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JEE Advanced Correction Window 2024

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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JEE Advanced 2024 Application Correction - Know When and How

JEE Advanced is a nationally administered entrance exam overseen by the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. The exam conducting authority offers a facility for correcting the JEE Advanced 2024 Application Form. Candidates can avail this service through the official website. During the JEE Advanced correction window 2024, candidates can typically make changes to details such as personal information, contact information, educational qualifications, category, or any other relevant information specified by the organizing authority. It is important to note that not all fields may be open for correction, and there might be specific guidelines and limitations set by the conducting body.

JEE Advanced 2024 Application Form

Applicants must obtain the application form exclusively through online channels. The JEE Advanced 2024 Application form release is scheduled for April 27, 2024. Applicants will have a week to finalize their submissions as the deadline for application submission is set for May 7, 2024. Additional fees are applicable for category and paper modifications.

Payment of the application fee can be made online using a debit card, credit card, or net banking. Candidates need to retain a printed copy of the JEE Advanced application form for future reference.

JEE Advanced 2024 Form Correction

The availability of the JEE Advanced Correction facility varies depending on circumstances and timing, with authorities sometimes offering it and other times not. It's crucial for candidates to complete the application form carefully to prevent future issues. Any updates regarding the JEE Advanced correction window 2024 of the application form will be provided here. Last year, no correction period was announced for JEE Advanced form adjustments.

If the authorities decide to allow corrections, it will likely apply to only certain details. Below are the details candidates can modify in the JEE Advanced 2024 application form:

  • Candidate's name

  • Father's name

  • Mother's name

  • Category

  • Gender

  • Date of birth

  • Mobile number

  • Choice of paper (Paper 1, Paper 2, or both)

How to Correct Errors in the JEE Advanced 2024 Application Form

Follow these steps to rectify mistakes in your application during the JEE advanced correction window 2024:

  1. Go to the official website.

  2. Log in using your application number and password.

  3. Then, click on the 'correct application form details' button.

  4. Read the provided instructions carefully and proceed to amend the application form.

  5. You can correct details such as educational qualifications, gender, category, and personal information.

  6. Double-check all the details for accuracy.

  7. Click 'submit' again to finalize the corrections.

  8. Print a copy of the corrected application form and keep it safe for future admission procedures.

What to Do if you Find Errors While Correction Window is Not Available?

If you discover errors in your application form, and unfortunately, there's no option to rectify them through an official channel.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Reach out to the Helpdesk: The JEE Advanced website provides a Helpdesk option. You can explain the error and request guidance If there is any alternate solution they might offer (though chances are slim).

  2. Write to the authorities: Consider sending a formal email explaining the situation and requesting a solution.

  3. Consider the Impact: Analyze the error's severity. Minor typos in names or phone numbers might not be critical, while errors in category or exam options could have serious consequences.

Eligibility Criteria for JEE Advanced 2024

Candidates are required to review the following eligibility criteria for JEE Advanced 2024:

  • Nationality: Indian nationals, including OCI/PIO holders, and foreign nationals are eligible to apply for the exam.

  • Age Limit: Candidates must have been born on or after October 1st, 1999. SC/ST category candidates must have been born on or after October 1st, 1994.

  • Number of Attempts: Candidates can take the JEE Advanced examination a maximum of two times within two consecutive years.

  • Qualification: Candidates should have passed their 10th and 12th standard from a recognized board in the year 2024.

  • JEE Main Scores: Candidates must appear in the JEE Main 2024 exam to be eligible for JEE Advanced 2024.

Candidates must verify their qualifying conditions before completing the application form. Registration will be cancelled if candidates do not match the eligibility conditions. Furthermore, candidates should verify that all scanned papers are uploaded correctly. It is recommended that all details be completed accurately within the time window indicated, since the test conducting body will not make any adjustments.

How to Avoid Mistakes

  • Before applying, meticulously review all the information you've entered. Ensure details like name, date of birth, category, and exam preferences are accurate.

  • Don't rush through the application process. Read instructions carefully and fill out each section with focus.

  • If unsure about any aspect of the application, don't hesitate to seek clarification from teachers, counselors, or the JEE Advanced Helpdesk.

By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of errors and ensure a smooth application process for JEE Advanced 2024. Remember, staying updated with official announcements on the JEE Advanced website is vital.


The JEE Advanced Correction Window 2024 is a crucial opportunity for candidates to rectify any errors in their application forms. It's important to focus on providing accurate information about personal details, academic qualifications, and exam preferences. Double-checking all entries ensures that your application is complete and correct, minimizing the risk of disqualification. Pay attention to details like spelling, dates, and document uploads. Use this window to make necessary amendments and avoid any last-minute hassles. Remember, accuracy and attention to detail are key to a smooth application process and maximizing your chances of success in the exam.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Correction Window 2024

1. Is the correction window open for JEE 2024?

According to the latest information available on the official JEE Advanced website, there might not be a facility to edit applications this year.

2. What is the JEE Advanced Correction Window?

The JEE Advanced Correction Window is a designated period where candidates can edit their application forms. This allows them to rectify any errors or inconsistencies made while submitting the initial application.

3. What to do if I make a mistake in JEE Advanced application form?

If you discover an error in your application form, it's crucial to contact the JEE Advanced authorities immediately.  While there might not be an official correction window, they might offer alternative solutions depending on the nature of the mistake.

Here is what you can do:

  • Reach out to the Helpdesk through The JEE Advanced website, explain the error and request guidance.

  • Consider sending a formal email explaining the situation and requesting a solution.

4. What we can correct in correction window?

The official information brochure for JEE Advanced 2024 will provide the most up-to-date details on what can be corrected during the window. However, common editable fields typically include:

  • Personal Information (Name, Father's Name, etc.)

  • Contact Information (Phone Number, Email)

  • Educational Qualifications (School Details, Marks)

  • Category (if applicable)

5. How can I edit my JEE Advanced 2024 application form?

Unfortunately, there isn't usually an option to edit the application form after submission. JEE Advanced might offer a designated correction window where you can log in to the official website using your credentials and make changes within the allowed fields.

6. Can I use the JEE Advanced correction window twice?

The official information brochure will clarify this point. Generally, the correction window allows edits only once. It's crucial to double-check your application thoroughly before submitting it.