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ICSE for Class 7 Syllabus

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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ICSE Class 7 Syllabus - All Subjects 2024-25 Examinations

Standard 7th is considered as one of the foundational classes that train and educate the student for academic progress. ICSE syllabus Class 7 covers all the basic concepts and has been designed keeping in mind the learning requirements of the students. Further, when students make advancements in higher classes they will find the relevance of these topics which are later discussed in detail. Class 7th ICSE syllabus will build a strong foundation that will offer support to the students throughout their life. Majority of the Class 7 syllabus is repeated in higher classes. 

With a good knowledge of the syllabus, students can make enhanced preparation and it will make them easily understand the question patterns. All the subjects hold utmost importance. So, students should be well-acquainted with the syllabus if they wish to score high marks. 

You can download a free PDF of ICSE Class 7 Computer Applications syllabus prepared as per the latest ICSE guidelines. You can also register for online ICSE tuitions on Vedantu to clear doubts and download the complete Syllabus for ICSE Class 7 Computer Applications to prepare for your Examinations.

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ICSE Class 7 Syllabus 2024-25 Examination

Give an Overview of Science Chapters in ICSE Syllabus of Class 7

The different science topics introduced in ICSE Class 7 syllabus assists the students in developing conceptual learning skills. Science is one of the most important and interesting topics that cover concepts that are related to everyday life. All the different experiments all over the world are performed and carried out with the help of Science. Students having a command over the science syllabus will score good marks. Let’s see the syllabus.

ICSE Syllabus For Class 7 Maths 

The ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 Maths is curated by the officials of ICSE by keeping in mind certain parameters. That’s because maths plays an important role in choosing the career stream at the higher secondary level. One of the main objectives of the syllabus is to make students learn the importance of Mathematics that it is more than just a few formulas and algorithms.

ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 Physics 

It is important for Class 7 students to score good marks to ramp up their grades and performance. Thus, in order to grab good grades in Physics, students should refer to the ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 Physics. The syllabus includes some crucial concepts like Energy, Pressure, Heat, Sound, etc.

ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 Chemistry 

The ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 Chemistry is very helpful for the students and is designed while keeping many imperative factors in mind. The subject of chemistry is an important subject of science and also consists of some important daily life concepts. Therefore the syllabus is designed in such a way that it lets students understand the use of different materials in day-to-day life. 

ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 Biology 

Every student who is studying in ICSE Class 7 should be well through the ICSE syllabus for Class 7 Biology. The reason behind it is that knowing the detailed syllabus will help students in planning how much time should be given to this subject. As biology is a new and innovative subject, understanding its key concepts is very important. 

ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 English 

The ICSE Syllabus For Class 7 English is divided into two sections that are literature and grammar. Both the sections are equally important and help students in enhancing their reading, writing, comprehensive and grammatical skills. 

ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 History 

Class 7 students should especially focus on the ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 history because the very vast sections like Mughal and Maratha are included in the course. The syllabus also discusses other invasions, so having the syllabus by your side will help you map up your preparation. 

ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 Civics 

After understanding the ICSE Syllabus For Class 7 Civics students will get the idea of the world as a global society and many different functions of the UN. The syllabus makes students aware of different politics and civil wars. 

ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 Geography 

Geography is an interesting subject and so is the ICSE Syllabus For Class 7 Geography. The syllabus includes various concepts of weather, climate, landscapes, vegetation and much more. The syllabus focuses on the geography of major cities of India. 

ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 Computer Applications 

The ICSE Syllabus For Class 7 Computer Applications teaches students the basic level software and programs that will be essential for the students in senior classes. It is specifically developed keeping in mind to increase the student’s learning ability. 

Science ICSE Syllabus Class 7




  • Kingdom Classification

  • Tissue

  • Plant Life

  • Human Body

  • Physical and Chemical Changes

  • Matter and its Composition

  • Language of Chemistry

  • Metals and Non-Metals

  • Atomic Structure

  • Motion

  • Electricity

  • Fundamentals of Physics

  • Sound

  • Heat

  • Light

  • Energy

Suggest Some Pro-Tips For Effective Exam Preparation With Icse Syllabus of Class 7

The Students Making Exam Preparation With Icse Class 7 Syllabus Can Implement The Following Pro-Tips: 

  • Prepare Time Table: Students need to prepare a proper time table and should stick to it. Make sure to prepare it early before it's too late. 

  • Focus on Every Subject: You should never ignore any subject or chapter mentioned in Class 7th ICSE syllabus. Practice hard if you find any topic difficult, but never delay the study. 

  • Include Extra-Curricular Activities: Avoid studying for long hours as it can exhaust you. Include extra-curricular activities like playing indoor or outdoor games, watching televisions, etc. This will help you relax. 

Detailed ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 for Geography 

The ICSE syllabus of Class 7 Geography focuses on different cultures and the way people live across the world. It gives an idea to the student regarding the various phenomena occurring in our environment related to the geographical topography and climate. Students will get to know about the various types of industries and working sectors that are existing. This learning approach also emphasizes the socio-political structure and class of people across the world. 

The Chapters are as Follows:

  • Representation of Geographical Features

  • Weather and Climate

  • Atmosphere

  • Industries

  • Study of Continents – Africa, Europe, Australia, Antarctica.

Did You Know?

If students follow the Class 7th ICSE syllabus by Vedantu, they can make an organized and well-structured preparation for the examination. Having an idea about the important topics will enable the students to level up their preparation. So, following the syllabus is important for students.

FAQs on ICSE for Class 7 Syllabus

1. What is so different about the ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 - All Subjects 2024-25 Examinations? 

ICSE also known as the Indian School Certificate Of Examinations prepared subject choices and syllabus for different classes. The ICSE Board is different from other education boards because it designs its examination syllabus in accordance with the education policies, general education through the medium of English. In addition to that, ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 - All Subjects 2024-25 Examinations focuses on developing enhanced analytical skills in the pupils. 

2. How can I score the highest in ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 - All Subjects 2024-25 Examinations? 

If you want to score the highest marks in your class 7 ICSE exams then you must prepare yourselves according to the syllabus provided by Vedantu. The pdf files have the entire syllabus in accordance with the ICSE guidelines. To further strengthen your preparation you can try solving the sample papers, test papers, mock tests available at Vedantu’s website. After completing all these preparatory tasks, you can surely enjoy excellent scores in your upcoming exams. 

3. What is the importance of taking reference from ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 - All Subjects 2024-25 Examinations for the maths exam? 

There’s no other way because the syllabus for ICSE class 7 is a foundation laid for the students so that they can prepare for their exams in a detailed manner. The syllabus consists of all the topics, activities, and sub-topics that are important from exams' point of view. It also includes the marking scheme for every chapter. Thus, it is important to take references from the syllabus. 

4. What are the various subjects in ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 - All Subjects 2024-25 Examinations? 

The ICSE Syllabus for Class 7 - All Subjects 2024-25 Examinations include subjects as follows: English, Maths, History, Civics, Geography, Science that includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology. After that, some additional subjects are computer studies, french mathematics, art education and more. All these subjects are equally important for the students.  Students can download free study material  and syllabus for free on  Vedantu site and mobile app.