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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 2 with Solution 2024-25

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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Download CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 2 with Solutions Free PDF

The CBSE class 2 subjects Maths, English, and Hindi are quite crucial for students where they will learn different things in the young academic years. However, many students find it hard to complete the portion of some chapters of Maths and Hindi due to difficulty understanding. This is where Vedantu's CBSE class 2 sample papers help.

These papers are helpful for students in terms of practice and make them easy to prepare for the final exam. Experts and masters in the subject have prepared these NCERT Solutions. Hence, students can rely on the accuracy of the solutions. You can also opt for offline study after downloading the PDF versions on any mobile device without hassle.

Class 2nd is said to be the young years of a student’s life, where they learn about the basics of various subjects. These main subjects are English, Hindi, and Maths. These help students communicate with other people of different backgrounds and understand the basic number system, used everywhere. With the help of the sample question paper of Class 2, we aim to help students and their parents understand the format of the CBSE’s 2nd class English paper and how they need to solve it to obtain good marks.

Using these sample paper solutions, students will get complete access to each chapter's questions. All chapters are presented in simple language for an easy approach.

CBSE Class 2 Sample Papers with Solutions (2024-25)

Benefits of Solving CBSE Class 2 Sample Paper

Vedantu’s CBSE sample papers Solutions for Class 2 is an essential resource for students. Let’s see the benefits of solving these sample papers.

  • Helps in the writing practice for the young students of class 2 who are at the initial stage of their reading and writing. 

  • Provides a framework to the teachers - helping them prepare the practice questions for the students. 

  • Guide for the parents - with the help of the sample papers of CBSE class 2, parents are furnished to make the ward’s learning process more organized  

  • Help the child to approach a question faster and accurately, thus boosting their brain functioning.  

  • Make young students comfortable with exam patterns and let me improve their productivity 

  • Help the students develop analytical and problem-solving techniques 

  • Remove their fear and boost the confidence of the little stars before they approach any real exam 

  • Make the learning process more active and engaging 

  • Simultaneous evaluation of the student’s learning growth and concept clarity 

  • Lastly, the human brain tends to remember more if they learn in question and answer format 


Tips to Prepare Class 2 Subjects with Sample Papers

During the examination, students don't have much time to prepare or refer to the textbooks. Using reference sample papers prepared by Vedantu experts could be a solution. Here are a few tips that will help you score better in your exam:

  1. Manage Study Time

Irrespective of the time and subject, you need to plan it well to prepare. It is best to start early using sample papers by Vedantu and understand each chapter.

  1. Work on Maths Calculations

For class 2 students, practising Maths calculation is a bit difficult. So, it is best to start practising in advance and do the right calculation until the exam is over. Working on the calculations right from the beginning will help you during the examination, and you won’t find it hard to practice.

  1. Get Proper Sleep

You don’t need to keep breaking your head if you don't understand the concept of certain chapters, which will make you lose your sleep. It is important to get proper sleep regularly to keep your mind fresh.

Download the PDF Version of Class 2 CBSE Sample Papers for Free

If you want to practice the sample papers of Class 2 subjects; you can download the PDF version of the same. These PDF solutions are prepared accurately by subject experts having enough experience. With these solutions to the chapters, students will gain complete knowledge about the problems in each chapter.

Moreover, they will be more confident on solving specific questions and getting ready for the final exam. You can download the PDF version from the website and use it anytime before the exam preparation.  Download now and start preparing.

Important Study Materials for CBSE Class 2

FAQs on CBSE Sample Papers for Class 2 with Solution 2024-25

1. Is the CBSE Class 2 Sample Question Paper available for all the subjects? 

Main subjects for CBSE Class 2 are Maths, English, and Hindi. On Vedantu’s website, you will find all the sample papers for Class 2 CBSE in one place. You can also download the sample papers from Vedantu’s mobile app. 

2. What are the skills to be taught to a Class 2 student? 

Teachers and parents should focus on developing the following skills in Class 2 students: 

  • Clear and fast reading of the text (both Hindi and English ) 

  • Writing and expression of simple ideas 

  • Learn new and unknown words

  • Read and write numbers, count objects, measurements 

  • Communicate freely with the teachers and peers 

Make sure to make their learning process fun, as we do at Vedantu.

3. Does Vedantu provide the CBSE Class 2 Sample Question Paper for the latest academic year? 

Yes, you can find all the latest sample papers for CBSE Class 2 at the website of Vedantu. You can also download the sample papers from Vedantu’s mobile app. All the PDF downloads are free of cost. Accessing material from Vedantu is extremely easy and student-friendly. Students have to simply visit the website of  Vedantu and create an account. Once you have created the account you can simply explore the subjects and chapters that you are looking for. Click on the download button available on the website on Vedantu to download the reading material in PDF format. You can also access all the resources by downloading the Vedantu app from the play store.

4. What are the common topics being asked in the CBSE Class 2 Sample Question Paper? 

The paper has the following common topics:

  • For Maths-  Simple questions of addition, subtraction, and multiplication 

  • For English- common nouns, alphabetical orders, spelling correction

  • For Hindi- passage followed by questions, singular and plural words, spelling  correction

5. How to make use of the CBSE Class 2 Sample Question Paper? 

Download the free PDF of the sample paper from Vedantu’s website or have access to the PDF of sample papers at the mobile app. Use this sample paper to help your child or students revise the concepts and make them learn new things.

You can avail all the well-researched and good quality chapters, sample papers, syllabus on various topics from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application available on the play store.