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NCERT Exemplar Problems with Solutions - Free PDF Download

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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NCERT Solutions Available on Vedantu

The National Council of Educational Research and Training or NCERT publishes textbooks for all the classes from 1 to 12 according to the syllabus prescribed by CBSE. NCERT has been committed to enriching the students by providing them with extra materials as well as by training and producing teachers. The NCERT publishes exemplar problems from class 6th to 12th for science and maths students. Students can benefit by practicing these exercises given in the book for self-assessment and also mastering the problem-solving techniques.

The Exemplar problems are prepared to help the students to gain clarity in concepts. These problems also equip the students to attempt application-level questions on the concepts that they have studied. The NCERT Exemplar problems with solutions is a good study material that helps the students prepare for critical questions like Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS).

Vedantu provides you with the perfect materials to aid you to master the subjects through the solutions of exemplar problems by NCERT. These materials are prepared by experts in their field and will help you ace your exams. The problems and solutions in the NCERT exemplar books are selectively put together after a deep analysis of all the previous board exam question papers that will help the students score higher marks and pursue their desired courses in the future.

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Few Facts About NCERT Exemplar Problems with Solutions:

  • NCERT Exemplar book contains additional syllabus-related questions that will help the students deepen their knowledge in the subject.

  • The NCERT exemplar aims to help students get well versed in advanced concepts.

  • The NCERT exemplars come with subject-wise and chapter-wise PDFs to make it easier for the students to prepare for their exams.

  • Students can also download the sample question papers along with the solved answer scripts. 

  • The NCERT exemplar book is designed in a simple, easy-to-understand manner that will help the students comprehend difficult concepts easily.

  • This book contains higher-level application-based questions that include MCQs, short answer questions created by the experts for students to understand the concepts thoroughly.

  • The NCERT exemplar book is a great source to practice and revise. Since the book is built in an easy-to-follow manner that makes studying a lot simpler and more fun.

  • The NCERT exemplar book can be downloaded free of cost, students need not pay a penny to get access to these resourceful materials.

Advantages of NCERT Exemplar Problems with Solutions 

  • Develops Higher-Order Thinking Skills

NCERT Exemplar problems are designed to develop the higher-order thinking skills of students. These problems also improve the problem-solving ability of the students. These exemplar questions are also believed to be prepared given the competitive examinations that the students are going to attempt after their schooling.

  • Helps You Prepare for Competitive Exams

These exams like JEE, NEET, NTSE, and other many competitive exams do not just test the memory power of the students but rather test how they have understood the concepts and whether they know how to apply them in real-life scenarios.

  • Provides In-Depth Knowledge in a Simple Manner

Vedantu provides detailed and clear solutions to the NCERT Exemplar questions. These materials are prepared by leading educators in the country with immense knowledge and experience. All the materials provided by Vedantu are prepared in the same manner.

  • Provides Different Variations in Questions

Vedantu’s NCERT exemplar books offer a wide variation of questions for each chapter for classes 6th to 12th. It helps the students get acquainted with different types of questions that develop their problem-solving skills.

  • Strictly Follows the CBSE Curriculum

NCERT exemplar books designed by Vedantu strictly follow the CBSE syllabus, so it covers all the chapters of each subject of the respective classes (i.e., For Classes 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th) without missing out. So students need not worry about anything but make use of the books to the fullest to ace their exams.

NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Maths and Science

NCERT’s exemplar problems are limited to the subjects of mathematics and science as these are the subjects in which there is a need for increased focus in thinking and application skills. Mathematics is a subject which can never be avoided as the whole world runs on calculations. Every human being has to know the basics of mathematics and its application even for basic survival. Being such an important subject, the NCERT exemplar problems of mathematics from class 6th to 12th are unavoidable.

Science on the other hand is one of the elementary subjects which is present in every daily activity that we carry out. The application of scientific theory and scientific temper has brought about elephantine changes in the way that human beings live on the face of the earth. The exemplar questions of NCERT on science cover the areas of application and higher-order thinking which are quite essential to every student studying in their respective standards.

NCERT exemplar questions are of Mathematics and science from class 6th to class 10th. These questions challenge the students and test their ability to deal with real scenarios with the things that they have studied. These questions also help the students to gain increased clarity in the subjects and help them score more in their exams. These questions are of great importance to those students who are going to attempt the 10th Board examinations as the CBSE prioritizes higher-order thinking and problem-solving ability in their exams.

The NCERT Exemplar questions for classes 11 and 12 give more importance to the competitive exams that the students are going to attempt after their schooling. This includes the various engineering and medical entrances which are conducted all over the country and having a very tight competition like the JEE and NEET. All these entrance examinations focus on the application-level thinking and problem-solving ability of the students as they are going for professional courses that need those skills. The NCERT Exemplar questions for classes 11 and 12 are published for all three branches of science- Biology, chemistry and physics, and also mathematics.

Vedantu’s solutions to these exemplar questions of NCERT look into all these objectives of NCERT and prepare the answers to each question with utmost care. These answers are drafted by experts in the subjects and are designed to suit the needs of the students of different classes.

Vedantu - A Learning Partner Whom You Can Trust

Vedantu is without dispute the top educational platform in the country. Vedantu provides wide-ranging services to the students with one objective- To help the students excel. Vedantu has always been with the students in aiding them to learn their way to their dreams. Vedantu’s online live classes are the best along with the other offline content that it provides. Vedantu provides these offline materials like NCERT solutions, question banks, sample question papers, solutions to old question papers, and much more. For more assistance on the CBSE exams, keep visiting Vedantu’s official website, which provides the latest exam information such as CBSE previous year question papers, sample question papers, and important preparation tips for the exams.  Register on Vedantu to enjoy the learning process!

FAQs on NCERT Exemplar Problems with Solutions - Free PDF Download

1. How to Solve the NCERT Exemplar Problems Easily?

The NCERT Exemplar questions are not too complicated if you have comprehended the concepts easily. First, you have to read the NCERT textbook of your subject and get the concepts clear, Vedantu’s online live classes are of great help for conceptualization. Then try solving the textbook questions and later the exemplar questions. Vedantu’s free NCERT Solutions and Exemplar solutions would be your perfect partner in solving problems.

2. Do I Need to Solve all Exemplar Questions for Board Examinations?

The NCERT Exemplar questions are not very important for board examinations. The NCERT Textbook problems are enough to secure good marks in your boards. The Exemplar questions are of great help when it comes to competitive exams like NEET and JEE.

Vedantu’s NCERT exemplar solutions are extremely helpful in preparing for such competitive examinations. We would recommend the NCERT exemplar questions and our solution to every student as it definitely can give them a competitive edge in all examinations.

3. Where can I find the solutions for the NCERT Exemplar problems?

Students can find the solutions for  NCERT Exemplar problems at Vedantu. They can access the NCERT exemplar books free of cost. Students can download as well as view them online at Vedantu’s official website. The PDF contains the solutions as well. We recommend students to print or keep direct access to this PDF on devices they use, to easily study anytime, anywhere they wish. Having direct and easy access to study material makes the process faster. 

4. Does the NCERT exemplar contain NCERT textbook solutions?

No, the NCERT exemplar does not contain NCERT textbook solutions. The NCERT textbooks are designed to help the students understand the basic concepts of each chapter and subject. But the NCERT exemplar contains advanced questions that require higher thinking skills. Hence, both the NCERT textbook and the NCERT exemplar are built to serve different purposes. You must bear this in mind while choosing your reference. 

5. Can I use the NCERT exemplar for competitive exams?

Yes! Students can use the NCERT exemplar for different competitive exams. Most of the questions that appear in these competitive exams are directly or indirectly asked from the NCERT exemplar. So students can make use of the NCERT exemplar to ace any competitive exams. You can find all the required resources and more on Vedantu for free. So be sure to make some to log on and browse through our vast collection of study material specially made for students just like you.