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Revision Notes for Class 11 CBSE 2024-25 - Free PDF Download

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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Free Download of CBSE Class 11 Revision Notes

CBSE Class 11 is one of the most fundamental years in the academic journey for a student as it lays the foundation for advanced learning in Class 12. Though these are stressful years, with our Revision Notes for Class 11, one can really achieve flying colors. NCERT Revision Notes Class 11 is a comprehensive compilation prepared by highly experienced teachers across all subject domains. The notes are designed according to the latest CBSE syllabus and subject material, covering all the topics in the most summarized manner.

Looking at the number of pressure children go through during their academic years, Vedantu provides the best Class 11 Revision Notes to help students score exceedingly high and alleviate any tension before the exams. All the notes are clearly described and designed to boost students' confidence to solve questions faster and more efficiently. For students' comfort, all the notes are available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free.

Detailed Overview of Revision Notes for Class 11




Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

Academic Year:




Available Materials:

Chapter Wise Notes with PDF

1000+ Basic Subjective Questions can be added advantage to your Class 11 Notes

Vedantu offers a wide range of carefully curated 1 mark and 2 mark subjective questions for Class 11 Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology exams. These questions are designed by subject experts and align with the latest syllabus and exam patterns which in turn helps to prepare for exam revisions. They cover various topics to address specific weak areas of students.

Vedantu's resources provide comprehensive answers for each question, helping students learn the correct approach and gain a deeper understanding of underlying concepts. Engaging with these questions and answers enhances problem-solving skills and expands overall knowledge.

These subjective questions (1 mark & 2 mark) by Vedantu are invaluable tools for students preparing for their Class 11 exams. They help identify weak areas, strengthen problem-solving abilities, and increase confidence in tackling these subjects.

Subjective Questions benefits For Class 11:

  • Relevant to the latest syllabus and exam patterns: Vedantu's basic subjective questions and Class 11 notes are designed to align with the latest syllabus and exam patterns, ensuring that students focus on the most relevant topics and formats that they are likely to encounter in their Class 11 exams.

  • Coverage of topics: Class 11 notes cover a wide range of topics, allowing students to thoroughly practice and understand various concepts within the subject. This basic subjective questions coverage helps in developing a strong foundation in the subject matter.

  • Detailed and easy to understand Answers: Vedantu provides detailed solutions, making it easier for students to grasp complex concepts and learn from their mistakes. 

  • Identification of Weak Areas: By referring to Vedantu's subjective questions and Class 11 notes, students can identify their weak areas and specific topics that require further attention and improvement.

  • Improvement in Problem-Solving Skills: Regularly practicing 1 mark & 2 Mark questions along with Revision notes helps students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills. .

  • Boosting Confidence: Subjective questions and Class 11 notes, helps to grow the confidence in the subject and it positively impacts their academic performance in exams.

If you are a student who is preparing for your Class 11 exams, I highly recommend using Vedantu's 1 mark and 2 mark subjective questions. They are a valuable resource that can help you to succeed in your exams.

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Revision Notes Class 11

CBSE is one of India's biggest educational boards, and NCERT forms the CBSE Class 11 syllabus guiding base of this curriculum. NCERT Notes Class 11 is the best source of study material that students can study without any stress. These notes are designed for all major subjects including Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, etc. The students usually find it difficult to study otherwise. For every subject, the content in NCERT Revision Notes is presented in a chapter-wise format, which is easy to understand and is essential for scoring high in the CBSE examination. The facility to free download them in PDF is the real benefit.

Overview of Class 11 All Subject Notes

All the subjects in Class 11 are extremely important for the students as they need to complete their syllabus for their exams. Some of the main subjects that students have to focus on in Class 11 include Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy, and much more. Only by completing the syllabus of every single subject can the students achieve good results in the examinations. This is why it is important for them to download Revision Notes CBSE Class 11. These notes are wonderful study materials as they provide in-depth knowledge about the subjects and the included chapters. Students can rely on revision notes to get through the vast syllabus and perform well in their exams.


For students, the Class 11 Notes provide insights into the concepts that are discussed in their syllabus. The learned subject matter experts in Vedantu have created these revision notes in a language that is simple to read and easy to understand. With clear and concise notes, students can easily understand the chapters and the contents in detail. All the topics from the latest CBSE curriculum are included in the revision notes. Thus, students will also be able to figure out the probable examination pattern from the Revision Notes for Class 11 CBSE.

NCERT Class 11 Revision Notes Download in PDF

The Class 11 notes are beneficial to students for revising subjects in a short period, especially at the last minute. Prepared by the most experienced faculty members, these notes do complete justice to all the subjects and their chapters. We are working meticulously to improve the knowledge of our students. The Class 11th notes will enable the students to attempt all kinds of questions, including multiple-choice questions as well as subjective ones. The PDF format offers a prime advantage as it can be downloaded onto the system and viewed anytime, even if you are offline. Taking a print of it will further enhance the ease of studying.

NCERT Notes Class 11 Key Features

  • Language is simple to read and understand.

  • Notes of Class 11 are clear and concise.

  • Topics covered are as per the latest CBSE curriculum and guidelines.

  • Requires minimum time to study.

  • Stress-free learning at your own pace.

  • Students may study offline as well after free downloading the PDF file.

Benefits of Class 11 All Subject Notes PDF Download

The experts at Vedantu have created revision notes to guide students in their Class 11 curriculum. Students can gain a lot of insights about the CBSE requirements and exam patterns from the notes. Here we are mentioning some of the main benefits of downloading these notes.

  • One of the best things about Class 11 revision notes is that students can develop a great interest in the specific subject from them. Students can easily read and retain the information provided in the revision notes to strengthen their knowledge and interest in a particular subject or chapter.

  • Students can strongly rely on the notes as these have been formulated by some of the learned experts at Vedantu. The main advantage is that these notes are verified for accuracy and authenticity. The notes are completely on par with CBSE standards and hence students can prepare for their exams from these notes.

  • During the exams, it can be tough for students to go through the entire textbook for a specific subject. So, with these revision notes, students can achieve the goal of completing their syllabus on time. This will leave them a lot of time to revise the topics in detail.

  • Vedantu’s Class 11 revision notes can also help students clarify their doubts about any particular chapter or subject. These notes are completely accurate and will help students rectify their errors and improve their preparation for exams.

Download Class 11 All Subject Notes PDF Right Now to Learn Easily

Get the free PDF for Class 11 All Subject Revision Notes from Vedantu and start your studying with these important resources. The chapters and inclusive topics have been explained in detail and that too using examples and other descriptive methods. Students can gain a good understanding of the subjects with the help of these revision notes. Download the notes now for better results.

FAQs on Revision Notes for Class 11 CBSE 2024-25 - Free PDF Download

1. Can Studying CBSE Notes Class 11 help me Score Good Marks?

Yes, absolutely! These Revision Notes are based on the latest CBSE curriculum and are presented most concisely, it will help you understand the topics easily. Also, these notes will help you memorize the concepts structurally, which is essential for exams. While checking the papers, the examiner also gives high scores to the answers that comprehend the meaning. Hence, studying from these CBSE Class 11 Revision Notes will help you to score high marks.

2. Is the PDF File Downloadable for Free?

Of course! We believe in sharing knowledge as much as we can. Our notes can be accessed and downloaded anytime for free. They can also be viewed offline forever after downloading. For effective learning, students can also print them in hard copy.

3. Are These the Latest CBSE Notes?

We have an experienced and dedicated team working diligently towards developing the best study material for students. Class 11 notes are revised year by year to stay abreast with the latest CBSE curriculum. Our notes are also compliant with NCERT guidelines and topics.

4. Why are Class 11 Revision Notes Important?

The Class 11 notes are prepared according to the academic year 2024-25 and are updated with the latest CBSE syllabus. The best teachers have prepared these notes after analyzing the CBSE examination pattern and NCERT course material. The CBSE notes for Class 11 are clear, concise, and cover all the topics of NCERT. This will help the students to have a last-minute revision of all subjects and chapters quickly.

5. How can I get NCERT notes from Vedantu for Class 11?

NCERT notes have proved to be very effective during the exam period. NCERT solutions provide you with revision notes which provides you with a quick revision of the entire syllabus. You can download the NCERT solutions and revision notes from Vedantu’s official site, which is recommended by the teachers for the preparation of exams. You can download the NCERT solutions from the Vedantu App as well. These solutions are accessible to every student cost-free. You can find NCERT Solutions for every subject and chapter of class 11. 

6. Is 11th class difficult?

Class 11 is not easy to say loosely as there is a lot of pressure on students to score well and it is also the foundation for class 12. But you can score well in class 11 nonetheless with a bit of hard work and smart work. NCERT solutions are an effective way to prepare for class 11 exams. NCERT solutions consist of revision notes, assignments, MCQs, important questions, and topics that are frequently asked in the question papers. With this amount of study material, you can secure good marks.

7. How can I start studying for class 11?

Class 11 is important and it is important to lay strong foundations for a bright future. To begin from the right foot, you should be mentally prepared for the hard work that is required in class 11. The foremost step is to create a timetable that you can follow religiously without tiring yourself. You can use NCERT solutions as a source for all the study material. Practice plenty of sample papers and mock tests. With a little interest in the subjects, you will be able to kick start your study schedule.

8. Is revision necessary before exams in class 11?

Retaining what you have studied is the most important thing in the process of learning. Revision is what facilitates your power of retention. Therefore a quick revision before your class 11 exams is necessary to make sure you remember what you have studied. To revise efficiently you can take the help of the NCERT revision notes for class 11 by Vedantu. These notes are curated by professional teachers while adhering to the CBSE guideline.

9. How can I score 95% in class 11?

In class 11, it is good to have a goal in your mind and the will to achieve it. Scoring above 95% can be hard to achieve but not impossible. NCERT solutions are curated for students to have a better grip over the fundamental concepts of the chapter. When you understand better, you learn quickly and efficiently. You also need to practice all sorts of questions as it will boost your confidence during exams. With confidence and understanding of chapters, you will secure your desired result.