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Frank Solutions for Class 9 Maths

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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Frank Mathematics Class 9 Solutions - Chapter-wise List and Details

Frank ICSE Mathematics Class 9 Solutions are discussed in this article in quite precision. We will be sharing the Chapter wise list of frank solutions for the students so that they can have a clearer view of the topics that will be examined in the Class 9 Maths exam

Maths is an important subject for the Class 9 students, they are required to understand the concept and practice the same religiously. Before doing so, they need a clear understanding of what is included in their Maths Class 9 syllabus and what is not. Thus we primarily present the Chapter Wise list of Frank Solutions to help the students with the same. 

Without further ado, let us get started with knowing the topics of Frank Maths Class 9 Solutions.

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Chapter Wise list of Frank Solutions

Study the table presented below which consists of the Chapter Wise list of Frank Solutions for Class 9 Maths. We also have provided short introduction of maths chapters for the class 9 students. 

Chapter Wise list of Frank Solutions 


Short Introduction

Pure Arithmetic

Rational and Irrational Numbers 

Pure Mathematics explores the boundary of Mathematics with pure reason. Here the students learn about rational and irrational numbers. 

Commercial Mathematics

Compound Interest  

Commercial Maths are basically the business maths which is used by the commercial enterprises to record and manage their business transactions. In this chapter, students will learn about Compound Interest. 


  • Expansions

  • Factorisation

  • Simultaneous Linear Equations in two variables. (With numerical coefficients only)

  • Indices/ Exponents

Algebra is a broad spectrum of Maths. Here we study about mathematical symbols and rules governing those symbols. We will study about expansion. Factorization, linera equations, indices. 


  • Triangles

  • Pythagoras Theorem

  • Rectilinear Figures

  • Circle

Branch of Maths which studies size, shapes, positions, angles. Here we will study the Triangles,

Pythagoras Theorem,

Rectilinear Figures, and



Introduction, collection of data, presentation of data, Graphical representation of data, Mean, Median of ungrouped data.

This is the science of collection, analyzing, presenting and using the data. We study about how to present the data collected, mean, median, and mode in this chapter. 


Area and perimeter of a triangle, Area and circumference of circle. Surface area and volume of Cube and Cuboids.

This is a part of geometry which studies the lengths, areas and volumes. Here the students will study - Area and perimeter of a triangle, Area and circumference of circle. Surface area and volume of Cube and Cuboids.


Trigonometric Ratios, Simple 2-D problems involving one right-angled triangle, Concept of trigonometric ratios of complementary angles and their direct application.

This branch of Maths studies the side length, and angles of triangles. We will study Trigonometric Ratios, Simple 2-D problems involving one right-angled triangle, Concept of trigonometric ratios of complementary angles and their direct application in this chapter.

Co-ordinate Geometry

Cartesian System, plotting of points in the plane for given coordinates, solving simultaneous linear equations in 2 variables graphically and finding the distance between two points using distance formula.

This is an interesting branch of maths studying the geometry via the coordinating points. 

These were the topics present in the Frank Maths Class 9 Solutions. Hope the students will have a clear picture and idea of the same before they start with their Maths exam preparation. 

Frank Mathematics Class 9 Solutions - Preparation Tips 

Students willing to score maximum in their Maths exam is advised to follow Frank Mathematics Class 9 Solutions, apart from this following are some suggested preparational tips that the students must follow to score well in their Maths exam:

  1. Understand the mathematical concepts properly. 

  2. Study the illustrations or examples given in the main text book. 

  3. Students are also required to solve the questions and answers given after each chapter.

  4. Practice sums indefinitely to score highest in Maths!

  5. Solve exercise questions, worksheets and ICSE Sample papers to know the core of the topic. 

Hope the study was beneficial for the students. We have presented the chapter-wise list of Frank ICSE Mathematics Class 9 Solutions with its sub-topics and brief introduction of the same, further we also have shared some preparation tips to score well in Class 9 Maths exam.

FAQs on Frank Solutions for Class 9 Maths

1. Suggest some Class 9 Maths Book Solutions.

Some of the suggested Class 9 Maths Book Solutions are:

  • Frank Mathematics Class 9 Solutions

  • Together with Mathematics for ICSE Students Class-IX - Bhanu Pratap Singh

  • Secondary School Mathematics for Class 9 PB - V. Aggarwal R. S. Aggarwal

  • S Chand ICSE Mathematics Book I For IX - Anubhuti Gangal

2. Is Frank Mathematics Class 9 Solutions good for ICSE Class 9 Students?

Yes. Frank Mathematics Class 9 Solutions is a good book for Class 9 students to prepare for their Maths exam.

3. How can I master Maths in Class 9 ICSE?

Practice is the key for any educational subject, but for maths it is the prior most objective of the students those who want to score great in their Maths exam. In ICSE Class 9 Maths, you are only required to understand the topics and practice well.  

4. Is ICSE Maths Class 9 easy?

ICSE Maths Class 9 comprises of interesting topics which the students can have genuine engrossment with. Yes, it is quite easy yet the students are required to study the subject with more focus and attention, practice a lot and understand the topics in-depth. 

5. What is the total marks in Maths Class 9 examination?

100 is the total Marks in Maths Class 9 examination. 80 marks for theory paper and 20 marks for internal assessment.