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ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 9 Maths

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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Download ML Aggarwal Class 9 Solutions PDFs

Solving problems on a daily basis as per the ML Aggarwal textbook, students can improve their rational thinking and effectively improve their logical approach. ML Aggarwal class 9 solutions will promote conceptual clarity of the chapters and provide plenty of practice question-answers to assist students in learning.

ML Aggarwal Class 9 all-inclusive solutions of Maths is brought by Vedantu to support students for scoring higher marks in the Maths exams. Going forward with each and every chapter of ML Aggarwal solutions, students will gain confidence in their mathematical skills which is required at this point in the ICSE exam.

The links of ML Aggarwal class 9 solutions ICSE PDFs are provided here in this article, read further below to know features of ML Aggarwal Class 9 ICSE solutions and the suggested preparation tips.

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ML Aggarwal Class 9 Syllabus (Chapter-wise)

Know the content of ML Aggarwal textbook with the chapter-wise list provided below:


ML Aggarwal Class 9 Chapter-wise Solutions


Chapter 1: Rational and Irrational Numbers


Chapter 2: Compound Interest 


Chapter 3: Expansions


Chapter 4: Factorisation


Chapter 5: Simultaneous Linear Equations


Chapter 6: Problems on Simultaneous Linear 


Chapter 7: Quadratic Equations


Chapter 8: Indices


Chapter 9: Logarithms


Chapter 10: Triangles


Chapter 11: Mid Point Theorem


Chapter 12: Pythagoras Theorem


Chapter 13: Rectilinear Figures


Chapter 14: Theorems on Area


Chapter 15: Circle


Chapter 16: Mensuration


Chapter 17: Trigonometric Ratios


Chapter 18: Trigonometric Ratios and Standard Angles


Chapter 19: Coordinate Geometry


Chapter 20: Statistics

Features of ML Aggarwal Class 9 Solutions 

Take a glance on the features of ML Aggarwal Class 9 Solutions by Vedantu:

  • The solutions have a summarised structure of important concepts and the formulas used in solving questions.

  • Ample number of practice questions are provided along with solved examples, improving academic performance of students.

  • The solutions follow the current syllabus of ICSE board and have answers in a form that takes references from previous exam trends.

  • The answers provided reduce the difficulty of these questions as we have prepared step-to-step instructions.

  • Students can use these Ml Aggarwal Class 9 solution PDFs for taking a glance for revision before the exam.

  • ML Aggarwal Class 9 solutions ICSE are designed to train students for the complete exams along with improving their mathematical skills.

Key Points of ML Aggarwal Solutions by Vedantu

If you are wondering whether the ML Aggarwal solutions provided here are the best choice for your preparation then read the key features offered in these solutions:

  • Problems are solved step by step with detailed explanations and illustrations for a clearer understanding and better retention.

  • The exercises are devised by our subject experts and brilliant tutors in order to provide students with the best preparation resources for obtaining good marks.

  • The solutions are structured chapter-wise, and are available in PDF format which can be downloaded free of cost.

  • The answers provided here have two-fold benefits which are that it serves as a tool to clear your doubts and the other, it provides in-depth information.

  • They come in handy to complete your homework.

Preparation Tips to Score well in ICSE Class 9 Exam

Follow the suggestions provided below for a better preparation:

  • Cover the Syllabus : You should prepare every chapter thoroughly regardless of its weightage or difficulty level to secure good marks in your maths exam. The covering of the entire syllabus is primarily important followed by the need for revision. The revision of each and every chapter,its formulas and problem solving methods is necessary for scoring good marks.

  • Separate Register for Formulas: It's easier when we have organised material for preparation and the formulas included in maths of Class 9 are high in number as there are many geometric chapters included. You are advised to take note of every formula that you learn and go through them daily to memorise perfectly.

  • Clear Your Concepts: No amount of problem solving is enough if the concepts are not clear. Understand the theory of every shape, theorem, formula, methodology before you get on to solving problems.

  • Previous Year Question Papers: test your knowledge and pacing of solving problems with help of previous years’ question papers to improve your skills. You can also get an idea of how the ICSE maths exam usually is structured.

  • Online Study Resources: reference books are wonderful for practising but make sure to take advantage of the abundant resources available online such as sample papers, revision notes, worksheets and textbook solutions.


Our experts at Vedantu have designed the ML Aggarwal class 9 solutions to assist students with their maths exam preparation. The solutions follow the latest syllabus by ICSE and the answer illustrations match the updated methodologies. Students can ace their exams with conceptual clarity, plenty of problem solving and these all are the key motifs of the ML Aggarwal class 9 solutions that Vedantu provides. Students are advised to go through the solutions thoroughly before their final exams.

FAQs on ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 9 Maths

1. Where can I get ML Aggarwal Class 9 Maths Solutions in PDF?

Get ML Aggarwal solutions on Vedantu’s website. You can view or download them in PDF format, free of cost. If you are stuck at any of the problems or have any doubts then the ML Aggarwal Class 9 solutions will assist you. Access the solutions and have an effective learning experience.

2. Who is ML Aggarwal?

ML Aggarwal is an Indian mechanical engineer and educator. His research study is based on industrial problems related to fatigue design. He is a recipient of Best Paper Award in 2004.

3. How many chapters are present in ML Aggarwal Class 9 Maths?

A total number of 20 chapters are present in the ML Aggarwal class 9 Maths. The problems in ML Aggarwal are recommended to be solved by students themselves. This book acts as a perfect source to enhance your mathematical reasoning.

4. Is ML Aggarwal for ICSE?

Yes, ML Aggarwal is primarily designed for ICSE students.

5. Does Class 9 have trigonometry?

Maths Class 9 chapter 8 is Trigonometry, you can learn about trigonometry, its formulas and step by step problem solving methods with help of ML Aggarwal Class 9 solutions. These solutions are well known for assisting students in quick preparation and for their homework completion.