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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 11 - Electricity

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Science Chapter 11 - Electricity Class 10 - FREE PDF Download

Important Topics

Here are the most important topics from the chapters which students should positively pay attention:

  1. Electricity

  2. Electric Current And Circuit

  3. Electric Potential And Potential Difference

  4. Circuit Diagram

  5. Ohm’S Law

  6. Factors On Which The Resistance Of A Conductor Depends

  7. Resistance Of A System Of Resistors

  8. Heating Effect Of Electric Current

  9. Electric Power

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 12 are the best study materials for you to improve your study process. Various subject matter experts contribute to the making of CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science Electricity so that they can produce the best in quality solutions for you to refer. You can easily download the PDFs for the chapter on Electricity Class 10 NCERT Solutions online. You can also download NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths to help you to revise complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.


NCERT Solutions for Class 10


Class 10 Science

Chapter Name:

Chapter 12 - Electricity


Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

Academic Year:



English and Hindi

Available Materials:

  • Chapter Wise

  • Exercise Wise

Other Materials

  • Important Questions

  • Revision Notes

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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 12 - Electricity

All the CBSE Class 10 physics Electricity questions and answers are provided as PDFs and here is a brief intro on the topics covered. The chapter on Electricity is divided into 8 parts. We will take up each of the exercises and discuss what are its aspects and concepts that need to be dealt with.


Let us begin with Exercise 12.1 which deals with Electric Current and Circuit. Here you will learn the general idea of Electricity as a form of energy and how it changes and flows in various directions. You will understand how power operates while energy flows and how a circuit actually functions. There are a few diagrams in this portion which you have to learn and practice in order to get through with the topics covered here.


This portion of the chapter also demands you to be prepared for facing questions like what is an electric circuit and definition of the unit of current. Therefore, get prepared with Electricity Class 10 solutions provided at Vedantu. This will help you to get familiarised with the pattern of answers CBSE board demands you to be prepared only if your aim is to secure good marks in the examination.


Next, we move on to read the portion comprising Electric Potential and Potential Difference in Exercise 12.2 of Electricity chapter Class 10 Here you will get a rough sketch of ideas on good conductors of Electricity. You will also have to try your hand at a couple of sums comprised in this portion of the chapter. These are very simple and basic sums based on a calculation which could be easily tackled if practised on a regular basis.


However, you can first try these sums given in your books and then refer to NCERT Solutions to cross-check with your answers. There are a number of sums enlisted at NCERT Solutions for you to practice and if you face any difficulty you can look up the solutions and then go for the second attempt.


One of the most interesting parts of the chapter comprises in Exercise 12.3 that is the subheading stating the Circuit diagram. You will definitely have to pay heed to it and carefully observe the arrows and the directions it intends to show the flow of current. Regular practice of the circuit diagram is a must if you want to ace in drawing the circuit.


On further reading, you will encounter the most important part of the chapter that is Ohm’s Law in Exercise 12.4. You have to learn the Ohm’s law quoted in your textbooks. If you have any difficulty in understanding the bookish language, you know that you can get the topic with details and illustrations in a more simplified manner in NCERT Solutions of CBSE Class 10 physics Electricity questions and answers pdf which is only designed to serve such purposes.


There is another set of sums which you need to practice based on this exercise. Remember that the chapter on Electricity is one of the most interesting and easiest chapters in your syllabus that is very scoring. If you are lucky enough to get plenty of questions based on this chapter, you will be bound to score good marks. The chapter focuses less on learning and concentrates more on getting your concepts clear so that you can carry out the ample sums given in your books.


Exercise 12.5 of Class 10 Science Chapter 12deals with Factors on which the Resistance of a Conductor depends. You need to go through these portions or you may even opt for learning from NCERT Solutions. This way you can benefit by utilising your time on constructive purpose such as learning instead of just wasting time in only reading without getting anything clear.


The next subheading in your chapter deals with Resistance of a System of Resistors in Exercise 12.6. It is further divided into two segments, i.e. 12.6.1 and 12.6.2 which describes Resistors in Series and Resistors in Parallel. It is one of the easiest topics to cover therefore, without delaying go through the solutions to get the best understanding of resistors and its quality of resistances.


While reading this chapter, there may be instances when certain questions arise in your mind regarding Electricity such as what happens when heat flows into electric current. The following topic in Exercise 12.7 after Resistance covers aspects related to the Heating Effect of Electric Current. This portion also exposes you to the practical applications of heating effect of electric current.


Thus, go through this portion in detail so that you do not miss out on any part of such an interesting part of your syllabus. Lastly, Exercise 12.8 comprises of the subheading Electric Power which you also have to study as you may get a question from the last part of the chapter as well. It is the easiest portion in the chapter and once you get your concepts cleared, you will be able to easily tackle these portions.


So these were the few brief introductions and minor details on the topics dealt in Chapter 12 of your Science book. If you have any queries regarding the subject matter you can now register with Vedantu to enable free accessibility to the PDFs containing the NCERT solutions covering these topics. Also if you want to refer to answers and practice a few sums based on this chapter, you can then even refer to the guides and test papers offered at Vedantu.


With Vedantu, you will discover a whole new way of learning that is easy to grasp and remember. There are so many of you who are engaging with Vedantu daily and experiencing a positive approach to subjects and topic that they previously had found it difficult to understand and deliver in their examinations. NCERT solutions are one of the best guides you can refer for your exam preparation, therefore download the PDFs and take out their printouts so that you can read them even when you do not have an internet connection or Electricity.


After having dealt with the Chapter on Electricity, we would like to bring a few other things to your notice. Well, it is not related to the chapter but definitely related to the goal which you want to achieve. Somewhere or the other there is always a wish to reach the summit but however, due to various circumstances and glitches you are unable to do so in your examination.


Either you are under-prepared or exam stress has squeezed out all the confidence which you had gathered ever since you started preparing for your exams. Therefore, go through the important pointers listed below and bear these in mind when you are heading towards and preparing for your exams.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 12 – What it covers?

One of the most crucial forms of energy that has become a part of our daily lives and without which we are unable to perform any task is Electricity. The practical uses of Electricity are numerous but the basic point which we can say in simple terms is that Electricity lights up our lives and helps in setting up connectivity with the outside world.


However, anybody can speak up on Electricity by their practical knowledge but do you realise there are a few theories that revolve around Electricity. In order to get well acquainted with the topic on Electricity which is comprised in Chapter 12 Science Class 10 books, you will have to read through the NCERT Solutions provided by Vedantu at its online learning platform.


Before digging deep into the chapter, let us take you through a few vital elements of NCERT Solutions as to why it is globally recognised as the standard study guide for students like you. First of all, NCERT Solutions are framed according to your syllabus; secondly, there are highly qualified subject experts who are engaged in framing up these contents for you.


It is solely done to provide you with a proper quality study guide so that you can get a better insight into the subject matter of each of the chapter you take up for studying. When you read through the study materials, you will be able to understand the content more precisely as the language proposed by the subject experts at Vedantu is simple and easy to get along with.


Moreover, you can assure yourself that the matter provided is 100% accurate and if in any doubt you can match them with your syllabus or your books and get assured. The best part about NCERT Solutions is that it is available for free and you can download it from anywhere you want and save it for later use. Vedantu has made the PDFs free for you to download. There is a download option given on the webpages itself.


Just follow the step by step procedure on the webpage and you will get hold of all the study material related to ch 12 Science Class 10. Furthermore, you can even get these NCERT Solutions on all the other chapters as per the syllabus. Not only for Science but also for all other subjects there are free PDF downloads available at Vedantu.


Know that Class 10 is the beginning where you have to go through numerous books and articles in order to frame one high-quality answer. Undoubtedly, you have put in a lot of labour and hard work to score good marks in your board examinations. However, one of the shortcut techniques which you could adopt to frame your answer is by taking shelter at Vedantu’s shadow.


Vedantu has eased your learning at one of the most crucial stages of your life that is Class 10. Only when you score good marks here, will you be able to take up Science for your higher studies. Therefore, Vedantu has already done the hard work for you to bring together various sources and make a high-quality guide for you to easily learn through it and score good marks.

Things that would gear up your preparations for the exams

The first thing which you should do for your board exams is starting preparing from the commencement of your session. This will help you to get a grip in all your subjects and you will also be able to devote proper time to each of the subjects for revision at the end. But preparation does not only means that you have to sit with your book and spend hours just staring at it.


If you do not understand a particular topic, you know that your personal guide is all the time at your service therefore, do not hesitate in seeking help from it which is none other than Vedantu. Vedantu’s mission is to only provide students like you with a guide so that you can better understand your subjects and so well in your examination.


Next, reading the chapters is a must. You should at least read the chapter once so that you get acquainted with the topics that are in your syllabus. After that, you can spend ample time reading the NCERT Solutions but do read your textbook and go through it thoroughly. Be attentive in class so that you can interact with your teachers and ask them to clear out your queries there and then.


Make a notebook where you jot down the important portions that are highlighted by your teachers and make footnotes beside. You can use it for future reference when you learn the chapter or revise it before your exams. Complete the learning business in the initial days and keep a month before the exam free for only revision.


Learning right before the exam is definitely not a healthy practice because you may tend to forget the things which you have already learnt and even the new topic which you have started will not be precisely prepared, therefore, it is better to keep away from last-minute preparation and adopt last-minute revisions only.


One of the must do’s for your exam preparation is that you should plan out a schedule for yourself. This will not only create discipline in your life but also modify your way of leading life. Studies have proved how a person leading a disciplined life is said to be able to maintain a balance between work, rest and leisure. When you start practising a routine of sleeping on time, allotting some time for fun and the rest for a constructive purpose like studying, you will notice the positive changes yourself.


Therefore, set up a routine, plan out your day, distribute your time equally between the subjects but do prioritize Science and Maths over others as these two subjects do require your attention and devotion on a regular basis. Cut down on your entertainment business like playing games, social networking and watching television. Instead, utilise the time and devote it to studies.

Suggestions for a Speedy Learning

One of the best ways which you can adapt to keep yourself intact and hooked with studies is to keep away from distractions. There have been studies which have shown how keeping away from distractions such as gadgets like mobile phones and televisions help students to be more attentive to their studies and gain an increase in their concentration power. Therefore, quit from watching too many shows or playing games for at least a month.


Take your necessary breaks in between studying but do not extend the time period of breaks otherwise, you will run out of time when the exams are nearing. Eat and sleep on time. This should be the necessary practice which you have to get used to. There is no benefit in staying up late and studying as you will only cater to deteriorating your health and mindset.


It is always suggested to study during the morning hours instead of late nights; therefore do follow the sequence if you do not wish to face any glitches during your examinations such as health breakdown or so. Staying awake for hours in the night does no good to you or your studies. So it is highly advisable that you sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day during exams.


Another suggestion for preparing for your examination would be to opt for group studying techniques. This will cater in bringing about discussions and explanations which are more likely to favour you for your examination, therefore, you may try a couple of group study sessions and if it proves to be constructive you may very well carry it along, otherwise, there is always an expert help available at Vedantu to help you.


Remember not to stress yourself too much regarding your exams as this could also prove to be fatal and end up in hindering your preparations. Therefore, try to keep yourself calm and composed so that you can take the examinations with a positive approach. Vedantu will always provide you with a backup whenever you need any help regarding your subjects so there is no need to stress out on finding solutions to your queries.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science – PDF availability

One of the most preferred online portals for finding guides and solutions is at Vedantu. The way it keeps its audience intact is by providing them with free PDFs for subjects enlisted as per the syllabus. You will not just get the PDF for Chapter 12 in Science but for all the chapters and all subjects. Therefore, you do not have to go looking for expensive tuitions or travel hours in reaching tuitions as you have got a tutor near at hand which you can reach just by the help of your fingertips.


However, you are free to make a choice according to your will. Go through the guides and solutions, so that you can witness the accuracy and perfection with which Vedantu designs the NCERT solutions. This is obviously done by hiring qualified professionals to provide efficient and sufficient study materials for students of Classes 6 to 12. We would again emphasize the fact that these guides are according to your syllabus therefore you can completely trust and rely on Vedantu’s authenticity.


You can also Download Maths NCERT Solution class 10 to help you to revise complete Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

About Vedantu

The online system has made us so advanced that we do not do anything before consulting the web. Therefore, here we bring you the exact thing which would be next on your search history i.e. what is Vedantu? Even if you have a general idea that it is a knowledge imparting platform, the students want to know more about things which they are engaging or buying in and so we would take the initiative to tell you more about Vedantu.


Firstly, the knowledge imparting platform has derived its name from the two Sanskrit words Veda and Tantu which mean Knowledge and Network. Together, they form Vedantu which is an online network of spreading knowledge. Over the years it has managed to climb the steps of success and has managed to reach heights by the positive and encouraging feedback it has received by its large-scale audience that is spread across the globe.


Vedantu is known to operate in more than 1000 cities and 30 countries with educating over 40,000 students in all. There are about 500 professionals engaged to deliver lessons by making the best use of technology. They hold interactive sessions with the students in real-time with the help of technological advancements such as methods like two-way audio, video and whiteboard solutions.


Apart from these, Vedantu also offers its audience to participate in competitive examinations and courses in co-curricular activities. Lastly and most importantly, there are NCERT Solutions which plays a key role in making Vedantu such a great platform for delivering knowledge and education to the masses. Thus, Vedantu can be called the best online portal for finding a guide to prepare for your examinations as it has managed to make the most out of this technologically smart era. 

Key Features

Key Features of NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 12 - Electricity include:

  • Content that is written in an easy-to-understand manner

  • Relevant solutions designed by industry professionals and highly educated lecturers

  • Additional questions based on the most recent curriculum.

  • A detailed analysis of the most difficult exam questions

  • Additional learning tools, such as example papers and previous year's question papers, are available.

Important Points

  1. The property of a conductor that prevents current from flowing through it is called resistance. The current flowing through the conductor divided by the potential difference placed across it is the ratio.

  2. A closed and continuous channel through which an electric current passes is referred to as an electric circuit.

  3. The potential difference between two points in an electric field is used to calculate the amount of work required to transport a unit positive charge from one spot to another.

  4. Nichrome components are used in the majority of household heating units for the following reasons:

    1. It has a high resistance.

    2. It has a high melting point.

    3. When heated, it is difficult to oxidise by air oxygen.

    4. It is simple to draw into thin wire.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 11 - Electricity

1. What are the topics and sub-topics contained in this chapter?

Chapter 12 – Electricity is expected to carry at least 8 marks according to the question paper patterns observed in the previous years. The topics/ sub-topics usually covered under this chapter are:


Below are the topics and sub-topics in Class 10 Science Chapter 12:

  • 12.1: Electric Current and Circuit

  • 12.2: Electric Potential and Potential Difference

  • 12.3: Circuit Diagrams

  • 12.4: Ohm's Law

  • 12.5: Factors in Which the Resistance of a Conductor Depends

  • 12.6.1: Resistors in Series

  • 12.6.2: Resistors in Parallel

  • 12.7: Heating Effect of Electric Current

  • 12.8: Electric Power

2. Why are coils of electric toasters and electric irons made of an alloy instead of any pure metal?

Coils of electric toasters and electric irons made of an alloy instead of a pure metal because the melting point of an alloy is much higher than a pure metal due to its high resistivity. Alloys do not melt at high temperatures. Hence, alloys are always used in heating appliances such as electric toasters and electric irons etc.

3. How many questions are there in all the exercises of Class 10 Science Chapter 12?

Our NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 12 (Electricity), prepared by the expert teachers ensures 100% correct answers in the Class 10 examinations. Step-by-step solutions for questions are given for Class 10 Science textbook exercises according to CBSE guidelines.


The following topics are covered in Class 10 Science Chapter 12:

  • Exercise 12.1 : 3 Questions 

  • Exercise 12.2 : 3 Questions 

  • Exercise 12.3: 5 Questions 

  • Exercise 12.4: 2 Questions 

  • Exercise 12.5: 5 Questions 

  • Exercise 12.6: 3 Questions 

  • Exercise 12.7: 2 Questions 

  • Exercise 12.8: 18 Questions 

4. Why should all the Class 10 students refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Chapter 12?

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 12 (Electricity) cover topics such as Ohm's Law, Circuit Diagram and Factors for the Resistance of a Conductor. The topics have been described with clear diagrams and practice-based questions. The solutions prepared by our in-house experts help the students to build a strong concept.


The topics related to Resistance of a System of Resistors further include Resistors in Parallels and Resistors in Series. These topics are explained with in-depth details along with solved numerical problems and practical activities are given in the form of examples as per the latest CBSE syllabus. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Chapter 12 based on these topics have been created to strengthen the fundamentals of students. The solutions also boost the problem-solving skills that help students a lot during the time of giving examinations.

5. Is Class 10 Science Chapter 12 "Electricity" easy?

If this question is asked to the students, you will get different responses. It depends on the calibre of the child whether this chapter is easy or difficult for him. The chapter becomes easy if the concepts of it are written in easy language. Vedantu - the best learning app delivers the best study material or notes for this chapter. Students can also practice questions on this website. The subject matter experts are responsible for creating the content. For a better understanding of this chapter,  go through the page NCERT Solutions of Class 10 Science Chapter 12.

6. Is there any advantage of connecting electrical devices with a battery in parallel?

The benefits of connecting electrical devices with a battery in parallel are:

  • The current amount varies through each element.

  • Through each element, the voltage drop is the same.

  • There is a decrease in equivalent resistance. 

  • The other appliances will continue to work if one of them fails.

  • The current of individual appliances combines to form the total current of the battery.

7. Is it possible to achieve good marks in the Class 10 Board Examination?

Yes, it is possible to perform well in the Class 10 Board Examination. For good preparation for exams, students require well-planned study material. You can get the solution PDF from the link NCERT Solutions of Class 10 Science Chapter 12. The notes and questions for all the subjects are available on the Vedantu Website and app free of cost. These study materials are created by experienced and well-qualified teachers. Students can practice these and can prepare for exams. The plus point is that the language of notes is very easy, and they are in the form of a PDF file.

8. What should be done to get a PDF file of NCERT Solutions of Class 10 Science Chapter 12 Electricity?

Go along with the steps to get the PDF file offline:

  • Click on the link for NCERT Solutions Chapter 12 Class 10 Science on this page.

  • Now the Vedantu page will open.

  • On the top of the page, you will see the option of "Download PDF".

  • When you click on that option, the PDF will get downloaded.

  • Now you can study the chapter offline from Vedantu.

9. How can I make a study plan for the Class 10 CBSE Board Examination?

Do the following to make a good study plan:

  • First of all, there should be a fixed schedule.

  • The schedule should comprise balanced activities.

  • Each subject should be given equal time, around 1-1.5 hrs.

  • Do the questions for a better understanding.

  • Give yourself a break after studying for 2-3 hours.

  • Exercise daily.

  • Drink lots of water and eat healthily.