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International Mathematics Olympiad

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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IMO Exam

Unlock Your Mathematical Potential with the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

IMO is a prestigious competition that is meticulously crafted to assess and enhance students' mathematical knowledge and problem-solving abilities. By participating in the SOF IMO, students gain the opportunity to benchmark their proficiency in mathematics against their peers at school, city, zonal, and international levels.

The SOF IMO is not just a test; it's a journey of self-discovery and improvement. It allows participants to gauge their understanding of mathematics through a variety of challenging problems. Beyond the competition, the IMO offers a platform for students to celebrate their love for mathematics, connect with like-minded peers, and access an array of awards and scholarships. These recognitions are designed to reward hard work, talent, and the relentless pursuit of mathematical excellence.

Why participate in the SOF International Maths Olympiad? Here are a few compelling reasons:

  • Benchmark Your Skills: Measure your mathematical abilities against the brightest minds from around the globe.

  • Awards and Scholarships: Achieve recognition for your mathematical talent and secure scholarships that can aid in further education.

  • Enhance Problem-Solving Abilities: Tackle a variety of sums that challenge and refine your problem-solving strategies.

  • Global Recognition: Stand out with international accolades and opportunities that can shape your academic and professional future.

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of mathematics with Vedantu Olympiad School. Whether you're a budding mathematician or a seasoned problem solver, the International Mathematics Olympiad offers a unique challenge that can inspire and elevate your passion for mathematics. Get ready to explore, learn, and achieve in the international arena of mathematical brilliance.

IMO Maths Olympiad

What are the International Olympiad Tests? 

Olympiad tests are subject-centred cutthroat tests led at a bigger normal stage spreading over nations of the world. Understudies from various nations, schools, with next to no requirements, contend at a more prominent stage learning and becoming together to assist them with getting where they remain among the friends of a similar instructive level. These Olympiads are accessible for different subjects, there is International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Math Olympiad (IMO), International English Olympiad (IEO), International General Knowledge Olympiad (GKIO). Understudies can decide to take an interest in anybody, multiple or these Olympiads depending on their accommodation. These tests are assembled to draw out the genuine capability of understudies, to assist them with building their certainty, and set them up for comparative cutthroat tests. 

IMO Exam Dates and Pattern 

The SOF usually conducts the International Maths Olympiad in the latter half of the year. The SOF IMO is conducted in four sets or sessions- Set A, Set B, Set C, and Set D. A tentative timeline for IMO exam dates is provided in the table below, taking into account the exam dates of IMO for the previous year.

The SOF IMO has been conducted in the online proctored mode since 2020 given the pandemic. As per the notification on the official website of IMO, the test will be monitored in the same manner until informed otherwise. The International Mathematics Olympiad is conducted at two levels by the SOF, the details of which are provided below.  

IMO Level 1: The test is conducted for students of Classes 1 through 12. The test duration is 60 minutes. Students from Classes 1 to 4 are required to attempt 35 Objective-type (Multiple Choice Questions) while students of Classes 5 to 12 are required to attempt 50 Objective-type (Multiple Choice Questions).

IMO Level 2: The second level of the SOF IMO is conducted for students from Classes 3 to 12. The following students are considered to qualify for the IMO Level 2 exam: 

School Level: The Class topper in the case where 10 or more students from Class attempt Level 1 and score a minimum aggregate of 50% marks. 

Zone/State Level: The first top 25 rank holders from each class and zone are considered. 

International Level: The top 5 percent of the candidates, class-wise, who appear in Level 1 internationally are considered.

Tips to Prepare for Maths Olympiad  

Planning is required most when the understudy is taking part in any serious tests like International Maths Olympiad. Indian Talent Olympiad presented Maths Olympiad Workbooks and Previous year question papers for class 1 to class 10 understudies. The review materials are outlined by the subject specialists. The inquiries are in the MCQ organization and cover subjects from the refreshed prospectus. Olympiad arrangement made more straightforward with Olympiad readiness material. 

Olympiad exercise manuals for Maths have been planned by experienced experts in the subject. The books are accessible for all classes from Class 1 to Class 10. Understudies for everything classes can request and buy exercise manuals on the web. These exercise manuals give top to bottom information on every section. Guardians and educators can go through the prospectus of Olympiads, and contrast something similar and the school schedule. Further, they can look at exercise manuals on the web and comprehend the sort of inquiries posed. All exercise manuals are planned considering understudies learning limits. It gives them such fluctuated decisions that it turns out to be simple for understudies to understand interesting inquiries. 

Step by Step Instructions to participate in the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) - 

 Once you’ve decided you want to appear for the IMO, you must know the process of how you can proceed. Here are the steps you must follow:

  • Students can move toward their subject educator and enlist for something very similar. 

  • Several schools in India have restrictions with ITO. Instructors regularly recognize understudies who have a pizazz for math and urge such understudies to take part in public and global level contests. 

  • Schools can download the enlistment structures, accessible on our site that is Vedantu. 

  • Indian Talent Olympiad gifts meriting understudies with awards and grants who exceed in Maths Olympiad test.


The eligibility criteria for participating in the International Mathematics Olympiad has been laid out by the SOF which are as follows: 

  • Students from Classes 1 to 12 are eligible to participate in the International Maths Olympiad. 

  • Students may either choose to register through their respective schools or individually if the school is unable to participate. 

Selection Process

The selection process of the IMO comes into play in the case of the Level 2 exams. There are certain criteria set for the IMO selection process for the 2nd level Olympiad exams which are as under: 

  • The 2nd level IMO exam is conducted for students from Class 3 onwards.

  • Class-wise the topmost 5% of the students as per the results of the Level 1 exams are selected for the 2nd Level IMO exams. 

  • Different sections are given due priority in terms of the marks scored in the exams.

  • The top 25 rank holders (zone-wise) from each class are regarded as qualified in the selection process.

  • Each participating school’s class topper where 10 students at least from a class appear in the IMO Level 1 exam and obtain 50% qualifying marks.

Exam Registration

Students who wish to participate in the International Mathematics Olympiad are required to complete the exam registration process. Students can either register individually (in case their school is unable to participate or register through their respective schools. 

For the schools registered with the SO, prospectus containing the registration forms can be collected therein. A prospectus can also be obtained by the schools by contacting via telephone at 0124-4951200 or sending an email to 

A registration fee of INR 125 (including GST) has to be paid per student for schools in India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Nepal (USD 9 for other countries) towards the costs of the examination. 

Schools may additionally charge INR 25 per student (USD 1 for other countries) towards miscellaneous expenses, teachers’ remuneration, and as an honorarium of in charge. 

Students with any major physical disability or an Indian student whose parent(s) got martyred during defense operations are not liable to pay any fee.

The complete registration fee has to be submitted along with the registration fee before the due date. 

Ranking Criteria

For two or more students with the same total marks in IMO exams, a higher rank is awarded to a student on the basis of marks scored in the different sections in the following order of priority.

  • Achievers Section

  • Mathematical Reasoning

  • Everyday Mathematics

  • Logical Reasoning


As per the syllabus of the International Mathematics Olympiad, the question papers are set according to the curriculum of the respective class. Each class has a separate question paper.  The questions from different chapters of Mathematics are categorized into the sections of Logical Reasoning, Mathematical Reason, Everyday Mathematics, and Achievers Section as per the International Mathematics Olympiad Syllabus. The syllabi of  ICSE/ISC, CBSE, and State Board are followed for designing the question papers of the respective classes. 

Is Individual Participation Allowed in the International Olympiad Tests? 

Indeed. Individual cooperation in the Olympiad is constantly invited, intrigued understudies can exclusively enrol themselves for tests and related assets that are effectively open from advanced mobile phones, workstations or tablets. To enlist now, one can tap the button of Student Registration and fill in the necessary subtleties in the enrollment structure. The expenses would then be able to be paid from the entryway, to guarantee legitimate enlistment. 

What are the Guidelines of the International Olympiad Exams? 

These are the essential rules for Olympiad cooperation: 

  • Enlistment should be completed online, utilizing the authority entrance itself. 

  • All related test subtleties are made accessible on the authority site itself. 

  • The test timetable and prospectus are accessible on the authority site. 

  • There are no pre-necessities for understudies interested in these tests. 

  • All tests are led in the most straightforward conceivable manner. 

  • The gadgets as PC, PC and tablet are needed to show up for the test, other than stable web association.


The International Mathematics Olympiad results for the Level exam are typically declared in the month of March after all the sets of the exam, viz. Set A, B, C, and D are conducted. The IMO results are declared in the online mode on the official website of SOF. Participants are required to enter their exam roll number in order to check their International maths Olympiad result. Students who qualify in the Level 1 of SOF IMO are eligible to participate in the Level 2 of the exam (as applicable).

FAQs on International Mathematics Olympiad

1. How to prepare for the Math Olympiad?

Ans: The key trick to preparing for Maths Olympiad is to be thoroughly familiar with the Mathematics curriculum prescribed for your Class. However, it is important to remember that since the IMO syllabus takes into account the syllabi of not only the CBSE Mathematics curriculum for a particular class but also the different State Boards and CISCE curricula, it will be highly beneficial for a student if she/he is able to practise questions from all the three.

2. What is the Math Olympiad?

Ans: Maths Olympiad is a competitive examination designed for students with a knack for the subject. Students appearing in Maths Olympiad are able to assess their knowledge of the subject and judge where they stand in respect to their peers at national and international levels. Moreover, the exam also helps the students to attain a competitive edge. 

3. Does participation in the International Maths Olympiad (IMO) require any capability?

Ans: No. The International Olympiads are available to all willing school understudies, the tests are isolated dependent on their schooling level. One requires no pre-necessities or capabilities for support. These tests just expect to assist understudies with more deeply studying their subject of interest and assist them with planning great while getting ready for cutthroat tests, other than giving them much openness. The Olympiads help the understudies thrive and foster their abilities from various angles. 

4. What are the awards for exemplary performance in IMO?

Ans: There are several awards offered for the achievers of the International Mathematics Olympiad. The awards are offered separately for the Level 1 and 2 exams and are also categorized on the basis of Class. Details of the SOF IMO Awards are provided below for your reference.

Note - For two or more students achieving the same rank, the distribution of the cash prize is done in the following manner:

If up to 5 students get the same rank, the amount of the award will be distributed equally. 

For 6 or more students obtaining the same rank, winners are awarded gifts worth Rs INR 1000 each in lieu of the cash award.

5. How to prepare for the Maths Olympiad for Class 2?

Ans: To prepare for the Maths Olympiad for Class 2, a student has to be thorough with the following topics:  Patterns, Measuring Units, Odd One Out, Geometrical Shapes, Ranking Test, Analogy, Grouping of Figures, Embedded Figures, Numerals, Coding-Decoding, Number Names and Number Sense (3-Digit Numbers), Length, Weight, Capacity, Computation Operations, Time, Temperature, Lines, Shapes and Solids, Money, Pictographs, Patterns.

6. Where can I find IMO Sample Paper and IMO Previous Year Papers?

Ans: You can find the IMO Sample Paper and Previous Year Question Papers on the official website. Additionally, you will also be able to download the PDF of these question papers on the official website of Vedantu for free of cost. Don’t worry, even access to the website and the collection of study material is free. All you need to do is sign up with us! It's a simple process that is rewarding.