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NCERT Books for Class 11 Latest Free PDF Download (2024-25)

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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CBSE Class 11 NCERT Books Free PDF Download

NCERT is a dedicated organisation of the Government of India, responsible for the distribution of promising books for students studying under CBSE. They publish books in English, Hindi and Urdu for class 1 to 12 and cover all subjects. NCERT books class 11 PDF is available online which students can download for free.

11th NCERT books are perfect for the students preparing for board exams or even aiming for other national entrance tests. These books provide a detailed understanding of any subject. For example, class 11 science NCERT book contains detailed diagrams and examples which help the students to comprehend each topic with ease.

Access CBSE NCERT Books for Class 11

Other Popular Book Solutions Class 11 NCERT

Discover a variety of popular book solutions that are widely sought after by readers. These solutions encompass a diverse range of topics and genres, catering to a wide audience.

Below is the list of all the NCERT Books for Class 11

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NCERT Books for Class 11 PDF - Free Download Online

List of NCERT Books for Class 11 

NCERT books are drafted following the CBSE curriculum. However, students from any board can consult the book for scoring well in the examination. NCERT books for Class 11 cover all the subjects like Mathematics, Physics, History, Accountancy, etc. with great details. 

Each Chapter of these books starts with a simple introduction and then delves deep into the core of the topic. Hence, by reading these books, students can make their basics strong. Starting from Class 11th Mathematicsematicss book PDF to Hindi book PDF, NCERT web portal possesses all. However, you can download NCERT books Class 11 PDF from any reputed e-portal and read them later offline at your convenience. 

If you are looking for a more convenient way for downloading Class 11 books in PDF format, you can check out our website. 

On Vedantu, you will get a wide array of NCERT books available for Class 11 for different subjects.

Download the NCERT Books in Hindi & English for Class 11 for Different Subjects

As the subjects studied in Class 11 continue through Class 12, the NCERT books of Class 11 provide a solid foundation for students and in-depth understanding. On top of that, students choose their professional choice in Class 11, therefore these NCERT texts are helpful for both board examinations and competitive tests.

NCERT Books for Class 11 – Download Free PDF

NCERT Books for Class 11 – English Medium

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ की किताबें हिंदी में

NCERT Book for Class 11 Physics Part 1 

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ भौतिकी भाग 1

NCERT Book for Class 11 Physics Part 2

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ भौतिकी भाग २

NCERT Book for  Class 11 Chemistry Part 1 

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ रसायन विज्ञान भाग 1

NCERT Book Class 11 Chemistry Part 2

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ रसायन विज्ञान भाग २

NCERT Book Class 11 Maths

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ गणित

NCERT Book Class 11 Biology

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ जीवविज्ञान

NCERT Books for Class 11 Accountancy

NCERT Books for Class 11 Accountancy in Hindi

NCERT Books Financial Accounting- 1

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ लेखाशास्त्र भाग 1

NCERT Book Accountancy- 2

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ लेखाशास्त्र भाग २

NCERT Books for Class 11 Business Studies

NCERT Books Class 11 Business Studies in Hindi

NCERT Book for Business Studies

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ व्यवसाय अध्ययन

NCERT Books Class 11 Economics

NCERT Books for Class 11 Economics in Hindi

NCERT Book for Indian Economic Development

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था का विकास

NCERT Books for Class 11 Geography

NCERT Books for Class 11 Geography in Hindi

NCERT Book Class 11 Indian Physical Environment

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ भारतीय भौतिक पर्यावरण

NCERT Book Class 11 Practical Work in Geography

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ भूगोल में प्रयोगात्मक कार्य भाग 1 

NCERT Book Class 11 Fundamentals of Physical Geography

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ भौतिक भूगोल के मूल सिद्धांत 

NCERT Books Class 11 History

NCERT Books for Class 11 History in Hindi

NCERT Book for Themes in World History

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ विश्व इतिहास के कुछ विषय

NCERT Books Class 11 Political Science

NCERT Books for Class 11 Political Science in Hindi

NCERT Book for Indian Constitution at Work

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ भारत का संविधान सिद्धांत और व्यवहार

NCERT Book for Political Theory

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ राजनीति सिद्धांत

NCERT Books for Class 11 Psychology

NCERT Books for Class 11 Psychology in Hindi

NCERT Book for Introduction to Psychology

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ मनोविज्ञान

NCERT Books for Class 11 Sociology

NCERT Books for Class 11 Sociology in Hindi

NCERT Book for Introducing Sociology

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ समाजशास्त्र भाग 1

NCERT Book for Class 11 Introducing Sociology

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ समाज का बोध

NCERT Books Class 11 Economics

NCERT Books for Class 11 Economics in Hindi

NCERT Book for Class 11 Indian Economic Development

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा (११) भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था का विकास

NCERT Books Class 11 Hindi

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ अंतरा

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ अंतराल

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ आरोह

एन सी ई आर टी कक्षा ११ वितान

NCERT Books Class 11 English

NCERT Hornbill

NCERT Snapshots Supplementary Reader English

NCERT Woven Words

Subject Wise Summary of Class 11 NCERT Books 

1. Mathematics 

Mathematics is a highly scoring subject in which students can get full marks. However, a single mistake also gets zero marks, and because of this, many students sit for a board exam with a fear of scoring low in this subject. But the Class 11 Mathematics NCERT book makes the problems seem easy so that students do not face struggle in solving them.

Topics like trigonometric functions, Binomial theorem, probability, introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry require proper understanding and extensive session of practice. Moreover, the exercises after each Chapter contain several problems that may come in the board exam. Therefore, download Class 11 Mathematics NCERT book PDF to get a comprehensive idea of what types of sums to require practising in order to score full marks in Mathematics.

To download Mathematics Chapter-wise content, students can follow the given steps: 

  1. They need to select the Chapter which they want to download. 

  2. Click on the highlighted Chapter link. 

  3. The link will redirect students to the respective Chapter's webpage. 

  4. Students will find an option of downloading PDF. 

  5. They need to click on that option, and the PDF will be downloaded. 

The downloadable PDF of Class 11 Mathematics is available for the following Chapters. 

2. Physics 

Physics is one of the major subjects of the Science stream that students need to learn.

Only cramming the topics does not work for this subject. Pupils must make their basics clear and strong to score well in the exam.

NCERT 11 physics book is the best in this regard because it provides a step-by-step explanation of each topic and the critical theories of it are explained lucidly. The integration of real-life examples with the critical concepts of physics makes this book student-friendly Concepts such as Motion, Gravitation, Thermodynamics, Waves, etc. are explained in great details along with appropriate diagrams. For this reason, after studying NCERT physics Class 11 PDF, there remains little room for doubts and confusion.

Students can refer to the PDF format of the NCERT book of Physics for Class 11 for the following Chapters. 

3. Chemistry

The syllabus of CBSE Chemistry is vast, and students often get confused about how to and from where they should start reading. In such a scenario, Class 11 Chemistry NCERT PDF comes to their rescue. The Chemistry book contains a total of 14 Chapters, each of them is equally vital for scoring well in the board exam. Therefore there’s no way that you can skip any Chapter. However, you don’t need to do so as NCERT 11 Chemistry book presents each concept in a simplified manner so that students can learn them readily and can memorise them in the exam hall. Class 11 Chemistry made by Vedantu makes sure that students may not find any difficulties while understanding the concepts. Chemistry Class 11 NCERT book is not only important for school exam purposes but also crucial for the preparation of competitive exams like JEE and NEET. Therefore, the critical Chapters like Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, Hydrocarbons, The s-block elements, Structure of atoms, etc. are discussed with minute details in Class 11th Chemistry book.

On Vedantu, students can download the Class 11 Chemistry Chapters mentioned below. 

4. Biology 

Biology is a determining subject, especially for the students who aspire to make a career in medical, pharmaceutical and other related fields. Biology textbook for Class XI provides an extensive overview of all the Chapters that students need to learn during the course.  Class 11 biology book focuses on the critical parts of all the topics and provides a precise explanation to them accordingly. Following are some of the topics that 11th NCERT Biology book covers.

Hence, download NCERT Biology Class 11 PDF and start solving the exercises so that you can excel in all upcoming examinations. Moreover, these Chapter-wise PDFs of Class 11 Biology will allow you to study  at your pace whenever or wherever you want.

5. English 

Being a compulsory subject, NCERT Class 11 English book is a must-have for all CBSE students. Two different textbooks are there in CBSE Class 11 syllabus, English Hornbill and English Snapshot. English helps the students to organise their thoughts and express them in beautiful words. Along with that, this language also assists the students to improve their communication skills to a great extent. Most students love English because it helps them to think and write freely. Keeping this aspect in mind, English book Class 11 PDF comprises selected poetry and prose so that students get comfortable in both these forms of Literature. Also, the illustrations and presentation of the book compel the students to read each text with great interest.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Hornbill

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Hornbill

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Snapshots 

6. Business Studies

Business Studies is a multifaceted subject in the sense that deals with several concepts like Finance, Services, Enterprises, etc. Hence, students require constant guidance to interpret all the concepts efficiently. Though it is a theoretical subject, only memorising will not serve the purpose. Students need to know and apply these lessons to how several business organisations function.

NCERT Class 11 PDF for Business Studies, thus encourages the students to understand each concept with equal attention and not just memorising them for the exam. After learning the concepts from this book, you will be able to answer any kind of Business related questions that will fetch excellent marks.

7. Economics 

Economics is a diverse subject that is primarily Classified into two segments, micro and macroeconomics. While the former one deals with the individual business decisions, the latter one involves the decisions of the Government and country atlarge. NCERT Class 11 Economics book focuses on both these branches of Economics.

Reading Economics enables the students to relate their Classroom studies with the world outside. Economics books for Class 11 provide an insight into the world of economics with all necessary details. Moreover, like other subjects, an exercise is provided with each Chapter so the students can gauge their knowledge of Economics.

8. Accountancy 

The Commerce students are aware of how vital Accountancy is in terms of scoring marks. Based on this subject, most students pursue their higher studies. Hence, you cannot neglect this subject. However, scoring full marks is not an impossible thing when it comes to Accountancy. For that, you need thorough revision and practice to minimise mistakes. In that regard, NCERT accountancy book Class 11 can be of great help.

Starting from basic concepts of accountancy to more complicated ones, all are part of this book. Students get to learn about fundamental topics like Bank transactions, Financial statements, depreciation, bill of exchange and several others from this book.

9. Statistics 

Statistics is a branch of study that focuses on calculations, presentation, analysis, numerical interpretation of data, etc. Often students find this subject difficult as it involves intricate detailing and elaborate numerical presentation. NCERT Books Class 11 PDF for Statistics thus presented a simplified version of all the critical concepts of the subject so that students do not lose interest in the subject. The writers of the book have ensured that students learn the subject through real-life examples and step-by-step analysis of any topic. For this reason, after reading the book, students can tackle any kind of statistical problems readily. Furthermore, the exercise after each Chapter prepares the students for board exams.

10. Psychology

Students from both Science and Humanities opt for Psychology in their 10+2 level. CBSE 11th NCERT book for Psychology concentrates on various aspects of the Human Mind. Also, Psychology is not only related to Human mind. To get a firm grasp on this subject, pupils need to have detailed knowledge of Human Anatomy and how several parts of the Brain and the Nervous system control the human mind and its behaviour.

Needless to say, just cramming the Chapters will not let you score well in the examination. For that, you need to develop a concrete base of the subject. Only then you will be able to handle the questions that will be asked in the board examination.

11. Hindi 

CBSE students take up Hindi as their first or second language. NCERT books are also drafted following the syllabus of CBSE. Hindi texts are distributed in four different books, namely Antra, Antral, Aroh and Vitan. Students will find the works of many celebrated Hindi writers in these books.

However, interpreting the text and finding out the inner meaning is not an easy task. In this case, NCERT books for Class 11 Hindi books guide them thoroughly.

One of the characteristics of these books is that they provide in-depth analysis of each piece of work along with the meaning of some rare words.

Hence, reading these books, students not only score good marks in the exam but also acquire expertise in the language.

12. Geography 

NCERT the Geography Syllabus is vast, and it is spread through three parts. Part 1 deals

with the Physical Geography; Part 2 gives an account of Physical Environment of India and lastly part 3 deals with the practical work. Needless to say, without proper guidance, students cannot complete the whole syllabus.

For that matter, students opt for NCERT books Class 11 PDF so that they can start with their lesson even before the session begins. Since most of the NCERT books aim at bringing the best of each student, the books are concise yet informative. Due to this, students can also opt for self-study depending on these books.

Also, the exercises after each Chapter are instrumental in preparing students for board exams.

13. Political Science 

Political Science provides knowledge about several policies of Government, the rights and duties of citizens, the characteristics of political parties and their behaviour. From a distance, it might seem like a boring subject. However, with proper explanation and background of any administrative decision, this subject can be fascinating to learn.  On that note, NCERT Class 11 Political Science book covers all the theories of this subject and detailed analysis of the same. This subject is compulsory for the students who aspire to get into administrative services and acquire the posts of IAS, IPS, IFS, District Magistrate, etc. Knowing the relevance of the subject, students opt for NCERT book for Political Science to ace the study.

14. History 

For the students of Humanities, History is a major subject along with Geography, Sociology, Psychology, etc. Hence, students prefer NCERT books Class 11 PDF to learn about the vital themes of history. Class 11 CBSE school syllabus includes the themes of World History, which can often seem complicated to students.

However, this book encompasses all the important historical events in chronological order. Along with that, it also contains the maps of ancient times. For these factors, it becomes easier for students to memorise the concepts with the correct date.  Moreover, the exercise, in the end, enables students to test what they have learnt so far.

15. Graphic Design 

Graphic Design is a comparatively new subject that has been integrated into CBSE syllabus. Assessing the rising demand for illustrators for advertising and other agencies, many students take up this subject so that they can pursue higher study in this field.

NCERT Class 11 book for Graphics Design provides a comprehensive view of this industry and its real-life application. The trends in this field are still evolving; hence students need to stay updated about the latest trends and techniques to find the niche. 

This industry is full of possibilities and opportunities. Also, if you want to make your career in something unconventional, Graphic Designing can prove to be a great choice.

16. Computer and Communication Technology 

In this age of technological advancements, having a sound knowledge about computer and communication technology will aid to fulfil your career goal. As a matter of fact, Computer literacy is now a parameter in India that shows the number of people who have a basic knowledge of computers. Till this date, the rate is about 6.5%, and by 2021 hopefully, it will cross the threshold of 10%. Keeping all these aspects into consideration, NCERT has issued a book on this subject that is student-friendly so that even first-generation learners can operate the computers with ease. NCERT books Class 11 PDF, however, contains more critical mechanisms of the communication system and the usage of Machine language. 

Why Choose NCERT Books for CBSE Exam Preparation?

Over the years, the demand for NCERT books for Class 11 has never receded. Instead, it has only increased. But what are the reasons behind it? To find out the answer, you need to consider the following aspects.

In-depth analysis - NCERT books provide a detailed explanation of any concept which helps the students to develop a deeper understanding of the subject. The supporting diagrams and attractive illustrations only help students make them engrossed in the lesson.

Also, NCERT books aim at providing a quality education system. Hence, their books are more than just a heap of information.

Simple presentation - Another characteristic of NCERT books is that they are the epitome of simplicity concerning presentation and the entire tone of books. That does not mean they lack the vital and critical aspect of the subject. On the contrary, critical concepts seem more manageable because of the interactive approach of the books.

Ready availability - NCERT books are available both online and offline. Students can get their hands on these books simply by entering our web portal. Moreover, if you are comfortable reading books in physical form, you can buy them from any standard book store or by ordering online. However, you can also download NCERT books Class 11 PDF for free.

Exam friendly Exercises - Each Chapter of NCERT books contain an exercise at the end. These exercises are framed following the question patterns of the board exam. Hence, solving these problems prepares the students for upcoming vital examinations. Hopefully, you have got your answer for what makes NCERT books most popular. Now that you know to download the books online and start preparing the lesson beforehand as that will allow enough room for revision just before the examination. 


Why Should You Opt for Vedantu?

Vedantu is the most promising e-learning portal of any kind of educational requirement.

We have a broad collection of notes, PDFs, model questions and solutions for every subject irrespective of the grades. However, NCERT books Class 11 PDFs are the most downloaded ones on our site. If you are not a CBSE student, you can still consult these books as they are suitable for every board of India. Besides, if you ever feel stuck with any subject, in particular, you can join our live session for instant clarification. For more such facilities, download Vedantu’s app today and stay updated!

Other Free CBSE Study Material for Class 11

Other Free CBSE Study Material 

FAQs on NCERT Books for Class 11 Latest Free PDF Download (2024-25)

1. What are the syllabus of books published by NCERT?

NCERT is the sole organisation which prints books on recommendation of CBSE. Therefore all the subjects that are part of this curriculum are available in NCERT book list. For example, Class 11th Mathematics, Physics, Biology, History, etc. are NCERT books. If you are a student of this board, you can look for any book of your syllabus published by NCERT. 

2. How do NCERT books help in board preparation?

NCERT books are the most favourite of CBSE students. The reason is these books are easy to comprehend, and the information it provides is accurate. Because of this reason, teachers of high schools also recommend these books to students. Besides, board exams students also refer to NCERT books because of its clarity and conciseness. 

3. When will NCERT books for class 11 be available for 2024-25?

Each year NCERT publishes a new edition of school books. This year they have published the same. You can get hold of them by downloading the same from their official website. However, this year there were no significant changes as the syllabus remained the same. However, if you haven’t downloaded the NCERT PDF books click on the updated version of the required books to initiate free downloading. 

4. What are the reference books for Physics apart from NCERT?

There are some handfuls of standard books that you can consult apart from NCERT physics Class 11 PDF. For instance, H.C. Verma’s Concept of Physics, DC Pandey’s Understanding Physics, Dinesh’s New Millennium Physics Class 11 are a few to name.

5. Where will Class 11 students get NCERT textbooks for free?

Students of Class 11 will get NCERT textbooks for free on Vedantu’s website( and mobile app. Students can download the NCERT textbooks in PDF format via this platform. Moreover, students will also find textbook Chapter-wise solutions to the questions that are explained in detail in an easy language. These solutions are prepared by professionals who intend to provide correct information to students irrespective of their intelligence quotient. Hence, these solutions are all helpful for below average, average students and even for toppers. The solutions of these Chapters are of great use, especially during exams. 

6. How many NCERT books are there for Class 11?

For Class 11, there are generally around 14 to 16 NCERT books, depending on the stream and subjects chosen. This includes textbooks for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, and English.

7. What are the names of the NCERT books for Class 11?

The names of the NCERT books for Class 11 may vary depending on the stream and subjects chosen. Some common NCERT books for Class 11 include Physics Part 1/2, Chemistry Part 1/2, Biology, Mathematics, Accountancy Part 1/2, Business Studies, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, and English books such as Hornbill and Snapshots.

8. How many books are there for Class 11 NCERT PCM?

For Class 11 NCERT PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), there are a total of five books. This includes two books for Physics (Part 1 and Part 2), two books for Chemistry (Part 1 and Part 2), and one book for Mathematics. These books cover the complete syllabus for the respective subjects in the PCM stream for Class 11.

4. Which books are best for PCM Class 11?

For PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) Class 11, the best books are the NCERT textbooks as they cover the prescribed syllabus comprehensively. Additionally, for further practice and reference, you can consider books like "Concepts of Physics" by HC Verma, "Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations" by RC Mukherjee, and "RD Sharma Mathematics" for in-depth problem-solving and conceptual clarity.

10. Where can I get free NCERT books?

You can get free NCERT books from the official NCERT website (, ePathshala (, Diksha app, and various online educational platforms like Vedantu. Additionally, local libraries or community libraries may also provide free access to NCERT books.

11. Is class 11 maths tough?

The level of difficulty in Class 11 maths can vary from student to student. It introduces new concepts and builds upon the foundation laid in earlier grades. Some students may find it challenging due to the abstract nature of certain topics or the need for strong problem-solving skills. However, with consistent practice and a clear understanding of the concepts, it can be manageable for most students.