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A Comprehensive Overview of NCERT

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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What is NCERT?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous body, formed by the Government of India, to assist several government and private schools in India in providing quality education. This independent organisation, established in 1961, is responsible for providing academic course content for classes 1 to 12. 


The course structure provided by NCERT ensures the overall development of a child that, in turn, caters to the holistic development of society. Keeping these objectives in mind, NCERT and its constituent units prepare and publish school-level textbooks, supplementary papers, newsletters, journals, etc. 


Over the years, NCERT has created a high standard of education by providing students with all the necessary study materials and educational kits based on a common standard and quality-driven formal education. All the CBSE schools across India follow NCERT prescribed textbooks for Classes 1 to 12.


The council provides the most authentic content for all subjects, reviewed and revised regularly. This is why its curriculum and books are even recommended for the preparation of many national as well as state-level competitive examinations including NEET, JEE, UPSC, etc. 


Using NCERT-prescribed textbooks and study materials, one can achieve academic excellence as the content in the textbooks is designed to explain the basic as well as advanced concepts of all subjects in an easy-to-understand manner. In fact, most concepts in NCERT textbooks have an application-based explanation supported by real-life examples and easy experiments.


About NCERT in A Quick Glance

NCERT Full-Form

National Council of Education Research and Training

NCERT in Hindi


Founded by

Government of India

Year of Establishment



Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi, India


S  Dinesh Prasad Saklani




+91-11-26868419 (Fax)


NCERT concepts are brisk and to the point. The syllabus, exam pattern, and textbooks prescribed by the council are followed by all CBSE-affiliated schools. The questions given in NCERT textbooks are completely application-based to test students’ understanding of the concepts covered in any chapter. There are many reliable online providers of NCERT Solutions and related study materials that students can refer to for their exam preparation. 


We, at Vedantu, provide resources based on the NCERT pattern to help students perform well in exams. These study materials are designed after thorough research by our team of highly experienced faculty. We provide you with the most detailed and easy-to-understand NCERT Solutions that would aid in your exam preparation. Our team of subject matter experts has created the most relevant NCERT Solutions for Classes 1-12. These solutions are available in PDF format and students can download them for free.


Why NCERT Solutions? 

Solving the NCERT questions may seem difficult at times, but the NCERT Solutions are right at your help. There are many benefits of studying NCERT Chapter-wise Solutions. Some of them are as follows.

Quick Revision- Having NCERT study materials with you for your exam preparation helps you have a quick glance at every topic. This helps in fast and systematic revision. Revising a chapter two-three times helps to remember a concept for a long time. However, revising the book takes a lot of time. That’s why you must go for our study materials. 


Better Understanding: Going through NCERT Solutions helps you understand a concept better. Our study material is created and reviewed by the best in-house expert teaching professionals. So, you can get 100% accurate materials, with just one click. 


Efficient Preparation: There is always a time crunch while we prepare for exams. Hence, it is important to fast-track your preparation so that you do not miss any important topic. NCERT Solutions are the best way to ramp up your exam preparation.


Staying Focused: Students generally lose focus when they get stuck in any question or topic. We provide answers to every question, highlighting the important concepts and theories involved. This will definitely help you solve and practise all NCERT questions without losing focus while preparing for your exams. 


Easy Learning: Our subject matter experts constantly review every unit covered in our study materials, so that nothing is missed out. The solutions are also created most simply, in easy-to-understand language. 


Free Access: The best part is that students need not step out of their houses to avail these. Everything is available online and that too, free of cost. Also, students can register to live online classes and take help from our teachers, in case of any doubts. 


NCERT Study Material At Your Click

We at Vedantu provide you with all the required study material in one place to help you organise your exam preparation. You can access everything on our website as well as on Vedantu mobile application. All study materials are in PDF format which is free to access and download. 


NCERT Books: NCERT, the autonomous body that formalises school education publishes textbooks for school students from Classes 1 to 12. NCERT textbooks are followed by all CBSE schools across India. Moreover, many state boards like Karnataka, Haryana etc. also adhere to NCERT guidelines and follow NCERT prescribed textbooks. Students can download all NCERT e-books from Vedantu for free.


NCERT Solutions: To understand a chapter better and help students practice NCERT exercises, we provide NCERT Solutions for all the subjects for Classes 1-12  in the free PDF format. These study materials will help students solve the exercise questions without any difficulty. It will also provide better clarity on how to write answers in exams. Make the most of these brilliant NCERT Solutions available on Vedantu for free.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 to 12 

NCERT Solutions for Class 12

NCERT Solutions for Class 6

NCERT Solutions for Class 11

NCERT Solutions for Class 5

NCERT Solutions for Class 10

NCERT Solutions for Class 4

NCERT Solutions for Class 9

NCERT Solutions for Class 3

NCERT Solutions for Class 8

NCERT Solutions for Class 2

NCERT Solutions for Class 7

NCERT Solutions for Class 1


NCERT Exemplar: Example questions are provided by our subject experts to help students develop problem-solving and analytical skills. Apart from NCERT exercise questions, these practice questions will help students sharpen subject knowledge and gain the confidence to excel in exams. As these example questions are created by experts who have a fair idea of the subject and exam pattern, solving them will aid in exam preparations. 


CBSE Syllabus: Being familiar with the syllabus right from the beginning of an academic year is extremely crucial. This will provide them with the knowledge of the course content and what topics, in particular, they need to study the entire year. Analysing the syllabus and topic-wise weightage must be the first step of exam preparation. We have a collection of the latest CBSE syllabus designed as per NCERT guidelines for classes 1 to 12. Get all the subjects’ syllabus here in PDF format, download soft copies or take print-outs, and plan your preparation accordingly. 


CBSE Previous Year Question Papers: We provide previous year question papers. Solving the previous years’ question papers help students to understand the exam pattern better. It also helps to analyse what types of questions are frequently asked in exams. At Vedantu, we provide you with solved previous years’ question papers that can be practised during exam preparation.


CBSE Sample Papers: Solving enough sample papers makes students completely aware of the question pattern, important questions, and marking scheme. It helps significantly to score higher in examinations. We provide the latest CBSE sample papers that help to prepare better for their examinations. Solving sample question papers is a smarter way to excel in exams.


CBSE Revision Notes: Students must develop a practice of making notes. You must not underestimate the importance of well-written subject notes. Making notes to break down complex topics in simple words will make it easier for you to revise the topics before exams. Missed writing notes? No need to worry as we have prepared all the necessary revision notes, written in a compiled manner to help you with all the support to excel in exams.


CBSE Important Questions: Vedantu has been striving to make learning less stressful and more fun. We provide Chapter-wise CBSE important questions. The repository of important questions helps students to do smart studies and score well in exams. These questions are provided by our team of subject experts. Prepared as per NCERT guidelines, these questions will help you go through a chapter without wasting too much time practising each and every question. 


At Vedantu, we provide you with everything you look for while studying for exams. From syllabus to important questions, Vedantu’s online learning platform has it all. From NCERT Solutions to curated notes, we provide you with all the resources, created as per the CBSE guidelines. Students can also register with us to be a part of LIVE Interactive classes with our team of passionate, highly-experienced teachers. Download the Vedantu App now and get all the required study materials before the exam. 


NCERT- Functions and Guidelines

NCERT works to provide a better education every day. The council works together with different educational bodies with an aim to promote and coordinate research in different areas of education. The other functions of this autonomous body, apart from publishing NCERT textbooks, and forming guidelines, are given below.

  • NCERT conducts pre-service and in-service training programs for teachers.

  • It regularly brainstorms with its team of highly-qualified academic professionals to come up with innovative educational techniques and practices.

  • It collaborates and works with central and state-level educational departments, international organisations and NGOs to promote excellent education.

  • It acts as a nodal agency for the Universalisation of Elementary Education.

  • NCERT is an implementation agency for bilateral cultural exchange programs with other countries in the field of school education.

  • It is an advising body that guides the Central and State Governments on policies and programs for enhancing the quality of school-level education.

NCERT prepares all the necessary guidelines to be adhered to by all the schools affiliated with the CBSE board. It prepares exam patterns and guidelines to constantly review the overall assessment of students. Being the apex body in school education that assists many schools in India to develop resourceful materials, it also addresses CCE and disseminates it across all schools following the CBSE curriculum. Apart from CBSE schools, many state boards of India also follow NCERT guidelines and textbooks. 


NCERT books are the basic books recommended by the CBSE board for the students of all classes. These books are affordable and written in simple language for a clear understanding of the concepts. Schools affiliated with the CBSE board have to follow the NCERT books in the school curriculum. Students can also refer to Vedantu’s website or download the app for elaborate and easy solutions to the NCERT questions.


Advantages Of NCERT Books 

There are numerous benefits of using NCERT books for CBSE students. A few important benefits are listed here.

  • Easy to Understand

NCERT books are easy to understand. Students can easily understand the language used in the NCERT books. The concepts are explained in a very simple and easy format for a clear understanding of students.

  • Cost-effective

NCERT books are very cost-effective and students can buy them easily for their studies. The books are meant for all students studying in the schools affiliated with the CBSE board. 

  • Informative Topics

NCERT books include all informative topics that are important for the students to understand a particular subject. The information available in the NCERT books is given in detail and explained properly in a comprehensive manner. The content of the books is written in such a way that every student can easily understand the concepts given in the books.

  • Help in Exam Preparation

NCERT books are very reliable study materials for students of all classes to prepare for their school exams. Most questions are based on the syllabus covered in the NCERT books. Therefore, it is very important for students of all classes to study from the NCERT books to score high marks in their school and board exams. 

  • Useful for the Competitive Exams

NCERT books are very useful for competitive exams. Students can prepare all chapters from the NCERT books to get high ranks in the competitive exams.

  • Practice Exercises

NCERT books contain practice exercises for exam preparation. After each chapter, students will find practice questions and exercises that can help them to assess their exam preparation. Students must solve all questions given in the exercises after every chapter to test their knowledge and understanding. 



NCERT is striving to achieve qualitative education that concentrates on research-based training. Without a shadow of a doubt, NCERT provides the best reference books for gaining in-depth knowledge of a subject. From the primary classes to Class 12, it helps students to develop a grip on subjects gradually and fosters holistic development from a young age. NCERT textbooks not only help in school exams but also are considered the best reference book for JEE, NEET, or any other competitive exams preparation. 


Download all the study materials (question papers, NCERT Solution, Mock test papers, and much more) from Vedantu. Our team of expert faculty works to make learning fun and easy. It strictly adheres to NCERT guidelines and all study materials are prepared after referring to NCERT textbooks. We, at Vedantu, give utmost importance to NCERT prescribed books while mentoring students and offering them all the resources. So start using Vedantu and become a pro at solving NCERT textbook questions.

FAQs on A Comprehensive Overview of NCERT

1. Where can I find the NCERT Solutions to prepare for class 10 board exams?

You can easily find the Class 10 NCERT Solutions to prepare for the 10th board exams on Vedantu. Solutions for every subject are available on Vedantu that are prepared by expert teachers. The solutions can help students of class 10 to understand the concepts easily and prepare for their exams without any hitch.

2. How will NCERT books help to prepare for the exams?

NCERT books are the most important books for the students to prepare for the exams. The books are recommended by the CBSE board for all classes and students have to prepare for their exams from these books. NCERT books are written in simple language that is easy to understand and comprehend. This can help in quick understanding of the important topics and preparing for the exams. NCERT books solutions are also available online for the students on Vedantu to help them prepare for the exams.

3. Where can I download the Class 6 NCERT Solutions?

Students of Class 6 can download the NCERT Solutions for all subjects from Vedantu. Students can find links to download the NCERT Solutions for all subjects in PDF format. Students can save the solutions of all subjects and chapters related to their school curriculum to prepare for the exams.

4. Why do most students refer to NCERT Solutions for exam preparation?

Students refer to the NCERT Solutions for exam preparation because all solutions are solved by the subject matter experts. It becomes easy for the students to get answers to all questions given in the NCERT books. The solutions are given in easy and simple language so that students can understand them easily. The solutions help students to save time and prepare well for the exams. 

5. Why do CBSE students refer to the NCERT books for competitive exams?

CBSE students refer to the NCERT books to prepare for the competitive exams because most questions in the competitive exams are asked from the content given in the NCERT books. Students can read the content and information available in the NCERT books to prepare for any competitive exams. The language used to explain the different topics is very simple and this makes the NCERT books the best study guide for students to prepare for any competitive exam.