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International English Olympiad (IEO)

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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Everything You Want to Know about International English Olympiad

IEO or International English Olympiad is conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation, International English Olympiad is a globally held competition to test students’ knowledge of the English language. Those students who are interested in IEO can sign up with Vedantu and enrol themselves to avail study materials for the preparation of the olympiad. 

We, at Vedantu, provide sample papers, previous year question papers, important question papers, syllabus, and all the needed guidance that students might seek during the preparation of the International English Olympiad. These materials are solved by experts to give students an idea of how to solve the Olympiad exam paper and get top scores. Download the free PDFs of all these materials and be a top performer!

IEO Olympiad - An Overview

IEO is generally taken by those students who are experts and who want to show their expertise in the English language. Thus, this exam is focused on the English language. Check out the following table to get a brief overview of the IEO examination. 

Sr. No.





To help students test their English knowledge by competing with other students



Science Olympiad Foundation



Class 1 to 12 students


Application process

Through respective schools


Exam dates

  • Level 1 exam: October – November

  • Level 2 exam: February – March



Up to INR 50,000 + Gold medal + Performance certificate

IEO English Olympiad

What is the International English Olympiad conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation?

The International English Olympiad is a competition for students from around the world who have passed an international English language test. This competition takes place throughout the year and will challenge students with local, national, and international competitions. In this tournament, participants will have to create their items of interest or exhibitions of ideas related to linguistics topics such as grammar and pronunciation.


Primary school students have a test based on spelling and grammar. If primary school students pass the test, they are invited to the next level of the program in which they will be asked to create an exhibition about linguistics. At middle and high school levels, students have to create their items related to language, art, drama, etc. University-level participants have to create an exhibition based on linguistics topics like grammar and pronunciation.


International English Olympiad (IEO) - Important Dates and Events

Students who are interested in participating in the International English Olympiad (IEO) must mandatorily check the important dates and events. In the following table, we have presented the same: 

Sr. No.


Key dates


Application deadline

At least 30 days before the exam date


Level 1 exam

October – November


Level 1 result

December – January


Level 2 exam

February – March


Level 2 result

March – April


International English Olympiad (IEO) - Eligibility Criteria

The International English Olympiad is a competition that tests the understanding and use of English. It is open to students of all linguistic backgrounds and nationality. Students from across the globe can practice and compete in this contest and it will prepare them to be educated citizens in an increasingly globalised world.


The International English Olympiad is open to students in grades 1 to 12. The IEO is a two-level exam, where only the top performers of level 1 will proceed onto level 2. Below we have briefly discussed the eligibility criteria for two levels of IEO: 


Eligibility Criteria for Level 1

The Level 1 exam does not have any specific criteria to fulfil. Students from grades 1 to 12 can attempt this exam. Also, there is no compulsion to secure any minimum marks to sit for the Level 1 examination. 


Eligibility Criteria for Level 2

As already mentioned, the top performers of level 1 will only be allowed to attempt the level 2 exam. So how are these top performers chosen? They are chosen accordingly:

  • Top 5% of the students from each class who appeared for the Level 1 exam.

  • Top 25 zone-wise and class-wise rank holders.

  • Class toppers from each participating school where at least 10 students from a class appear in the exam and score 50% qualifying marks.

  • Top rank holder in case of section wise registration.

International English Olympiad (IEO) - Application Process

Students who are willing to take part in IEO can do so by following these simple steps:

First, the schools should have registered themselves with the SOF. The registered schools will have the registration forms. Students can then get these registration forms from their own schools.

  • Schools that want to get registered with SOF can contact SOF to request the registration forms. Schools can contact SOF by phone (0124-4951200) or email (

  • Interested students then can fill out the registration forms with the required details and then submit the same at their schools. 

  • The schools then are required to return the filled application forms before the due dates.

  • Students are also required to pay registration fees. Following are the applicable fees:

  • For schools in India, a registration fee of INR 125 (including GST) per student

  • For international schools, a registration fee of USD 9 per student


International English Olympiad (IEO) - Exam Structure 

Following is the structure of the IEO exam:

  • It is a 60-minute exam.

  • The exam is conducted in the form of MCQs.

  • There are around 35 questions for the students who are from Classes 1 to 4 while there are 50 questions from Classes 5 to 12. 

  • There are 4 sections in the question paper - Word and Structure knowledge (Section 1), Reading (Section 2), Spoken & Written Expression (Section 3), Achievers Section (Section 4).

  • A separate question paper is designed for each class.

  • The exam is conducted in English Medium.

  • The exam paper is based on CBSE, ICSE/ISC, and State Boards syllabi.


International English Olympiad (IEO) - Results

The consequences of IEO are sent straightforwardly to the enlisted schools. IEO results are proclaimed inside about two months of the assessment. Candidates whose schools don't get the outcomes can likewise actually look at their outcomes on the site of SOF. Likely, the aftereffects of Level 1 are proclaimed by December January and Level 2 outcomes by March-April. The year's explicit definite dates are settled on the circumspection of SOF. 


A significant piece of the IEO results is the Student Performance Report (SPR). An SPR is a nitty-gritty examination of the understudy's execution. The SPR got by every understudy helps them and their folks judge their presentation. An SPR essentially assists understudies with understanding their qualities and shortcomings.

FAQs on International English Olympiad (IEO)

1. What is IEO?

IEO is an essay competition that is open to students enrolled in secondary school, who are fluent in English and graduate from secondary school by 2020.

  • IEO is an international English language competition for high school students. 

  • It tests the ability to use English in speaking, reading, and writing. 

  • Students can represent their country or region in this competition. 

  • Who is eligible to participate? 

  • Any student who has not reached the age of 18 and who was not yet enrolled in a degree program before 15 April 2017 is eligible to participate.

2. What are the subjects included in the IEO?

Subjects of the English Olympiad contest are listed below:

  • Science, Technology, and Environment

  • Economy, Business, and Law

  • Social Sciences and India Studies

International English Olympiad is held annually as a competition for students from all over the world. The test is held in 150 cities around the world on a Sunday which is fixed by the National Headquarters. The interested students of 6th to 10th Grade may register on time with the representative of their school or by themselves.

3. What is the mission of the International English Olympiad?

The mission of the International English Olympiad Foundation is to stimulate a more positive global perspective by educating young people about language through a competitive environment that emphasises clarity and clear message delivery. The vision of the International English Olympiad Foundation is to promote a dynamic global environment of learning by providing a competitive platform for youth to engage positively and constructively. The English Olympiad Foundation was founded by the Science Olympiad Foundation in 2014, with its first official English competition taking place in October 2014. The competition continues through the year with the International English Olympiad at the end of each year.

4. What are the eligibility criteria of IEO?

Understudies of Class 1 to 12 who are keen on rivalling different understudies to survey their insight into English can partake in IEO. The Olympiad is a two-level rivalry where just the top-performing understudies in Level 1 continue to take an interest in Level 2 tests. 

In each event, students take a test in groups of four students. At the primary school level, students take a test covering topics such as spelling and grammar. In middle and secondary schools and universities, students create an exhibition related to linguistics topics such as grammar and pronunciation. For further information on the same, link to the website of Vedantu and select your option.

5. What are the qualifications needed for IEO?

Qualification for Level 1 test 

For the Level 1 test, there is no particular standard as understudies of Class 1 to 12 can take part. Likewise, there is no necessity of least checks which thus makes Level 1 tests open to countless understudies. Every one of the understudies from the nation or abroad who took on Class 1 to 12 are qualified. 

Qualification for Level 2 test 

Understudies performing great in the Level 1 test are then shortlisted to show up for Level 2.

Some tips for IEO are as follows:

  • Ensure that you have the right background knowledge required for each subject, so you are well-versed with the topics. Read up on the science section if you're weak in it.

  • Practise writing at least 100 lines of prose each day. This will help your writing skills substantially! And remember, every word counts! Practise makes perfect, especially in exams where time is restricted, as noted above.

  • Write at least 100 lines of prose every day. This will help you build up your vocabulary and improve your grammar skills.