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NCERT Exemplar Class 10 (Book Solutions)

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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Class 10 NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Maths & Science

Class 10 is a crucial time in a student's life. Doing well in the 10th Board exams is vital as it lays the foundation for the challenges of the Class 12 Board Examination. The syllabus in Class 10 provides a strong base for higher studies. Following CBSE guidelines, it not only helps in upcoming exams but also aids in cracking various competitive tests.

Two key subjects, Science and Maths, play a significant role in the higher classes' curriculum. Students are expected to excel in these subjects for a successful academic journey. However, many students struggle due to a lack of proper guidance and materials.

It is a fact that both the subjects require a strong understanding of the basic concepts and ideas; to be able to solve complex questions in the examination. Therefore, in order to help the student to overcome this hassle, the Class 10 NCERT Exemplar solutions play a very important role. These solutions have all the required practice questions and materials that will eventually help the students pass with flying colors.

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The Basic Motive behind the NCERT Exemplar Class 10 PDF Solutions

  1. The NCERT Exemplar class 10 with solutions is designed by student matter experts to provide guidance and assistance to the students.

  2. These Class 10 NCERT exemplar are available for only two subjects- Mathematics and Science, and contain questions that revolve around what is taught and present in their curriculum.

  3. NCERT Exemplar Class 10 PDF solutions have exercises that will ultimately prove as a source of encouragement and a helping hand to prepare the students for the board examinations.

  4. It is built to help the students get rid of their queries and doubts, and eventually makes them competent enough to solve the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs) in the examination.

  5. With the practice of these solutions, the students will with time understand the marking scheme and the question pattern. This will help them prepare accordingly for the exams.

Vedantu is one of the most renowned learning platforms in India; it provides you with a free PDF download of NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths & Science solved by expert teachers as per NCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. All chapter-wise questions with solutions help you to revise the complete syllabus. Every NCERT Solution is prepared to make the study simple and easy for students. Subjects like Science, Maths, English will become easy to study if you have access to NCERT Solution for Class 10 Science , Maths solutions and solutions of other subjects. You can also download NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths to help you to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

To get a more in depth and close few of these Solutions, let us dive into each subject individually.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths

Students mostly find Maths to be challenging. The reason can be that they have not been introduced to the subject in a fun and easy manner. Students also lack the proper guidance and explanation that is required to enjoy this subject. 

Once they are introduced to the concepts and the ideas constructing mathematics, the students will realize that playing with numbers is not such a bad idea after all. 

To help the students overcome their fear of dealing with numbers, CBSE has introduced the Class 10 Exemplar Solutions for maths. 

Here are some reasons why the NCERT Exemplar Class 10 with solutions are the best guide books for the Class 10 students:

  1. The exercises that these solutions entail are strictly adhered to following the CBSE Curriculum.

  2. With the practice of these solutions, the student will encounter all the important topics and concepts that might be asked in the examination.

  3. All the exercises have detailed solutions written in an easy language, thereby making the task of the student much easier.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science

Many students really enjoy studying Science. It sparks their curiosity about how the body works, the details of planets, and the elements around us. Science holds mysteries that captivate students. The NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science covers a variety of topics and theories that will be covered in higher classes. To excel in advanced classes, it's crucial for students to grasp the class 10 topics first.

However, as exams approach, students often feel overwhelmed. They struggle to figure out which guidebooks to use for a better understanding of the subject. That's where the NCERT Exemplar Class 10 PDF comes to the rescue, providing valuable assistance to students navigating through this challenging time.

  1. Student experts have crafted these solutions with the students' needs and CBSE guidelines in mind.

  2. The guidebooks help students clear doubts that may arise while studying a chapter.

  3. Experts, through careful efforts and extensive research, focus on strengthening basic concepts in line with the syllabus.

  4. The main goal is to ensure a child understands and can tackle more complex topics in the future.

  5. After mastering the basics, the books aim to enhance the child's comprehensive, analytical, and problem-solving skills.


NCERT Exemplar Class 10, provided by Vedantu, offers comprehensive solutions for students studying Class 10 Board exam. This resource includes a PDF version, ensuring easy access. The NCERT exemplar Class 10 with solution covers a wide range of topics, aiding in a thorough understanding of the subjects. With detailed explanations and step-by-step solutions, it becomes a valuable tool for students preparing for exams. Vedantu's NCERT Exemplar Class 10 PDF Solutions are designed to enhance learning, making complex concepts simpler. Accessible and user-friendly, this resource supports students in mastering the curriculum.

FAQs on NCERT Exemplar Class 10 (Book Solutions)

1. Where do download the NCERT Exemplar Solutions for class 10?

The Exemplar solutions for Class 10 Maths and Science can be downloaded from the website of Vedantu for free. The students can also download the Vedantu app. These solutions will not just help the students in preparing for the examination but they will also prove to be of immense help in expanding and nourishing the knowledge of the students. With adequate practice and dedication, the student will be able to excel academically. Therefore, it is extremely important and advisable that the student turns towards the NCERT Exemplar solutions to attain guidance. Students can 

2. Why should we refer to the NCERT Exemplar solutions?

The NCERT exemplar solutions are designed by student matter experts to meet the needs and demands of the students. These solutions provide the candidate with practice questions with solutions, thereby presenting themselves to be the most adequate guidebooks to prepare the student for the exam. It makes the task of the student much easier by providing detailed answers to all the questions. Therefore, with the practice of these solutions, the student is sure to be thorough with all the concepts and topics that he/she covers.

3. How to prepare for the Class 10 exam?

In order to score well in the Class 10 board exams, the students should follow the following suggestions. Firstly, they should prepare a well-structured and organized timetable. Once this is done, they should complete their day-to-day tasks following the timetable. Making notes and marking the important areas is something that every student should follow. Once this is done, the only thing left that the student should resort to is to refer to the NCERT exemplar solutions.

4. Is it enough to practise only the NCERT Exemplar solutions?

The NCERT exemplar solutions are the best guide books for the students to score good grades in their examinations. But to be completely well versed with the syllabus, it is always advised that the students should read the chapters first. This will help them get a firmer idea of the chapter. Thereby, when they refer to the NCERT Exemplar solution, it will become easier for them to grasp the contents at a lightning speed and with extreme precision.

5. Can we score more than 90 with the help of NCERT exemplar solutions?

Yes, it is extremely easy to score more than 90 with the help of the NCERT exemplar solutions. These solutions are designed by subject matter experts, thus, these solutions play a major role in familiarizing the students with the most basic and important concepts. Apart from this, the language used in these solutions is extremely lucid and easy to grasp, so that the student finds it easier to store it in their memory and utilize it during the examination.