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NCERT Solutions For Class 12 English 2024-25

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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NCERT Solutions for English Class 12 FREE PDF Download

English is one of the most important subjects of the CBSE Class 12 curriculum. A good score in English will improve your overall aggregate greatly. Vedantu experts provide a very useful study resource, Class 12 English NCERT solutions, that covers a thorough explanation of the chapters. These NCERT Solutions are among the best study guides as students can comprehend the chapters and get a brief idea of the question pattern for their 12th board exam by studying these NCERT Solutions. Students can download chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for  Class 12 English PDFs for free from Vedantu.

Table of Content
1. NCERT Solutions for English Class 12 FREE PDF Download
2. Links to  NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Textbooks
3. Glance on NCERT Solutions Class 12 English
4. NCERT Class 12 English Solutions - Textbook Analysis
5. Benefits of Reading NCERT Solutions or Class 12th English
6. Important Study Materials Links: CBSE Class 12 English

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Links to  NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Textbooks

There are 3 coursebooks for Class 12th English, which are prescribed by NCERT. These are the English Flamingo, Vistas and Kaleidoscope textbooks. These books span a wide array of themes and genres and cover stories and poetry from all around the world. 

Glance on NCERT Solutions Class 12 English

  • CBSE has prescribed 3 coursebooks for NCERT English Class 12. These are the Kaleidoscope Elective reader, The Flamingo main textbook and the Vistas supplementary book.

  • The Kaleidoscope Reader offers 5 Short stories, 8 Poetries, 6 Non fictions and 2 Dramas. The Flamingo textbook offers 8 prose and 5 poetry chapters. The Class 12th English Vistas supplementary book offers 6 chapters.

  • The class 12 English NCERT Solutions are offered by Vedantu on the website or app.  Students can rely on these Class 12 English Solutions for proper guidance about the chapters. 

  • The Class 12 English NCERT solutions contain everything from the summary of the chapter to different phrases, and their meanings have been included in these solutions. 

  • Students will also find the answers to their textbook questions in these NCERT solutions PDF Files. 

  • Download Class 12th NCERT English Solutions from Vedantu today.

We at Vedantu understand that the syllabus and curriculum for Class 12th English are quite large and expansive. We have tried our best to simplify it and bring it to you in a way that you can piece together. The infographic given below highlights the entire curriculum for English Class 12:

NCERT Solutions For class 12 English Chapter-wise List

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NCERT Class 12 English Solutions - Textbook Analysis

Kaledeioscope, Vistas, and Flamingo are the three textbooks for Class 12 English. These textbooks comprise many chapters spanning various themes and genres in the form of prose, poetry dramas, and short stories.


  • The fiction section has three short stories and two long ones representing contemporary writers from five cultures: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, James Joyce, Bi Shu-min, Isaac Singer, and Joseph Conrad. The stories deal with fantasy and reality, alienation, a mother's sensitivity, and the problem of choice in personal life.

  • Thematic variation is also found in the six pieces included in the non-fiction. Themes covered deal with the individual and society, discipline and individual freedom, consciousness technique, detailing film-making as a creative art, and science fiction.

  • Two plays find a place in the selection–Chandalika by Tagore brings out the intense conflict in the mind of a sensitive, untouchable girl. The excerpt from Girish Karnad's Broken Images reflects the ambiguities in the mind of a writer who has unexpectedly acquired fame.

  • Of the eight poems, four are from the classical tradition–Donne, Milton, Blake and Coleridge. The other four are established poets closer to contemporary times. There are two poems each by Blake and Milton. Learners may be encouraged to notice the symmetry and/or contrast in themes and language in each pair of poems.

NCERT Solutions For Class 12 English Kaleidoscope: Drama

Chapter 1 - Chandalika

Chapter 2 - Broken Images


  • Vistas is the supplementary reader for Class 12 English. It covers 6 chapters.

  • The main aim of the Vistas book is to make extensive reading more enjoyable for the students and make them appreciate some of the best-written works from the times they lived in.

  • The themes covered range from Scientific Fanstay, Political Satire, Adventure, Ethical and Moral Conflicts and personal issues.


  • Flamingo is the main coursebook prescribed for English Class 12.  It features 8 prose and 5 poetry chapters.

  • The prose chapters aim to provide students with exposure to a wide array of genres from different parts of the world. It takes into account the minds of young adults while making them aware of the socio-economic status of the real world.

  • The poetry section covers themes such as language loyalty, basic qualities of human beings, material happiness, and more.   

Benefits of Reading NCERT Solutions or Class 12th English

Here are some reasons why you must refer to NCERT Solutions Class 12 English

  • NCERT Solutions provides a systematic approach, and all the chapter questions are solved in PDF files.

  • The experts curate the solutions in a simple and lucid language.

  • NCERT Solutions for English Class 12 is the best study material to refer to for making up last-minute revisions of all the chapters easily.

  • NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English free PDFs are designed to enhance the student's interest. Our experienced teachers have curated NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 4, considering the Latest CBSE Class 12 syllabus and NCERT guidelines.

  • NCERT Solutions for all the chapters covered in the Class 12 Vistas and Flamingo textbook are free to download.

We suggest you go through the solutions covered in the PDF at least once after understanding the summary of the chapter. These solutions are the most reliable reference study material, containing complete and precise solutions to all the exercise questions. Hence, referring to NCERT solutions for Class 12 English will improve your conceptual skills and help you score maximum marks in the exam.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English serve as invaluable resources for students, offering comprehensive guidance and clarity on the subject matter. By providing detailed explanations, exercises, and answers, these solutions aid in enhancing students' understanding and proficiency in English language and literature. Utilizing NCERT Solutions ensures a solid foundation and fosters academic success in Class 12 English studies.

Important Study Materials Links: CBSE Class 12 English

FAQs on NCERT Solutions For Class 12 English 2024-25

1. Which English chapters are included in NCERT solutions for class 12 English?

All chapters which have been specified in the English Class 12 syllabus by the CBSE are covered in the NCERT Solutions. This includes prose as well as poetry.

2. Can I download the NCERT Solutions Class 12 English for free?

Yes, you can download the NCERT Solutions English Class 12 for absolutely free from Vedantu. These NCERT Solutions are available in PDF format and are sorted in a chapter-wise format.

3. What is Vistas? How many chapters are in NCERT Class 12 English Book - Vistas?

Vistas is one of the two books provided by NCERT for Class 12 English. The book contains eight chapters in total. Some of the chapters in the book include The Tiger King, Memories of Childhood, Evans tries an O-level, Memories of Childhood, and Journey to the end of the Earth. All of the eight chapters are equally important and questions can be asked in the exam from any of these.

4. What is Flamingo English? How many chapters are in NCERT Class 12 English Book - Flamingo?

Published by the NCERT, Flamingo is the second book prescribed by CBSE for English Class 12. Flamingo has been designed according to the latest syllabus and exam pattern provided by CBSE. The book consists of 14 chapters which are divided into prose and poetry. All these chapters are important to go through well when preparing for the class 12 English Board exam. Students are advised to read through all the chapters multiple times and make notes to enhance understanding.

5. Are NCERT Solutions sufficient for preparing for the Class 12 English board exams based on the English syllabus class 12?

While NCERT Solutions serve as a valuable resource for understanding concepts and mastering topics covered in the English syllabus class 12, it's advisable for students to supplement their studies with additional reference materials and practice resources. While NCERT Solutions provides comprehensive explanations and exercises, exploring diverse perspectives through supplementary texts and practicing writing skills can enhance overall proficiency and exam readiness. Therefore, while NCERT Solutions are beneficial, a well-rounded study approach incorporating various resources is recommended for thorough preparation.

6.  How can NCERT Solutions and English sample paper class 12 aid in exam preparation?

NCERT Solutions offer comprehensive explanations and answers to questions from the Class 12 English textbook, facilitating a deeper understanding of concepts and literature. On the other hand, English sample paper class 12 provide a simulated exam environment, allowing students to assess their preparation level and practice time management. By utilizing NCERT Solutions for concept clarity and sample paper of english class 12 for exam practice, students can enhance their proficiency and boost confidence for the Class 12 English board exams.

7. What resources are available for obtaining class 12 English chapter 1 question answers?

Class 12 English chapter 1 question answers can be found in various resources such as textbooks, study guides, online forums, and educational websites. Additionally, NCERT Solutions specifically tailored for Class 12 English provide comprehensive answers to questions from each chapter, including Chapter 1. These solutions offer detailed explanations and insights to help students understand and grasp the concepts covered in the chapter effectively.

8. Can NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English help in improve my exam scores?

Absolutely! NCERT Solutions are designed to provide a thorough understanding of the subject matter, which is crucial for performing well in exams. By studying these solutions, students can clarify their doubts, practice answering questions effectively, and gain confidence in their knowledge, all of which contribute to better exam scores.

9. Are the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English aligned with the latest CBSE syllabus?

Yes, the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English are aligned with the latest CBSE syllabus. They are regularly updated to reflect any changes in the curriculum, ensuring that students have access to the most current and relevant study materials.