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CBSE Syllabus for Class 1

Last updated date: 26th Jun 2024
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CBSE Class 1 Syllabus for 2024-25 Exam - All Subjects

Download the latest CBSE Class 1 Syllabus for All Subjects like Maths, English & Hindi for the academic year 2024-25. The updated curriculum for Class 1 issued by CBSE Board. Register online tuitions on to clear doubts from the expert teachers.

CBSE Syllabus for Class 1 for All Subjects

The CBSE Syllabus for Class 1 is developed to generate curiosity and interest amongst the CBSE Class 1 students with stories and poetry.  The main focus is to prepare the students in a way that they can express their viewpoints clearly and confidently. The CBSE Syllabus will also help create interest in the students in reading books and developing the required language skills. 

The CBSE prepares the syllabus for the academic year of Class 1 for all the foundation subjects including English, Maths, Hindi, EVS, GK, Arts, health, and physical education as subjects in an academic year. 

Let’s discuss the syllabus for all as follows  



The textbook for Class 1 should not contain more than 10 comprehensive units and poems. For the workbook also the same number of corresponding worksheets as the number of comprehensive units of the textbook is advised. The syllabus should cover the basics of English communication including reading and picture comprehension, writing, English dictation, grammar, vocabulary, textual comprehension (Literature), and other remedial sections. The supplementary reader has eight pieces meant for the self-study of students to promote reading for information and pleasure. The syllabus also includes the sub-topics: Writing new and unseen sentences, letter, Paragraph, picture comprehension, reports, etc. The grammar section includes new or unseen objective-type questions on applied grammar. For the vocabulary segment, the students learn the correct use of words and phrases given in the coursebook.The main sections to be focussed are the areas in which the students feel difficulties in writing, grammar, and spelling. The books for English CBSE Class 1 include English- New Broadway Literature Reader & main coursebook1 (Oxford) or New Communication in English – 1, Class 1 by Ratna Sagar. The syllabus has been set with the objective to build up a student to be proficient in the language and be able to understand. It focuses on the fluent communication of words in English. 


Environmental Studies(EVS):

The EVS will consist of topics that will cover basic concepts related to the social environment around us. The students are given activities to understand the subject thoroughly. The curriculum includes topics like weather and seasons, food and water, travel and safety, the human body, plants, clothes, my family, and school. The books that are recommended for EVS include- Living in Harmony by Sumathi Sudhakar (Oxford), Wonder World Environment Studies (Indiannica learning).



The mathematics syllabus for Class 1 includes mental maths, basic mathematical operation, understanding, and application of the same for use in real life. It is designed to help the students perform basic mathematical calculations easily. The maths syllabus for CBSE Class 1 includes are Numbers 0 to 100, Bonds Addition and Subtraction, Ordinal numbers and positions, Plane and solid shapes, Length and Weight- the distinction between fat, thin, high, low, near, far, tall, short. Comparing Numbers Graphs Calendar and Time- narrates the sequence of events in a day, differentiate between time- earlier and later, Data handling- collect, represent and interpret data such as measuring the arm length or circumference of the head using a paper strip, Money- identifies common coins and currency notes and their addition. 

After learning these the students must be able to group objects into tens and ones,  different shapes and sizes like boxes, cones, balls, pebbles, or pipes to understand geometry. 


Health and Physical Education:

This is a new subject introduced for teaching the importance of good health and awareness about physical education at an early stage. Health and physical education is designed to address the health and physical fitness needs of the students. The syllabus for the same includes the topics like  Body awareness- description of self and surroundings, identification of body parts, correct posture, different types of fundamental movements, cleanliness of body, and its importance, Growth and development of body with exercise and playing, Food and nutrition: need of food, identification of food items, eating habits, healthy diet, developing the culture of sharing, Safety and security: the importance of water in the body, proper use and cleanliness of toilets, and healthy habits like washing hands before and after meals. 


Topics in General Knowledge(GK):

General knowledge includes topics like basic Gk having one-word answers like animals, festivals of India, odd one out, spot the difference, save electricity, save water, the national symbol of India, important dates of the year,  living spaces, sources of water, modes of transport,etc. The books recommended by CBSE are- Brain Vita Updated by Nassem Khan (publisher Rohan Book C.)


Art and Craft:

This subject is to enhance the artistic side of the students by teaching them to draw different shapes and the basic knowledge of primary and secondary colours, drawing and colouring of different objects. The reference book for the same is- Optima All New Art by Joel Gill (G. Ram Books). 



The syllabus for the Hindi subject includes the chapters in the form of stories and poems to help the students learn and practice the language with exercises and worksheets.

FAQs on CBSE Syllabus for Class 1

1. What is the importance of analyzing the complete syllabus for CBSE Class 1 students?

The habit of referring to the syllabus must be imbibed in students from a young age. Analyzing the syllabus helps students to work out a proper study plan. It also helps students to understand the important concepts and focus on the main chapters from examination point of view. The first step towards performing well in exams is the complete analysis of the syllabus. Hence, it is advised to students of Class 1 to go through the syllabus properly. Students can download free PDFs of Class 1 syllabus for all subjects on Vedantu’s site. Downloading Vedantu’s online repository for syllabus also helps students to get familiar with the chapter-wise marks weightage.

2. Where can I find the subject-wise syllabus of CBSE Class 1- Free PDF download?

Class 1 CBSE students can find the syllabus for all the subjects on Vedantu’s site. 100% accurate syllabus is provided as per the latest CBSE curriculum for Maths, English and Hindi. Vedantu is an online learning portal trusted by many students. At Vedantu, students can find the updated CBSE syllabus of Class 1 for the academic year 2024-25. Students can download the free PDFs of Class 1 CBSE syllabus for all the subjects and start learning the subjects from the beginning of the academic year itself to perform well in exams.

3. How does Vedantu help Class 1 students in exam preparation?

Vedantu provides the needful study materials for exam preparation including the latest syllabus, NCERT Solutions, etc. Vedantu’s curated online learning content makes it really easy for students to prepare for exams. Students must download the subject-wise syllabus from the site. Once they have downloaded the syllabus from the site, it is really easy to know what to study. For exam preparation, it is really important to strictly follow the syllabus. They must download all the necessary material provided by subject matter experts at Vedantu and keep it with them while studying. Referring to Vedantu’s online course syllabus as well as other materials will surely help in acing the exam.

4. What are the chapters of Class 1 Maths as per the CBSE syllabus for 2024-25 academic year?

There are a total of 13 chapters included in the syllabus of Class 1 Mathematics. Following are the names of the chapters as per the 2024-25 syllabus:

  1. Shapes and Space

  2. Numbers from one to nine

  3. Addition

  4. Subtraction

  5. Numbers from ten to twenty

  6. Time

  7. Measurement

  8. Numbers from Twenty-one to Fifty

  9. Data Handling

  10. Patterns

  11. Numbers

  12. Money

  13. How Many

Students can find the detailed syllabus of Class 1 Maths, English and Hindi on Vedantu’s site along with the marks distribution and chapter-wise important topics.

5. What should be the syllabus for CBSE Class 1?

The CBSE Class 1 Syllabus is designed such that the students can learn all the basics of the subjects which form the base for the study of subjects including Maths, Hindi, EVS, GK, Arts,English, health and physical education for the future. The CBSE advises the schools to adopt new and innovative ways of teaching students so that they can grow their interest in learning them. Vedantu provides the students with all the syllabus for the subjects to cover in a given academic year. This way they can better understand the different topics.