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EVS for Kids - EVS Topics for Class 3, 4 and 5

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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Important Environmental Studies Topics for Kids

EVS - Environmental Studies or Environmental Biology is one of the most important subjects of primary classes - both exam wise and in everyday life and equally important as Maths or English. Environmental Studies teaches kids about their surrounding environment and everything present around them and helps to create general awareness among children about nature, its resources, how to protect the environment and how to interact with it properly.

We at Vedantu keep kids’ learning of prime importance as at this tender age children  develop new long-lasting interests and grasp everything that comes their way. Therefore, we promote teaching Junior Science and Nature, along with other important subjects to children so that they grow up to become responsible and learned individuals.  

Kids' e-learning resources, interactive videos, fun worksheets, easy explanations through stories and interesting activities of NCERT textbooks are available at Vedantu to boost children’s creativity and knowledge and help them get a better grasp on the EVS subject. 

EVS Topics

Useful EVS Resources on Science and Nature for Kids

Looking out for detailed Environmental Studies resources for your kids? We’ve got you covered. You can access our plethora of study materials, curated specially for kids, by clicking on the links in the given-below tables and downloading the PDFs for free.

In kids’ Science section of Vedantu, information is available for children about a variety of topics ranging from plants, animals, air, water, soil, food, and clothes to the human body, solar system, stars, planets, moon, and other celestial bodies. As they further progress, kids are taught about their natural, social and cultural environment as well. 

Keeping the gradual growth of children in mind, Vedantu provides a plethora of EVS resources to suit the needs of all primary grade children, which cover all the crucial topics. 

EVS Worksheets for Primary Students

Students tend to lose interest in a topic within seconds, therefore, they always need a stimulus that could keep them engaged. Vedantu’s expert teachers, after experimenting with several techniques, have come up with fun, interactive, colourful and engaging EVS worksheets that work the best for young minds. 

With captivating puzzles and hands-on activities, kids will surely come back to Vedantu for a fun e-learning experience. To make these EVS worksheets your kids’ go to resources to learn about Environmental Biology, download the free PDF links provided in the tables given below.

NCERT EVS Textbook

CBSE EVS Syllabus 

EVS NCERT Solutions 

Why Choose Vedantu for Environmental Science for Kids?

  • Engaging EVS section at Vedantu is meticulously designed by our subject-matter experts to ensure easy-to-understand language for kids with a whole lot of fun.

  • Using various formats such as comprehensive Q/A format, interactive do yourself worksheets, bulleted lists, short paragraphs and pictures in our EVS resources help keep your child engaged.

  • Whether you are looking for updated EVS syllabus or solutions to NCERT textbook, or even want to download the free textbook, you can always rely on Vedantu.

  • We have provided EVS NCERT solutions covering all the questions in the book. All our resources strictly follow the latest EVS NCERT syllabus issued by the board. Thus, children will be able to cover everything in the syllabus without wasting time on any unnecessary material.

  • All the study material is curated according to particular age groups, thus, we have something for every primary grader.

Parents only the best for their children, which is why Vedantu’s Environmental Studies resources will suit you the best. We at Vedantu through our comprehensive Environmental Science (EVS) section, strive to develop an interest in kids about knowing their environment and assist them in becoming a concerned part of society. So, walk with us on this mission by providing your kids only the best education and e-learning assistance of Vedantu.

So, get access to the amalgamation of learning and fun with our collection of Science for kids learning resources for your little one!

FAQs on EVS for Kids - EVS Topics for Class 3, 4 and 5

1. Why should I study Environmental Science as a subject in primary classes?

Environmental Studies is an important subject as it teaches you about the environment you live in and things you interact with. Additionally, EVS is also a high scoring subject, which could exponentially boost your overall percentage. So, don’t even think of skipping studying for EVS. 

2. Where can I get EVS NCERT textbook for free?

If you want to access EVS NCERT textbook for Classes 3 to 5 for free, you can easily download their PDFs by visiting Vedantu’s website or Vedantu mobile app, searching for class and chapter and hitting the download button. We have also provided the respective links in this article to save your time!

3. Should I read other reference books in addition to NCERT to prepare for Environmental Biology?

We do not recommend you to refer to other reference books other than the dedicated NCERT textbook to prepare for EVS for primary grades as Environmental Science is a comparatively general and easy subject, concerning things you interact with on a daily basis. Therefore, studying the NCERT textbook and our comprehensive NCERT Solutions will get you a good score as well.

4. What all is included in Environmental Science Class 5?

For junior Science in Class 5 Science, Vedantu provides you with the Class 5 EVS NCERT textbook - ‘Looking Around,’ which contains 22 chapters. Read our NCERT solutions for several examples and extra questions pertaining to each chapter, along with important topics of the chapter to give you a good understanding of the chapters. You also get access to fully solve exercises and in-text questions. 

5. What are the important topics I will learn in Class 3 to 5 EVS?

Important topics of EVS include:

  • Human Body - Processes and Senses

  • The Solar System

  • Outer Space

  • Energy and Food

  • Festivals

  • Social and Cultural Environment

  • Animals, Plants, Reptiles

  • Indoor and Outdoor Games

  • Communication

  • Force, Light and Shadow

  • Water Cycle, and more.