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JEE Advanced Maths Question Answers

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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Solve IIT JEE Advanced Maths Questions Answers PDF for Free!

In this article, you may find chapter-after-chapter explanations of Important  JEE Advanced Maths Question Answers with solutions. Our subject specialists have created a set of questions and answers for JEE Advanced Maths Previous Year Question Answers.

Students are recommended to review these JEE Advanced chapter-by-chapter questions because the JEE Advanced exam is more tough than the JEE Main exam. They will undoubtedly gain more self-assurance, problem-solving abilities, and accuracy as a result. The chapter-by-chapter previous year questions and solutions for JEE Advanced Mathematics are crucial for JEE Advanced preparation.

Students can also obtain chapter-by-chapter solved questions from the JEE Advanced Mathematics previous year in PDF format. The JEE Advanced Mathematics chapter-by-chapter previous year questions and solutions can aid candidates in understanding concepts and achieving success in the JEE Advanced exam.

It is advised that students complete these JEE Advanced Chapter-by-Chapter questions before cross-checking their responses with the offered solutions. This will make it easier to determine which subjects require greater study.

The list of past year's chapter-by-chapter JEE Advanced Mathematics questions with solutions is provided below:

Sl. No.

Download Link


Maxima and Minima JEE Advanced 


Compound Angle JEE Advanced 


Quadratic Equation JEE Advanced


Sequence Series JEE Advanced


Trigonometric Equation JEE Advanced 


Straight Line JEE Advanced 


Circle JEE Advanced


Parabola JEE Advanced


Ellipse JEE Advanced 


Hyperbola JEE Advanced


Permutation Combination JEE Advanced 


Binomial Theorem JEE Advanced 


Complex Number JEE Advanced


Limit JEE Advanced 


Continuity JEE Advanced 


Differentiability JEE Advanced 


Method Of Differentiation JEE Advanced 


Area Under The Curve JEE Advanced 


Definite Integration JEE Advanced 


Differential Equation JEE Advanced 


Matrices JEE Advanced 


Probability JEE Advanced 


Determinant JEE Advanced 


3 Dimension JEE Advanced 


Vector JEE Advanced 


Solution of Triangle JEE Advanced 


Logarithm JEE Advanced 


Indefinite Integration JEE Advanced 


Inverse Trigonometric Function JEE Advanced 


Function JEE Advanced 


Monotonicity JEE Advanced 

Advantages of Solving JEE Advanced Maths Previous Year Question Answers

  • Students will learn more about the JEE Advanced exam's pattern and degree of difficulty.

  • The finest study tool for the JEE Advanced test to get high marks is the chapter-by-chapter solutions.

  • The aspirant's accuracy and speed of solving question  both will increase.

  • Students can identify their areas of weakness and focus more on those subjects.


Preparing for JEE Advanced Mathematics can be a daunting task, but with the right resources and practice, it is achievable. In this article, we have provided chapter-after-chapter examples of past exam problems in JEE Advanced Mathematics with solutions, created by our subject specialists. These examples serve as a valuable resource for students seeking to improve their problem-solving skills and gain confidence in their abilities.

However, it is important to remember that consistent practice and dedication are key to success in JEE Advanced Mathematics. For those seeking further resources and support, Vedantu is a platform with all the necessary tools and guidance available for JEE aspiring students. With hard work and the right resources at your disposal, you can achieve your academic goals and succeed in your future endeavours.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Maths Question Answers

1.  What are the most important topics in Maths when preparing for JEE Advanced?

The syllabus for the JEE Advanced Maths includes topics that are taught to students in classes 11th and 12th. The study material for all these important topics is available on the official Vedantu website. Out of all the topics, the most important topics that have a high weightage of marks in the exam are mentioned below.

  • Continuity and Differentiability

  • Matrices and Determinants

  • Definite integration

  • Probability

  • Circle

  • Parabola

  • Area under Curves

  • Complex Numbers

  • Differential Equations

  • Application of Derivatives

  • Vector

  • Three-Dimensional Geometrical System

2.  What is the chapter-wise marks weightage for Maths in JEE Advanced?

The chapter-wise marks weightage may change at times for the JEE Advanced entrance test. One can also get a better idea of the weightage by referring to JEE Advanced Sample Question Paper. Below is the latest marks distribution for the Maths section:

Name of the Topics


Binomial Theorem


Complex Numbers


Coordinate Geometry


Differential and Integral Calculus


Fundamentals of Mathematics




Permutation and Combination




Quadratic Equation 


Sequence and Series




Vector and 3D


3. How are JEE Advanced Math Important Questions helpful for preparation?

The JEE Advanced Math Important Questions provided by Vedantu have been designed to help students in every possible way before they appear for the JEE Advanced exam. The important questions are available in PDF form that students can download free of cost. This will help them study offline without any distractions. The important questions have been picked out by expert professionals after thorough observations of the previous years’ papers to provide accurate material for the JEE Advanced Maths preparation.

4.  What is the exam pattern followed in the JEE Advanced Maths section?

The exam pattern for the JEE Advanced has gone through certain changes this year. Vedantu provides here the latest updates about the exam pattern being followed for the JEE Advanced. Candidates are advised to stay updated about the exam pattern changes. The pattern followed for the Maths section of the JEE Advanced question paper is shown below:

Marks Awarded



If the marked answer is correct


If the marked answer is incorrect


If the questions are not attempted

5. Can I download the JEE Advanced Maths Important Questions from Vedantu?

The JEE Advanced Maths Important Questions provided on the official Vedantu website have been made available for download for everyone. The questions are available in PDF form that can be easily downloaded by candidates for practising offline without getting distracted. The PDF form of the JEE Advanced Maths Important Questions can be downloaded without paying any charges. Candidates can also find other helpful study material available on Vedantu to enhance their understanding and practise more before they appear for the JEE Advanced.