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JEE Advanced Online Mock Test Series

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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IIT JEE Advanced Online Mock Test Series for Free - JEE Advanced 2024

The best way to finish off your exam preparation is to sit for mock tests and get yourself some good practice before appearing for the test. You learn and study from books all year, but to be able to comfortably handle the exam paper, you need to be acquainted with the question pattern as well as be able to manage time, juggling with accuracy and precision. Vedantu’s JEE Advanced Online Mock Test Series will help you out in this regard.

JEE Advanced Mock Test Paper wise

JEE Advanced 2024 Paper 1 and Paper 2 will be conducted online in Computer Based Test (CBT) format. It has been conducted in online mode since 2018. Vedantu, in its endeavour to help students prepare, practice and revise in the best way, has launched a Free JEE Advanced Online Mock Test Series. The tests are based on the latest format followed by the IIT which conducts the exam every year.

You can attempt the Online Mock Test for JEE Main on Vedantu as well for the upcoming year.

JEE Advanced Mock Tests for 2024: Free Online Series

Prepare meticulously for JEE Advanced 2024 with Vedantu's comprehensive and free online mock test series. Emulate the exam environment, refine your skills, and track your progress effectively. Gain firsthand experience of JEE Advanced while pinpointing areas for enhancement. Elevate your readiness with tailored mock tests designed to provide a competitive advantage. Join Vedantu to kickstart your preparation journey and strive for excellence in JEE Advanced 2024.

Tailored Practice: Subject-Specific JEE Online Mock Tests

Sharpen your JEE exam readiness with our subject-specific online mock tests. Crafted to enhance your skills and boost confidence, these tests provide targeted practice for each subject, ensuring you're well-prepared for success.

JEE Advanced Online Mock Test Series for 2024 Exams

The Free Online Mock Test Series contains 7 sets of Free Online Tests (a total of 14 tests) based on the complete syllabus. You can attempt the test only once. The computer-based tests for JEE Advanced require some practice to get used to. So students are advised to attempt it seriously to get a realistic reflection of their current preparation level. All the best for your preparations. If you have already attempted the test, you can view the results by logging in and then clicking on ‘Test Shared’.

Why Should Students Take the Free JEE Advanced Mock Test?

If you are aiming to attain a good rank in the JEE Advanced Exam, it is recommended that you take an ample amount of mock tests. These mock tests will let you know your weak areas and where improvement is needed. Taking JEE Advanced Mock Tests will also help relieve your anxiety before the real exam.

There are various free JEE Advanced Mock Tests available online for students who are looking for high-quality material to prepare for their exams. These exams are highly designed and cover all the topics that the JEE Advanced Exam deals with. Following are some of the best mock tests on the internet.

JEE Main Mock Test Series

This is one of the best mock test series available online. The test is free of cost and covers various topics that students usually study for in their JEE Main Exam. It has all the important questions with answers and problems to help you in understanding concepts better while preparing for your JEE Main Exam. The test contains over 750 questions from different topics, covering all the areas that are tested in the actual exam.

The questions are devised in a very captivating manner to help students understand concepts better and avoid mistakes. You can easily access this mock test series from any device that enables internet connectivity.

JEE Main Mock Test Haptics Free Practice Test Series

This test series is also available for free and helps students prepare for the important JEE Main Exam very well by covering different topics with a lot of practice. The questions and answers are very closely related to how the actual JEE Main Exam is and help students get ready for the test.

The mock test series contains over 600 questions covering all the main topics that students usually prepare for in their JEE Main Exam. You can take this free practice test series twice a day to improve your performance.

JEE Physics Online Mock Tests

Enhance your JEE Physics preparation with our specialized online mock tests. Sharpen your skills, simulate exam conditions, and boost your confidence for success.

JEE Chemistry Online Mock Tests

Fuel your JEE Chemistry readiness with our dedicated online mock tests. Practice, refine, and excel in chemistry concepts, all while gaining the confidence to excel in the JEE exam.

JEE Maths Online Mock Tests

Empower your JEE Math preparation through our tailored online mock tests. Strengthen your math skills, navigate diverse problems, and build the confidence to conquer the JEE exam.

Master JEE Physics Chapter by Chapter: Online Mock Tests for Class 11 & 12

Navigate JEE Physics chapters effectively with our online mock tests. Designed for both Class 11 and 12, these tests offer targeted practice, helping you conquer each chapter and excel in the JEE exam.

Ace Every JEE Chemistry Chapter: Online Mock Tests for Class 11 & 12

Excel in JEE Chemistry chapters with our Class 11 & 12 online mock tests. Enhance understanding, tackle concepts systematically, and fully prepare for the JEE exam.

Navigate JEE Math Successfully: Class 11 & 12 Online Mock Tests, Organized by Chapters

Efficiently prepare for JEE Math with our Class 11 & 12 online mock tests, thoughtfully structured by chapters. Build confidence as you navigate each topic, ensuring a successful journey towards JEE excellence.

Why Should You Take Free JEE Advanced Mock Tests on Vedantu?

If you have been preparing for the JEE Advanced exam to get a seat in a top engineering college, you must be aware of how important it is to time your preparation for this test. And if you are looking to take a free mock test then there is no better website than Vedantu to do that.

You might be wondering why you should take the test on Vedantu. Well, there are many reasons, and we will list them for you in this article.

  • The mock tests on Vedantu are the best ones out there because we have already developed a way for our experts to give their input while developing the test questions and answers.

  • The best part is that the test questions are short but very similar to the real test. So you can easily get an idea about how your preparation is going. And this gives you the confidence needed to take the actual JEE Advanced Exam.

  • Secondly, we have tested our mock tests on thousands of students in many colleges across India and the US so that your preparation will be at its best.

  • Lastly, if you take any of our free tests then we give you a 100% guarantee that you will clear this exam with flying colours. So, there is no better place than Vedantu to take the free JEE Advanced Mock Tests.

How to Attempt Free JEE Advanced Mock Tests at Vedantu?

Start your preparation for the toughest engineering exam, the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE), by attempting free JEE advanced mock tests at Vedantu.

It is suggested that every engineering aspirant attempt a mock test as early as possible to understand the difficulty level and prepare accordingly. It keeps them from wasting valuable time on irrelevant questions during the actual exam.

To begin your preparation, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the website of Vedantu. You can also download its app from the play store.

  • Click on the "Start Your Preparation Now" button at the top-right corner of the screen.

  • You will then be directed to the following page, which asks you to register for a free JEE Advanced Mock Test by providing your name, mobile number and email id.

  • After registering successfully for a free JEE advanced mock test, you will see this page on your screen: Click Here To Attempt A Free JEE Advanced Mock Test

  • Type in your mobile number and click "Submit" to begin the test.

  • The test will begin after a few seconds of delay.

  • If you are unable to submit your login details for any reason, you can utilise the alternative login methods provided below:

  • Login with Google Authenticator: Download Google Authenticator on your device and run it. Login using the same Google Authenticator you just installed.

The password can be retrieved from your user profile at Vedantu.

  • Login with Verified Account: Launch the Vedantu app on your device, log in with your email account and password, and select the 'Verified Account' option under 'Account Settings.

  • Login Using Facebook If you have linked your Facebook account to Vedantu, log in using the same Facebook account you used to make the initial registration.

Note: You will have to log in to your Facebook account from Vedantu, and link the same again so that you don't need to enter the details twice.

  • Login with Twitter: Take a glance at your email account from within the app. If you have registered using your device's mobile number, then select 'Twitter' from the menu that pops up when you click on the email ID.

  • Login with Google: If you have registered using your email id, launch an internet browser and log in with the same Google account you used for registration.

For login issues please contact us at or call us at – 98184-58898.

Note: The free JEE advanced mock test is time-bound and students should attempt as many questions as possible within the given duration. At the end of the test, students will be prompted to take a printout of their scores for future reference. The printout will contain the total number of correct answers, as well as the time taken to attempt those questions. 

You can also attempt a free JEE Advanced Mock Test. The free JEE advanced mock test experience will give you a fair idea of how tough or easy it is to crack the actual exam. Taking subsequent mock tests will only provide an opportunity to improve your scores and increase your chances to get through the tough exam. Do not feel disappointed if you are unable to score well on the first test.

Benefits of Attempting Free Online JEE Advanced Mock Test Series

The benefits of attempting a free online JEE Advanced mock test series for candidates preparing for the exam include:

  • Practice on an adaptive and accurate online system.

  • Preview and monitor your performance with detailed statistics and reports on your progress.

  • Get instant feedback with virtual solutions to every question.

  • Receive detailed explanations for all questions with the help of videos, diagrams, animations, graphs, sample problems etc.

  • Get instant assistance through the contact us feature.

Steps to take JEE Advanced Mock Test on the Official Website

Several websites offer the JEE Advanced Mock Test. It is advisable to go to the official website of the JEE Advanced to take the mock test. By taking this test, you will get a realistic idea of how well or how poorly you would perform in the actual examination.

This will help you understand the type of questions that you would face during the actual examination.

Step 1: Log on to the website of JEE.

To take the JEE Advanced Mock Test, one has to click on the link which is available at the top of this page. This will take you to a page that has those sections – Registration, Filling and Mock Test Papers. Fill in all asked fields and finally click on "Submit".

Follow the instructions to register.

Step 2: Fill in all asked details and click on submit button.

To be able to take the JEE Advanced Mock Tests, you will have to enter a few details such as your Roll Number, Date of Birth, E-mail ID etc. After filling in all asked fields, click on "Submit". A message page will be displayed for your confirmation before you go ahead with the test.

Step 3: Now you will have to sign in to confirm the registration.

After filling in all the details, click on "Sign In". This will take you to a new page. On this page, fill in your password and click on "Sign In".

Step 4: If you have already registered for several mock tests, then choose your most preferred test.

In case you have already enrolled yourself for several mock tests, then scroll down and check which among them is most preferable for this attempt.

Step 5: Now click on the link "JEE Advanced Mock Test" to start the examination.

After checking your preferred test paper, click on "Appear for Test". You will be taken to a new webpage. This page has questions that need to be answered before you can log in to take the exam. Scroll down and read all instructions carefully. Once you are ready, proceed to answer the questions which are available on your screen.

Step 6: Set your time.

Click on Start Timing for the test exam to begin. This will take you to a new page with "Start Timing". For each of the questions on this page, click on whether you want to answer it in 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Once the 15 or 30 minutes are over, click once more at "Start Timing" to proceed further. Fill in all the details and proceed further.

Step 7: After filling in all the details, click on "Submit". You will be taken to a new page with the "Result View" option. Click on View Result View to download your test results from here.

If you have selected a 30 minutes paper, you will be successful if you get at least 30 attempts with at least 4 correct answers in the 15 minutes time limit. In case your attempts are less or more than that, then it would have been unsuccessful.

JEE Advanced 2024 – Important Instructions

This document is written for the students of JEE Advanced 2024 who are making the most of their last few days of preparation.  The following guidelines are very helpful and will be useful for the upcoming exams you plan to take.

  • The mock test will be for 3 hours and the time will begin when the competitor enters the test window. 

  • Candidates are not needed to tap on the submit button towards the finish of the mock test to save their reactions. It will be saved consequently. 

  • Candidates can avoid any inquiries during the test and can endeavour it later. They can likewise switch areas. 

  • To change the response to any question, click on the 'clear response' and afterwards answer the inquiry once more. 

  • To save the reaction and move to the following inquiry, the up-and-comer should tap on the save and next button.


We would advise students to take the JEE Advanced mock tests provided by Vedantu so that they can get acquainted with the question paper pattern and format. These mock tests will help students get sufficient practice and become confident before appearing for the actual test. 

FAQs on JEE Advanced Online Mock Test Series

1. How many IIT JEE online mock test papers are being provided by Vedantu?

There are a total of seven IIT JEE online mock test series which include 14 papers in total. These free online mock test series are designed by experts based on the latest JEE syllabus. You can attempt the test only once. These JEE Advanced tests are computer-based and these require some practice to get used to the structure. So students are advised to attempt it to understand their current preparation level.

2. Why should one refer to the IIT JEE Online Mock Test Series offered by Vedantu?

By solving the IIT JEE Online Mock Test Series offered by Vedantu, students can avail the below-mentioned benefits. Take a look.

  • Students will understand the actual exam paper pattern along with marks weightage. 

  • They will learn about the challenges and difficulties that they could face in the actual exam.

  • The chance of clearing the JEE Main 2024 in the first attempt will increase.

  • Students will be able to identify their strong and weak points in each subject.

  • These mock tests will make them realise where they are standing in terms of JEE exam preparation. 

3. When should you take the IIT JEE Online Mock Test Series?

JEE Main 2024 aspirants must take the JEE online mock test to understand the real exam pattern. These tests will give them a heads up for the preparation. Upon completion of the entire syllabus, they can begin with the JEE Main mock test series 2024. It will help in a quick revision of all the topics that are included in the module. After every mock test, they must analyse their performance and chalk out a strategy to perform better in the next mock test.

4. How will the JEE aspirants evaluate their performance?

Clearing the JEE Main/ JEE Advanced exam needs a lot of dedication and determination along with the in-depth knowledge of each concept in the syllabus. It also needs you to speed up while solving the paper during the actual exam. However, your speed in the examination should come up along with the accuracy level. Otherwise, there will not be any good results. Proper time management and minimum mistakes are the keys to achieving the ultimate success.

Therefore, Vedantu’s free online test series for IIT JEE 2024 is included with the free test analysis. Students can take up the mock tests and they can avail of facility of free test analysis upon taking the tests. Not only that but also Vedantu gives detailed, in-depth feedback on the performance once the test is taken and also a complete insight into the way the student has taken the mock test. This will help the students in the long run and also help them to rectify their silly mistakes.

5. How can Vedantu's mock test help the JEE Aspirants?

Vedantu's online JEE Advanced Mock Tests are designed to help students prepare better for the real test. It is crucial to get an idea of how difficult the examination is and what areas need tremendous improvement. Starting with a free online JEE Advanced mock test will help you assess your level of preparedness. It keeps you on track with the exam pattern and makes you all set to give the exam which you have been preparing for with all your heart.

One can avail of all the well-researched and good-quality content from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application available on the play store.

6. What is the role of mock tests in exam preparation?

When preparing for any exam, a student must make sure that he/she has all important questions covered and can confidently sit for the test knowing that he/she will be able to answer at least the known questions with ease. To garner this power, the student needs to sit for practice tests or mock tests that simulate the actual exam condition. Time management, good practice, and an understanding of the exam pattern and question format are the things that a student can benefit from by sitting for mock tests.

Is there any mock test for JEE Advanced?

Mock tests are a crucial part of JEE Advanced preparation. Vedantu offer mock tests that simulate the actual exam format and difficulty level. Taking mock tests helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, improve your time management skills, and get familiar with the pressure of an exam environment.