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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 6 with Solution 2024-25

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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CBSE Sample Questions Paper with Solutions for Class 6 - Free PDF Download

Class 6 syllabus has comprising multiple subjects. These subjects introduce new concepts and principles that students should study to develop their knowledge foundation. They can also download and solve the sample question papers from here and find out questions suggested by the experts. Solving these questions will make them ready for the exams and build exclusive answering skills to score more.

Class 6 is said to be the beginning of middle-level studies and students have to learn different subjects. Students only had learned EVS subjects till Class 5 but from now onwards the subjects will be broadened. Here, students will get to learn new subjects separately such as science and social studies.

To create a good base at the Class 6 level of all the existing and new subjects, Vedantu has come up with CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 6, which will be really beneficial for the students to understand the pattern of the exams in Class 6 or upper classes.

Vedantu is a platform that provides free CBSE Solutions (NCERT) and other study materials for students. Register Online for NCERT Class 6 Science and NCERT Class 6 Math tuition on to score more marks in the CBSE Board Examination.

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CBSE Class 6 Sample Papers with Solutions (2024-25)

Sample Question Paper for Class 6 - Free PDF Download

In Class 6, students have five main subjects i.e. English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. In this, Science and SST are new subjects for the students. In SST, we have Geography, History, and Polity. In this class, students get to learn various concepts such as the earth in the solar system, globe, maps, major landforms or major domains of the earth, about India, ancient history such as Indus Valley Civilization, Ashoka, etc, diversity or discrimination, about government, and various other things. To create a good base of all these subjects and to understand them properly, we have come up with a Sample Question Paper for Class 6. These papers will help the students to understand the concepts and types of questions that can be asked from all these subjects and how to deal with them.

Key Features of Class 6 Sample Question Paper

  • The Sample Papers are designed and created after thorough research by the experienced faculty and experts of different Subjects of Vedantu as per the latest syllabus and patterns of the CBSE

  • These will help you understand the paper style, pattern, and marking scheme of the subjects in exams.

  • These papers will help you to create a good base for the higher classes. Developing a good habit of solving Sample Papers will help you to score higher marks in higher classes as well.

  • These papers will prepare you for the new subjects especially social studies which include three subjects in themselves. So, CBSE Class 6 sample question papers will help the students to understand what kind of questions and papers will come from a combination of all these subjects.

  • Solving Sample Papers will boost up the confidence of the students and improve their level of preparation and also help them to score good marks.

  • These papers will help you to learn where you stand in terms of your studies and preparation and you can improve yourself later by going through the answers.

  • By answering these questions at home, they can judge their knowledge level. They can compare their answers to the solutions provided and find out which part of a syllabus needs more attention. The solutions also provide a guide to the students in framing the right answers by following the answering format and the concepts taught in the chapters of the syllabus.


During exams, students need to have a proper detailed analysis of what questions they can expect in their terminal or annual examination.

Getting to know beforehand how your exam pattern will be, and what questions in a particular subject can you expect in your examination would be of a great help for you to prepare accordingly for the same. The Vedantu app can play a vital role in giving you a detailed analysis of what you can expect in your exam. Knowing this, you shall more confidently start preparing for your exams and will also analyze yourself and prioritize the things that are important.

Importance of CBSE Class 6 All Subjects Sample Question Papers

Every important subject in Class 6 needs complete study material that will enable the students to understand all the chapters included in the syllabus. This study material must also contain a set of sample papers that work as a preparation tool. The sample papers set by the subject experts of Vedantu will be the best bet to follow and solve.

These sample papers have been framed by following the latest CBSE syllabus for the subjects. Its standard is kept at the Class 6 level so that the students can easily comprehend the answers to the fundamental questions suggested by the experts. These question papers can be used as an evaluation tool for the students once they are done with a syllabus. Hence, the sample papers become an integral part of the Class 6 study material.

Advantages of CBSE Class 6 Sample Question Papers All Subjects

  • The questions are set on paper in such a way that you can give mock tests at home. By giving such tests, you can focus on your time management skills and answering skills perfectly.

  • Learn how the experts have answered all these questions in the best way possible and learn the same skills to score more in the exams.

  • Evaluate your knowledge foundation and preparation level by using these papers as the perfect tool. Check whether you can attempt all the questions smoothly and do the needful preparation later.

  • Focus on how the concepts of a chapter have been used to answer the fundamental questions in a sample paper to develop confidence.

Download Your Free PDF Now!

Get the free PDF version of these sample question papers and take a step ahead in your preparation. Check how the experts have formulated the questions and answers for your benefit and grab the context. Develop confidence by practising answering questions in these papers to score more and become better in all the Class 6 subjects.

You can simply download the Vedantu app from the Google Play Store or search for the study materials by visiting this official website. To download CBSE Class 6 sample question papers you can also directly click on this link and get access to a free PDF of the sample question paper.

Important Study Materials for CBSE Class 6

FAQs on CBSE Sample Papers for Class 6 with Solution 2024-25

1. Which subject sample papers are available?

You can find all the Sample Papers of all the main subjects such as English, Hindi, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics on the Vedantu platform which consists of question papers along with their solutions.

2. How can we avail CBSE 6th sample question papers?

You can avail them online through the official website of Vedantu using the internet. You can download them and can practice offline as well.

3. How to practice CBSE 6th sample question papers?

You should try to solve these sample papers by revising the syllabus in 3 hours. Evaluate yourself after practice by checking the answers and try to learn and improve where you are lacking.

Thus, we believe that these sample papers will be really useful for you and will help you to get good marks in exams and will boost your confidence and improve your writing and presentation skills as well. You can also find out study notes on the Vedantu platform which are also created by subject experts and will surely help you learn better.

4. How to prepare for the new subjects added to the syllabus?

Try to make your concepts clear and also clear your doubts as and when they arise. Also, try to make revision notes as much as possible and during your exams revise those notes as this can help in securing good marks. Be consistent with your preparations and always follow through with your timetable. Make sure to complete your homework on time and complete your assignments as all these can also be a part of your revision.

5. What is the best study timetable for students of Class 6?

Make a proper timetable for yourself which can be very much beautiful for you to follow. Be punctual and follow your timetable daily. In your timetable make sure to include breaks in between as this is a part of your healthy study routine and breaks in between can also freshen up your mind minimizing distractions. Give yourself some time for the preparation of revision notes as well else this will ultimately help you with your exam preparations.

6. Can I get a sample question paper for every subject for Class 6?

Yes, sample questions are available chapter-wise with precise and accurate answers and you can download a free PDF on the Vedantu app where you can also just visit its official website. There are a lot more learning materials for students preparing for their terminal School exams for competitive exams. Download your free PDF and get an idea of what questions can you expect and your terminal exams

7. What is the easiest way to learn SST answers?

Try to break your SST notes into small paragraphs so that it is easier for you to remember things. Note and highlight important events this can help you with your exam preparations. Always remember that practice makes you perfect so be consistent with your practice always. Try to go to revision notes as and when you get time to do so. And, to make your concepts try to clear your doubts.

8. How to prepare for exams in a short time?

Always try to keep a positive attitude as positivity leads to success. Give yourself enough time to understand the concepts and to grasp them until it becomes permanent in your mind. If the concepts seem to be quite difficult then start preparing early. Try to write short revision notes and go through them when you get time.