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CBSE Class 4 Revision Notes 2023-24

Last updated date: 27th Jun 2024
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Class 4 is a crucial stage of the academic curriculum of a student. In this stage, the subjects are very important to study and follow the path of conceptual development properly. This is where the study sessions of the students will need the proper Class 4 Notes for all the subjects. These notes have been prepared by the subject experts of Vedantu to cover all the topics and to provide the ultimate companion for preparation.

Detailed Overview of Revision Notes for Class 4




Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

Academic Year:



English and Hindi

Available Materials:

Chapter Wise Notes with PDF

CBSE Class 4 Subject Wise Revision Notes

Class 4 Notes - Salient Features of the Revision Notes

The CBSE Class 4 Revision Notes are quite helpful for the students of Class 4. Check out the salient features of the CBSE Class 4 Revision Notes below

  • The Class 4 Revision notes are prepared for students in such a manner that conceptual clarity is maintained in these notes. The notes are drafted with such precision that it becomes easier for the students to grasp the content very easily.

  • With these revision notes, students will know exactly how to frame the answers. They can learn by studying the revision notes and taking note of the way the answers are written in these notes.

  • The PDFs present all the revision notes of the subjects in a well-distinguished manner, and thus it becomes easier for students to study the notes for each subject.

  • CBSE Class 4 revision notes guide the CBSE Class 4 students with full reliability. 

  • The Class 4 revision notes cover all the topics and sub-topics covered in the syllabus of CBSE Class 4.

  • The Class 4 revision notes are reliable as they are prepared by the master teachers here at Vedantu who have subject expertise. The notes are prepared after thorough research, and thus the students of Class 4 can rely on this study material without any doubt. 

  • With the revision notes, the students will get to know the topics from which questions can be asked in the exam, and thus they can prepare for their exams accordingly. 

  • The Class 4 revision notes are in the form of free PDFs which make it easier for students to access online and download the revision notes easily. 

So, these were some salient features of our provided revision notes, download them right now to ace your exams. 

List of Class 4 Subjects 

The list of Class 4 subjects is as follows:

  1. Mathematics

  2. Environment Studies 

  3. English

  4. Hindi

This is the list of four subjects that are present in the Class 4 syllabus.

Class 4 Maths Syllabus

The Class 4 Maths syllabus is developed by CBSE as per NCERT guidelines. It is one of the important subjects and students must be taught well in order to get a good foundation for their basics. Class 4 Notes PDF for Maths is available on Vedantu and can be downloaded for free. We have listed the chapterwise Maths syllabus for CBSE Class 4 below.


Class 4 EVS Syllabus

It is very important to teach kids about basic knowledge of the Environment from the early classes. Refer to the table below to know the syllabus of EVS for Class 4.

Class 4 English Syllabus

English is one of the most important languages. You can find the chapters covered in English Literature and Grammar for the CBSE Class 4 English Syllabus below.


Class 4 English Poems


CBSE Class 4 Hindi Syllabus

Let us examine the subjects that constitute the CBSE syllabus class 4 of Hindi. The revision notes for all the chapters mentioned below are provided in the revision notes pdf. The following is the list of chapters.


Important Related Links for CBSE Class 4

Importance of CBSE Class 4 All Subject Notes

The subjects, as mentioned earlier, are designed in such a way that the students can take a proper step towards the formation of their conceptual foundation and knowledge development. The chapters are chosen by the CBSE board to ensure the exclusive delivery of knowledge related to important topics. This is where the students will need the assistance of the revision notes designed by the experts.

These notes have the simplest format of the topics included in the chapters. This format will enable the students to follow what has been added in a chapter. In fact, they can easily comprehend the topics properly and can proceed with the preparation.

The notes can also be used as the perfect study material for revision. The guidance from these notes will be perfect to follow as the concise version of the topics will enable students to complete revising all the chapters before an exam.

Hence, adding these notes for Class 4 all subjects will be the best bet for your preparation and performance.

Advantages of Revision Notes for Class 4 CBSE

  • These notes have been formulated subject and chapter-wise so that students can easily find them in the same place in an organised way. The listed subjects and chapters will help students to download these notes faster.

  • The comprehension of the topics will become much easier due to the easier format and version used by the experts to compile the notes. Hence, the preparation before an exam will become much easier and better.

  • Resolving doubts related to the chapters and subjects will be convenient when you have the notes in your hands. All you have to do is to find the notes specific to chapters and subjects.

  • Following the easier presentation of the topics of a chapter will also aid students to memorise and recalling what they have studied and will guide them to formulate the right answers in the exams.

How will these Class 4 Revision Notes be useful for students?

Class 4 Notes will be helpful for the students in the following ways.

  • With ample revision, students will always be familiar with all the subjects of Class 4. 

  • The CBSE Class 4 exam demands accurate answers and this can be only done when the students revise the subjects regularly. 

  • The CBSE Class 4 students can concentrate more on conceptual knowledge than having to worry about the revision notes as the notes are readily available. 

  • With the Class 4 notes, students can easily learn and memorize all the chapters of individual subjects and thus can achieve great results in the exam. 

  • These 4th standard notes will help students to prepare for the exam devotedly with much clarity, so they will know how to write their answers likewise in the exam. 

  • The Class 4 Notes are easy to understand, thus students benefit from these notes largely. 

  • The notes consist of all the important questions and answers of each subject and thus the students get an upper hand in their exam preparation. 

  • Class 4 Science Notes, and notes of all other individual subjects given here will help students to practice the questions and answers of Science, English, etc., easily for their exam.

You can download the free PDF of Class 4 revision notes and retain it till the day of the exam. 

How to Incorporate Class 4 Notes into your Study Routine? 

So, the main question is how to incorporate these revision notes into your study routine? Well, you can follow the below suggestions and include the same preferable in your own study routine.

  • Study these revision notes before your Class 4 exam.

  • The revision notes of individual chapters can be studied after the completion of each chapter for a better understanding. 

  • You can also take up these revision notes to learn the chapters as all the topics of the Class 4 syllabus are covered in it. 

These Class 4 revision notes will thus be very beneficial for students. They are suggested to download the free PDF and learn all these subjects with these notes. 

Download CBSE Class 4 All Subject Notes PDF

Find the free PDF version of the notes of the chapters and subjects here and download them. Add them to your study material and enjoy a convenient way of revising the chapters you have just completed. Use these notes to recall what you have studied before and score more in the exams.

FAQs on CBSE Class 4 Revision Notes 2023-24

1. From where can I get all the revision notes of Class 4?

The revision notes of all the subjects like - Class 4 Science Notes, Class 4 Maths Notes, and other subject notes can be found on Vedantu. Visit Vedantu and search for the required class 4 notes.

The revision notes of the individual subjects can be downloaded in the PDF format, likewise, you can save these PDFs and study from them whenever you want.

2. How will I benefit from studying the Class 4 Science Notes?

Studying the Class 4 Science Notes will be helpful for the Class 4 students in many ways. It will help them to be familiar with all the chapters of Class 4 science, thus their base of science will grow stronger with repeated revision. They will be able to write their answers well in the exam and thereby can achieve fantastic marks in the exam. 

3. How can a student score 90% in Class 4?

Students are required to take good guidance and then have clear concepts of the subjects and chapters studied by them, they must practice preparing questions and also revising those chapters already done - all these study habits will lead them to score 90% in Class 4 exams.

4. What is the syllabus for Class 4 Science?

Following are the chapters that are present in Class 4 Science:

  • Plant life and animals

  • Human body

  • Food and nutrition

  • Clothes, safety, and first aid

  • Our environment and our universe

  • Our family

  • Our society

  • Force, work, and energy

5. Are the Class 4 Notes available for the latest session?

Yes, the notes are easily available for the latest session, simply click on the download button and get all the latest notes in the form of a free PDF from Vedantu.