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Frank ICSE Physics Class 10 Solutions 2023-24

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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Frank Physics Class 10 Solution Textbook

The Frank Physics Class 10 Solutions for ICSE students are a comprehensive reference for resolving challenging problems in the Frank textbook. To ensure that you understand the material and put it into practice, use Frank Physics Solutions. Globally, Frank Physics Solutions are favoured. These books are popular among students worldwide and are available in more than 100 countries. Additionally, Frank Solutions is backed by ICSE schools, teachers and students in India.

Therefore, Frank Physics Solutions are well-known for its self-study materials for Physics and assistance in resolving Class 10 Physics questions that enable ICSE students to achieve good marks and master all the principles of a topic.

Before taking the test, students who want to achieve more marks in Physics Class 10 can practise the genuine Frank ICSE Physics class 10 solutions. You can study more effectively with the aid of Frank's ICSE Physics Class 10 Solution book so that you can perform well on your final or board test.

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Frank Chapter-wise Solutions for Class 10 Physics

Physics has a vast syllabus in Class 10, which makes it quite difficult for students. Some of the more challenging chapters are in Physics. Our most recent solution, which has all of the solutions to the questions in the Frank Class 10 Physics Solution Textbook, covers all of these chapters in detail. Such important chapters like:


Chapter Number

Chapter Name

Force, Work, Energy and Power



Current electricity





Heat Calorimetry

Heat Change of State





Nuclear Fission and Fusion

Modern Physics Exercise & MCQ


Benefits of Vanuatu's Frank Physics Class 10 Solutions

  • Solutions with detailed instructions

  • Lesson prepared and instructed by an expert teacher

  • Our highly qualified teachers simplify the exam preparation process

  • Wrapping all of the topics for Class 10 Physics.

  • Easily accessible online and  with a sample paper for practise

  • Designed in reference with the ICSE syllabus with  most recent recommendations

How to Download Frank Physics Class 10 Solution PDF from Vedantu?

Step 1- Scroll the same page down where you will find ‘Download Now’ Click on it.

Step 2- After step 1, verification of student’s identity will pop up in your screen where students have to fill such columns with their personal details like: 

  • Name

  • Contact Number

  • School & Class

  • Preparing for which Exams

Step 3- After completing your personal details column then downloading of your pdf file will automatically start.

Step 4- It will automatically get saved into your folder or drive and a pop up will appear in your notification bar from there you can access PDF.

Let’s Practise with Some Questions:

1. The mechanical advantage of a machine is 5. Find the effort necessary to lift 100 N.

  1. 0.05 N

  2. 20 N

  3. 50 N

  4. 100 N

Solution: b. 20N


2. A sloping surface used to raise object is called an

  1. Inclined plane

  2. Wedge

  3. Screw

  4. Wheel and axle

Solution: a. Inclined plane


3. A uniform plane of seesaw is 8m long and is supported in the centre. A boy weighing 50 Kgf sits at a distance of 2.5m from the fulcrum. Where must another boy weighing 40 Kgf sit, so as to balance the plank?

  1. 2m

  2.  4m

  3.  3.125m

  4.  4.75m

Solution: c. 3.125


4. A single string system has 5 pulleys. If an effort of 50 Kgf is required to raise a load of 150 Kgf, then find the efficiency of the system.

  1. 60%

  2. 80%

  3. 10%

  4. NOT

Solution: a. 60%


5. The MA of an ideal single movable pulley is

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. < 2

  4. < 1

Solution: b. 2


6. A simple machine whose MA is always greater than 1 is

a. Inclined plane

      b. Levers

      c. Pulley

      d. Ideal machine

Solution: a. Inclined plane


7.  A force applied to a machine to do mechanical work is called

  1. Effort

  2. Load

  3. Efficiency

  4. Output

Solution: a. Effort


8. Unit of gear ratio is

  1. m

  2. Sec

  3. Km

  4. Unit less

Solution: d. Unit less


9. A single movable pulley is used as:

  1. Force multiplier

  2. Speed multiplier

  3. Device to change the direction of effort

  4. All of the above

Solution: d. Force multiplier


10.  A cook uses a “fire tong” of length 35cm to lift a piece of burning coal of mass 200gm. If he applies his effort at a distance of 7 cm from the fulcrum, then the efforts in S.I units is:

  1. 10N

  2. 20N

  3. 40N

  4. 60N

Solution: a. 10N


Significance of  Frank ICSE Physics Class 10 Solutions

Students who use our Frank Textbook Solutions for ICSE Class 10 Physics can ace their test because they cover all the materials in the textbook. Our topic specialists, who have taught ICSE Class 10 for several years, solve the textbook questions. One of the most practical ways to comprehend all the concepts and do better on the final exam is to use our collection of Frank Textbook Solutions.

How Can Students Revise for the Exam Using Frank ICSE Physics Class 10?

  • You may get all the solutions to the problems from your textbooks and a better understanding of Science with the help of Frank Solutions for Class 10 ICSE.

  • As Vedantu gives you access to all the necessary notes and resources, we advise you to start getting your notes today and accelerate your studies at 2X speed.

  • Creating self-notes on a particular subject that you've recently learned or reviewed greatly aids in memory retention and helps you become more proficient in written communication.

  • Read the expert teacher-prepared responses to the questions from the most recent FRANK Solutions to refresh your memory on Class 10 ICSE subjects.

  • With the help of our ICSE Class 10 FRANK Solutions, you can thoroughly study each chapter. 

  • You will encounter several science-based concepts with their practical applications while reading the ICSE Class 10 FRANK Solutions.

  • The diagrams & illustrations in the solutions provide you with even more conceptual guidance.

  • You can use these ideas in real life with the aid of our Frank Solutions in addition to understanding them.

  • We provide chapter-wise solutions with step-by-step clarifications for the questions found in the most latest Frank textbooks to make studying easier for you.

Why Trust Vedantu for Frank Physics Class 10 Solutions?

On our website, ICSE 10th Grade students can access the most thorough study materials available online. Vedantu is renowned for providing study materials that are 100 per cent legitimate and produced after intensive research by the most veteran educators.

One of the best online tutoring services in India is Vedantu, which allows for individualised instruction. Innovative technology used by Vedantu to deliver high-quality education brings India's top teachers and students together in a LIVE interactive online classroom.

FAQs on Frank ICSE Physics Class 10 Solutions 2023-24

1. What are the important questions of heat calorimetry Class 10 ICSE?

Students can access all important questions and sample papers from prior years with the right answers on our website. You can start practising with the few questions that are accessible on this article starting with Chapter 5 (Heat Calorimetry).

2. Does Vedantu provide free chapter-wise PDF for Frank ICSE Physics Class 10 textbook?

Yes, Frank ICSE solution book for Class 10 of all subjects is available for free download on Vedantu. For the benefit of the students, the PDF additionally offers sample test questions and online practice examinations.

3. Which is the hardest chapter in Physics Class 10 ICSE?

The toughest chapter in Class 10 Physics would be electricity. If you do not get the concepts properly or understand the logic behind everything then there are chances that you won't be able to understand the next chapter of magnetism, as it is based on the chapter electricity. However, we prevent that from happening since Vedantu provides you with accurate notes, a thorough comprehension, and the ability to address any questions you may have.

4.  What is Newton’s First Law?

According to Newton's first law, if a body is at rest or moving in a straight line at a constant speed, it will continue to move at that speed or remain at rest until acted with by a force.

5. Do Vedantu provide study material for the ICSE syllabus?

Yes, Vedantu provides study material for all subjects of ICSE board from class 1 to 12. Students can download from the official website of vedantu.