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CBSE Class 12 English Elective Question Paper with Solutions

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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Last Year Question Papers of CBSE Class 12 English Elective

Students appearing for their 12th standard Board exams strive to make the best of available resources and bag the best of grades. Vedantu complements such positive efforts from students by providing CBSE Class 12 English Elective previous year question papers with solutions. By solving the earlier year’s Class 12 English elective papers, students are able to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses before the actual examination commences. Vedantu is a storehouse for CBSE Class 12 English Elective previous years solved question papers and will prove to be a valuable resource for students.

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Class 12 English Elective (2013 - 2019)

Also, check CBSE Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers:

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CBSE English Elective Question Paper for Class 12 with Solutions - Free PDF

Vedantu is a powerful platform not only for students but parents as well. Parents can easily create unlimited practice assignments for their children using CBSE last year's Class 12 English elective board question paper with free PDF download. Students who are keen to score well should ensure that they manage their time well during the exam. They can easily practice this important skill by solving maximum question papers of the related subject and keep an eye on the time taken to answer various sections. You should follow the guidelines and time restrictions carefully, so it gives you a clear idea of the real thing. Attempt to solve as many question papers as you can and compare their method and pattern of answering with the solutions provided. 


Modern-day students prefer working smart and proves to be a worthwhile partner in their quest for academic excellence. Solved papers are a great asset since they provide an easy understanding of expected answers. One can definitely ace the Class 12 English elective by understanding the pattern of the paper and the marking methods. Since it is easy to download the CBSE English Elective question paper for Class 12 and solved papers, students are able to practice to their heart’s content.


CBSE Class 12 English Elective Syllabus and Prescribed Books:

NCERT syllabus and textbooks are designed by some highly dedicated experts in our country. These books are extremely helpful for all the students of CBSE boards and even for every kind of competitive examination such as JEE Main, NEET or any kind of state-level or national-level entrance examinations. So, for Class 12 English Elective, Kaleidoscope is the prescribed NCERT book as per CBSE curriculum. Check the syllabus of Class 12 English Elective syllabus in the following.


Short Stories - Introduction

1. I Sell my Dreams - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

2. Eveline - James Joyce

3. A Wedding in Brownsville - Issac Bashevis Singer

4. Tomorrow - Joseph Conrad

5. One Centimeter - Bi Shu-Min

Poetry - Introduction

1. A Lecture upon the Shadow - John Donne

2. Poems by Milton - John Milton

3. Poems by Blake - William Blake

4. Kubla Khan - S.T. Coleridge

5. Trees - Emily Dickinson

6. The Wild Swans of Coole - W.B. Yeats

7. Time and Time Again - A.K. Ramanujan

8. Blood - Kamala Das

Non-Fiction - Introduction

1. Freedom - G.B. Shaw

2. The Mark on the Wall - Virginia Woolf

3. Film Making - Ingmar Bergman

4. Why the Novel Matters - D.H. Lawrence

5. The Argumentative Indian - Amartya Sen

6. On Science Fiction - Issac Asimov

Drama - Introduction

1. Chandalika - Rabindranath Tagore

2. Broken images - Girish Karnad

CBSE Class 12 English Elective Question Paper Format and Section - Wise Marks Distribution

While preparing for the Class 12 English Elective examination, you must be aware of the CBSE syllabus and the question paper format as well. Knowing the question paper format will help you to know about types of questions and section-wise weightage. 


1. Section A - Reading  - 20 Marks

  • An unseen passage of 800-900 words 

  • 6 Objective types questions of 1 marks each - 6 Marks

  • 4 Multiple choice questions of 1 marks each - 4 Marks 

  • Another unseen passage of 400-500 words 

  • 1 Short answer type questions of 6 marks - 6 Marks

  • 1 Short answer type questions of 4 marks- 4 Marks

2. Section B - Writing and Grammar - 40 Marks

  • Advertisements and notices, drafting posters, writing formal and informal kind of invitations and replies - 1 out of 2 short answer type questions - 4 Marks

  • Write a letter (business and official letters/ letters to the editor/ a job application) - 1 out of 2 short answer type questions - 120 -150 words - 6 Marks

  • A debate/ a speech or a report - one long answer type questions of 10 marks - 150 - 200 words - 10 Marks

  • An article - One long answer type question - 150 -200 words - 10 Marks

  • Grammar - 3 short answer type questions of 1 mark - 3 Marks 

  • An interview - Short answer type question - 3 Marks

  • Grammatical error check and edit - 4 Marks

3. Section C- Literature - 40 Marks

  • 5 objective type questions from 2 poetry out of 3 of 1 mark each - 5 x 2 = 10 Marks

  • 2 out of 4 short answer type questions of 2 marks each - 50-60 words - 2 x 2 = 4 Marks

  • 2 out of 4 short answer type questions of 6 marks - 80- 100 words - 2 x 5 = 10 Marks

  • 1 out of 3 descriptive type questions of 6 marks - 120- 150 words - 6 Marks

  • 1 out of 4 short answer type questions of 10 marks - 150- 200 words - 10 Marks


Why is referring to the Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 English Elective Important?

Class 12 final board examination is almost knocking on the door. Hence it's absolutely the right time to dig into the last years’ question papers and the answers PDF as well. Students have a tendency to put effort into finishing the whole syllabus as quickly as possible. Thus they can start revising and solving the previous years’ question papers as well. With the help of this habit, you could score well in the final examination and gain your self-belief prior to the examination.


Solving these previous years question papers help to make you acquainted with the question patterns of the paper. It will assist you to self-examine and lets you decide the section that needs to be solved first. This also lets you beat your exam-related stress. Hence you may be able to finish fixing all the questions in the restricted duration. Solving previous year question papers is an assured way of scoring high marks in the desired subjects.


Here we have rounded up all the benefits of referring to CBSE board Class 12 English Elective question paper with answers.


1. An Overview of Class 12 English Elective Syllabus

Once you complete your NCERT English textbooks for Class 12, you are probably confident that you have finished your whole syllabus. But it’s not true. You will be able to understand the reality as soon as you start practising the last years’ papers. If you have neglected any particular section of your syllabus, you will be able to realise it as the previous years’ question papers contain questions from the vital parts of your textbook. This is how you can recognise the important parts of your textbook and revise accordingly.

2. Get Familiar with The Paper Pattern

You need to revise the complete syllabus quite a few times before the CBSE Class 12 examination to make your fundamentals strong. While revising, try to resolve the CBSE board Class 12 English Elective question papers as much as possible. This will definitely help you to recognize the styles and nature of the questions that you're going to face in the very last CBSE board examination of your life. If you practice the mock test papers or last year’s papers enough, then you'll not be concerned about the complexity of the question paper during the final exam.

3. Learn Chapter-Wise and Section-Wise Marks Weightage

Solving last year's papers will help you to know chapter-wise and section-wise marks distribution. Once you realise this, you will be able to divide and manage your time accordingly during the board examination.

4. Beat Examination Anxiety

The practice is the most beneficial weapon to be organized for the Class 12 board exam. Most students have a tendency to get pretty anxious before and at some point in the examination. With the help of practice, you'll be capable of memorising every crucial detail from your Class 12th syllabus. You will even be capable of rectifying your own errors and won’t repeat those again in the final examination.

5. Confidence is The Key

One of the best ways to attain excellent marks in the Class 12 board exam is to resolve the last years’ test papers. Before appearing in the CBSE Class 12 board examination, the one and only best way to revise is to exercise Class 12 English Elective question papers as much as possible. The practice is the ultimate gimmick to win this game. Once you are familiar with the question patterns, then you may walk-in into the exam hall with much confidence.

Why is Vedantu the Most Ideal Examination Support for the CBSE Class 12 students?

With a comprehensive platform like Vedantu at hand, students are assured continuous online support for core science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths. Experienced teachers are available at any time of the day or night to teach these subjects without the students moving out of their homes. You will be fully prepared to answer any question during your Class 12 English Elective exam when you practice last year papers by downloading from Vedantu. The papers have been solved by expert teachers so that you know the best way of answering and thus securing high marks. Our online tutors have been providing great insights to those students who have joined our services. Our customized tuition for science & mathematics subjects allow the students to understand every concept in a clear manner. No more tiring and time-consuming travel to faraway coaching classes anymore. Students can utilize the saved time to study or relax in the company of family members.

CBSE Class 12 Study Materials

CBSE Class 12 Other Subject Previous Year Question Papers

FAQs on CBSE Class 12 English Elective Question Paper with Solutions

1. What English Elective Class 12 CBSE consists of?

The course is designed to provide students with a high level of English proficiency, with a focus on literary literature. The course will expose students to a wide range of rich texts from around the world as well as Indian writings in English, including classics; it will help them develop sensitivity to the creative and imaginative use of English; and it will give them a taste for reading with pleasure and discernment. The course is primarily intended to prepare students for further study of English literature and language at the college level.

2. What is the objective of using previous year English elective question papers?

The overall goals at this point are to:

1. I expose students to a wide range of English texts, including some classics, in order to build sensitivity to literary and creative uses of the language.

2. To use dictionaries, thesaurus, and encyclopaedias to expand the learners' vocabulary resources.

3. To cultivate a taste for reading that is both discriminating and enjoyable.

4. To analyse a text critically and comment on various elements.

5. To improve English proficiency in both receptive and productive skills.

3. Which section consists of maximum weightage in English elective exam?

Reading Comprehension (Consist of 20%):

1. Conceptual understanding, decoding, analysing, inferring, interpreting, appreciating, literary conventions and vocabulary.

2. Creative Writing Skill (Consist of 30%):

3. Reasoning, appropriacy of style and tone, use of appropriate format and fluency.

4. Literature (Consist of 30%):

5. Texts Recalling, reasoning, appreciating literary conventions illustrating with relevant quotations from the texts, giving opinions and justifying with fluency.

4. What should be the Curriculum Approach for solving English elective class 12 cbse question paper?

Your approach should be clinical and you should avoid distraction from your native environment. Things like TV, Mobile phones and any electronic devices should be kept away while solving the question paper. Try to read the whole paper in 15 minutes.

Here some expert tips for your betterment:

1. A skill-based communicative approach with graded texts and learner-centered activities is advocated.

2. The course is built around academic reading, writing, and literary appreciation allows you to try various permutations and combinations of answers.

3. The questions skipped should be marked and should be reviewed after the test is done.

4. Make sure to re-check your answers after finishing the paper.

5. What is the difference between English Elective and English core of Last year Question Papers of CBSE Class 12?

The terms "elective" and "core" are the most significant distinctions. Core courses are obligatory; elective courses are optional; students choose whether or not to take them. Students who choose to take an elective are usually more interested in the content and eager to study because they would not have chosen it otherwise.

Other changes that could appear include:

1. Core course curricula are more likely to be dictated by someone "higher up" than the teacher—a committee, a dean, or the state board of education. (Standardized testing may be used as well.) In elective classes, professors often have more latitude to teach whatever they wish.

2. Electives feature a lower student-to-teacher ratio.

3. Electives are typically taught by a single instructor, whereas core courses are taught by a group of instructors.

4. Core courses are normally provided once a year, whereas electives are only offered once a year or even less frequently.

Furthermore, you can avail all the well-researched and good quality chapters, sample papers, syllabus on various topics from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application available on the play store.