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Coding for Kids

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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Free Coding Resources, Sample Programs, Guides and Much More

Have you ever thought if your kid is eager to learn something new such as coding? This chatter started years ago and its popularity is growing very fast. But kids and coding? Seems impossible, right? Don’t worry! We are here to explain to you why learning coding will help your kid gain a lifetime of success.

Learning how to code at a tender age can be quite beneficial than wasting valuable time. Just do a bit of research and try to understand why making your kids learn coding from their initial ages would be really good.

Sounds interesting! However, you must be worried about the essential resources to inculcate the skill in your kids. There’s nothing to worry about as there are plenty of platforms or tutors available online who offer Coding for kids free in a fun and engaging manner.

Computer Science instruction in the classroom is not enough these days. Given programming or coding has become quite demanding in the current scenario, many parents have started looking for online resources to teach their child coding virtually.

In this blog, you will be able to track the ultimate guide on how to teach your child coding through various online platforms, the definition of coding, why coding is necessary, and many more things. The below table of contents will guide you thoroughly to each segment.

Coding Topics

What is Coding for Kids?

In order to understand Coding for kids, you as a parent need to understand what coding is. Coding is nothing but a simple yet creative process of letting a computer understand how to perform a task in its own language.

Therefore, Coding for Kids is simply the gamified version for the kids to learn coding or computer programming in an interesting way that involves creative input. As you already know that there are multiple benefits of coding, hence learning it at a tender age helps to create numerous opportunities for the kids in advance.

In nutshell, Computer Coding for kids is the ocean of opportunities to get a young mind involved in something challenging and creative like coding.

What is the Correct Age to Learn to Code?

This is a common question which arises in every parent’s mind. There is no particular age for a kid to start learning to code. Like other hobbies (such as painting, dancing, reciting etc), coding is also a somewhat fun activity that a kid can explore. There are numerous benefits of coding learning (which we have provided below).

The basic concept of coding or programming can be taught to the students of 4-5 years old kids through visual block interfaces, game, text-based coding etc. So, now if parents are wondering why they should motivate their kids to learn various computer programming knowledge from such a young age, then we would suggest they go through the rest of the article for further information. We have tried our best to jot down all the possible insights regarding why coding is important and various other relevant information in the following.

Why Should my Child Learn to Code?

If you are still looking for concrete reasons behind why your child should learn to code at such a tender age, then here are the reasons that you must check -

  1. Learning coding will help to increase your kid’s logical reasoning skills and problem-solving skills.

  2. Coding or programming is quite fun to learn.

  3. Coding helps the kids to think in a better way.

  4. The number of jobs in this friend is increasing. Hence it ensures a promising future’.

  5. Coding helps to enhance kids’ creativity level.

  6. Coding can enhance your kids’ persistence and communication.

  7. Through coding, kids can gain a competitive advantage and a better understanding of the world.

How Difficult it is for Kids to Learn Coding?

As a parent, you can think or your kid might ask you ‘Is it really difficult to learn coding?’ We have an answer for that too.

The difficulty level depends on every kid along with a few other factors. Factors may vary for every kid. When it comes to learning, it all depends on the way coding is being taught to a kid such as is it fun-learning or does it include various innovative activities etc. These ensure how engaging the kid will be and how soon he/she can learn the basic programming languages.

Moreover, kids prefer game-based approaches when it comes to coding. If the learning experience seems better and fun to the kids, then the parents do not have to force them to learn. They themselves will be eager to learn more and more.

Best Programming Language for Kids

Are you looking for the best coding language for the kids? Then you have arrived in the right place. Here we have provided the list of best programming languages for the kids. All these languages in the below list offer a list of benefits for your kids’ future endeavours. Let’s consider the benefits while opting for the languages for your kid that they should learn to code.

Considering the best programming languages for children play a crucial role for your kids. It will help them to increase their creativity and sharpen their future career prospects.

Below is the list of best coding languages for kids:

  • Java

  • Scratch

  • JavaScript

  • Lua

  • Python


  • C++

  • C#

4 Benefits of Coding for Kids

Kids should learn coding or the parents should consider coding for their kids because -

  1. Career prospect of the coders are very bright.

  2. It sharpens up the kids’ thinking ability and problem-solving power.

  3. Coding is really fun and can be satisfactory too. Only coders understand how satisfying it is after a debugging session.

  4. An early coding knowledge gives an exposure when your kid grows up. He/ she would appear as a more potential candidate while applying to premium colleges or good jobs.

Best Resources for Coding for Kids

Speaking of resources, there are plenty of online and offline resources available to teach coding. However, given the present scenario, online resources are better to opt for. There are millions of possibilities to learn online. If you, as a parent, are looking for the best online tutor for your kids then Vedantu Super Coders is the right place for you where you find the best resources for your toddler to learn coding at the comfort of home. All the instructors are highly experienced and provide effective lessons to the kids.

Apart from this, you can also recruit home tutor, let your kid join summer camps, or look for if the schools provide the facility of a special coding class.

There are plenty of books also available in the market which you can take reference to benefit your kid. Moreover, there are plenty of reasons to make your kids learn computer coding. So, hurry up and find out the best resource for your child and get started with coding to nurture more creativity among them.

FAQs on Coding for Kids

Q1: What is Coding for Kids?

Ans: Coding for Kids is both a great activity and a way to gain valuable skills for their future benefits.

Q2: What is the Correct Age for Kids to Start Learning How to Code?

Ans: There is no such correct age for learning anything new. It all depends on the kids. Kids from the age of 4 to 7 years can start learning the basics of programming/ coding and applying them for their dream games, apps, etc. Coding for kids has been growing popular years after years as the world is becoming technology-savvy. All the parents must get their kids to learn to code at a young age.

Q3: How to Teach Children to Code?

Ans: Children can be taught coding very easily through any online tutorial or e-learning platform like us. As a parent, you can guide them easily as well by just following instructions of the teachers. So, keep an eye on these platforms for further information.