokaryotic cells?

A) Lack of membrane-bound organelles

B) Presence of a nucleus

C) Presence of ribosomes

D) Circular DNA

Answer: B) Presence of a nucleus

Question 4: What type of tissue is responsible for transporting water and nutrients in vascular plants?

A) Epidermal tissue

B) Ground tissue

C) Vascular tissue

D) Meristematic tissue

Answer: C) Vascular tissue

Question 5: Which hormone is responsible for the regulation of blood sugar levels in humans?

A) Insulin

B) Glucagon

C) Estrogen

D) Testosterone

Answer: A) Insulin

NEET Important Questions Chemistry 2024

Chemistry important Questions for NEET 2024 covers various topics in Chemistry that are commonly tested in the NEET exam. Practice answering them to improve your understanding and prepare effectively for the test. Here are five NEET Important Questions with Answers in Chemistry for NEET, along with their answers:

Question 1: Which of the following elements exhibits the highest electronegativity?

a) Sodium (Na)

b) Chlorine (Cl)

c) Oxygen (O)

d) Fluorine (F)

Answer: d) Fluorine (F)

Question 2: What is the empirical formula of a compound containing 40% carbon, 6.7% hydrogen, and 53.3% oxygen by mass?

a) CH

b) CH₂O

c) C₂H₄O₂

d) C₃H₃O₃

Answer: c) C₂H₄O₂

Question 3: Which of the following compounds is nonpolar?

a) H₂O

b) CO₂

c) NH₃

d) HCl

Answer: b) CO₂

Question 4: The bond angle in ammonia (NH₃) is approximately:

a) 90°

b) 109.5°

c) 120°

d) 180°

Answer: b) 109.5°

Question 5: Which of the following is an example of a heterogeneous mixture?

a) Saltwater

b) Air

c) Sand and water

d) Vinegar

Answer: c) Sand and water

NEET Important Questions Physics 2024

NEET Important Questions Physics covers various topics in Physics that are commonly tested in the NEET exam. Practice answering them to improve your understanding and prepare effectively for the test. Here are five NEET Important Questions with Answers in Physics for NEET, along with their answers:

Question 1: Which of the following is a vector quantity?

A) Speed

B) Distance

C) Work

D) Displacement

Answer: D) Displacement

Question 2: The force experienced by a unit positive charge placed at a point in an electric field is called:

A) Electric flux

B) Electric potential

C) Electric intensity

D) Electric potential energy

Answer: C) Electric intensity

Question 3: Which of the following waves does not require a medium for propagation?

A) Sound waves

B) Water waves

C) Light waves

D) Seismic waves

Answer: C) Light waves

Question 4: The ratio of the velocity of light in vacuum to the velocity of light in the given medium is known as:

A) Refractive index

B) Reflectivity

C) Intensity

D) Frequency

Answer: A) Refractive index

Question 5: In which of the following processes does entropy increase?

A) Condensation of water vapor to form water

B) Freezing of water to form ice

C) Evaporation of water

D) Melting of ice to form water

Answer: C) Evaporation of water

How Does Solving NEET Important Questions and Answers PDF Help to Achieve Good Score?

Every student needs to study the NEET's important questions in 2024. You can visit the official site of Vedantu to check the questions and find the answers. Studying these questions can help a student to stay in the lead more than others. Moreover, they can also understand the correct way to answer the questions. However, the questions of NEET are objective type, a student must answer all the questions correctly to expect a high rank while competing with more than a million students.

Solving NEET Important Questions and Answers PDF not only enhances your understanding of core concepts but also equips you with the skills and confidence needed to excel on exam day. It is more than just a study tactic; it's a strategic approach that significantly enhances your chances of securing a good score. Here's how:

  • Understanding Exam Patterns: NEET follows a specific pattern and often repeats questions or concepts. By regularly solving important questions, you become familiar with these patterns, enabling you to anticipate what might appear on the actual exam.

  • Focused Revision: With the vast syllabus of NEET, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Important questions act as a guide, helping you prioritize topics that are more likely to be tested. This focused revision ensures that you cover essential concepts thoroughly, optimizing your study time.

  • Identifying Weak Areas: As you solve NEET important questions, you'll inevitably encounter areas where you struggle or lack clarity. These questions serve as diagnostic tools, highlighting your weaknesses and allowing you to address them effectively before the exam.

  • Improving Problem-Solving Skills: NEET questions often require critical thinking and application of concepts rather than rote memorization. By consistently solving important questions, you hone your problem-solving skills, learning how to approach different types of questions efficiently.

  • Building Confidence: Confidence plays a crucial role in exam performance. Regularly solving NEET important questions boosts your confidence by familiarizing you with the exam format, reducing anxiety, and instilling a sense of readiness.

  • Testing Exam Readiness: Ultimately, the NEET exam evaluates your ability to apply knowledge under pressure. By regularly solving important questions, you simulate exam conditions, assessing your readiness and fine-tuning your exam-taking strategies.

Examination Pattern of NEET 

The NEET examination pattern is given here in a nutshell. As the students know about the pattern, they can start studying and solving sample question papers. As it is a medical entrance examination, the students have to study three subjects like Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Every student must have the proper knowledge regarding the two sub-streams of Biology, viz. Botany and Zoology.

  • The NEET 2024 examination will be held in an offline manner. The students have to give their answers on the OMR sheet.

  • The examination will be taken on MCQs.

  • Every question will carry 4 marks and there will be a negative marking of -1 for every incorrect answer.

  • No negative marking will be present for a skipped question.

  • For each subject, 45 questions would be presented on the question paper.

  • The Biology section will have a total of 90 questions divided into two subfields - Zoology and Botany.

  • Questions for all subjects strictly follow the CBSE syllabus of the 11th and 12th standards.

Tips to Excel in the NEET Examination

In a relatively high competition like this, only preparation may not be enough; you must prepare to the best of your ability by knowing some practical and smart strategies. Aspirants can review the below-listed strategies to crack NEET, which will help them perform at their best on exam day.

  • Self-motivation is required to begin studying for the country's most difficult medical admission exam. Regardless of one's enthusiasm for a particular subject, adequate time should be allocated to each portion. 

  • Physics is widely regarded as the most difficult subject, and applicants frequently avoid it. It's important to realise centres to concepts like Physics may be conquered with enough practice and a thorough understanding of the fundamental ideas.

  • Aspirants must go over the NEET-UG 2024 syllabus and exam pattern as thoroughly as possible because they will not be able to return to examine the syllabus and test pattern multiple times due to a lack of time. Understanding the NEET syllabus, test pattern, and top books can only be useful if aspirants have a well-planned schedule.

  • The study schedule supplied by coaching centres may be shouldering but it is vital to remember that self-study is also a key component of cracking NEET 2024. Aspirants must try to strike a balance between coaching and self-study. 

  • It is critical to identify your weak areas and frequent errors and must concentrate on your weak subjects and parts of preparation to get the highest possible score.

  • Aspirants who want to bring their A-game to the exam centre should make sure they have everything ready far ahead of time. Make a checklist for the documents and objects you'll need to bring with you based on the laws and requirements.

Plan your route and travel time a day ahead of time so there are no surprises on exam day. Make strategies for the question paper, such as how you will solve it and how much time you will commit to each area, to maintain attention. Time management is critical because there are 180 questions.

Study Material for NEET 2024

The best NEET 2024 study materials are as follows:

  1. For Biology - The Comprehensive Biology book and the Trueman reference book contain everything related to NEET Biology.

  2. For Physics - The Physics book from Nootan is the best to cover everything related to NEET 2024.

  3. For Chemistry - Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon, ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 by Modern, Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee are good for Chemistry.

NEET 2024 Other Important Study Material Links


NEET aspirants are advised to download and study these NEET Important Questions and Answers PDF provided in this article to prepare appropriately for their exams. Additionally, we have provided the exam pattern for NEET 2024, some tips to perform better in exams, and also some important books to study for NEET 2024.

FAQs on NEET Important Questions for 2024

1. Can NEET 2024 important questions help me to prepare for the NEET exam?

Yes. A student can take the help of these important questions and answers to practise for their NEET 2024 exams. We have curated these questions, with the NEET 2024 examination in mind. So the students can rely on these important questions and answers to revise before the exam.

2. How to cover numerical subjects like Physics and Chemistry for NEET 2024?

There is only one way to expertise yourself with the numerical problems of Physics and Chemistry and that is practice. The primary thing that you need to do is to check your syllabus and find every numerical problem for both subjects. As your exam approaches, make sure to solve as many problems as possible. This can help you to grasp the mathematical problems of Physics and Chemistry in minimum time. Vedantu provides free and easy access to study material on their website. All of these can be downloaded in a PDF version for free! 

3. Please provide some exam day strategies to stand out during the NEET 2024 exam.

Ensure your exam location using the admit card, then try to locate it in person a day or two before the exam. If you're nervous, you're more likely to forget everything you've prepared and blackout in the exam room. Instead of selecting an answer or guessing at random, attempt to recall and utilise logical thinking, because NEET will not work for people who guess. You will receive a negative marking in the evaluation process for each incorrect response you mark.

4. Are there any rules that students should follow on exam day?

Yes, there are guidelines for the NEET exam that are set forth by the NTA, some of which are as follows: 

  • They must follow the NEET 2024 dress code, which has been established by the government.

  • They must not bring any prohibited items into the NEET examination centre, as doing so will jeopardise their chances of passing.

  • The NEET norms and regulations will be printed on the examination admission card. Candidates are advised to review them thoroughly and adhere to instructions.

  • Candidates must also not converse with other candidates in the examination hall or help in any form of malpractice, as they will be dealt with harshly and, if necessary, criminally.

5. What are the most important topics in NEET 2024 Physics?

Some of the important NEET Physics topics are as follows:

  • The Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body

  • Properties of bulk matter

  • Oscillations and Waves

  • Electrostatics

  • Current Electricity

  • Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

  • Optics

  • Electronic Devices

6. How many questions are asked in NEET 2024?

There will be a total of 200 multiple-choice questions in NEET 2024. However, you only need to answer 180 of them. The remaining 20 questions are optional and will not affect your score. Here's a breakdown of the question distribution:

  • Physics: 50 questions (35 mandatory, 15 optional)

  • Chemistry: 50 questions (35 mandatory, 15 optional)

  • Biology: 100 questions (70 mandatory, 30 optional)

Remember, while you only need to answer 180 questions, aiming for all 200 can offer you greater flexibility and potentially improve your score depending on your strategy.

7. What are the important questions for NEET 2024 exam?

The specific questions for the NEET 2024 exam are not available in advance as they are confidential until the examination. However, candidates should focus on high-weightage topics:


  • Mechanics

  • Optics

  • Electrostatics and Magnetism

  • Modern Physics


  • Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Name Reactions

  • Inorganic Chemistry: Periodic Table, Coordination Compounds

  • Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry


  • Human Physiology

  • Plant Physiology

  • Genetics and Evolution

  • Ecology and Environment

While specific questions may vary, concentrating on these essential topics and practicing with past papers can enhance your readiness for the NEET 2024 exam.

8. Which questions are asked in NEET?

NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) typically asks multiple-choice questions (MCQs) covering topics from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. These questions assess candidates' understanding of fundamental concepts and their ability to apply them in various scenarios.

9. Is 10,000 questions enough for NEET?

The adequacy of 10,000 questions for NEET preparation depends on various factors, including the quality of questions, your level of understanding, and the depth of your preparation. While quantity is important, focusing on high-quality questions that cover the entire syllabus comprehensively can be more beneficial than sheer volume.

10. Can I solve all 200 questions in NEET?

Solving all 200 questions in NEET is theoretically possible within the allocated time frame. However, it requires excellent time management skills, a thorough understanding of the topics, and efficient problem-solving techniques. Most successful candidates aim to answer all questions, but prioritizing accuracy over speed is crucial to maximize scores.

11. Can anyone crack NEET in 20 days?

While cracking NEET in just 20 days is highly challenging, it's not impossible for individuals with a strong foundation in the subjects and a dedicated study plan. Success within such a short timeframe requires intensive and focused study, along with effective revision strategies. However, a longer and more structured preparation period is generally recommended for better results.

12. Are questions in NEET repeated?

NEET questions may have similarities or overlap with previous years' questions, but exact repetition is rare. However, practicing previous years' question papers and mock tests can help familiarize you with the exam pattern, types of questions, and difficulty level, which can be advantageous during the actual exam.

13. Give 3 Chemistry important Questions for NEET 2024.

Question 1: Which of the following is a Lewis acid? A) HCl B) NH₃ C) AlCl₃ D) NaOH.

Answer: C) AlCl₃

Question 2: The process of conversion of an alkene into an alkane by the action of hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst is called: A) Substitution B) Addition C) Elimination D) Polymerization. Answer: B) Addition

Question 3: Which of the following compounds is used as a bleaching agent? A) Potassium dichromate B) Sodium thiosulfate C) Potassium permanganate D) Chlorine. Answer: D) Chlorine