Our Core Beliefs

V Believe Education is the Ultimate Super Power!
V Believe Education is the Ultimate Super Power!
Education is a great leveler. V are where we are because of education. When a person receives education, it not just uplifts the person but uplifts the entire society, country. Education has the power to evolve the entire human race. V are imagining a world where education becomes so transformative that it creates a ripple effect and uplifts entire communities - making the world happier and self-actualized.
Education is Teaching Not Just Subject Knowledge but Beyond that!
Education is Teaching Not Just Subject Knowledge but Beyond that!
V believe true teaching comes not from teaching just subject knowledge but by truly inspiring the student to discover the true potential within and by motivating to become the better version of oneself.
A Great Teacher Inspires!
A Great Teacher Inspires!
In all our lives there has been a great teacher, someone V all can remember. A great teacher who has touched our lives and made a significant impact and changed the course of our life. When V remember this teacher, we might recall the topic or the subject they taught us but more importantly one remembers the motivation, values, feelings, inspiration which that individual triggered in us and that makes us truly love this person.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding principles define work ethos and endure across teams, time and space in Vedantu.
They ensure our priorities are well understood and always activated.

Students are Our True North

In every action or decision, big or small, V are driven by our desire to impact students meaningfully.

Vedantu was born out of a strong desire to create a delta in the learning outcomes of students. Students and their interest is the internal compass that will guide us in all our endeavors and ensure that V remain on our chosen path.

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If I think you are working for a larger cause ahead you will create an impact in the society. In my previous company I had joined for that, but it was paisa first, then customer. Here, problem solve karte hain about bacchon ko kaise improve karna hain.

- Agna Rohini

(About Academic Counsellors) You are not selling something like detergent powder, but a dream. If you weren’t here, then we wouldn’t get good children to teach. We don’t want the academic counsellor to sell anything, but to serve, to be passionate about telling people what choice they should take to change lives.

- Saahil Harjai

Strive to Create VOW Experiences

VOW (Vedantu out of the world) in Vedantu’s dictionary would mean a pledge to create WOW for students and parents.

At the very heart of it, Vedantu strives to deliver a unique and out of this world experience to everyone who comes in touch with it. This is what V at Vedantu call the VOW.

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We have a highly valued customer experience. As a business superkids has seen a lot of ups and down, but we always want to put the customer first.

- Nikhil R

The other very interesting thing that Vamsi picked up was we also want to start measuring how much the student is improving. Up until that point I was measuring only marks. Now we have a whole team of people doing this, figuring this out.

- Avinash Kumar

Always Ask 'What New Did V Try and What Did V Learn?'

This is what we ask ourselves constantly to drive innovation in Vedantu because V are never settled with status quo.

V are constantly innovating at Vedantu. Every day, every project is an opportunity for us to find a better way of adding value to what V do.

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In 2019 Vedantu 'started again as a start up' as they were redefining themselves.

- Sandeep K

The key part that AP also keeps on pushing is that we are leading right now but given that this is already out there people will come in and do this and they won't stop until they are better than us and then it will take a whole lot of effort to catch up to them. So, let's always keep pushing the envelope rather than be comfortable with the envelope.

- Avinash Kumar

Think Long-term for Impact at Scale

V are here to reimagine the way teaching and learning happens. This is the vision for which a lifetime is short. V will always optimize for long term and not get shortchanged by short term distractions.

At the very core, Vedantu is built on a first principles approach. V are out to invent new ways of learning that will change the way each and every student learns. This requires us to focus on fundamentals and think of the long term.

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The connection of how you are changing people’s lives is what keeps people here going and getting them hired.

- Supreet Singh

That mindset that I need to operate in a way that I have a mission - they are very clear that they live for that mission and that it is larger than their life.

- Arvind Singhal

Add Value Unconditionally, Everything Else is a Consequence

In every action or decision, big or small, V are driven by our desire to add value unconditionally.

This principle has been guiding us since inception. V were able to create value because V were committed to bring better learning outcomes for our students. Everything V have been able to build is a consequence of this unconditional commitment to adding value. V are convinced that if each one of us focusses truly on adding value then the outcomes are truly satisfying and everything else follows from there.

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Jo value addition karte hain, usse the satisfaction we are getting, unke messages aate hain, they boost further to work hard.

- Adil Ali

This is a service industry (kids with us for a year); Want to give value before we as an organisation get some value.

- Shamiroh Tikoo

Values V Live by

Our values at Vedantu are not just behaviours; they are the heartbeat of our culture, fostering unity,
driving excellence, and ensuring every step V take aligns with our shared vision and mission.


V are re-imagining how learning will happen for decades to come and this requires us to break silos across different functions and work as a deeply interconnected team.

Accepting the fact that V are part of a larger reality and understanding that the impact is amplified only when V collaborate with each other.

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Pulkit once said I want the engineers to feel for our mission. I want them to know what we are doing. We are not doing AI & ML, we are actually impacting real lives. It’s not what you make, it’s what you make possible.

- Maninder Bali

So the way they empower, the way they support allows me to do what I'm doing right now.

- Vijay Sharma

V Operate With Founder’s Mindset

V foster a culture of high performance and excellence, guided by our ethos of ownership and accountability. V maintain the highest standards in all our endeavors, prioritizing quality and innovation, with a strong bias for action and sense of urgency.

The only way V can reach our goal of impact at scale is by empowering our teams to take complete responsibility and ownership of their tasks and deliverables.

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If you make mistakes, it’s not a problem here. Noone is going to scold you for it. We are all intelligent here, so we will sit and discuss what the problem was and how to fix it the next time.

- Sahil Bhatia

You take ownership of all that you are managing, from uptimes, to SLA, to performance.

- Ajith Reddy

V Inspire to Unlock Energies

Passion is energy and V believe inspiration is a form of energy, once you charge anyone with it, they transform.

Belief & inspiration as a form of energy: you need to be a charged particle to pass on energy.

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One guy named Supreet said that if Pulkit Sir wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have ever left Patiala.

- Maninder Bali

If a mentor has changed my life, then there’s no looking back. Every student should meet their lakshya.

- Anand Prakash

V Are Humble and Have Empathy
#BeHumble #HaveEmpathy

Empathy helps us focus on listening and humility allows us to be open to possibilities - both make us learn fast and build faster.

V believe that it is important to understand the current state of the person, to be able to chart out their future trajectory. To build anything, it is important to explore without fear & with humility.

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I still remember it very sharply, I was just panicking. I was like okay, I don’t belong to this world. Pulkit came to me and he was like, you know why are you sitting here? Chal class chalte hain. So, I went and he made me sit on the first bench. He was talking to me the entire class. Made me so comfortable.

- Simriti Goel

We had to do a layoff - lowest point in Vedantu. I got a call saying we might not be able to pay salaries. I broke down in the office, I was crying cause I couldn't take it. I offered to leave if others could stay, but it didn’t work out. We needed to let go of some of the finest people.

- Sridhar R

V Trust and Empower to Unleash Potential
#VEmpower #VUnleashPotential

V believe when V invest trust in people and empower them, they take charge of their own growth, striving to meet and exceed the highest standards.

Confidence and trust are seeds of growth, not rewards of growth.The confidence placed in a person acts as an investment to help them activate their potential.

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My mom and dad couldn’t relate to me at all. They were like, “we don’t know this kid, who is this kid?” The way they spoke about me, because obviously I loved working with them... those young chaps. Like they’re IIT-ians and they’re saying such good things about me while talking to my parents. And my mom was like have I ever known you?

- Simriti Goel

Vamsi said we will let you do whatever you want to, but one thing I won’t let you do is hedge your bets. Be clear about what you want to do, whatever happens ahead, we’ll see.

- Maninder Bali