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Read fluently
Comprehend story books, poems, comics, instructions and more
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Speak confidently
Ace the art of public speaking across various topics
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Write creatively
Express creatively by writing fiction and non-fiction
Fun and engaging learning, every day

Every class is a fun filled experience

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A smart investment to help your child achieve big in life

Our storytellers will soon become your child’s best friend!

Frida D’Souza - Vedantu Super Maths teacher
Frida D’Souza
9+ years of experience
I’m an English Language enthusiast. I love seeing the energetic faces of my students. My students enjoy the activities and songs from our program and are always excited to attend sessions with me! This is what makes my day.
Priyanka Kakkad - Vedantu Super Maths teacher
Priyanka Kakkad
6+ years of experience
I feel blessed to have found a job that I love. The things I find most satisfying are the unending prospects of learning, performing out of my comfort zone and the endless love that I receive from the children.
Shabnam Basheerudeen - Vedantu Super Maths teacher
Shabnam Basheerudeen
5+ years of experience
When children learn something new, the glimmer they have in their eyes fascinates me. My most precious rewards have been when my former students greet me with a smile and proudly proclaim: “She was my teacher!
Why do parents and students love Vedantu English Superstar?
quote-iconAt first, I was skeptical to take online classes for my son, but now, I'm very happy that I made this decision. Thank you Vedantu for improving his communication skills.
- Puneeth’s mother
quote-icon Kyaraa is a very interactive child. During the lockdown due to the pandemic, Vedantu online classes helped her to interact and learn new things.
- Kyaraa's mother
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Frequently asked questions
How do I join the Live class?
For the free demo class, you’ll have to first book a class using this website. Then at the scheduled time of your booked class you can come back to this website and click on the “Already booked? Join now” button.
After you enrol for the program, you can join your regular classes by logging in to using your registered phone number and OTP and then going to the “My schedule” section.
Can I attend the Live classes on a mobile phone?
We recommend logging in from a laptop/desktop or tablet for the best experience. The larger screen is easier for children do the activities and interact with the teacher. There are some limitations on the mobile phone which may hamper your experience.
How long and how frequent are the Live classes?
The free demo class will be for 30 min duration which includes a ~10 min debrief with the parents. You can book a free demo class for a day and time of your choosing.
After you enrol for the program, regular classes will be scheduled twice a week as per a schedule that works for both you and your teacher. Each class will be for 50 min with an additional 5 min for an optional parent-teacher interaction.
What if I have to cancel or reschedule my Live class?
If for some reason you are unable to attend a class you can log in to from a web browser using your registered phone. On the “My Schedule” page you’ll see your upcoming classes with an option to reschedule a class. Alternatively you can chat with us through the website and our team will assist you in rescheduling classes.
Can I pause the classes when I go on a vacation or if my child is unwell?
Yes, we understand that there are times when your child might be unavailable to attend classes for a few days because of personal reasons. In that case you can pause your classes for the required amount of time. Each program you enroll in comes with a tenure (e.g. 8 months for a single level enrolment).
What if I need to reach out to Vedantu for some query?
The best way to reach us is through the chat option on our website. You can also reach out to us on our Toll free number : 1800-120-456-456/ +91 988-660-2456. We are available from (Mon-Sat:10AM - 9PM, Sun:10AM - 7PM). You may even write to us at