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NCERT Solutions For class 2 English

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English - Free PDF Download

English is an important and easy-scoring subject in Class 2. Going through the chapters covered in the NCERT Class 2 English makes it easy for students to understand the basics of the English language. To implement an easy learning experience for the young students of Class 2, Vedantu provides the Class 2 English NCERT Solutions. These solutions are compiled by the highly experienced faculty at Vedantu as per the guidelines of CBSE. Also, students can download and refer to these solutions from the Vedantu website and mobile app for free.

To study a language in such depth and understanding to be able to use it the way we want, one needs to prepare from a young age, i.e., classes 1 and 2. Learning a language needs to start right from the beginning of our education. This is when the mind is nimble and active enough to quickly grasp these new things.

NCERT Board has many languages as a part of the curriculum, available for students to learn. One of them is 2nd class English. This is a language that is spoken all over the world, whether we like it or not. Language has become a global means of communication. Being able to communicate in English has a lot of perks. People would get better job opportunities, better workplace relationships, be able to understand educational content better, and also project an image of confidence.

Learning a language is not the same as learning any other subject. It doesn’t merely work on understanding the concept and meanings. It works more on usage and everyday application. One way to learn to apply this every day is to read the subject every day. Vedantu’s solutions can help in making this easy.

NCERT Class 2 English Solution consists of chapters included in both the textbooks Marigold and Raindrops. The stories and poems included in these books are prepared in a way to enable the children to learn and understand the contents in an easy yet interesting way. To prepare for the exams, it is important to go through NCERT Class 2 English Solutions for getting better guidance. Class 2 English Solution will help students understand the themes and inner meanings of the poems and the stories. 

Detailed Overview of Class 2 English NCERT Solutions


NCERT Solutions for Class 2


Class 2 English

Number of Chapters:

  • Marigold - 20 Chapters

  • Raindrops - 15 Chapters

Content Type:

Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

Academic Year:



English and Hindi

Available Materials:

Chapter Wise

Other Materials

  • Important Questions

  • Revision Notes

Class 2 English Marigold NCERT Solutions

Here are the links for the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English that are available for free download.


Class 2 English Poem NCERT Solutions

Here are the links for the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English (Poems) that are available for free download.

Class 2 English Raindrops NCERT Solutions

Given below are the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English. Download free PDFs of these chapter-wise solutions from the links below to clear your basic concepts.

NCERT Solutions Class 2 English - Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Chapters

Class 2 English NCERT Solutions essentially cover the 10 units from the book Marigold and all the 16 chapters from Raindrop. We have Class 2 NCERT English Solution available online so that anyone can access them. The Solutions are prepared according to the CBSE syllabus. Students can download free PDF versions from the website. Each chapter and unit from the Class 2nd English books are mentioned in the following in brief. The solutions are quick and easy to follow. 

The 10 units of NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Marigold comprises some interesting and fun poems and stories. The chapters covered in the units of Class 2 English Marigold are tabulated below.





First Day At School

Haldi’s Adventure

The Paddling Pool


I am Lucky

I Want


A Smile

The Wind and The Sun



Storm in the Garden


Zoo Manners

Funny Bunny


Mr. Nobody

Curlylocks and The Three Bears


On My Blackboard I Can Draw

Make it Shorter


I am the Music Man

The Mumbai Musicians


Granny Granny Please Comb My Hair

The Magic Porridge Pot


Strange Talk

The Grasshopper and The Ant

NCERT Solutions Class 2 English: Chapter-wise details

To begin with the NCERT Solutions Class 2nd English, we choose the book Marigold. Following are the details of what the children are going to read under various units:

Unit 1

This unit contains First Day at School and Haldi’s Adventure. In the NCERT Solution Class 2 English, the former is prepared with picture description tasks, and the latter has questions and activities that students need to solve based upon imaginative thinking. 

Unit 2

I am Lucky and I Want are two poems in this unit. This section tells children to be happy with whatever they have and not to compare with others. Class 2 English NCERT Solution covers questions and answers from both for the guidance of children. 

Unit 3

The themes of the chapters A Smile and The Wind and the Sun are well described in the NCERT Solutions of Class 2 English. Gaining knowledge and solving exercise- both at the same time!

Unit 4

Students can download and prepare Rain and Storm in the Garden with the exercises given in the NCERT Solution of Class 2 English. 

Unit 5

Knowledge about and interaction with animals are the central themes of Zoo Manners and Funny Bunny under unit 5. To understand the unit and to score high in the exam, students can opt for the solutions. 

Unit 6

Mr Nobody, a piece of literature based upon imagination and creativity, and Curlylocks and the Three Bears, a piece exhibiting storytelling art, are under unit 6. Download the solved questions’ PDF and get skilled in writing stories. 

Unit 7

NCERT Solutions for Class 2nd English includes On My Blackboard I Can Draw and Make It Shorter and contains detailed solutions of questions for students to practice. 

Unit 8

Centred on the theme of music and musical instruments, the solutions of this unit containing I Am the Music Man and The Mumbai Musicians help students learn, practice and solve the questions and activities. 

Unit 9

NCERT Solution Class 2nd English helps students understand the chapters Granny Granny  Please Comb My Hair and The Magic Porridge Pot. 

Unit 10

Strange Talk and ‘The Grasshopper and the Ant’ highlights communication and the tasks in the NCERT Solutions are prepared accordingly. 

Raindrop Chapters

Chapter 1 to 5

Action Song, Our Day, My Family, What’s Going On and Mohan, the Potter are five literary pieces that students learn. CBSE Class 2 English Solution contains all these with vivid descriptions, solved questions and activities to help them prepare for the exam. 

Chapter 6 to 10

Through these five chapters, children can learn Rain in Summer, My Village, The Work People Do, Work and Our National Symbols. Analysis of the poems, practice questions, details of the content like the jobs of people, village descriptions etc., are included in the NCERT Solution for Class 2nd English. 

Chapter 11 to 15

Through these chapters, students will learn The Festival of India, The Monkey and the Elephant, Going to the Fair, Colours and lastly, Sikkim. These chapters deliver knowledge about people, their culture, the details of the fair one can pay a visit to, colours around us etc. The Class 2 English NCERT Solutions cover all these chapters and contain an in-depth description for helping students gain knowledge and expertise in solving the questions. 

Vedantu’s solutions for 2nd standard English have been written with great thought and analysis to make student’s lives easier. It is done so that one need not waste time looking for the correct answer from external sources. Students can read the solutions, understand them and make a note of all the key points and even frame the answers in their own words after reading them. 

Students will also be exposed to different questions and the exact answers that are expected of them. By reading these answers for a longer period of time, students will eventually learn to write and frame answers on their own for English. 

Vedantu’s solutions also form a strong base for the students, which results in being able to handle any type of question and any format of answering in the exam hall. Once students reach this level of confidence, the language would become a scoring subject and would help in boosting their average. 

The 15 chapters covered in the NCERT Solutions Class 2 English Raindrops are tabulated below.

Chapter Numbers




Action Song


Our Day


My Family


What’s Going On?


Mohan, The Potter


Rain in Summer


My Village


The Work People Do




Our National Symbols


The Festivals of India


The Monkey and The Elephant


Going to the Fair





Class 2nd English Chapter Wise Marks Weightage

All the chapters from both books are equally important and carry almost similar marks. So we recommend you avoid selective reading and learn all the pieces by heart. This way, you can attend to any question from anywhere and also develop language skills. At this stage, put aside the worry of chapter-wise marks weightage. 

Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 2 English

For scoring high in exams, you can look out for the assistance of Vedantu’s study materials. What are the benefits of Vedantu’s Class 2 English NCERT Solution? 

  • Vedantu takes extra care in preparing the solutions for students

  • All the solutions are prepared following the CBSE guidelines

  • The solutions do not deviate from the syllabus or the question pattern

  • Provides innovative learning experience

  • All solutions are written by subject experts, so students do not have to worry about the answers being wrong or deviated from the main subject matter. 

  • The solutions provided by Vedantu are simple and easy to understand. With a single reading, students would be able to understand what the author is trying to say through the chapter. Once students understand the chapter, they can even interpret and frame answers on their own.

  • Students can use Vedantu’s notes for revision. These answers are written and compiled very systematically. If one has a doubt in any chapter, one can easily go to the specific chapter and question to read through the answer.

  • These solutions are available for everyone to use free of cost and are not chargeable at any stage. Students need not worry about high tuition fees or costly books when it comes to the solutions.

  • Vedantu’s notes can also be downloaded as a PDF and saved offline. This increases the usability of these solutions for the students, and they can then be accessed from any device.

Sign up with Vedantu today to avail the best experience of learning English.

NCERT Class 2 English Important Questions

Q1. What Does Mohan Do and Why Does He Go to the City?

Mohan is a potter. He makes various items from clay, such as pots, jugs, clay cups, oil lamps etc., on his potter’s wheel. He has a bullock cart. He uses his cart to go to the city. He carries his things made of clay in the cart and sells them to the people in the city. By selling them, he gets the money. So, he goes to the city. The people there like his items very much. 

Follow Class 2 English NCERT Solutions prepared by Vedantu and learn how to write answers correctly and in simple sentences. 

If you haven’t downloaded Vedantu’s solutions for NCERT Class 2 English, it is about time that you do. With these free solutions, you can ace the exams and learn the language very well. Head straight to the website and download the solutions today to get started on your journey to better learning!

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FAQs on NCERT Solutions For class 2 English

1. How can I Avail NCERT Class 2 English Solution?

It is an easy and quick process. You simply need to have an account with Vedantu. You can log in at any point in time and access the study materials uploaded on the website. The solved answers are there in PDF format. You can download them also and go through them at your convenience.

2. In the poem I Want, what does the little monkey want to be?

As per CBSE Class 2 English Solution, in the poem I Want, the little monkey wants to be an elephant, a giraffe or a zebra.