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NCERT Solutions For Class 4 English 2024-25

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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NCERT English Book Question Answer for Class 4 Marigold FREE PDF Download

The NCERT Class 4 English Book, Marigold, is prescribed by the NCERT board. The book acts as a medium that connects Class 4 students to their version of the real world. At Class 4, students are often naive, brimming with joy, enthusiasm, and curiosity. The NCERT English Class 4 Marigold book highlights these values by offering a wide and exciting range of prose and poetry. Vedantu offers comprehensive solutions for NCERT Class 4 English, which can be downloaded for FREE in PDF format.

Table of Content
1. NCERT English Book Question Answer for Class 4 Marigold FREE PDF Download
2. NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English - Marigold Coursebook
3. Glance on NCERT Solutions for English Class 4
4. NCERT Class 4 English - Chapter - Wise Details
    4.1Unit 1
    4.2Unit 2
    4.3Unit 3
    4.4Unit 4
    4.5Unit 5
    4.6Unit 6
    4.7Unit 7
    4.8Unit 8
    4.9Unit 9
    4.10Unit 10
5. Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 4 English
6. Download NCERT Class 4 English Solutions for Proper Exam Preparation
7. Study Material for NCERT Class 4th English

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English - Marigold Coursebook

The Marigold textbook prescribed by CBSE for Class 4th English contains a variety of chapters spanning various genres. The prose and poetry chapters that this book consists of are all designed in a way that boosts and enhances the classroom experience for Class 4 students.

Glance on NCERT Solutions for English Class 4

  • CBSE has prescribed the Marigold English for Class 4 textbook.

  • The Marigold Reader offers 9 prose and 10 poetry chapters. These span a variety of themes and genres, ensuring an intuitive classroom experience.

  • These solutions are curated and vetted by top professionals at Vedantu. These experts hold years of experience dealing with the NCERT Syllabus, thus ensuring the quality and accuracy of the solutions. 

  • The Solutions for NCERT English Class 4th book question answers contain everything from the summary of the chapters to different phrases and their meanings.

  • Students will also find the answers to their textbook questions in these NCERT solutions PDF Files

  • Download NCERT Class 4 English Solutions from Vedantu today

The below graphic highlights the chapters and overview of the Marigold textbook as you can see below:

seo images

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English

NCERT Class 4 English - Chapter - Wise Details

Unit 1

Chapter 1: Wake Up! (Poem)

The poem by Ajim Premji describes beautiful nature with its scenic serenity while encouraging the students to practice good habits of waking up early and enjoying the morning light with its beauty.

Chapter 2: Neha’s Alarm Clock

The story is about Neha, who wishes to sleep late for the day by turning the alarm clock off. The story explores whether or not Neha’s wish is fulfilled.

Unit 2

Chapter 3: Noses (Poem)

This chapter relates to a different perspective in defining our noses. It acts as a metaphorical term to bring out the fact that one particular thing can look different from different perspectives.

Chapter 4: The Little Fir Tree

The story is about a tree that became sad because its leaves were like needles and also because its golden leaves were stolen by a man.

Unit 3

Chapter 5: Run! (Poem)

Mary Daunt’s poem pivots on the idea of understanding nature’s beauty and staying happy in each and every situation.

Chapter 6: Nasruddin’s Aim

This story is about a boy called Nasruddin. The theme of the story revolves around the fact that perfection is achieved with continuous practice as well as the concentration of the mind.

Unit 4

Chapter 7: Why? (Poem)

‘Why’ is a poem about a little boy who seems curious, wanting to know anything and everything. He is curious about the reason behind the sun’s shining and the blowing of the wind.

Chapter 8: Alice in the Wonderland

‘Alice in Wonderland’ is the story of Alice, who goes on various adventures, facing problems in her journey and gradually finding solutions to them.

Unit 5

Chapter 9: Don’t be Afraid of the Dark(Poem)

Ruskin Bond’s poem ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ guides the students, asking them not to fear the dark. The poem says that the night sky with the stars and the moon shines to provide light to remove our fear and to guide us through the dark.

Chapter 10: Helen Keller

‘Helen Keller’ brings out the real-life story of Helen, a girl from a small town who soon lost her eyesight and hearing ability. The girl was helped by her teacher in seeing and understanding the world in a different manner.

Unit 6

Chapter 11: The Donkey

Margaret S. Russell’s story describes a little girl’s bond of love with her donkey, bringing out her eagerness to feed the donkey in order to keep it happy.

Chapter 12: I Had a Little Pony(Poem)

The poem is about a young girl and her pony called Dapple Grey. A lady used to treat Dapple Grey cruelly, which made the girl decide never to lend Dapple Grey to anybody.

Chapter 13: The Milkman’s Cow

‘The Milkman’s Cow’ brings out the story of a clever boy who successfully shifted a cow that was standing in the middle of a particular road.

Unit 7

Chapter 14: Hiawatha (Poem)

The poem by H. W. Longfellow is about the story of Hiawatha, a Red Indian boy who could speak with animals and birds while living with his grandmother, Nokomis, whom he loved a lot.

Chapter 15: The Scholar’s Mother Tongue

The story brings out Birbal’s trick of finding out the mother tongue of a scholar who was multilingual.

Unit 8

Chapter 16: A Watering Rhyme

The poet, with this poem, lets the students know the perfect time of watering the flowers while suggesting to soak the soil surrounding the flowers for an uninterrupted water supply.

Chapter 17: The Giving Tree (Poem)

The poem teaches the students about the necessity of planting trees for a balanced environment and a constant supply of oxygen required for the survival of human beings.

Unit 9

Chapter 18: Books (Poem)

The poem speaks about the different books available in a library, asking the students to read regularly.

Chapter 19: Going to Buy a Book

This chapter provides guidance on buying books and motivates them towards acquiring knowledge through reading.

Unit 10

Chapter 20: The Naughty Boy

The story revolves around a boy who ran away from England to Scotland only to discover that everything in Scotland was similar to the things in England.

Chapter 21: Pinocchio

Pinocchio was a puppet made of wood by an old, experienced carpenter. Pinocchio’s nose used to grow longer whenever he told lies.

Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 4 English

The benefits of following these NCERT solutions are as follows.

  1. These NCERT Solutions provide systematic guidance to students to cover the entire syllabus.

  2. The NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English book question answers are prepared by top professionals and subject matter experts here at Vedantu. These professionals hold years of experience in dealing with NCERT and CBSE syllabus, which ensures the accuracy of these solutions.

  3. An in-depth study of the NCERT Class 4 English provides them with a sound understanding of the chapters.

  4. These NCERT Solutions are available in PDF format, and students can download these PDF files for free.

  5. With planned and systematic study materials, students will understand over time how they need to approach writing the answers. Going through the solutions will help them answer the questions in any format and will ultimately help them write their own answers precisely.

  6. None of the answers are in the syllabus, so students need not worry about learning unnecessary material.

  7. Learning these solutions will also give an overview of the chapters' central theme, summary, plot, and character sketch. These are very important for understanding the chapters.

  8. One of the main benefits of NCERT Solutions for English Class 4 Questions and Answers is that students can refer to these solutions and clarify their doubts. NCERT solutions are provided to students who want to excel in their studies. Thus, they can easily clear their doubts about a specific chapter with the help of these solutions.

  9. To ensure that you can prepare for the exams better, download NCERT solutions for Class 4 English. You can compare the solutions to your own answers and rectify any mistakes that you might be making while answering the questions. Thus, you can figure out a way to answer the most difficult questions in an easy way with these solutions.

  10. Students of Class 4 can complete their English syllabus and save time for revision by practising these solutions. They don’t have to go through the entire book to learn the lessons during the exams. All the summaries of the chapters have been provided in detail. Thus, students can read the summary of the chapters and gain insights about the stories and poems easily.

Download NCERT Class 4 English Solutions for Proper Exam Preparation

There are several benefits that students can get when they download the solutions for NCERT Class 4th English. These solutions have been designed by Vedantu experts for the development of students’ knowledge and improvement in their marks. These solutions improve literary skills, creativity, retention, and overall understanding capacity of Class 4 students. You can find the NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Questions and Answers English here on Vedantu along with supplementary material such as important questions, syllabus, a complete summary, and more.

Study Material for NCERT Class 4th English

FAQs on NCERT Solutions For Class 4 English 2024-25

1. Is it Necessary to Study all the Chapters from the NCERT Solutions Class 4 English?

All the chapters have equal weightage. Easy guidance can be availed of by following the English NCERT Class 4 Solutions on Vedantu.

2. Are all the Exercises Covered in the PDF Files of the Class 4 NCERT English Solutions?

Yes, all the textbook exercises of Marigold Class 4 are solved in the CBSE Class 4 English Solutions.

3. How many chapters are there in the 'Marigold' textbook for CBSE Class 4 English?

There are nine chapters in total in the ‘Marigold’ textbook for CBSE Class 4 English. All the nine chapters are fully explained in a simple way in the NCERT Solutions Class 4 English on Vedantu. You can also find full solutions to all the exercises and even extra questions of importance in this NCERT Solutions PDF. Download and practice NCERT Solutions Class 4 English today to score well in your exams. 

4. Where can you find solutions for Class 4?

NCERT Solutions Class 4 English PDF on Vedantu is a handbook for NCERT Class 4 English textbook ‘Marigold’. The NCERT Solutions Class 4 English PDF has all the chapters that have been fully explained comprehensively. You can find all the answers to the exercises in this Solutions PDF for class 4 English. Likewise, there is an NCERT Solutions PDF available for all other subjects in Class 4. Practising these solutions will give a holistic understanding of all the chapters.  

5. Are the NCERT Solutions to Class 4 English Question Answer for Chapter 1 accurate?

The NCERT Solutions here on Vedantu are given and curated by top professionals and experts who have over 5+ years of experience in dealing with the CBSE and NCERT syllabus. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of the solutions on the Vedantu website. Rest assured, you can study these solutions to headstart your preparation process and ace your examinations.

6. I Am unable to understand the NCERT Solutions to Class 4 English Question Answer for Chapter 1.

It is not uncommon at all for someone to understand and grasp the solutions provided to this chapter or any other chapters from any subject for that matter. Do not panic. Remember to relax and take a break once in a while. Spend time doing a leisure activity or simply just taking a rest. Come back with a fresh mind, and chances are, you will be able to grasp the concept clearly now. Good luck!

7. Can only study the NCERT Solutions Class 4 English Book Question Answer be sufficient?

While the solutions to Class 4 English Ch 1 are accurate and cover pretty much everything, nothing is ever ‘enough’ or ‘sufficient’ when it comes to studying over. You can always cover chapter-specific important questions, revision notes, or even content that is on external links. There is a ton of other related material apart from the NCERT Solutions here on Vedantu, which you can check out to add to your learning process.

8. Are there any other activities, exercises or solutions that are important other than the NCERT Marigold English Book Question and Answers for class 4?

Some activities or exercises might occur between or at the start of the chapter, which may be worth exploring. Now, these might not be present in every chapter, but there are surely a few that are across the chapters. These, however, are not meant to occur in the examination or is a part of the syllabus. These can be done to expand your insight about the chapter or coursebook.