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NCERT Solutions For class 3 English

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English - Free PDF Download

English is an important subject in the curriculum of Class 3. Therefore, to help students learn and understand the chapters covered in the Class 3 Marigold book, Vedantu provides the Class 3 English NCERT Solutions. These solutions are prepared in a precise and easy-to-understand manner for the young students of Class 3. The Class 3 NCERT Solutions for English are provided in a chapter-wise manner on Vedantu so students can thoroughly prepare one chapter at a time. The Solutions PDFs can be downloaded for free from the Vedantu website and app.

Class 3 is a year where students need to slowly start building the routine of studying regularly. This is important for many things, one of which is the language subjects. We all know that one cannot learn a language in a deep way in a short duration. There is so much to learn and also to implement. 3rd class English is thus very important for the students.

One might wonder what the need for this right from Class 3 is. We are all aware of the growing competition in schools and colleges. English being one of those subjects that can sway the balance of one’s score, requires students to prepare right from the beginning.

To be able to build on one’s language skills, students require additional study material apart from the NCERT textbook. One of the most recommended references is Vedantu’s Class 3 English solutions, including Vedantu’s notes in everyday studies is highly recommended for all. This would make the student’s work much easier and also save valuable time.

The NCERT Solutions of Class 3 English provide precise answers to the in-text questions of the chapters given in Marigold. The key points of each chapter are covered in a question-and-answer format in these NCERT Solutions. A thorough description of the chapters is given with the NCERT Solutions Class 3rd English to guide the students with their exam preparation. The NCERT Solutions Class 3 English are prepared by our experts to invoke interest in learning among the students. The NCERT Solutions for Class 3rd English are available here in a PDF format, and you can download them for free.

Detailed Overview of Class 3 English NCERT Solutions


NCERT Solutions for Class 3


Class 3 English

Number of Chapters:

  • Marigold Chapters - 10

  • Marigold Poems - 10

Content Type:

Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

Academic Year:



English and Hindi

Available Materials:

Chapter Wise

Other Materials

  • Important Questions

  • Revision Notes

Class 3 English NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English have been provided below for all the chapters. Practice them regularly to brush up on all the concepts and to score good marks.


Class 3 English (Poems) NCERT Solutions

Here are the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English. Download free PDFs of these chapter-wise (Poems) solutions from the links below

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English

NCERT Class 3 English Solutions Free PDF Download

NCERT Class 3 English: Chapter - Wise Details

Here is the unit wise list of chapters in the NCERT Class 3 English textbook ‘Marigold.’ Each unit contains a story and a poem.




Prose: The Magic Garden

Poem: Good Morning


Prose: Nina and The Baby Sparrows

Poem: Bird Talk


Prose: Little By Little

Poem: The Enormous Turnip


Prose: A Little Fish Story

Poem: Sea Song


Prose: The Yellow Butterfly

Poem: The Balloon Man


Prose: The Story of The Road

Poem: Trains


Prose: Little Tiger, Big Tiger

Poem: Puppy and I


Prose: My Silly Sister

Poem: What’s in the Mailbox?


Prose: He Is My Brother

Poem: Don’t Tell


Prose: The Ship of the Desert

Poem: How Creatures Move

Significance of NCERT Solutions Class 3 English

The subject of English has a lot of importance in Class 3. The syllabus for Class 3 English has been designed to enhance the English speaking, comprehension, vocabulary, and Grammar skills of the students. The syllabus is divided into chapters of Prose and Poetry for the students of Class 3. There are 10 Prose chapters and 10 chapters that have poems. Students can read the chapters in detail and gain information about the plot, characters, story, and other details. To ease their challenge, the experts at Vedantu have created English Notes for Class 3rd for the students. For those who want to learn the chapters easily and get a good grasp of the English language, these solutions are extremely helpful.


The students of Class 3 have to complete their syllabus before exam time. This goal can be achieved by taking regular classes and by preparing effective study materials for all the chapters in the English textbook. The Class 3rd English solutions can help the students in preparing notes and study materials for their exam preparation. The textbook solutions provide detailed knowledge to students about the chapters in the English textbook. They can understand the meanings of complicated words, phrases, and paragraphs from the NCERT solutions. These answers have been designed to help students test their own language skills and make improvements. Practising the Class 3 NCERT English Book Answers regularly will enable them to complete their syllabus on time and gain detailed information about the chapters.

The NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English is available on Vedantu with in-depth guidance of the entire syllabus covering ten stories and ten poems from the NCERT Class 3 English book ‘Marigold’. Students can easily access the Solutions by downloading PDF files for free. An overview of all the chapters is provided below.

Each one of these chapters of 3rd standard English has been selected with great care and thought. Every chapter has something new for the students, and one would learn a lot through these chapters. Students should make an attempt to study all the chapters with dedication and care to get the most out of it.



1: The Magic Garden

The story brings out a conversation of the flowers in a school’s garden with the birds in the garden about the way they are treated by the children in the school.


2: Nina and the Baby Sparrows

The story brings out the care and concern of a young girl for all the young baby sparrows staying at her house.


3: The Little Fish

The story brings out the sadness of a small fish due to its small size, which it later accepts to be a positive factor.


4: The Enormous Turnip

The story brings out the wish of an old man for growing a turnip plant and the help he receives to make it an enormous one.


5: The Yellow Butterfly

The story is centred around a boy named Sonu who fancies a butterfly yellow in colour, catches it, and finally lets it go.


6: The Story of the Road

The story comes with the viewpoint of a road bringing out his feelings on the things he sees, also suggesting safety precautions.


7: My Silly Sister

The story brings out the bond of love between a baby girl and her brother.


8: Little Tiger Big Tiger

The story speaks about a mother tiger’s love for her baby, bringing out her motherly affection.


9: Ship in the Desert

The story reveals an interesting plot about the deserts, teaching the reason for a camel being referred to as the ‘Ship of the Desert’.


10: He is My Brother

This chapter brings out the bond between a brother and a sister. The beauty of their bond is seen as the sister carries up her brother, climbing up to a temple.



1: Good Morning

The poem speaks about a child’s feelings after he wakes up in the morning. It highlights the precious value of everything that surrounds us.


2: Little by Little

The poem speaks about the story of an acorn as it keeps growing every day. It speaks about the hope of the acorn to gradually grow to become a huge oak tree one day.


3: Bird Talk

The poem shows two birds conversing about the existing differences between birds as well as humans resulting in a mutual difference.


4: Sea Song

The poem is the tale of a boy finding a seashell from a beach, who later discovers that sounds are produced from the shell.


5: The Balloon Man

In this poem, a girl can be seen observing a balloon seller selling differently coloured balloons each and every day. There is hope in her and her friends that balloons will one day be released and will be flying towards the sky.


6: Puppy and I

In this poem, a boy is seen asking people to walk alongside him until a puppy comes walking.


7: Trains

The poem is about a travelling train going to different landscapes.


8: What’s in the Mailbox?

A young girl is seen wondering about when a letter would come to her from the postman until she finally decides to take charge.


9: How Creatures Move

This poem fills the curiosity by speaking about how different animals move.


10: Don’t Tell

This poem shows a small boy thinking in his mind about growing up. He also thinks about every single thing that he wants to do at present and how nobody allows him to do so because he is too little.

 Exercises in the ‘Marigold’ Coursebook  

  • Oral (comprehension and communication) 

  • Read and answer (factual comprehension) 

  • Think and answer (factual and inference comprehension) 

  • HOTS (Higher-Order Thinking Skills)

  • Value Corner 

  • Talk (to test speaking skills) 

  • Listen (to test listening skills) 

  • Speak (to test communication and pronunciation) 

  • Grammar (comprehension and grammar) 

  • Word Wise Vocabulary 

  • Learn to Use Dictionary 

  • Punctuate (grammar) 

  • Write (composition and comprehension) 

  • Word Quiz 


NCERT Solutions Class 3 English: Chapter - Wise Weightage

The chapters more or less have equal marks, so they have equal importance. It is advised to study all the chapters for the exam, so your chances of scoring high in the examination will increase manifold. The NCERT Solutions English Class 3 will help you to prepare for your exams more effectively.


How to study for NCERT Class 3 English Marigold?

Preparing for a language is not a simple task. It requires time and patience, and regular practice. Let us see how to prepare for the exam:

  • Take a look at the syllabus from the official NCERT syllabus book. Make sure that you read the chapters and any reference book after the prescribed textbook. Do not deviate from the textbook material.

  • Using Vedantu’s NCERT Class 3 English book solutions when there is any doubt or question will help save time and clear any doubts regarding basic concepts. 

  • Learn to make a habit of everyday studies. Language takes time to build and get better at. The progress is only possible with regular practice. 

  • Read other books and stories about growing your vocabulary.

  • Pay attention to grammar, learn the rules and usage, and apply them while writing answers.

  • You can also make notes or underline important points in Vedantu’s NCERT Solutions for easy reference while studying.

  • Stay calm, stay consistent and work without giving up. Every little bit counts.


Benefits of NCERT English Class 3 Solutions by Vedantu

The subject-matter experts at Vedantu prepared these NCERT Solutions English Class 3 so that students can understand the appropriate answer patterns for the exam. Some benefits of the NCERT English Class 3 Solutions on Vedantu are stated below.

  • NCERT English Class 3 Solutions are prepared after immense research work by subject experts, so these solutions are reliable.

  • NCERT Class 3 English Solutions provide the required guidance to the students.

  • The questions and answers pattern of these NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English help students revise all the chapters effectively.

  • The solutions for CBSE Class 3 English book Marigold can be downloaded for free from Vedantu.

  • The solutions are written and arranged in a chapter-wise manner which would make it very easy for students to refer to any question at any given point in time. This makes the process of revision very easy and straightforward.

  • The answers are very simple, easy to remember and stick to only what is necessary for the syllabus. Once students begin using these solutions, they can easily make out how easy it is to learn through the solutions.

  • Vedantu’s NCERT solutions are also available for download in a PDF format for offline use. One can save them on any device and refer to them at any time, making it very user-friendly.

  • Using Vedantu’s solutions for English can provide a lot of insight into all the little references and meanings, phrases, and themes of the chapter. This would make learning the chapter much simpler.

  • One of the main advantages of downloading the Chapter Wise List of NCERT Solutions Class 3 English is that students can use these as reference material for their exam preparation. All the solutions have been prepared by experts at Vedantu, according to the guidelines of CBSE. Thus, students can figure out the examination pattern from the solutions. This will enable them to devise a proper preparation strategy.

  • The NCERT solutions for Class 3 English will also help students figure out the important chapters in the syllabus. Thus, they will be able to focus on the chapters that are most important and might appear in the exams.

  • Students will also be able to improve their answering skills through the solutions. With regular practice, students can figure out the way to answer questions according to CBSE standards. It is going to help them tackle the toughest questions with ease and score more marks in the exams.

  • Students can easily clarify their doubts about any chapter by referring to the NCERT solutions for Class 3. They can compare their own answers with the solutions to figure out the areas where improvement is required.

Vedantu provides a thorough learning experience with each question having an NCERT Solution for Class 3 English. Sign up now!

One of the Most Important Questions of NCERT Solution Class 3 English

Q. Why was the little fish thankful for being a little fish?

Answer: The little fish was once trapped inside a huge net while swimming with friends. However, it was because of his little size that he could easily escape and survive the danger. This made him thankful for his small size.

Vedantu has more important questions answered in its NCERT Solutions for Class 3rd English. Download your copy today to make your English preparation for exams a cakewalk.

Visit the Vedantu website or mobile app for more study materials. Students have plenty of material to prepare for their exams, including revision notes and important questions. You can also download the NCERT Textbook from Vedantu for a seamless learning experience.

Learn English Easily With NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English PDF Download

Get your hands on Class 3 English NCERT Notes right now from Vedantu and start your preparation. Get detailed insights into the chapters from your textbook and learn the important questions right away. Including the NCERT solutions in your study routine will help you tackle the syllabus easily. Go ahead and visit the official website of Vedantu right now and download the solutions.

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FAQs on NCERT Solutions For class 3 English

1. Can I Access the NCERT Class 3 English Solutions Offline?

Yes, you can access the NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English offline. You can download the PDF for NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English for free from Vedantu, and refer to them offline.

2. How many Chapters are There in the CBSE Class 3 English Syllabi?

A total of 20 chapters are there in the book ‘Marigold’ with 10 stories and 10 poems.

3. What is the book title name of CBSE Class 3 English?

The title of the CBSE Class 3 English book is Marigold. It is one of the important books to consider while preparing for the CBSE Exams. To score good marks in exams, students need to go through each topic thoroughly. NCERT Class 3 English books are primarily preferred by the students for a better understanding of all the 10 chapters.

4. What is the procedure to download NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English PDF online?

To download NCERT Class 3 English book PDF online, you must follow the given procedure.

  • Visit the page NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English.

  • You'll see the list of chapters on the upcoming page. From the given list of chapters, find the topic of your choice for which you need the answers and solutions. Click on the link to access the page.

  • This link will take you to the next page where you'll be able to download the link.

The NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English are available free of cost on the Vedantu website and the Vedantu app.

5. What is the syllabus of Class 3 English?

The syllabus of Class 3 English includes English texts and grammar. English text is further divided into 10 units including stories and poems. English grammar includes topics like prepositions, antonyms & synonyms, verb, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, punctuations, animal sounds, vowels, conjunctions, writing composition and stories, family relations, silent letters, people at work, nouns, consonants and tenses.

6. How many subjects are there for Class 3 apart from English?

In CBSE Class 3, the subjects are created based on NCERT guidelines. According to the CBSE, the Class 3 curriculum is divided into four main subjects - EVS, English, Hindi, and Maths. The CBSE Class 3 curriculum is designed in such a manner that enables students to understand every necessary concept easily.

7. How old is the speaker in Chapter 9(Poem) of Class 3 English?

The question is taken from the CBSE Class 3 English textbook Marigold. It belongs to Chapter 9 (Poem) Don't tell. In this poem, the speaker is a small kid who may have aged around 8 to 10 years. The poem revolves around a small child who patiently listens to people but never complains. Moreover, he wishes to get a chance so he may show his gigantism to everyone. A detailed explanation of the chapter is available on Vedantu for your reference.

8. What is in the mailbox in the poem ‘What is in the mailbox’ of Class 3 English?

The poem ‘What is in the mailbox' revolves around a young child who always sees her parents getting letters regularly. After that, she decides to write letters to her friends and known persons in the hope of getting replies for the same. You can check out more answers to the book questions of the poem ‘What is in the mailbox' by clicking on the link and downloading PDF solutions. Vedantu offers comprehensive solutions chapter-wise that makes learning so much easier and fun for students.