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Important Questions for CBSE Class 11 (2024-25)

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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CBSE Class 11 Important Questions for Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology - Free PDF Download

Class 11 has a comprehensive set of subjects that needs to be covered within a year. These subjects have individual syllabuses to go through and develop the concepts to ace the exams. This is where the students will need the Important Questions of English Class 11 and other subjects to practice solving and developing the conceptual foundation. These questions and their solutions have been compiled by experts to help students progress with their preparations.


At Vedantu, we provide some of the best material that will help students perform better in their examinations. Also:

  • The questions are set with the latest academic syllabus in mind and are set by the most experienced teachers 

  • The question set is broken down as chapter wise Physics important questions Class 11 available as a free PDF download

  • Students downloading the questions can solve every question in the book so that they can prepare better for the exams and the next year

  • The important questions are specially marked so that students can focus more on them 

  • Students can segregate important questions from the rest so that their preparations become much easier 

  • The Important questions for Class 11 with solutions are available for subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology - The core science subjects.


Download CBSE Class 11 Important Questions 2024-25 PDF

Also, check CBSE Class 11 Important Questions for other chapters:

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Important Questions for Class 11 CBSE Board

There are many advantages that come with having the CBSE Class 11 important questions with answers. It helps align students with the most commonly asked questions in examinations so that they do not find it hard to cope with the content. Since it is available in a free PDF format as well, students can access it whenever they want.


The NCERT sets the syllabus at the beginning of the academic year, and we ensure that all the question sets that we upload are updated. The NCERT important questions for Class 11 for the CBSE board are a fool-proof way of studying what matters from each chapter. You can prepare Class 11 History important questions with answers from the PDF.


Significance of CBSE Class 11 Important Questions for All Subjects

The conceptual development of a student depends on the study material he has organized based on the syllabus of Class 11. This material must contain the important questions framed by the subject experts of Vedantu. Apart from solving the exercise questions, students will need such questions to practice and proceed with their exam preparation.

The Physics Important Questions Class 11 have been formulated by following the concepts described in the chapters. It is similar to all the subjects. It means the students can complete preparing a chapter and the exercises. Once done, they can solve these important questions at home and take a test. They will find out how good the preparation has been done.

The Chemistry Important Questions Class 11 can also be used in a different way. Students can test their answering skills and conceptual knowledge by attempting to solve all the questions. They can compare their answers to the provided solutions and find out the gap in their preparations. This is how they can mitigate the gaps and take their preparation to the next level.

Advantages of Solving CBSE Class 11 Important Questions for All Subjects

  • Solving these questions will develop a new perspective among the students regarding the question patterns followed by the CBSE board. The experts have researched the patterns followed and framed such fundamental questions accordingly.

  • These questions also come with respective solutions. It means you can refer to the solutions when you face any doubt. Downloading these files will be ideal as you can access the questions and solutions anytime and make your preparation level better.

  • Follow the stepwise answering formats developed by the experts for Class 11 Maths Important Questions. By doing this, you will become more efficient in compiling the best answers and can score well in the exams.

  • Learning the Class 11 History Important Questions with Answers beforehand will also assist you to stay prepared before an exam to formulate the right answering patterns and perform well in the exams.

The Vedantu Edge

By enrolling in Vedantu's online classes, you can gain an extra edge to your exams because you will then be able to tackle tough questions. By clearing your doubts with our experienced tutors, you can equip yourself with all the knowledge for your examinations.


The teachers will also be able to adhere to a time that is flexible for the student. Whether it is early morning or late at night, our teachers can set up a schedule that works best. Also, parents can relax knowing that their kids are studying in the sanctity of their homes.


Parents can also be updated on their child's progress by keeping in touch with the teacher. Students can study peacefully in an environment that facilitates learning with the latest tools and in the process begin enjoying their studies. Our aim is to provide the best facilities online to our students so that they succeed in their examinations and enjoy studying.

Why Get and Practice the Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Maths Important Questions?

You should first understand that these Class 11 important questions are specially designed by the experts to help you learn and prepare the chapters properly. Some of the chapters are lengthy or difficult. These important questions are designed to help you understand the chapters and topics in simple terms with the help of the questions and their solutions. Some of the advantages of these Physics important questions Class 11 are as follows:


Exam stress – Once you practice the important questions, you will understand that you have almost covered all the salient topics and chapters. This will help you to be confident with your preparation and eventually you will be less afraid. Your exam stress will be less and you will be more confident. 


Revision – For physics important questions in Class 11 and other subjects, you can prepare the important questions and maintain separate notes for them. These important question notes will come in handy while you are revising. You can cover the whole chapter by going through them. Revision is a very important part of the preparation and you can take advantage of these important questions to help you revise at the last moment. You can revise the important questions for Class 11 Geography Chapter 1 and other important questions chapter-wise.


You can also download Class 11 English important questions and other subject important questions. 


Download CBSE Class 11 Important Questions for All Subjects PDF

Get the free PDF version of important questions for all the chapters in the subjects and take your preparation to the next level. Solve these questions to test your answering skills and knowledge of the respective subjects and prepare well for the exams. 

CBSE Class 11 Study Materials

FAQs on Important Questions for CBSE Class 11 (2024-25)

1. Is Class 11 Physics difficult?

Physics indeed is a difficult subject yet the most interesting one. Class 11 Physics is the starting level to introduce students to complex Physics. It takes a little time to hold a grasp of it but once understood it is very predictable. NCERT Class 11 Physics books are designed in a way that has made the learning process very interesting. At the beginning of each chapter, the concept of the actual chapter is explained in a very simple and promising manner.    

2. Is Class 11 Physics NCERT important?

Yes, NCERT books are designed by the top educators of various Indian institutes, and they are designed in a way that will help the student in easy understanding of the topic without getting bored. NCERT Class 11 Physics books are produced in a way that will prepare the students for understanding the comprehensive knowledge of Physics. The books help students not only in understanding basics but also in their competitive exam preparations.  

3. What is the name of Chapter 2 of Class 11 Physics?

NCERT Class 11 has two parts Physics part 1 and Physics part 2. In Physics part 1 of NCERT Class 11, the name of Chapter 2 is units and measurements, the chapter deals with learning about internationally accepted standards which are referred to as units example: kilograms (Kg). whereas physics part 2 chapter two deals with mechanical properties of fluid which explains about physical properties of gases and liquids.

4. Is the unit and measurement chapter important?

Yes, units and measurements are very important, they are important in quantification and without units and measurements it will become very difficult to quantify anything. And another most important thing is that there is a need for standard quantification rules all around the globe so that everyone follows the same rule of quantification by using the same units of measurements to avoid confusion. Earlier scientists used the CGS, FPS, MKS system of units now SI is a universally accepted system of units. 

5. What are instrumental errors?

Any error which occurs due to improper making of the instrument or due to the wrong calibration of the instrument is called instrumental error. It is mainly caused due to faulty design or inaccurate calibration. For this one might take an example of weighing balance if there is any mistake happened during its production or if the balance is not properly calibrated it shows false readings during the weighing of any sample.