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Revision Notes for Class 9 CBSE 2024-25 - Free PDF Download

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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Free Download of CBSE Class 9 Revision Notes

Revision is an art which one has to conquer to hold on to different important topics for a long time. And, we at Vedantu emphasize on this fact. With a huge pile of CBSE Class 9 syllabus, it is quite difficult for the students to remember every important topic of different chapters until the scheduled date of the exam. This is where revisions take an important role.

To ease the students' stress, Vedantu came up with the CBSE Class 9 Notes for Mathematics and Science. These notes are prepared by subject experts at Vedantu as per the latest NCERT syllabus.

Vedantu is a platform that provides free NCERT Solutions and other study materials for students. Register Online for Class 9 Science and Class 9 Maths tuition on to score more marks in your examination.

Detailed Overview of Revision Notes for Class 9




Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

Academic Year:




Available Materials:

Chapter Wise Notes with PDF

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

CBSE Notes For Class 9

CBSE Class 9 Science Revision Notes

Science is one of the most important subjects for CBSE Class 9 students. Class 9 Students will be able to score maximum marks in Science if they have detailed knowledge of every topic given in the Class 9 NCERT Science textbook.

Understanding the concepts thoroughly will help you to easily answer the questions that are shown up in the exam.

After the completion of the Science syllabus, you can refer to Class 9 CBSE Science Revision Notes provided by Vedantu to enhance your preparation.

Once you download Class 9 CBSE Science Revision Notes pdfs for different chapters, you can access it anytime and anywhere. Your Science revision process will become effortless and smarter with these Class 9 CBSE Science revision notes. Ensure to go through these revision notes twice or thrice before the actual exam.

With the Vedantu’s subject expert recommendation and considering the entire Class 9 Science syllabus, we have provided Class 9 CBSE Science Revision Notes Pdfs of different chapters. To download Class 9 CBSE Science Revision Notes Pdfs, you just have to click on the chapter name given below.

Chapter-Wise CBSE Class 9 Science Revision Notes

Class 9 CBSE Mathematics Revision Notes

Mathematics is the most important subject in academics that requires a lot of practice, revision, and most important concentration. We at Vedantu aims to provide Class 9 CBSE Mathematics Revision Notes that will help you to remember the important points and formulae of different chapters. These revision notes include a summary of the chapters, important points to remember, a brief explanation of every topic, derivation of the formula for a better understanding of different chapters.

If you find any difficulty in solving Mathematics numerical questions, these revision notes will resolve all your doubts. Additionally, Class 9 CBSE Mathematics Revision Notes are prepared by our subject experts who have put their maximum efforts to make your learning process easier. Moreover, these revision notes will also boost your confidence for the final examination. To download Class 9 CBSE Mathematics Revision Notes Pdfs for different chapters, you just have to click on the chapter name given below.

Chapter-Wise CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes PDFs

CBSE Class 9 Social Science Notes for Revision

Benefits of CBSE Notes of Class 9 By Vedantu

Some of the benefits of  CBSE Notes of Class 9 are discussed below:

  • The entire content of different chapters can be accessed without login or sign up.

  • Chapter-Wise Science and Mathematics notes for Class 9 are available for free download in PDF format.

  • You can speed up the revision process for the entire syllabus of Mathematics and Science.

  • These CBSE Notes for Class 9 will certainly help you to score well in the Class 9 examination.

  • It helps you to identify the important points to learn for the examination.

  • Concise points help you to remember new information at the last minute.

  • Your important concepts will become clear as you read these revision notes chapter wise.

CBSE recommends the NCERT textbook and most of the questions are raised from the NCERT textbook in CBSE Class 9 exams. Due to this, our subject experts have drafted CBSE Class 9 notes for Mathematics and Science as per the new curriculum issued by the CBSE for the session 2024-25.

Download Science and Mathematics CBSE Notes For Class 9 in pdf format. It will be beneficial for you during the small gaps that you get between the exams. You can easily make a quick overview of the all important points of different chapters. So, download it now for the best level of preparation.

CBSE Class 9 Study Materials

FAQs on Revision Notes for Class 9 CBSE 2024-25 - Free PDF Download

1. Which are the  different chapters included in Class 9 Science?

There are altogether fifteen chapters included in CBSE Class 9 Science. These are given below

  1.  Matter in Our Surroundings,

  2. Is Matter Around Us Pure, 

  3.  Atoms and Molecules, 

  4.  Structure of Atom, 

  5.  The Fundamental Unit of Life, 

  6. Tissues, 

  7.  Diversity in Living Organisms,

  8.   Motion, 

  9.  Force and Laws of Motion,

  10.   Gravitation,

  11.   Work and Energy, 

  12. Sound, 

  13. Why do We Fall Ill,

  14.  Natural Resources, 

  15. Improvement in Food Resources. 

2. Which website offers the best Class 9 CBSE Mathematics and Science revision notes?

Vedantu platform offers best Class 9 CBSE Mathematics and Science revision notes as the revision notes are provided by the best subject experts as per the guidelines issued by CBSE boards. It is proved to be the best resource in terms of collecting information as they are available in  pdf format for free.

3. Can we download Class 9 CBSE Mathematics and Science revision notes for free?

Yes. It’s available at a click. Download the Class 9 CBSE Mathematics and Science revision notes for free from Vedantu’s website. Vedantu helps you learn at the speed that you grab the great understanding of the chapters through its online classes, and study materials. Vedantu aims at offering the most effective Class 9 Maths and Science revision notes for students, as this helps students to understand the subject in a better way.

4. What are the Subjects of Science in class 9?

For class 9 students, CBSE has divided the subject of Science into three branches, namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Being a base of 10th standard, there are a lot of ideas and concepts for students to learn. CBSE class 9 notes are exclusively designed to help students with their revisions as well as studies by offering them crisp and useful information in the form of these notes. The link to these notes is-Revision notes for class 9.

5. Is CBSE 9th board exam?

CBSE conducts Board Exams for class 10 and class 12 only; class 9 exams are not conducted by the Board, but the question paper for the exam follows the pattern set and sent from the Boards. So, they are related to Boards, but class 9 is not a Board exam like in class 10 and class 12. Class 9 exams should be seen as a practice for the main Board exam students face in class 10.

6. Is Class 9 easy?

Class 9 is the base to class 10 for CBSE students. It is an acknowledged fact that class 9 is a little more difficult than class 10 since it deals with a whole lot of basics that are absolutely new to class 8 pass-outs. That being said, class 9 is not difficult altogether because the concepts are basics after all and if studied properly, then students can ace all the exams easily. CBSE Notes from Vedantu are a good choice of study material.

7. Which are the challenging subjects in class 9?

All subjects are easy with the proper preparation and all subjects are equally hard for students who have not prepared well. This said, when compared with all subjects in class 9, most students find Maths and Social Studies difficult. Social Studies is often stated as difficult due to the vastness of the subject, while Maths mainly poses difficulty in the chapter of Geometry. These difficulties can be easily overcome with CBSE Notes from Vedantu, which can be accessed free of cost from the link-Revision notes for class 9 .

8. How are notes useful for learning subjects in class 9?

Notes are well-made materials that students can blindly rely on to score excellent grades in their class 9. These are specifically prepared by experts who are proficient in the field of study, and the concise and precise details incorporated into these materials cover all the chapters in all the subjects with equal importance. All students are clear on the idea of revision being the best partner for exam preparations, and these notes serve this exact purpose. The revision notes are available on the vedantu website as well as on the vedantu app.