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NCERT Solutions For class 2 Hindi

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi - Free PDF Download

Learn the Hindi language and develop your grammar easily with NCERT Solutions Class 2 Hindi. Students of Class 2 have to focus on the Hindi subject as it helps in developing their language skills in the best way. By studying the chapters in their Hindi textbook, students will be able to improve their language and comprehension skills in the best way. The Class 2 Hindi Questions Answer PDFs have been designed by Vedantu’s experts to make sure that students are able to gain proper insights into the chapter properly. They can thoroughly understand the plot, characters, and examples in the story by practising these questions and answers.


Download the NCERT solutions for Class 2 from Vedantu and include them in your study routine right now. These amazing chapters will definitely help you gain proper knowledge about the Hindi language and make the process of learning easier. Students can rely on these solutions to give them important details about the chapter.

From Hindi for CBSE NCERT Class 2 Hindi solution, one can learn about different stories and poems of the subject which helps students get a basic idea about the subject. NCERT Solution Class 2 Hindi provides solutions to the various questions given in the academic textbook as per CBSE guidelines. These solutions help in the easy and simple understanding of the questions which are present in the book.

Detailed Overview of Class 2 Hindi NCERT Solutions


NCERT Solutions for Class 2


Class 2 Hindi

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English and Hindi

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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi | Chapter-wise List

Given below are the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi. These solutions are provided by the Hindi experts at Vedantu in a detailed manner. Go through these chapter-wise solutions to be thoroughly familiar with the concepts.

NCERT Solutions NCERT Class 2 Hindi Solution - Free downloadable PDF

These NCERT Solution for Hindi Class 2 textbooks recommended by CBSE NCERT helps in easily referring to the various questions in the textbook. These are provided by Vedantu in a cumulated PDF format which helps a student in active learning and understanding of the concepts which automatically results in securing higher marks. These solutions are helpful in the basic understanding of the subject and the answer format, which would help any student scoring better in academics. One of the best ways to learn and understand Class 2 NCERT Hindi chapters is to refer to Vedantu. In these solutions, the difficult and twisted terms are explained most thoroughly.

The confusing and complicated parts are broken into fragments and explained to make understanding easier. The best thing about these Class 2 Hindi solutions is that they have been put together by experienced and knowledgeable faculty of Hindi.

Here is a list of all the chapters in this book:

  • Chapter 1: Unt Chala

  • Chapter 2: Bhalu ne Kheli Football

  • Chapter 3: Miyaun Miyaun

  • Chapter 4: Adhik Balwan Kaun

  • Chapter 5: Dost ki Madad

  • Chapter 6: Bahut Hua

  • Chapter 7: Meri Kitab

  • Chapter 8: Titli Aur Kali

  • Chapter 9: Bulbul

  • Chapter 10: Meethi Sarangi

  • Chapter 11: Tesu Raja Beech Bazar

  • Chapter 12: Bus Ke Niche Bagh

  • Chapter 13: Suraj Jaldi Aana Ji

  • Chapter 14: Natkhat Chuha

  • Chapter 15: Ekki Dokki

All the chapters in the CBSE Hindi guide for Class 2 are written in easy to understand language with simple and easy themes and morals. Students are to read all the chapters in detail and also solve all the question answers while preparing for the examination.

NCERT Class 2 Hindi Solution - Chapters’ Brief

  • Chapter 1 - The Hindi poem for Class 2 talks about how camels survive in the desert. This poem is written by Prayag Shukla.

  • Chapter 2 - It is a funny story about a cub and a bear.

  • Chapter 3 - A hilarious story about a young girl trying to drive away a mouse by making cat sounds.

  • Chapter 4 - An explanation of the working of the sun and the wind.

  • Chapter 5 - It is a story portraying morals about a weird friendship between a turtle and a fox. The story ends with the turtle being saved by the fox from a leopard.

  • Chapter 6 - A depiction of problems faced by kids while reaching the school during the monsoon season.

  • Chapter 7 - A story about a girl who falls in love with her aunt’s library while delivering a message from her mother.

  • Chapter 8 - The Hindi poem for Class 2 describes a conversation between a butterfly and a blooming flower.

  • Chapter 9 - A vivid poem is describing and educating the young mind about fauna.

  • Chapter 10 - A story that talks about the musical instrument- Sarangi.

  • Chapter 11 - A funny story about Tesu raja asking questions about pomegranate seeds.

  • Chapter 12 - Description of a tiger encountering a bus loaded with people.

  • Chapter 13 - A poem in which the kids are requesting the sun to rise fast.

  • Chapter 14 - The story is about a sly mouse who tricks a King and a tailor into bidding him.

  • Chapter 15 - A tale about two sisters where one escapes because of her humble nature and the other gets reprimanded because of her selfishness.

NCERT Solutions Class 2 Hindi Overview

For the students of Class 2, NCERT has devised an elaborate syllabus consisting of a total of 15 chapters. The main benefit of these chapters is that they cover the development of the Hindi comprehension skills of the students. The chapters contain poems and prose for children so that they can understand the language a bit better. With the help of 2nd Standard Hindi Notes, students will be able to gain detailed insights into the chapter. The experts at Vedantu have prepared important textbook solutions to help students complete their chapters easily. By following these solutions, students will not only be able to focus on their vocabulary but can also improve their pronunciation of words. They can learn the meaning of difficult words and phrases from the poems and stories through these helpful study materials. Practising the solutions regularly will give them the chance to learn more about the chapters in detail.


To enhance the preparation strategy of students, Hindi experts at Vedantu have formulated these solutions. All the answers have been organised in a systematic manner for students. They can easily find solutions to specific chapters in the book and clear their doubts. Also, the solutions have been prepared by experts according to the CBSE guidelines. Thus, referring to the solutions will help students improve their answering skills in the best way. They will be able to tackle tough questions in the exams and answer according to the CBSE standards and score good marks. Thus, it can be said without a doubt that the Class 2 Hindi Book Solution will help students perform well in their exams.

NCERT Solutions Class 2 Hindi - Marks and Weightage

There is no specific division of marks for Class 2 chapters. However, it is important to be well-read about the topic as one can expect either a one mark question or an elaborate three mark question.

A very important part of the Hindi poem for kids Class 2  is the main theme of the chapter. The storyline follows this theme, and it is very important to recognise and understand this. All answers would refer to this theme, and it would play an important role in knowing what the author is trying to convey.

Importance of NCERT Solutions Class 2nd Hindi

NCERT Hindi Class 2 Solution helps students in effectively answering any question. All the key questions are solved by experts on the subject using proper examples. Students can refer to these solutions to improve their answers and rectify their mistakes. While writing answers for the exam, these solutions are the best study resource that can be trusted without any doubts. NCERT Solutions Class 2nd Hindi covers all the questions mentioned in the NCERT textbook of Class 2 Hindi. Solving the sample questions given at the end of each chapter is vital to comprehend the concepts and learn them.

Benefits of Vedantu Solutions for Class 2 Hindi:

Vedantu has very clear and beautifully written answers for the CBSE Hindi guide for Class 2. Let us look at the benefits of using these solutions to study for the examination:

  • All the answers are written by individuals who have years of experience in the education field and know how to write the answers in the exams for maximum marks. These answers would strictly follow all the syllabus that is required to be read by the students.

  • Students need not worry about the accuracy of the answers as they are written by experts.

  • All the answers are written in a crisp and precise manner, making learning easy and enjoyable. It also brings a method of learning which would be useful in the child’s future.

  • All the meanings, themes and morals of the stories are explained in a simple format.

  • With the answers arranged in a chapter-wise systematic format, students need not search for answers while studying them. This also makes referring to them during revision easy and quick, saving a lot of time.

  • The answers are downloadable in PDF format on the device. It can then be saved on any other device and viewed based on one’s convenience.

  • The solutions by Vedantu are available free of cost and can be accessed by anyone, anytime. Simply visit the website and find the solutions for the chapter of choice and view them either online or as a saved PDF file.

Download the solutions or visit the Vedantu website today for a better learning opportunity!

Download NCERT Class 2 Hindi Solutions to Improve Your Language Skills

Get the Chapter Wise List of NCERT Solutions Class 2 Hindi from Vedantu. There are detailed descriptions of the chapters along with their summary. For students who want to excel in their studies and want to score good marks on exams, these study materials are extremely resourceful and beneficial. By following the solutions, students will be able to learn the details of the chapters easily. The topics have been described using simple language for the students so that they can find the answers easily. Go ahead and download the solutions right now to boost your preparation.

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FAQs on NCERT Solutions For class 2 Hindi

1. What is the method to download the NCERT Books for Class 2 Hindi PDF online?

The textbook for Class 2 Hindi can be downloaded by visiting Vedantu’s NCERT solution which will help  the students to learn the language in a very precise and comprehensive way. Just go to the official website of Vedantu and there you will come across options to download and view the solutions for your desired chapter and subject. Once you go to that chapter’s particular page,you will find the option to download it. 

All the chapters are given in an effective way helping the young readers to learn easily and also have fun while learning. The Class 2 Hindi solutions are prepared with much research by experts having exuberant knowledge. The solutions are updated and all the CBSE guidelines are followed.

2. How many chapters are there in Class 2 Hindi?

There are a total of 15 chapters in Class 2 Hindi. Each chapter has a unique concept and the children will learn some new things from each chapter. They will also develop skills in writing and also gain knowledge in literature from a young age. Along with the textbook referring to Vedantu’s NCERT solutions will help in learning with a better concept which is very important so that the grasp and grip of the language both are initiated at the early stage.  All the study material provided by Vedantu is also available on their mobile application and that too free of cost.

3. What do children learn from Class 2 Hindi lessons?

Children learn a lot from the chapters as each has a different concept:  

  • Chapter 1 poem is about the survival of the camel in deserts.

  •  Chapter 2 is a funny story of a bear and a cub.

  • Chapter 3 is a hilarious story so children will enjoy it from start to end.

  • Chapter 4 is about the functioning of the wind and the sun.

  • Chapter 5 is about the friendship which sounds a little weird between the fox and the turtle.

  • Chapter 6 is about the kids and the problems while going to school in the rainy season.

  •  Chapter 7 is about a young girl falling in love with the library.

  • Chapter 8 and 9 are a poem. 

  • Chapter 10 is about the musical instrument.

  • Chapter 11 is a funny story.

  • Chapter 12 is about a tiger.

  • Chapter 13 is a poem.

  •  Chapter 14 is about a sly mouse.

  • Chapter 15 is about two sisters.

While all the lessons have different stories and morals, the one thing that they have in common is that they shape young minds into becoming better human beings. 

4. What is the method of learning Hindi in Class 2?

The language and the syllabus will be very new as they would have just entered Class 2, where the basics and the foundation are just being taught to the young minds. So, the learning will be a bit slow. The teachers or the parents have to first make them understand the vowels and the consonants properly so that they get familiar with words first and then teach them to use these words in small phrases and sentences. Practising writing and reading should be done every day so they get to know the alphabets and the method to write.

5. How can Vedantu be beneficial in helping students to gain a thorough knowledge of class 2 Hindi?

Vedantu for Class 2 Hindi will be very beneficial as they know very well the way the young readers can understand so the structure is made according to their understanding by the experts keeping the guidelines of the CBSE syllabus in mind. The chapters are made very easy with simple words so the children will get the liking of the language from day 1. When the learning is fun the interest will be high.