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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 1 with Solutions

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 1 with Solutions

Class 1 curriculum consists of basic concepts and topics. It helps young children to understand different subjects most easily. To help them get a grasp of chapters, frequent practice is vital. Sample Papers are perfect learning material for kids as they cover all subjects, including English, Math, Hindi, EVS, and others. Practicing these Sample Papers regularly will help the kid's reading and writing skills. Moreover, they will get an idea of how to answer the questions during examinations. So, let them solve Vedantu’s Sample Question Paper of Class 1 to help them secure good marks in-class tests and exams.

CBSE Class 1 Sample Question Papers - Free PDF Download

Every parent must encourage their children to solve Sample Papers after finishing their portions and revising them. Solving Sample Papers is the best way to ensure that whatever a person has studied has been understood well. When students of Class 1 can solve a Sample Question Paper of Class 1 without having to ask for help or looking at their books, it means that all the concepts that have been taught have also been fully understood.

Benefits of the Sample Question Papers for Class 1

The Sample Question Paper of Class 1 for each subject that has been provided by Vedantu is extremely helpful for all students because of the way it has been drafted. It is designed by teachers who have over 10 years of experience in the field of education. They draft these Sample Question Papers here at Vedantu. These teachers use the help of all the past years’ question papers to create the perfect Sample Question Papers for Class 1.

Need of Solving Sample Papers Class 1

  • It helps in improving the problem-solving skills and analytical skills of Class 1.

  • It helps the students in creating strong strategies for solving question papers in exams which can help them in scoring good marks. 

  • Solving Sample Papers helps the students in increasing their speed of writing and accuracy in their board exams. 

  • It allows you to go through all the chapters again and makes you aware of the important questions so that you can practice well before the exam and perform well in actual exams. 

  • It supports the students in identifying the improvement areas so that they can focus on improving. Their weaknesses and strengths can also be analyzed by solving Sample Papers.

  • It enhances the basic understanding of the concepts and gives you a clear idea about where to focus on. 

  • Students can be well aware of the test pattern.  


Simply put and rich in their subject matter, the CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 1 include papers of Math, English Language, and Hindi Language. As mentioned before, these have been drafted by subject matter experts who have been teachers for a long period. Thus, these CBSE Class 1 Sample Question Papers can be trusted for accuracy, keeping the probability of these questions coming for the exam the highest. Do use these Sample Papers as best as you can.

FAQs on CBSE Sample Papers for Class 1 with Solutions

1. Can Class 1 students practice Sample Papers?

Yes, Class 1 students can also practice Sample Papers. Solving Sample Papers helps every grade of students in getting more prepared for their exams. They will also get to know about how the paper will come in the final exam. It also gives you an idea about the pattern of the paper and the scoring pattern. So, it is beneficial for every class of students to go for Sample Papers and have an idea about the final exams along with getting prepared for them. 

2. How many papers should a student need to practice?

A student can practice as many papers as they can as it does not have any negative effect. You will be benefitted by solving as many papers as you can. It helps you in revising the syllabus, lets you know about the exam pattern, your weak points so that you can prepare well before exams. It's up to students and their preparation, how many papers they want to practice. But the students must practice students the Sample Papers well before their final exams.

3. Can I give exams only based on Sample Papers and not study the whole syllabus?

No, it is not advisable to give the exams only based on Sample Papers. Sample Papers tell us about the level of preparation a student has done and make you understand about the corrections and what more things you have to focus on to gain better marks. It is really necessary to go through the entire syllabus first and then practice Sample Papers to get to know the area of improvement. So, it is recommended to finish the entire course first, understand and learn everything, then only practice the Sample Papers.