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Frank Solutions for Class 9 Physics (2023-24) - PDF

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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Frank Physics Class 9 Solutions - Free PDF

Frank ICSE Physics Class 9 Solutions help students to clear any doubts instantly and in a more efficient way. These Frank Solutions for Physics Class 9 have 18 chapters with chapters like Sound, Laws of Motion, Fluids, Heat and others. They carry a good weightage which is why it is important that students prepare effectively for their final examination. Students are advised to solve the exercise questions from the textbook to gain a proper understanding of the topics.

For students of Class 9 ICSE Board, Frank Physics Class 9 Solutions are very important. The chapter-wise list of Frank solutions are available at Vedantu. If you are struggling to grasp the concepts of various topics in Physics and willing to push yourself hard to score better in your final exams, Frank Physics Class 9 Solutions will help you. There are many advantages of Frank textbook solutions as they are provided in a simple language and will help to self-learn among students. Download Frank Physics Class 9 Solutions in a PDF format and start your preparation today!

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Chapter-wise List of Frank Solutions for Class 9 Physics

  • Chapter 1: Measurement

  • Chapter 2: Motion in One Dimension

  • Chapter 3: Laws of Motion

  • Chapter 4: Fluids

  • Chapter 5.1: Heat

  • Chapter 5.2: Heat Thermal Expansion

  • Chapter 5.3: Heat Thermometry

  • Chapter 5.4: Heat Transmission of Heat

  • Chapter 6.1: Light Reflection of Light

  • Chapter 6.2: Light Spherical Mirrors

  • Chapter 6.3: Light

  • Chapter 7.1: Sound

  • Chapter 7.2: Sound Production and Propagation of Sound

  • Chapter 7.3: Sound Range of Hearing

  • Chapter 8.1: Electricity and Magnetism Static Electricity

  • Chapter 8.2: Electricity and Magnetism Current Electricity

  • Chapter 8.3: Electricity and Magnetism

  • Chapter 8.4: Electricity and Magnetism

ICSE Class 9 Physics Detailed Syllabus 


Measurement and Experimentation discusses Systems of Unit and Units in SI System, Measurement of Length, Measurement of Time & Simple Pendulum. It also talks about Measurement, Unit, Metre, Kilogramme, Second. 

Motion in one Dimension

Distance, speed, velocity, acceleration; equations of uniformly accelerated motion without derivations; scalar and vector quantities.

Laws of Motion

Introduction to the concepts of inertia, mass, and force through Newton's First Law of Motion. Newton’s law of motion and gravitation.


Introduction to Pressure in fluids, Thrust & pressure, Pressure in fluids, Laws of liquid pressure, Transmission of pressure in liquids, Pascal’s law, Examples of hydraulic machine, Atmospheric pressure, Measurement of atmospheric pressure-Barometer and its types, Pressure in fluids & Atmospheric pressure review.


Heat and Temperature, Anomalous Expansion, Energy Flow and its Importance, Energy resources, GreenHouse Effect and Global warming.


Laws of Reflection and Formation of Images by a Plane Mirror, Images formed in a pair of mirrors, spherical mirrors, image formation and its uses.


Sound waves & their properties, Sound waves require a medium to move, propagation and speed in various media. Frequencies in the infrasonic, sonic, and ultrasonic ranges, as well as their uses.

Electricity and Magnetism

Potential difference, Insulators and Conductors, Closed and Open circuits, and Current direction, a simple electric circuit with an electric cell and a bulb are used, Earth's magnetic field, Induced magnetism Magnetic fields to have neutral spots.

Advantages of Frank Textbook Solutions for ICSE 9 Physics

  • All the questions are solved as per examination point of view to help students score well.

  • Solutions are explained in a detailed step by step manner for all questions.

  • All solutions are easy to understand and learn as they are clearly written by subject experts to match the curriculum.

  • These Frank Textbook Solutions for ICSE 9 Physics help in developing a good conceptual foundation for students, which is important in the final stages of preparation for board and competitive exams.

  • These solutions are absolutely free and available in a PDF format.


Frank Textbook Solutions for ICSE 9 Physics are a very important resource for students preparing for ICSE Class 9 Examination. Here we have given Frank Physics Class 9 Solutions covered by ICSE Class 9 Syllabus. Students will get a complete idea about Frank solutions for Class 9 Physics for all chapters.

FAQs on Frank Solutions for Class 9 Physics (2023-24) - PDF

1. What are the topics discussed in Frank Textbook Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Physics?

Frank Textbook Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Physics introduces the students to Sound, Laws of Motion, Fluids, Heat and others in the Class 9 syllabus. They will also learn Sound Production and Propagation of Sound, Thermal Expansion, Thermometry, etc. 

2. How can I benefit from using Vedantu’s Frank Textbook Solutions For ICSE 9 Physics?

Choosing Vedantu brings you a load of advantages. The following are some benefits that you can get by studying Frank Textbook Solutions For ICSE 9 Physics:

  • It provides solutions to all the questions prepared by our professional teachers with years of experience. 

  • Improves your grades as well as prepares you for competitive exams.

  • Provided material strictly adheres to the ICSE curriculum.

3. Which are the subjects for which Vedantu provides solutions for apert from Frank Textbook Solutions for ICSE 9 Physics?

Vedantu provides Class 9 ICSE Solutions for all subjects to ensure that there is no topic left untouched by the student. All the ICSE Class 9 Solutions that a student may need have been provided for their understanding and ease of scoring well in the exams.

4. Why are the Frank Physics Class 9 Solutions important?

Frank Physics Class 9 Solutions are the most important study material available for the preparation of Class 9 exams. Students must solve and practice regularly. Frank Physics Class 9 Solutions are very important since students might have difficulties in understanding or solving the questions correctly. So, download Frank ICSE Physics Class 9 Solutions and start your preparation.

5. Do I need to practice all the questions provided in Frank ICSE Physics Class 9 Solutions?

Questions provided in the ICSE books are very important for students to gain a proper understanding of the different and complex concepts of the Class 9 Physics syllabus. Question papers are also strictly designed on the basis of the ICSE curriculum. Hence, it is important to practice all the Frank ICSE Physics Class 9 Solutions.