All equal.
All welcome.

Vedantu is a safe space for anyone and everyone to learn, grow, and better themselves. That is reflected in an overwhelming majority of our students who conduct themselves responsibly.

We are proud of this fact.

And we are committed to keeping Vedantu safe for every student and pioneering online safety.

Child Safety Promise

TrainingChild Safety training sessions for students and their parents, teachers, and employees to establish best practices for online behaviour.

PolicyRegular updates to our policies to reflect any necessary interventions that are required

TechnologyBuilding necessary features to keep Vedantu a safe learning space for all.

RemedyDealing with any incident in a timely manner, and with utmost seriousness

Examples of bad and unacceptable behaviour are bullying, harassing, using curse words, sharing sexually-explicit content, hate speech, spamming, leaking someone’s personal information etc.

If you experienced any of these, please report it here
Our values and technology come together to create a safe environment
We make constant improvements to our policies and features so that learning continues uninterrupted.
Profanity filter
Automatically checks and removes any inappropriate texts, pictures, and recordings before anyone sees them
Teacher-moderated classrooms
Class teachers closely observe the chat and block anyone posting inappropriate texts or pictures
Child Safety team
Works to verify, investigate, and provide timely solutions for incidents
Child Psychologist
Our psychologist reaches out to any to offer support and a way forward
Our Data Privacy and Child Safety policy reflect our promise and always protect the student’s interest
Keeping it safe and fun for everyone.
Vedantu prides itself on being a place for students to learn and grow. Our community guidelines are a reflection of that.
Community guidelines
Be friendly and nice to other students and teachers.

Regularly share your online learning experience with family members.

Consult with your parents or guardians before opening a social media account.

Immediately inform the teacher or family if something makes you uncomfortable.

Report incidents of bad online behaviour that you see or face within Vedantu.

Consult with your parents or guardians before sharing any personal information with anyone.
Our teachers are
well-equipped in handling incidents of bad online behaviour during a class.
Reporting an incident
Here to help. Here to assist. Always available at your fingertips.
There may be times when someone acts in a way that can make a student uncomfortable. If you see or face any inappropriate content or harassment, please report it immediately.

Add details of the class, screenshots of the incident (if possible), and reason for discomfort. We will take it from there.
How to report an incident

Report it

Call us at
+91 9986858858
You can also report an incident as it happens
On our website from Help chat
During class using the Support button


(coming soon)
What happens after you report an incident
Our Child Safety team reviews the report
They will reach out within 24 hours to gather more details
They will go through the details and recommend a solution
The solution is shared and discussed with everyone involved
The case is reviewed and solved within 7 working days
Help and counselling
Care, beyond just a report.
At times, we all need something to lean on.

Facing bad online behaviour may cause fear, anxiety, or distress. If unchecked, it may affect academic progress and social interactions as well.

Counselling can help one cope and overcome these feelings such as anger, guilt, and fear.

Needless to say, these conversations remain private between you and the counsellor. No one can listen in.
We are here. We care. Reach out.