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CBSE Class 12 Notes 2024-25

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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Free Download of CBSE Notes Class 12 PDF

CBSE is the base on which NCERT notes class 12 are prepared and many other exams like NEET, JEE Mains, and JEE Advanced are also conducted based on the syllabus of CBSE 12th. Revision notes for class 12 can be really helpful for all the students during board exams as students can quickly revise the whole CBSE syllabus through these notes. Also, CBSE Class 12 notes help students to identify which topics are crucial for exams and need more attention, to score good marks in the board exams.

Class 12 is an important phase for any students as they are introduced to new concepts and subjects. For Class 12 students, it is important to complete their syllabus in order to perform well in exams. Not to mention that students will also be able to crack their entrance examinations like JEE, NEET, etc. by getting a proper understanding of Class 12 subjects. To make preparation easier, Vedantu experts have come up with Revision Notes CBSE Class 12. These revision notes have been formulated to ensure that students have a strong grasp of the concepts taught in different subjects.

By following these Class 12 notes, students can get a proper understanding of the subjects and prepare well for their exams in the best way. Download the revision notes for Class 12 CBSE and get proper help and guidance from experts.

Detailed Overview of CBSE Notes Class 12




Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

Academic Year:




Available Materials:

Chapter Wise Notes with PDF

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

1000+ Basic Subjective Questions can be added advantage to your CBSE Notes Class 12

Vedantu offers a wide range of carefully curated 1 mark and 2 mark subjective questions for Class 12 Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology exams. These questions are designed by subject experts and align with the latest syllabus and exam patterns which in turn helps to prepare for exam revisions. They cover various topics to address specific weak areas of students.

Vedantu's resources provide comprehensive answers for each question, helping students learn the correct approach and gain a deeper understanding of underlying concepts. Engaging with these questions and answers enhances problem-solving skills and expands overall knowledge.

These subjective questions (1 mark & 2 mark) by Vedantu are invaluable tools for students preparing for their Class 12 exams. They help identify weak areas, strengthen problem-solving abilities, and increase confidence in tackling these subjects.

Subjective Questions benefits For Class 12:

  • Relevant to the Latest Syllabus and Exam Patterns: Vedantu's basic subjective questions and Class 12 notes are designed to align with the latest syllabus and exam patterns, ensuring that students focus on the most relevant topics and formats that they are likely to encounter in their Class 12 exams.

  • Coverage of Topics: Class 12 notes cover a wide range of topics, allowing students to thoroughly practice and understand various concepts within the subject. This basic subjective questions coverage helps in developing a strong foundation in the subject matter.

  • Detailed and Easy to Understand Answers: Vedantu provides detailed solutions, making it easier for students to grasp complex concepts and learn from their mistakes. 

  • Identification of Weak Areas: By referring to Vedantu's subjective questions and Class 12 notes, students can identify their weak areas and specific topics that require further attention and improvement.

  • Improvement in Problem-Solving Skills: Regularly practicing 1 mark & 2 Mark questions along with Revision notes helps students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

  • Boosting Confidence: Subjective questions and Class 12 notes, helps to grow the confidence in the subject and it positively impacts their academic performance in exams.

If you are a student who is preparing for your Class 12 exams, I highly recommend using Vedantu's 1 mark and 2 mark subjective questions. They are a valuable resource that can help you to succeed in your exams.

Why Revise CBSE Notes Class 12?

As already explained, CBSE notes for the Class 12 syllabus acts as the base for all other competitive exams. Revision of the portion in a productive fashion can help to brush up certain basics that serve you well in the future when you attempt a complex syllabus for tougher examinations. Our class 12 CBSE revision notes make it extremely easy for you to revise the portion in a timely and easy manner.

The CBSE Notes Class 12 are made by extremely experienced teachers who can be relied upon to cover the tried and tested questions asked in every examination, as well as give you an exhaustive overview of the basic concept so that you can attempt practical applications simply by correctly using your theoretical knowledge. The teachers that prepare these notes for class 12 are qualified and experienced enough to determine what questions and topics are important and need the most revision before an examination.

Overview of Class 12 All Subject Notes

The students of Class 12 have Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies, etc. as their main subjects. With the help of the revision notes, students will be able to get a proper introduction to Class 12 subjects and concepts in the chapters. Students can download Class 12 notes and practice to improve their knowledge of the concepts. These notes will help them complete the syllabus in time for exams and also help them prepare for entrance examinations.

The revision notes for Class 12 are prepared by experts who are well-versed in the subjects. These notes are well-researched and accurate. To perform the best in exams, students will require all the support to completely understand the subjects that they are studying. This is why downloading the  CBSE Notes Class 12 will be a good idea. Students can rely on these notes to boost their preparation strategy for the exams. These notes are also helpful to students when it comes to figuring out the exam pattern and answering format for the CBSE examinations.

CBSE Notes for Class 12

Based on the latest NCERT syllabus, CBSE notes for Class 12 cover subject notes of all three streams: Commerce, Science and Arts. Class 12 revision notes cover all the crucial topics under these subjects which have higher chances to come in board exams and thus require more attention and understanding.

Maths CBSE Notes Class 12

Class 12 Mathematics is more fundamental as well as logic-based paper, where only constant practice and perseverance helps you crack the exam easily. Some of the important topics covered in these revision notes include:

These topics are very crucial for board exams, and thus require more attention of students. By brushing up on these topics, you will be able to score well in the mathematics exam.

Physics CBSE Notes Class 12

Since Physics is also more of an application based paper, the notes provide you with a detailed step by step solution to enable easy comprehension and grasping. The important topics covered in CBSE Class 12 Physics Notes include:

Chemistry CBSE Notes Class 12

Class 12 Chemistry is a very crucial and complicated subject and thus needs more attention as it forms the base of many of your concepts and principles. There are some easy and important topics in Class 12 Chemistry which you can revise to score good marks easily in Class 12 board exams. The important topics covered in the Class 12 Chemistry revision notes include:

Biology CBSE Notes Class 12

Class 12 Biology revision notes have a variety of tips that you can use for faster grasping and better memory retention of what seems like a lot of data. The important topics covered in Biology notes include-

Business Studies CBSE Notes Class 12

Class 12 Business studies is a very interesting subject and cover all aspects of business in a cohesive and elaborate manner. You can easily obtain good marks in Class 12 business studies exams by revising some of the important chapter highlighted in Class 12 Business Studies revision notes. These important topics are-

Economics CBSE Notes Class 12

Class 12 economics is a bit complex subject and require more attention. It is divided into two sections: Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, and you can easily cover both sections using CBSE Class 12 Economics Chapter wise Notes PDF Download which will help you to understand the complex terms in simple words. There are some crucial chapters in both macro and microeconomics that require your special attention for good marks.

Essential Topics of Class 12 Macroeconomics

Essential Topics of Class 12 Microeconomics

Advantages of Using CBSE Class 12 Notes 2024-25

Class 12 is a critical juncture in a student's academic journey, particularly in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum. As students prepare for their board exams, having access to high-quality study materials becomes paramount. CBSE Class 12 notes for the academic year 2024-25 offer numerous advantages to students, aiding them in their exam preparation and overall academic performance. Here are some key benefits of using CBSE Class 12 notes:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: CBSE Class 12 notes for the academic year 2024-25 provide comprehensive coverage of the syllabus prescribed by the board. These notes encapsulate all essential topics, concepts, and chapters, ensuring that students have access to a structured and systematic study resource.

  • Clarity and Conciseness: The notes are designed to present complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. They eliminate unnecessary details and focus on key points, making it easier for students to grasp and retain information. This clarity enhances comprehension and facilitates effective learning.

  • Structured Format: CBSE Class 12 notes are organized in a structured format, following the sequence of chapters in the textbook. This organization enables students to study methodically, progressing from one topic to another in a logical manner. It also facilitates quick navigation and reference while revising or reviewing specific concepts.

  • Revision Aid: These notes serve as valuable revision aids for students, especially during the exam preparation phase. By condensing the entire syllabus into concise notes, students can review key concepts and topics efficiently, saving time and effort. Regular revision using these notes helps reinforce learning and enhances retention.

  • Exam-Oriented Content: CBSE Class 12 notes are crafted with a focus on exam preparation and success. They are aligned with the CBSE board exam pattern and marking scheme, incorporating important questions, sample papers, and previous years' question papers. This exam-oriented approach helps students familiarize themselves with the exam format and optimize their performance.

  • Supplementary Resources: In addition to textual content, CBSE Class 12 notes may include supplementary resources such as diagrams, charts, and illustrations. These visual aids enhance understanding and facilitate visual learning, catering to diverse learning styles and preferences among students.

  • Accessibility and Portability: CBSE Class 12 notes are often available in digital formats, making them easily accessible and portable. Students can access these notes anytime, anywhere, using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. This flexibility allows for seamless integration of study sessions into students' busy schedules.


The availability of CBSE Class 12 Notes for the academic year 2024-25 in free PDF format marks a significant boon for students preparing for their board exams. These comprehensive study materials offer a structured and accessible resource to aid students in their exam preparation journey. With clear and concise content, organized format, and exam-oriented approach, these notes empower students to enhance their understanding, consolidate their learning, and excel in their Class 12 examinations. By leveraging the benefits of these free PDF downloads, students can embark on a path towards academic success, equipped with the knowledge and confidence to tackle the challenges of their CBSE board exams effectively.

FAQs on CBSE Class 12 Notes 2024-25

1. What are the various study materials available for the students of class 12?

All the NCERT solutions and exercises of all the chapter's answers are available in the NCERT books. Other than that, you can also solve the previous years' question papers and mock tests available on Vedantu's website to enhance your performance before exams and to understand which topics and questions are important for the exams.

2. From where I can get the class 12 revision notes of CBSE online?

If you are looking for CBSE Class 12 revision notes, then Vedantu is the reliable site to download all the revision notes of Class 12 in PDF file.

These notes will help you to revise the whole syllabus of Class 12 quickly without any panic.

3. Which note is best for 12th?

Class 12 can be a tough time for students. With exams looming around the corner, they can have difficulty in managing their studies. Unless proper revision notes are made, the vast syllabus of all the subjects becomes nearly impossible to cover the day before the exam. In order to aid your preparation, you should use Vedantu's CBSE Class 12 Revision Notes. They cover all important topics in a concise manner as they have been made by expert teachers with a lot of experience.

4. Is NCERT enough for Class 12 boards?

The CBSE curriculum is designed in such a way that ensures that students from all sections of society get equal opportunities in the education sector. The NCERT books teach students relevant information that will prove useful to them in the real world. The days of rote learning are gone. As long as you understand the concepts outlined in the textbooks, NCERT should suffice for your Class 12 Board exams that are coming up soon.

5. How do I download notes from CBSE?

To download the best revision notes based on the CBSE NCERT textbooks, check out Vedantu's CBSE Class 12 Revision Notes. They are very beneficial and are trusted by lakhs of students across the country. As long as you read the chapter from your NCERT textbook a few times and go through these notes, you should end up passing with flying colours in your board exams. You will also save time as you will not have to sit and make your own notes.

6. How do you score maximum marks in any subject in class 12? 

It is important for students to know that revision is key. Without revision, we cannot recapitulate what had been taught previously. In addition to this, solving past years' question papers should also help a great deal. They familiarise you with the pattern of the paper and make you aware of the marks distribution. This enables you to manage time effectively and complete your paper properly, without any hindrance. This helps students score maximum marks in any subject in class 12.

7. How many chapters are there in physical education class 12?

In the elective subject of Physical Education in class 12, there are 10 units present in the CBSE NCERT textbook. Students learn about everything ranging from biomechanics to the various ways in which one can increase body strength. Some basics of physiology are also taught which helps the students understand how the human body responds to injury and muscle fatigue. To know more, you should download the Physical Education textbook from Vedantu at free of cost. You can also download the Vedantu app to access more resources for free.

8. Why are CBSE Class 12 Physics Notes important for exam preparation?

CBSE Class 12 Physics Notes serve as a comprehensive study resource for exam preparation. They provide concise summaries of key concepts, formulas, and theories covered in the syllabus, helping students understand and retain the material more effectively.

9. What topics are covered in CBSE Class 12 Economics Chapter wise Notes PDF Download?

CBSE Class 12 Economics Chapter wise Notes PDF Download cover all the chapters and topics included in the Class 12 Economics syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This includes chapters on Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, such as Consumer Behavior, Producer Behavior, National Income Accounting, Government Budget and the Economy, and more.