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JEE Main Maths Question Answers 2023

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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Crack JEE Main Maths 2023 with Expert Tips and Question Answers

JEE Main is one of the most competitive entrance exams for engineering aspirants. Mathematics is a crucial subject in the exam, accounting for 30 marks out of 90. Scoring well in JEE Main Mathematics requires a strong understanding of the concepts, problem-solving skills, and thorough practice of the previous year's question papers. This article will discuss JEE Main Maths question answers, including important topics and previous year's question answers.


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JEE Main

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JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

Important JEE Main Maths Question Answers

JEE Main Maths Question Answers PDF is an invaluable resource for engineering aspirants preparing for one of the India'st competitive entrance exams. Mathematics is an essential subject in the JEE Main exam, and scoring well in this section requires a deep understanding of the concepts, formulas, and problem-solving skills. The JEE Main Maths Question Answers PDF provides comprehensive solutions to the previous year's question papers, which helps the aspirants understand the exam pattern, marking scheme, and the type of questions that can expect in the exam.

The JEE Main Maths Question Answers PDF prepared by Vedantu’s subject matter experts, who have years of experience in teaching and guiding engineering aspirants, can be downloaded from the links below.

S. No

JEE Main Maths Question and Answer 


Excluding Stoppages, the Speed of a Bus Is 54 Km/h and Including Stoppages, it Is 45 Km/h.- JEE Main Maths


A Circular Field Has a Circumference of 360 Km.- JEE Main Maths


Let a and B Be Two Sets Containing 2 Elements Each.- JEE Main Maths


A Boat Running Upstream Takes 8 Hours 48 Minutes to Cover a Certain Distance, While it Takes 4 Hours to Cover the Same Distance Running Downstream.- JEE Main Maths


Which of the Following Is the Empty Set: A) {x | X Is a Prime Number and X < 10} B) {x | X Is an Even Number and X > 10}- JEE Main Maths


The Angle Between the Hands of a Clock When the Time Is 8:30- JEE Main Maths


The Next Term of the Sequence: 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, ...- JEE Main Maths


The Angle of Depression of the Top and the Bottom of a 10 M High Building from the Top of a Multi-storied Building Is 30 Degrees and 45 Degrees Respectively.- JEE Main Maths


Radius of the Largest Circle Which Passes Through the Points (0, 0), (4, 0), and (0, 3)- JEE Main Maths


The Real Roots of the Equation X^2 + 3x + 2 = 0 Are- JEE Main Maths


In a Family, Each Daughter Has the Same Number of Brothers as She Has Sisters, but Each Son Has Twice as Many Sisters as He Has Brothers.- JEE Main Maths


A Five-letter Word Is to Be Formed Such That the First Two Places Are Filled With Vowels and the Other Three With Consonants.- JEE Main Maths


Find the Cubic Polynomial Whose Zeroes Are 3, -5, and 7.- JEE Main Maths


A Man on the Top of a Vertical Observation Tower Observes a Car Moving at a Uniform Speed Coming Directly Towards the Tower.- JEE Main Maths


The Number of Ways in Which 6 Men and 5 Women Can Dine at a Round Table, If No Two Women Are to Sit Together, Is- JEE Main Maths


In a Class of 60 Students, 25 Students Play Cricket, 30 Students Play Football, and 5 Students Play Both Cricket and Football.- JEE Main Maths


A Regular Polygon Has 20 Sides. How Many Diagonals Does it Have?- JEE Main Maths


There Are 10 Professors and 20 Students Out of Which 5 Are Boys. a Committee of 3 Members Is to Be Formed Containing 2 Professors and 1 Student.- JEE Main Maths


The Number of Ways in Which 5 Male and 2 Female Students Can Sit in a Row So That No Two Female Students Sit Together Is- JEE Main Maths


A Man on Tour Travels First 160 Km at 64 Km/hr and the Next 160 Km at 80 Km/hr.- JEE Main Maths


The Maximum Number of Equivalence Relations on the Set a = {1, 2, 3} Is- JEE Main Maths


Show That the Max and Min Values of 8cos^2(θ) + 15sin^2(θ) Are 15 and 8, Respectively.- JEE Main Maths


Which of the Following Are Correct Regarding the Curve X^2 + Y^2 - 6x + 5y - 7 = 0?- JEE Main Maths


There Are 96 Apples and 112 Oranges. These Fruits Are to Be Arranged in Such a Way That There Is Exactly One Empty Place Between Any Two Apples or Any Two Oranges.- JEE Main Maths


Evaluate the Definite Integral: ∫(0 to Π/2) 3sin(2x) Dx- JEE Main Maths


The Probability of Selecting a Rotten Apple from a Heap of 20 Apples Is 0.15.- JEE Main Maths


The Probability That Four 's's Come Consecutively in the Word 'mississippi' Is- JEE Main Maths


The Remainder When 2^2003 Is Divided by 17 Is- JEE Main Maths


Find the Sum of the Series: 22 + 42 + 62 + ... + 202- JEE Main Maths


In a Group of 45 Persons, 25 Drink Tea but Not Coffee, and 20 Drink Tea as Well as Coffee.- JEE Main Maths


If Three Squares Are Chosen in a Chessboard, the Probability That at Least One of Them Contains One of the Four Corners of the Chessboard Is- JEE Main Maths


Aniruddha Bought Some Books for Rs. 60. Had He Bought 4 More Books for the Same Amount, Each Book Would Have Cost Rs. 1 Less.- JEE Main Maths


The Circumference of the Base of a 24 M High Cylindrical Pillar Is 88 M.- JEE Main Maths


Let F(x) Be a Polynomial With a Positive Degree Such That F(a) > 0, F(b) > 0, and F(c) < 0, Where a < B < C.- JEE Main Maths


There Are Four Different Letters and Four Different Address Envelopes.- JEE Main Maths


During the Sale, Colour Pencils Were Being Sold in Packets Each Containing 5 Colour Pencils at a Reduced Price of 5 for Rs. 13.50.- JEE Main Maths


The Age of a Man and His Son Is in the Ratio of 5:2.- JEE Main Maths


If a Parabola Whose Length of Latus Rectum Is 4a Cuts the X-axis at P and Q and Has Its Vertex at the Origin, Then the Equation of the Parabola Is- JEE Main Maths


The Number of Numbers Divisible by 3 That Can Be Formed Using the Digits 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, Without Repetition, Is- JEE Main Maths


A Natural Number Is Greater Than Three Times Its Square by 7.- JEE Main Maths


The Hcf of Two Numbers Is 96 and Their Lcm Is 8736.- JEE Main Maths


Prove That the Locus of the Midpoint of a Normal Chord of the Parabola Y^2 = 4ax Is Y^2 = 2ax.- JEE Main Maths


The Sum of Squares of Two Parts of a Number Is 100 and the Product of the Two Parts Is 1050.- JEE Main Maths


Meaningful English Words Can Be Formed With the Letters A, E, S, R, I, N, in the Order in Which They Appear in the Above Arrangement.- JEE Main Maths


Excluding Stoppages, the Speed of a Bus Is 54 Km/h and Including Stoppages, it Is 45 Km/h.- JEE Main Maths


A Circular Field Has a Circumference of 360 Km.- JEE Main Maths


Let a and B Be Two Sets Containing 2 Elements Each.- JEE Main Maths


A Boat Running Upstream Takes 8 Hours 48 Minutes to Cover a Certain Distance, While it Takes 4 Hours to Cover the Same Distance Running Downstream.- JEE Main Maths


Which of the Following Is the Empty Set: A) {x | X Is a Prime Number and X < 10} B) {x | X Is an Even Number and X > 10}- JEE Main Maths


The Angle Between the Hands of a Clock When the Time Is 4.25 Am Is:- JEE Main Maths

You can download it for free, and it covers all the essential mathematics topics, including Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Calculus, and Trigonometry. It also provides detailed explanations of the solutions.

Important JEE Main Maths Question Answers

A better understanding of important JEE main maths question answers can improve your performance in the exam. Before that, you must need good knowledge about the important maths topics for JEE main. The major JEE topics can be divided into five as follows:

  1. Calculus

This unit is crucial for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced because of its size and degree of intricacy. You can anticipate seeing many calculus problems on each engineering entrance exam. If you establish a solid foundation in this unit, you will be fine with JEE Mathematics; as a result, you should practise and prepare thoroughly. Limits, Differentiability and Continuity, Relationship between Continuity & Differentiability, Differentiation, Integration, Definite Integrals, Integration by Parts, Properties of Definite Integrals, Rate Measurement, Tangents and Normal, Maxima and Minima, Differential Equations, and Area under Curves are significant subtopics covered in calculus.

  1. Co-ordinate geometry

Learning about some geometrical shapes, including circles, parabolas, hyperbolas, and others, is the main goal of this lesson. This chapter is a high-scoring chapter for most students because the questions from this section are frequently based on the application of formulas, which makes it exceptionally motivating. The best grades can be earned from this section. Increase your attention to hyperbola, circles, ellipses, and straight lines. The most important subjects among these are Straight Lines and Circles.

  1. 3D geometry and vectors

This unit is regarded as complex and entirely conceptual. This JEE unit's scores resemble those of coordinate geometry in some ways. Along with some mathematics, it also contains complex numbers. You can easily earn high grades for this chapter if you correctly comprehend some difficult vector and 3D geometry concepts. Try to grasp the fundamentals, and keep in mind to focus more on visualising this unit's concepts.

  1. Algebra 

This chapter is very motivating, and important concepts like logarithms, matrices and determinants, and quadratic equations are among the favorites of many students because they are easy to comprehend. There were numerous problems from complex numbers combined with vectors in JEE Main and Advanced. You can expect a passage-style question in JEE Advanced involving matrices and determinants, and it may be the simplest to respond to. A few philosophical inquiries from Permutations and Combinations are also to be expected. The Binomial Theorem and Sequence and Series are frequently used as sources for formula-based queries. As a result, you can earn good grades and do well in this lesson by avoiding silly mistakes.

5. Trigonometry 

It is one of the most important JEE Main subjects. You should pay particular attention to inverse trigonometry, trigonometric functions, and trigonometric ratios, among other important subjects. A JEE aspirant would benefit significantly from understanding some fundamental trigonometric ideas because many questions from this chapter are asked. You must memorise all the trigonometric formulas, along with their graphs and substitutions, to do well in this lesson.

Links for Chapter-wise JEE Main Maths Important Questions with Solutions:


One of the most important advantages of JEE main maths previous year question answers PDF is that it can be downloaded on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops and study at their own pace. The PDF is also ideal for last-minute revision, as it covers all the essential concepts and formulas required to solve the JEE Main Mathematics questions. You can also enroll in Vedantu’s JEE coaching classes to prepare for the JEE Main exam. Flexible classes are an ideal platform for aspirants to learn effectively.

FAQs on JEE Main Maths Question Answers 2023

1. What are JEE Main Maths Question Answers?

JEE Main Maths Question Answers are the solutions to the mathematical problems that are asked in the JEE Main exam. These answers provide a step-by-step explanation of how to solve the problems and can be used as a study tool for students preparing for the exam.

2. Why is it important to have access to IIT JEE Main Maths Question Answers PDF?

Access to IIT JEE Main Maths Question Answers PDF can benefit students preparing for the exam. The PDF format allows students to access the questions and answers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It also makes searching for specific questions and topics easier, making studying more efficient and effective.

3. What are the important JEE Main Maths Question Answers that students should know?

The important JEE Main Maths Question Answers students should know include; Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Coordinate Geometry, and Probability. These topics are essential for the exam and require a thorough understanding to score well.

4. Where can I find JEE Main Maths Previous Year Question Answers?

JEE Main Maths Previous Year Question Answers can be found in various sources such as the official websites of JEE, coaching centers, and educational websites. You can download it for free from Vedantu’s official website. Students can also purchase JEE Main Maths books that include the previous year's question answers to practice and improve their skills.

5. How can JEE Main Maths Question Answers help in exam preparation?

JEE Main Maths Question Answers can help in exam preparation by clearly understanding concepts and problem-solving techniques. They also help identify the common mistakes students make and how to avoid them. Solving previous year's question answers can also help familiarise with the exam pattern and difficulty level.